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Your Weekly Horoscope Is Here & Your Love Life Is About To Get Interesting

Make a wish—for yourself, and the world at large! On Monday, February 4, a new moon in idealistic and communal Aquarius invites us on a vision quest. Where would the world be if we always played by the rules and toed the line? The innovative, “Wouldn’t it be crazy if…” conversations this new moon arouses could bring us the next hoverboard, AI device, or metaphysical modality. (Can you say, vibrational sound healing?) But first, we’ll have to suspend disbelief and consider the “impossible.” Ideas don’t have to make sense right off the bat; they just need to be spoken aloud now. The fun comes with experimenting in the lab, like witty Water Bearer Thomas Edison whose refrigerator-magnet quotable sums it up: “I have not failed. I have just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” And while last month’s solar eclipse in Capricorn brought us resolutions and goal sheets, this lunation takes our plans to a higher vibration. Aquarius is all about innovation, crowdsourcing and community love. How will our actions affect other people? How can we work together to bring dreams to fruition? Nobody lives in a bubble, after all. Include collaborators and come together for a collective benefit; even adding a humanitarian twist. Since geek is chic under the new moon in tech-savvy Aquarius, now’s the time to start developing any digital products or learning how to market ourselves effectively. Building an online empire? Set August 15 as a potential launch date when the corresponding full moon in Aquarius will bring a bountiful and binary harvest.

This new moon also dovetails with the Lunar New Year (which falls officially on Tuesday, February 5). That means a change of guard when it comes to cosmic spirit animals. After the “follow the pack” influence of 2018’s Earth Dog—which may have something to do with the profound resurgence of nationalism and fights over borders—the congenial Earth Pig takes the throne. How refreshing! Pigs are complex creatures who dream, recognize their own names and communicate at a level close to primates. They are also quite friendly and yeah, a little bit decadent. In 2019, talk is anything but cheap! We may enjoy a resurgence of cocktail parties, meetup groups focused around both fun and work interests (the pig is both hedonistic AND industrious). Time to wander outside the pen and really get to know our neighbors. Read all about the Year of the Earth Pig here.

On Sunday, sweet-talking Mercury flutters into poetic Pisces until April 17—an extra long cycle due to an upcoming retrograde from March 5 to 28. No need to wait for Valentine’s Day before rocking the rose-colored glasses and spilling the beans about your warm-fuzzy feelings. (If only a Rumi stanza could fit on a conversation heart…) In fact, if you’re feeling the love, best to ‘fess up before the March 5 retrograde. Under the influence of flowy Pisces, attractions take on a life of their own. But don’t let communication get too vague. You know what they say about assumptions…. That said, the liquid nature of Pisces allows us to flow beyond our own boundaries and glimpse life through a more compassionate lens. Before you judge, try paddling a mile in someone else’s canoe. Pisces is symbolized by two fish swimming in opposite directions. One is pointing us upwards, to our visionary selves; the other sends us down into the murky waters of our own shadows. Deep healing awaits for those willing to plunge into the stormy surface of the psyche. And so much beauty can emerge from these trips below the sea! Keep the creative supplies on hand and turn your discoveries into cathartic works of art.


There comes a time when every Ram must invest—in the name of modernization and efficiency. Double tap this Monday, February 4, on your calendar, when the new moon in tech-savvy Aquarius gives your whole world a digital reboot. If you’re working on a molasses-slow computer or a phone with a cracked screen, you’re wasting precious minutes. Begin shopping around for newer models this week. If funds are limited, look into payment plans or start a savings account for the upgrade. This could be one of those “it takes money to make money” situations. Already geared up? Learning how to use an industry app or a new software program could significantly boost your income over the next six months. This new moon governs community, and how you’re seen amongst your people. Give your social media profiles a scan to make sure they represent 2019 Aries. Take down any controversial posts that you can’t stand behind anymore and replace blurry profile pics with more sophisticated shots. Aries, you tend to have a love-hate relationship with social media, both enjoying the attention—when you want it—and growing irritated at the thought of people being able to hunt down your coordinates at any given moment. But you could be leaving opportunities on the table by not being visible enough; not to mention missing out on important invites by keeping notifications turned off. Tweak your involvement level and see what gives. With the Lunar New Year launching the abundance Year of the Earth Pig this Tuesday, you may feel an added push to increase your earnings.

On Sunday, February 10, winged messenger Mercury floats into Pisces and your twelfth house of divine inspiration. Grab your journal or capture device and get ready to take dictation! Mercury will be spending an extra-long time in this ethereal realm—until April 17, to be exact—due to a retrograde from March 5 to March 28. Visions and creative downloads may come fast and furious (and when you’re not even searching for them) so find time every day to record them. A morning practice, like free-writing in your journal before you look at any digital screens, can help you recall the important subconscious insights that come to you in your dreams. Because the twelfth house rules intuition, you’ll want to take those perceptive “hits” seriously.

This is also a powerful time to work on your own spiritual growth or self-healing, especially since the retrograde phase can help you plumb some serious internal depths. With Mercury in this compassionate position, you’re on the path to letting go of some pain that’s been haunting you for years. As an Aries, you tend to keep a lot in your head, so it’s always helpful to verbalize the “noise” with compassionate sounding boards, from friends to therapists. But unspoken pursuits like meditation, yoga and tapping (EFT) can be powerfully effective for keeping you centered during this boundary-blurring Mercury cycle. By learning to separate your endless stream of thoughts from your true self, you’ll gain mastery over which you choose to act on—and which you can smile at and say “no thank you”! Learning to become grounded in yourself and less reactive to others is the key to inner peace.


If your 2019 ambitions haven’t quite clicked into gear, fear not, Taurus. This Monday, February 4, the year’s only new moon in Aquarius acts like a launch pad for your dreams. And it doesn’t hurt that this is the Lunar New Year’s Eve, marking the beginning of the prosperous and decadent Year of the Earth Pig. If you generally start the week by clearing away mundane tasks, turn your typical routine on its head and begin with some big picture planning. Where would you ideally like to see your career by the corresponding full moon this coming August 15? Are you raising the bar high enough, Bull? Challenge yourself instead of doing what’s merely comfortable. But don’t set goals that are so lofty that you’re unlikely to attain them. That’s just the opposite side of the same coin. What you need is a vision that inspires you; one that you can also plug into a practical, step-by-step plan. Start with the visualization—write it out, collage it onto a dream board(!)—then, map out the benchmarks and milestones you’d need to achieve over the coming six months. Think: budgets, supplies, people power. Through this process, you may discover that a mission is a lot more doable than you thought. If you hear the call to step into greater leadership this week, don’t hesitate! You’re the one they’ve been waiting for, Taurus.

Starting this Sunday, February 10, being both clever AND kind will be your recipe for success as expressive Mercury beams into Pisces, powering up your eleventh house of social networking and activism until April 17—an extra-long cycle thanks to Mercury’s forthcoming retrograde from March 5 to March 28. For the next couple of months, your brilliant bon mots will hit the mark, along with your motivational speeches about doing good and changing the world. (Footnote: During the retrograde, you’ll want to keep the edgier humor in check, since those types of messages can get lost in translation.) One thing will become obvious during the coming ten weeks: You’ll need a platform larger than your living room or happy hour squad. Research venues in your community where your big ideas and nurturing personality can be put to good use. Do you have a skill you can teach? Design a workshop that you can lead at a nearby venue. Or, position yourself to face a light-filled window, turn on the camera, and show the YouTube world how you work your magic, whether you’re guiding them on a livestream or making a how-to video that can live on your website for marketing purposes. A fresh income stream could quickly start flowing.

If you’re artistically inclined, see if you can get a mural-painting project off the ground with local kids. Or perhaps a writing workshop or music-based fundraiser is more up your alley. You’ll get turned on by intellectual stimulation during this phase. Connect with innovators and thought leaders, attend a variety of lectures and discussions—or stay home and listen to TED talks or other thought-provoking videos and documentaries. As analytical Mercury tours your tech-savvy eleventh house, geek is chic! This is the perfect time to check out a new software tutorial or learn how to build your own blog or website, either of which could pad the bottom line if you’re willing to put some effort into marketing. Even if you just update the photos and bio on your social media sites, you’ll be improving your online presence!


Gemini seeking pearl! Starting Monday, February 4, the world starts to feel like your oyster again as the new moon in Aquarius drops a pin in your global ninth house. Have you been stuck in a rut? A change of scenery could reboot your sense of wonder. Start the research process for your next journey. Must-haves for your travels: a lively arts scene, plenty of friendly, fascinating people to chat up at random, Instagrammable photo opps everywhere you turn. And if there is a cafe or hammock (or both) for regular journaling sessions, even better! Since this is the eve of the Lunar New Year—and the beginning of the decadent Year of the Earth Pig – add “luxurious touches” to that wish list. Even if your getaway doesn’t happen until the corresponding full moon on August 15, the planning alone will buoy your spirits. Something to obsessively research and dream about? That’s Gemini gold! If you’re an entrepreneur or a media maker, this lunar lift can propel projects into motion. Set six month benchmarks. What could you launch by mid-August…and how could you skillfully monetize it? With digitally savvy Aquarius ruling your ninth house of education, teaching an online course—or creating a series of how-to videos for YouTube might open up a new income stream. Need to bring your skills up to snuff? Enroll in a training or apply for a degree program that will position you for greater earnings.

On Sunday, February 10, hyperkinetic Mercury races into Pisces and your career-driven tenth house until April 17, starting your engines and waving the checkered flag you’ve been waiting for. You’ll have extra get-up-and-go because Mercury will linger here three times as long as it usually stays in a sign, due to a retrograde from March 5 to March 28. Under the influence of your ruling planet, professional synergies may spark very quickly, so be prepared to act on a moment’s notice (possibly less). The one exception is the retrograde: During those three weeks, you’ll absolutely want to look before you leap—or at least make sure any contracts you sign have a warranty or generous “out” clause, just to be safe. Without being TOO results-obsessed, treat all interactions as potential business deals, keeping your ears perked for win-wins. Explore shared values with colleagues and steer conversations toward common goals. Cocktail parties double as perfect networking opportunities; have your “elevator pitch” rehearsed and ready to deliver. Quick, Gemini—describe your passion project in three sentences or less! While it’s easy for you to gush with enthusiasm, you’ll need to focus on what’s in it for other people. That’s what’ll keep your audience spellbound.

This is a busy period for you, and you’ll need to be more discerning about which invitations you accept. Your time is a precious commodity and you want to spend it with people who stimulate your mind and soul. While you don’t want to become an elitist, you do need to be selective about who you rub shoulders with. Joining a professional organization, especially one designed for people in your industry or at your level of experience, can bring a major boost. Whether it’s an incubator, mastermind group or CEO’s club, this Mercury circuit brings birds of a feather to flock together and support each other’s success.


Your heat index is rising, Cancer, frosty outdoor temps be damned! This Monday, February 4, the new moon in Aquarius starts a fire in your smoldering and seductive eighth house, revving up your erotic mojo. Who says you have to be knitting in bed or cooking hearty stews during hibernation-slash-Hygge season? Your abode could take on new life as a “love den” in the days ahead—with someone new or that old reliable who’s been around for years. Certain relationships could intensify this week, which can set off a few of your sensitive sign’s alarm bells. Try to breathe through it and not overreact. While you don’t want to ignore your intuition, some of this heart-racing energy may simply be the Cancerian fear that tends to arise when people get in close proximity to your protective shell. It’s okay to take a step back, but don’t scurry away from the good ones! If you pace it, you may cement a bona fide bond by the corresponding full moon on August 15.

These moonbeams will also pave the way for impressive moneymaking opportunities. And with the prosperity-boosting Year of the Earth Pig launching on the 5th, you’ll have some extra “spirit animal” magic on your side. Start that side hustle and you could see some big rewards over the next six months. Coupled Cancers may co-invest in savvy ways. Maybe it’s time to price out real estate in an emerging neighborhood or to write up a business plan that paves the way to mutual financial freedom.

On Sunday, February 10, quicksilver Mercury circumnavigates into Pisces and your ninth house of travel and global escapades until April 17—which is an extra-long jaunt due to the messenger planet’s retrograde from March 5 to March 28. During this time, say “yes-please” to adventurous journeys, by plane, train or cross-country skis. There’s a big, wide world out there, and your inner Magellan is craving some fresh inspiration, which could take you anywhere from ancient ruins to a seaside metropolis with amazing surf to nature trails near your own neck of the woods. Yes, Cancer, you should mind the Mercury retrograde clause if these journeys are scheduled during the backspin, from March 5 to 28. Triple-confirm your reservations and, while away, don’t “just take a chance” on sketchy street food or accommodations simply because it’s insanely cheap. If you’re going to wander off-path, have a verified local guide be your Sherpa. But don’t let retrograde PTSD prevent you from casting a wide net! During this ten-week cycle, a change of scenery can provide the double bonus of recharging your creative batteries and pulling you out of any emotional ruts you might be stuck in.

Mercury in your ninth house is like an intellectual sponge, making you thirsty for fresh data and vistas. No matter your GPS coordinates, drink in lectures, “playshops” and other thought-provoking activities that will sate you. Enrolling in a fascinating continuing ed course may keep your mood high during Hygge season. Multi-culti mingling brings a refreshing wave of energy to your social life, and a flirtatious or creative spark might even lead to a sexy mashup. How do you say “text me, babe” in Swedish, Spanish or Swahili?


Synergies abound this Monday, February 4, as the year’s only new moon in Aquarius rocks your seventh house of partnerships. For business, romance and your creative endeavors, everywhere you turn, someone will be clamoring to join forces. While your independent sign enjoys being a one-lion show, teaming up with an enchanting “opposite” may breathe new life into your act. Even if you have to give up some control over the script, the fresh energy this brings will make letting go well worth it. Besides, you don’t have to hand over the keys to your queendom right away! This lunar liftoff is just the launching pad. You have until the corresponding Aquarius full moon on August 15 to discover ideal ways to merge your gifts—and also where you need to keep a paw on your own self-sovereign terrain. St. Valentine makes an early appearance on Monday, nudging you to open your mind and be more understanding of the one you j’adore. Lean in to the objectively detached vibes of Aquarius to create space for real talk. If your lover were just your friend (and, by extension, not someone with the power to break your heart), what subjects might you discuss more freely? While you don’t want to open Pandora’s box, creating room for more individual expression, including disagreements, can revive the sparks in a ho-hum connection. If you’ve been single for a while, the tech-savvy Aquarian moonbeams spur you to get more active on the dating apps. Remember: You’re not confined to your current zip code. With worldly Jupiter in your romance house all year, you might find true love in a far-flung port, even just a few miles further from home base than you’ve searched.

On Sunday, February 10, messenger Mercury drops anchor in Pisces and your eighth house, AKA the chamber of secrets. If life suddenly starts to resemble a Nancy Drew caper, don’t be surprised. Your attention will be irresistibly drawn to life’s mysteries and enigmas until April 17—a longer-than-usual spell owing to the quicksilver planet’s three-week retrograde from March 5 to March 28. During this time, what goes unstated will be far more intriguing than the actual words people utter. Notice other cues as well, like eye movements and body language. When you’re talking to someone, do they lean in (interest) or back away (resistance)? To hit the perfect level of engagement, adjust your volume or enthusiasm accordingly.

In the erotic eighth house, Mercury can turn you into a sultry siren. You won’t need a crystal ball to know when there’s red-hot chemistry brewing with someone. But should you sense a mutual attraction, don’t be too quick to pounce. Seduction is at least as much fun as the conquest—especially since the Year of the Earth Pig begins this Tuesday, February 5, and invites in decadence galore. And during the retrograde from March 5 to 28, you’ll definitely want to screen your suitors and sexual partners with greater care. Exothermic chemistry aside, can they meet you on a mental, emotional and soulful level? If not, you could be wasting your precious time on a going-nowhere-fast attraction that may also evolve into an energy-zapping obsession. Hold out for the deluxe package, Leo kings and queens. Attached? You and your sweetie will hunger for more time alone to connect privately and share your secret worlds. Adorbs—but watch out for an unannounced visit from the emerald-eyed monster. Don’t let jealous feelings fester. Unburden yourself to a rational friend before going on the warpath. Here’s where your sleuthing skills will come in handy!


Whether you catch a second wind from cardio or lay back in “yoga stoned” bliss, this Monday, February 4, is sure to get your 2019 wellness resolutions into gear. Thank the new moon in Aquarius, which will be activating your salubrious sixth house. Look ahead to August 15, the date of the corresponding full moon. Are there certain benchmarks you’d like to achieve, Virgo? And do you have people who can hold you accountable? Team-spirited Aquarius reminds us that there is strength (and support!) in numbers. Gather your squad of workout buddies or sign up for a 10-week fitness challenge at a gym or studio where the trainers will call you out for sleeping through class. It’s not a “no pain, no gain” situation, Virgo; you just tend to do best when you can earn that shiny gold star for your efforts. Experiment with organic vegetarian and low-carb twists on some of your favorite recipes, which have the bonus of being eco-friendly. If anyone could make a cauliflower crust pizza taste delicious, it’s you! And with the Year of the Earth Pig beginning on Tuesday, there needs to be a dash of decadence in all that you do. (Truffle oil, anyone?) Don’t aim for your perfection, Virgo—and avoid anything that triggers a body-shaming spiral. Instead, focus on the pleasure that comes from taking excellent care of yourself. This new moon could also bring some too-good-to-pass-up work opportunities, but along with those may come the addition of stress. That’s all the more reason to prioritize fitness and fuel up on clean, green food!

On Sunday, February 10, your galactic guardian Mercury flits into Pisces and your seventh house of partnerships until April 17. This is your annual wakeup call to come out, come out wherever you are and meet the world—and exciting people—on their terms! (Or at least be willing to budge an inch.) Because the messenger planet will be retrograde from March 5 to March 28, you get an extra seven to maximize this tag-team energy. But don’t worry about sacrificing too much of your precious privacy. You may actually be eager to pair-bond—or at least explore possibilities—during this matchmaking transit. Two heads are better than one, and two great minds can cut your production time in half, so why NOT check out what synergies a combined effort might produce?

For Virgos looking for a love connection or creative partner, the law of “opposites attract” will be working in your favor over the next ten weeks. Ideally this person is strong where you’re uncertain, and vice versa. Attached? This is a rare opportunity to express some of the feelings you’ve been stuffing down out of fear of hurting or alienating dates and mates. In poetic, compassionate Pisces, the communication planet helps you find the perfect way to speak your piece without destroying the peace. This Mercury phase can also help you slow down and bring more sweetness to your conversations. Make an effort to be a better listener. Let people know that you understand by reflecting their words back, BEFORE you chime in with advice or a story of your own.


Is your love life ready for a makeover, Libra…or a few tantalizing tweaks? Cupid wings in for an early visit this Monday, February 4, thanks to the only Aquarius new moon of 2019. This lunar lift, which lands in your fifth house of romance, glamour and self-expression, can get you back into an inspired heartspace. If you’ve reached an impasse with bae, you may suddenly see creative solutions where there were formerly only roadblocks and walls. Single Libras who’ve been down on love may find themselves reflexively logging back onto the dating apps to see if any new faces are circulating. We realize you’re selective, but hey, maybe you HAVEN’T expunged every semi-viable option in your zip code after all. Consider this Monday a fresh start for your heart and don’t drag woes of the past into your future. Every situation deserves a fighting chance and just because it has notes of a former let-down doesn’t mean history is going to repeat itself. Happily coupled Libras could already start co-creating with St. Valentine. How can you up the decadence of your February 14 plans? Talks may turn to bigger subjects like the next steps you want to take between now and the August 15 full moon in Aquarius. Will there be a baby on board, a band on your ring finger, or maybe regular band practices or other creative collaborations? Let yourself dream, Libra, without too much practical interference. This is also an optimal day to launch into a fame-boosting passion project or to get started on your 2019 style update. With the outgoing Year of the Earth Pig launching on Tuesday’s Lunar New Year, you’ll be out and about more often in 2019, and in true Libra fashion will want to look like your most stunning self!

Don’t sweat the petty stuff? Normally that’s sound advice. But from Sunday until April 17, as messenger Mercury invades Pisces and your systematic sixth house, you’ll benefit from the devil that’s in the (deeply esoteric) details. The quicksilver planet makes its annual visit to Pisces, but this year it lingers here for ten weeks due to a retrograde from March 5 to March 28. While your sign is more of a philosophical thinker, there’s value in slowing down and turning your telescope into a microscope. Use these next couple of months to get seriously organized and streamlined. Book those appointments you keep putting off: doctor, dentist, financial planner… In trying to do it all, you may realize that you just…can’t. If that’s the case, lean in to your naturally cooperative side and hire a virtual assistant or just learn to delegate at work. True, it may take a little while to get another person up to speed, but once you train them in your precise methodology, you’ll be grateful for the whitespace that opens up in your calendar.

This is also a stellar time to come to grips with the counterproductive habits that sap your time and energy. Download an app that lets you track your spending, eating and exercising so you can see exactly where you get tripped up—and where you’re making progress. If you’re one of those free-flowing Libras who’s allergic to routine, how about creating rituals instead? If you can’t seem to make it to the gym, maybe you need to find a fitness modality that feels decadent instead of punishing. Hate paying bills? Light an aromatic candle and brew up a pot of chai while listening to ambient background music. Adapt a practice from organizational expert Marie Kondo and thank each utility company and service provider as you send off the payment. After all, having 24/7 electricity, Internet access (and the Netflix with which to chill) is a modern-day benefit that isn’t available to everyone in this world. Don’t take it for granted, Libra! Practicing gratitude for the little things signals to the universe that you’re ready to receive even bigger joys and miracles.


Chateau Scorpio could become hygge season central when a new moon in ultra-social Aquarius galvanizes your domestic fourth house this Monday, February 4. Gather your squad for jam sessions, crafting and home spa nights. Host the book club, or wine club’s next meeting. They’ll love communing in your beautifully appointed space and you’ll enjoy watching them ooh and ahh over your obsessively curated decor. As a (not-so) secret control freak who likes everything “just so,” you feel more comfortable entertaining on your own terms instead of dropping in to the randomness of other people’s homes. Well, at least once trust is established with your invitees! Until they’ve earned their loyalty points, your home is a no-fly zone. If you’re the rare Scorpio who is living amidst clutter, your new moon assignment is to binge-watch Marie Kondo’s Netflix show and begin “tidying,” stat! Oh, the sweet simplicity of judging what to keep based on the joy it sparks. Your intuitive sign will have no trouble paring down once you begin this process. The trick is to NOT race to replace what you give away. Do you have enough privacy at your pad? Even if you share space, you need at least one little area where you can close the door and shut out the rest of the world. Start designing your Scorpio sanctuary this week. Is a move on your mind? Check the listings because a dreamy abode could be revealed within two weeks of the new moon. This energy also has a strong maternal pull; a mother figure or powerful woman could take on a bigger role in your life between now and the corresponding full moon on August 15.

But forget about becoming a total shut-in! The territorial Earth Dog’s reign ends on Tuesday, February 5, as the Lunar New Year announces the takeover by the social Earth Pig. This Sunday, February 10, expressive Mercury zips into Pisces and your passionate, playful fifth house. This year you get an extended ten weeks to unleash your fierce, as the messenger planet hovers here three times as long as usual, due to a retrograde from March 5 to March 28. Between now and April 17, you will need a space where you can get messy in the name of the creative process. By all means, keep on box-folding those jeans and painter’s smocks per Marie Kondo’s instructions. But simultaneously, give your creativity free rein! Imagine what you might invent if there were no constraints on your time or budget. Who cares if your ideas are more fanciful than practical? That’s actually the mark of genius. When Mercury moves into your pragmatic sixth house on April 17, you can throw all these concepts against the wall and see what sticks. But until then, think WAY outside the box and let your brainstorms bloom. Support your inner artiste by surrounding yourself with innovator-types who won’t judge you but who WILL give you plenty of encouragement. Fans will quickly follow suit, so get ready for your close-up, Scorpio.

This Mercury phase makes you a shameless love junkie, so let your quixotic side out to play. Your mysterious sign may believe that gusty proclamations of affection scare people off, but if anything, they could cause them to see you in a whole new light. Compose an epic love letter, pen a poem in honor of your beloved… Not worrying about how it’ll be received is liberating—and the path to romantic progress! Coupled Scorpios should add more play dates and cultural activities to the shared calendar. Any sort of co-created project, from recording an EP to redoing the kitchen will be a powerful way to bond. Just hire the contractors before (or after) the retrograde. Fame could stalk you, like it or not, Scorpio. If you have something to present to the world, invest in some style upgrades, book a photo or video shoot (again, minding the March 5 to 28 blackout dates) and let the 2019 rebranding begin!


Where are the social butterflies flocking these days, Sagittarius, and moreover, how quickly can you get yourself there? This Monday, February 4, 2019’s only new moon in Aquarius flaps its gossamer wings in your third house of cooperation, communication and close-to-home activities. This lunar boost, which also marks the end of the territorial Earth Dog’s reign and the beginning of the convivial Earth Pig’s year, will rev your outgoing engines. Bundle up and explore newly opened venues. You could quickly earn mayor status at a coffee shop, fitness studio or independent bookstore that feels like a home away from home. Your jetsetting sign has never been big on hibernating, anyway! A short getaway, be it a road trip or a long weekend somewhere beachy, could revive your lust for life. This could also double as an opportunity to get to know a new friend-group better. Invite them along on your jaunt and let the bonding begin. A stalled partnership or contract negotiation may pick up again early this week. Head’s up: It may involve writing, media-making or teaching a workshop—all things this third house new moon will energize. Or take the reins on your own and sign up for a course on memoir writing, digital marketing or producing a YouTube show. You never know, Sagittarius: What starts as a side hustle could soon evolve into a publishing empire.

But do reserve some sacred time for your innermost circle. This Sunday, February 10, Mercury flits into Pisces and your up-close-and-personal fourth house until April 17—an extra-long cycle due to a retrograde from March 5 to 28. In between your buzzy explorations, you’ll also crave small, intimate gatherings where conversations run deep and the connections are real. Catch up with dear old friends and relatives who you’ve been too busy to make time for over the past few months—especially while Mercury is backspinning from March 5 to 28. The fourth house also rules women, and your relationships with female friends will be sprinkled with pixie dust now.

This Mercury cycle may also provide the perfect opportunity to get Maison du Centaur organized. Form follows function, Sag, so rather than designing around your printed pillowcases, start by downsizing, systematizing and putting like objects together on display or in storage. If you spend lots of time reading or want to do more yoga at home, include this in your scheme. If you don’t feel like doing your own “KonMari” treatment, consider hiring a space organizer and maybe a bi-weekly cleaning service to help you keep things tidy during this busy year of hosting Jupiter in your sign. Got a little extra coin? A Feng Shui consultant can help you keep the chi flowing and make sure you haven’t put your laundry hamper in your money corner and your treadmill in your love corner. Yikes! Those kinds of ups and downs would just be unwelcome! Once your space is spruced up, slide a leaf in the table and host a dinner party for your favorite peeps. But don’t be too surprised if it morphs into a salon-style discussion or an impromptu dance-off that lasts until the wee hours.


Money, money, money! This Monday, February 4, the new moon in Aquarius kicks off a six-month cycle of prosperity. While your responsible sign always has a tried and true income stream locked down, some tasks may be zapping more time than you care to admit. Now’s the time to reconfigure for 2019. Step out of your comfort zone, Capricorn, because a leap of faith may be required to take you from drudgery to dream job. And it certainly doesn’t hurt that the Year of the Earth Pig begins on February 5, which has the potential to increase your prosperity. The key lies in recognizing where you’ve gained a certain level of mastery, then boosting from there. Could you raise your rates? Offer services to a group instead of time-zapping one on ones? Outsourcing certain tasks might also open up time for you to spend on valuable work—the kinds of things for which you can charge a premium rate. Be patient with the process! You have until the corresponding full moon on August 15 to maximize this energy. Scrutinize your spending. Where are you bleeding green? From recurring charges on your credit card statements to services you barely use anymore, canceling what you no longer need can open up flow for savings—and maybe a monthly spa day!

Diversity is the new spice of your life starting Sunday, February 10, as inquisitive Mercury zips into Pisces until April 17. The quicksilver planet will be retrograding here from March 5 to March 28, giving you an extra seven weeks this year to play Dora the Explorer. The world’s your smorgasbord, Capricorn, so belly up to the buffet table and taste a little bit of everything. While Mercury in decadent Pisces CAN relate to actual food, we’re thinking more about academic workshops, a pass to check out a host of exercise studios, spas, therapies and cultural activities. (Painting with Pinot, or indoor bouldering, anyone?) The third house rules your own neighborhood, so spend more time closer to home getting to know local folks and venues. You could discover a treasure trove of options practically in your backyard.

This transit governs communication and transportation as well, so if you’re in need of a more up-to-date mobile device or your ride could stand an upgrade, do some test-driving. But maybe declare March 5 to 28 “research only” dates so you don’t risk making an ill-fated Mercury retrograde purchase that sends you back to the repair shop endlessly! As a global citizen, think how you might reduce your carbon footprint. Consider public transportation, ride shares or getting a cute cruiser bike for your local commutes. You’ll enjoy an easy way with words with Mercury here, so roll up your well-tailored sleeves and get creative: Record a podcast, flood your Instagram feed or sit down and pen Chapter One of your memoir.


Happy bonus New Year! This Monday, February 4, marks the annual new moon in Aquarius, an event that’s sure to catalyze more than one fresh start. It’s also the eve of the Lunar New Year, as the territorial Earth Dog hands the wheel to the far more outgoing (and Aquarian, in that sense) Earth Pig. Whether you’re starting a different job, moving to a new address, making over your style, or just reviving your positive outlook on the world, you are ready to turn to a clean page in your autobiography. But first, take a moment to honor yourself for being such a courageous agent of change, someone who is willing to leap, even in the face of uncertainty. Your struggles of the past year—and the way you’ve navigated them—have given you an incredible foundation upon which to grow and build. Looking ahead, how can you pass along your wisdom to others? The communal vibes of the Earth Pig could help you draw a larger crowd than expected. This new moon may inspire you to write, speak or teach about your experiences. Or maybe you’ll just wear ’em like a badge of pride. Authenticity looks good on you! If your well of inspiration’s a little dry, invest in self-development workshops, classes and coaching sessions. What starts as a curiosity could evolve into a side hustle or a totally new path by the corresponding Aquarius full moon on August 15.

Sunday turns the spotlight on your finances as analytical Mercury moves into Pisces and powers up your second house of income for an extra long tour—until April 17—because of a retrograde period from March 5 to March 28. Your clever sign is never at a loss for brilliant ideas. The challenge is following through on the ones you start and not getting distracted halfway through the R+D process. This weekend, devote some time to assessing unfinished projects: half-done craft projects, email drafts, sketches, travel plans. Then, prioritize the ones you find most inspiring and commit to finishing at least one before Mercury flitters off mid-April. Passion projects you can do on your own, but if something has the potential to be profitable, sit down and analyze how much time, money and people power you’ll need to actually pull off your grand plans. You might even work with a stylist, designer, social media maven or branding expert to polish things up and draw a wider audience.

Could your professional database use a boost? Social Mercury will activate your natural networking prowess. Bundle up after work (and hire a pet sitter or babysitter here, if needed) so you can become a regular fixture at a few of those industry events that can help build your reputation. Even if you’re just circulating without a precise mission, collecting friends has always been an Aquarius winning strategy for keeping the coffers filled. You never know when a new acquaintance will need someone with your exact skill set, or vice versa. And while Mercury is driving in reverse from March 5 to 28, reconnect with people you’ve worked with in the past. A reunion tour or profitable second act might be in store for 2019!


Still playing the stubborn holdout on the Marie Kondo “Tidying Up” craze? We know you cherish your sentimental objects, and we’re certainly not suggesting you chuck them in a downsizing frenzy. But don’t be surprised if you feel ready to let go of a few more things starting this Monday, February 4, when the year’s only new moon in Aquarius lands in your twelfth house of healing, surrender and release. Every object holds a charge, Pisces, even the ones you have binned on the stepladder-required shelves in your kitchen or garage. Fling open the lids and see what’s what. Then, give your calendar—and your friend list—the same discerning treatment. Are you missing magical moments with people who allow you to “just be” as you race to prove your allegiance to more demanding folks? This new moon may illuminate ways that you’ve been pleasing others at your own expense. Enough of that! Whether these people EXPECT you to jump at their beck and call remains to be seen, but you’ll find out quickly if you start putting boundaries in place. Graciously bow out of plans that don’t feed your soul and replace them with activities that revive your spirits. This lunar liftoff is the perfect time to begin (or pick back up with) a practice such as yoga, meditation, or working on a divinely inspired creative project. And as the zodiac’s most ethereal sign, you’ll be pleased to celebrate the Lunar New Year on February 5, which launches the Year of the Earth Pig—an indulgent creature that has been proven to dream. Right up your alley, Pisces!

Good luck keeping any brilliant (or even half-cooked) ideas to yourself starting this Sunday, February 10, as messenger Mercury makes his annual visit to your sign. This year he’ll be camping out longer than usual—till April 17—because of a three-week retrograde from March 5 to March 28. Go ahead, Pisces: Let the world know how you REALLY feel. And do it fast, before that March 5 backspin, when your forthright sentiments could come across as cutting instead of compassionate. But aside from that three-week blackout period, you’ll know exactly what to say—and when and how to say it to make the greatest impact. Expressing yourself isn’t so unusual for you, but here’s the big question: Are you being reactive or proactive? A quicksilver Mercury visit to your sign can lead to some lively debates—er, discussions—but a far more productive use of this cosmic energy would be to take one of your most innovative ideas, develop it and get it off the ground. Get started now so you’ll have something to show potential partners or investors by the equinox!

Is it time to update your personal style or branding? Mercury can act as a savvy image consultant, inspiring you to cultivate a look that’s more in alignment with 2019 Pisces. Visuals and aesthetics are your water-sign wheelhouse so an invitation by the cosmos to make salon appointments and go shopping will be music to your ears. Build around practical pieces but make sure you have enough statement elements that help you stand out from the crowd. (Do this, rather than wardrobing the opposite way, starting with something wild then remembering things like jeans, leggings, blazers and so on…) With 2019 being a major career year for your sign, you might level up with polished pieces that can take you from boardroom to that after work cocktail shindig.

Source: AstroStyle