Your Weekly Horoscope Is Here – Prepare For Liftoff!

Prepare for liftoff! The week begins with a quarter moon in Aries, a lunar boost that will activate our ambitions while also helping us weigh our visionary ideas against practical considerations. And it doesn’t hurt that the Sun is spending its final six days in can-do Capricorn, steering us in a savvy direction so we can develop a solid strategy for success. Use the week to fortify your launching pad. As legacy-building Capricorn knows, creating a stable foundation is the prerequisite for success. Does your game plan need fine-tuning? Are there details that haven’t been confirmed, safety precautions to consider? Err on the side of caution so you can fly free after Sunday when el Sol beams into Aquarius, the zodiac’s rocket scientist (and sometimes space cadet). And don’t forget to reap your well-deserved rewards. Maybe there’s a shiny gold star waiting to be plucked from the skies and placed on your wall of fame. If you’re going for the gold, be proactive and perhaps even a tad competitive if need be. Achievement-oriented Capricorn loves when we earn our credentials based on merit and hard work. And if things get difficult, persevere.

On Friday, cosmic lovebirds Venus and Mars dance a passionate tango as they flow into a “fire trine,” which is a pulse-quickening 120-degree angle. Planning a date? Detour away from the usual places! Single? Steer clear of the usual suspects. With Venus in worldly, adventurous Sagittarius and firecracker Mars in his home sign of Aries, the new and unexplored will be a total turn-on. Need to have an honest chat about the state of your union? In these outspoken fire signs, Venus and Mars pull no punches. We’ll all be a lot more unrestrained on Friday, which will certainly be exhilarating, but maybe not the best when it comes to setting boundaries. Careful not to develop selective amnesia in the face of a blazing hot bad boy or girl! Couples can harness this energy to get started on a co-created project. From renovating the kitchen to starting a YouTube channel to planning a winter vacation with your friend group, put your heads together and start scheming.

Aquarius Season begins on the 20th, which could lure us all out of hibernation and into the winter wonderland to enjoy the snowy sports or indoor Hygge season activities like book and wine clubs, craft nights, concerts and game-changing group art projects. The more is always the mightier when the zodiac’s Water Bearer is ruling the skies. Between now and February 18, Aquarius brings an important PSA about the power of pooling resources. There’s more than enough to go around when everyone chips in—and let’s be honest, we could REALLY afford to conserve some natural resources right about now. Geek is chic during this tech-savvy four-week cycle. Tap the virtual network to rally with kindred spirits. If you have computer equipment and digital devices to upgrade, start shopping around. Or, call the developers and get to work on that online venture or genius app that started as a joke but might actually turn into something legit…and profitable! Now’s the time to mobilize around an important cause, as Aquarius season energizes the collective activism. With the almost-full, “Wolf” supermoon AND lunar eclipse in Leo beginning to turn blood red late on Sunday night, we could hear the Aquarian call to “fight the power” in the name of preserving rights for everyday people. With so much turbulence on the ever-changing (and challenging) political landscape, some will hear a call to run for office or support a promising candidate—just hours before MLK Day begins on Monday, January 21.


Bring your best, and nothing less, Aries! Until Sunday the 20th, the Sun is blazing through Capricorn and your tenth house of success where it’s been stationed since December 21. This could be a huge week for your career if you’re willing to push ahead with full Aries zeal. Lure yourself out of hibernation station for at least one power lunch, client drinks and maybe a networking event with the influencers in your field. Whatever the “uniform” is for your industry, button or zip yourself into it. The spotlight may swing in your direction or you could find yourself making a presentation to a prestigious crowd. (Hello, strategic photo opp.) Let your competitive spirit out to play; you might even enter a competition and get nominated for an award. Still working your way up the ladder? Go out of your way to charm the powers that be. You could be offered an apprenticeship or a starter gig that will quickly turn into an opportunity to work your way up the ladder. Feeling overburdened? Maybe it’s time to act more like a CEO than a one Ram show! Write up a job description and start interviewing candidates. A part-time (or virtual) assistant can lift a huge weight off your shoulders, opening up time for you to concentrate on higher-paying tasks.

Cupid’s got a bull’s eye on you this Friday, January 18, as cosmic lovebirds Venus and Mars flow into a harmonious trine (120-degree angle), making you totally lucky in love. Take advantage of this fortuitous energy to work your magic. You’ll have plenty of it since your ruler, red-hot Mars, is positioned in Aries and your first house of self-expression while vixen Venus is in compatible fire sign Sagittarius and your adventurous ninth. Consider this your green light to take a gamble in the game of love. We’re not talking about doing something destructive or damaging to a relationship; but maybe take a daring step outside of the vanilla zone. With this outspoken alignment, you’ll have the confidence to express your truth, vocalize a hidden desire or convince your lover to try something a little more experimental. With Venus in your travel zone, you may book a romantic vacation or a getaway with your BFFs to a destination that might just come with the bonus of a vacation fling. Close to home, spend your evenings anywhere BUT “the usual places” midweek. With Mars and Venus in such expansive placements, sparks could fly with someone from a totally different walk of life. A long-distance relationship might also heat up, providing the perfect excuse to get out of town for a bonus adventure.

On Sunday the 20th, the radiant sun beams into Aquarius and your 11th house of friends and group activities for a month. Life will feel like an extended happy hour until February 18, with you helming the operative as entertainment director. You’ll definitely be in your playful and spirited element that night as the almost-full moon in Leo turns a mystical reddish hue during the blood supermoon eclipse. Your wild side is sure to make an appearance, whether you’re tearing up the dance floor or entertaining a special guest in your boudoir—or maybe just unleashing your inner artiste on a late night project. Over the coming four weeks, make room at the table for more—there’ll be so many interesting people to meet! The 11th house also rules technology, so let your inner geek out to play. Got a great idea for an app? Designs on becoming the next YouTube celebrity? Start developing those dot-com dreams into something tangible. Learning a new app or software suite could also spell money in the bank. Maybe it’s time to plunge into the tutorial and teach yourself another marketable skill, one that keeps you rolling with the times. If you’ve already got your hand in too many pots, let this be your cue to collaborate. Teamwork might just make the Aries dream work at a much faster clip.


Suspend logic, Taurus, and let the sky be the limit! Although it’s your natural inclination to project manage every idea into a spreadsheet the minute the brainstorming begins, this can short-circuit the creative process. With the Sun rounding out the last six days in Capricorn and your visionary ninth house, don’t force a blossoming idea into any sort of rigid structure. Instead, don the lab coat (or painter’s smock) and explore, experiment, and take risks in the name of discovery. Your willingness to color outside the lines could yield some serious breakthroughs! And while you’re at it, cast a wider net. A cross-cultural mashup might evolve into an amazing hybrid when you decide to combine forces with someone from a very different walk of life. Looking for new opportunities? Take a gamble and cold call someone you’d like to do business with. Your willingness to take a dare could be the rainbow leading straight to the pot of gold. You might even feel like playing hooky from work one day this week…to go snowboarding or to hang out with a friend who’s in town for business. A change of scenery will activate your imagination. Surprise, surprise: You’ll actually be far more productive after you’re had some playtime!

On Friday, plunge into the deep end of the pool as cosmic copilots Venus and Mars flow into a rare and harmonious trine. Their energies are dovetailing magically, opening your heart and stirring up soulful synergies. Mars is simmering in Aries and your enchanted, compassionate twelfth house while your ruler, va-va-voom Venus, is on a longer voyage through Sagittarius and your seductive eighth house. Attractions will go way beyond skin deep near Friday; in fact, your psychic sensors will be working overtime! Pay attention to the gut feelings, intuitive flashes and knowing impulses that arise when you are standing deliciously close to THAT person. These subconscious cues can lead you straight to the arms of love. Have you been waiting for the right moment to address a neon pink elephant in a relationship? Friday’s gracious energy can help you broach the matter without being too “bull in a china shop.” You may even have a few intuitive flashes, getting strong messages that you want to share with friends—perhaps during a meditation or a dream. Although it may feel “weird” to tell them what popped into your mind, you may have channeled the very words they need to hear. Speak up!

Sunday, the Sun hunkers down in Aquarius and activates your career sector until February 18. With your ambitious side in fifth gear, focus on the loftiest goal you want to hit in the first quarter of 2019. Now’s the time to streamline all those inspired visions from earlier this week into a solid plan—and maybe have your intellectual property protected with a trademark. You can already start working on it at your own kitchen table this Sunday when the almost-full supermoon eclipse paints itself red in your domestic zone, sparking some major creativity while you’re all cozied up! Ready for more gainful employment? Spend time this weekend polishing your resume and getting your LinkedIn profile up to date so you can circulate next week. Spread the word among friends who might have a lead, and if you’re in an applicable profession, consider having a recruiter seek out opportunities on your behalf. Are you ready to break out and become the CEO of your own company? This could be your prompt to get rolling on your business plan. Make sure to focus on the practical aspects, like your profit margins, how much of a market share can you capture, and how big your prospective audience could be. While you may be content to live a modest life, you DO like your financial security, plus a few luxe treasures here and there. Make sure your idea will fill the coffers before you quit your day job.


Enjoy your last six days under the radar, Gemini. Until this Sunday the 20th, you have cosmic carte blanche to keep it lowkey as the Sun simmers in Capricorn and your esoteric eighth house. Since December 21, you’ve been in your annual introverted—and intimate—solar cycle. Instead of picking up the entertainment director’s baton for your squad, you may have preferred one-on-ones. Solo time, too! Carve out a little more time to lose yourself in books, meditate and make art for art’s sake—and love for love’s sake. With your erotic eighth house lit by these solar flares, the last four weeks may have brought some bonus sexytime for Geminis. If your mojo’s still in slow-mo, tune back in to your body this week. If you’re feeling low energy, book a massage, detoxify your diet and get some gentle exercise in. Even if you’re just stretching or going for short walks, movement will build momentum for higher energy cardio like ice skating or dance classes. If certain relationships have been fraught with tension, give YOURSELF an ultimatum this week: Either commit to working on it together or close the door for now. Being halfway engaged with someone you love is pure torture—but so is forcing the situation to “work” when it feels like you’re doing all the pursuing or heavy lifting. It takes two to tango, Gemini, and both dance partners have to be willing to practice the steps.

Fortunately, social expansion is in the stars already this Friday. As garrulous Venus glides into perfect harmony with her partner Mars in the most outgoing parts of your chart, you’ll get a very clear reminder that there are many fish in the sea. This auspicious trine formation (a 120-degree angle), could cause your winter calendar to fill up fast! Don’t spend the day brooding over someone who isn’t giving you the proper time of day or having virtual conversations on social media. Push yourself to get out and circulate—or take a wander through a buzzing part of your city and see what new delights draw you in. You could get into an amazing hour long conversation about an obscure genre of music with an independent record store owner—or lose yourself in a metaphysical bookshop or art museum. At work, do some coworker outreach. Even if you’re all working on independent projects, organize a mastermind lunch to bounce ideas off of one another. What you drum up in the collective hive mind may leave you all buzzing with inspiration!

Your jovial, adventurous nature takes the wheel again this Sunday as the Sun blazes into Aquarius and your happy-go-lucky ninth house until February 18. Pull your suitcase out of storage and figure out which drawer you tucked your passport in. There couldn’t be a more optimal time for you to visit friends in warmer climes or to immerse yourself in a metropolis far from home—perhaps to explore the possibility of relocation or business expansion. Back at base, cross-cultural connections will be lively and stimulating—especially on Sunday during the almost-full supermoon eclipse that begins to cast its magic shadow in your local activity sector into the wee hours of Monday, January 21. You might just have to stay up late for a viewing party at the neighborhood pub or planetarium…or host one at your own house. Then, make a point over the coming four weeks to branch out, or, invite friends from different walks of life to experience the unique aspects of your own upbringing. This sporty solar cycle will rev up your physical nature. Let your social side dovetail with your athletic aspirations. That CrossFit studio, dance troupe, or ski club may have “Gemini” written all over it.


Keep the searchlight on, Cancer. This week could illuminate your other half, for business, pleasure or a mind-blowing creative collaboration. With the Sun simmering in Capricorn and your partnership zone since December 21, two has likely been your favorite number. Keep working the tag teams this week, but cleave to the rule of “opposites attract.” You’d do well to pair up with someone who’s more of a complementary force than a clone, especially if, say, they love a spreadsheet while you prefer a vision board (or vice versa). If you’re in a relationship, make a point of carving out some couple time before Sunday—and get out of the house! Is there a concert or play you’d love to see? Friends you keep wanting to meet for dinner? Whether single or spoken for, get out for some arts-based activity time. The garrulous side of your personality will come back to life when you’re surrounded by the cultural cognoscenti—or at least, people who know how to plunge way deeper than superficial conversation. At work, you may realize that it’s time to draft some contracts and make some of your partnerships a bit more official. Hire a lawyer to help ensure that you cover all your bases. While it’s all love now, vague agreements can quickly go south. Formal as it may seem to send someone a PDF of legalese, frame it for what it is: An insurance clause of long-term affinity and understanding.

If you need a dose of structure and stability, Friday’s semi-rare Venus-Mars trine could bring it. Security has never been “boring” for you, Cancer; in fact, it’s kind of an aphrodisiac. With the cosmic copilots dancing into a harmonious formation, you’ll be a magnet for healthy relationships, as well as some wellness-boosting routines that fall into the self-care category. Book your first massage of 2019 or ask friends to recommend their favorite healers, from shamans to acupuncturists to general practitioners if you’re in need of an annual checkup. Have your BFFs been raving nonstop about a yoga studio or spin class with an insane playlist? Tag along, and if you love it, consider signing up for a membership. Single Crabs could fall head over stacked heels for the traditional type near Friday—someone who would surely get the approval stamp from your family and inner circle friends. The Venus-Mars trine could also prompt you to polish up your dating profiles or try a new app. Coupled? If you’ve fallen into caretaker/coach mode with bae, turn that TLC inward and give yourself that nurturing. Everyone will benefit from this, even if it feels a little scary to step back and release control.

On Sunday the 20th, get ready for a spring fever preview. As the Sun slinks into Aquarius and your erotic eighth house until February 18, you’ll start to feel like a total vixen. But during this private solar cycle, you’ll also crave intimacy and security. You might even write up a wish list of what you’d like to manifest both romantically and financially under the almost-full moon lunar eclipse that begins late on Sunday night! While it may seem like an elusive combo, lust and trust CAN coexist in one relationship, Cancer. If you’ve been praying that a player would magically morph into a prince(ss), it’s time to write The End on that waiting game. If said romantic royal doesn’t step to your ultimatum, don’t stress. The vacancy will quickly fill with someone who is actually ready to gallop off into the sunset with you now—rather than some elusive day in the future. You might need to hit pause on the idea of being “just friends” with an unrequited crush or an ex—at least for a while. A clean break heals the fastest. Relationships that are in a positive flow may get fast-tracked into deeper commitment over the coming month. If you’re ready to put a ring on it—or some ink on a contract—get the talks underway. This monthlong solar cycle could do wonders for your finances, bringing in big money opportunities through investments, royalties, or commissions. Got property to sell? You may get a pretty penny for it before February 18. This is a time for sharing resources, pooling funds, even raising a round of capital to build your dreams. Aquarius is the sign of teamwork and tech, and these sunbeams could get you thinking outside the box. Maybe it’s time to patent or trademark an invention and to try crowdfunding cash for an initial phase of development.


It’s okay if you feel like hibernating for most of the week, Leo. But if you’re going to tuck yourself away in the den, you should probably be binge-watching Marie Kondo’s Tidying Up on Netflix https://www.netflix.com/title/80209379 or building shelves to house all the books and supplies that come along with your wide-ranging interests. Until this Sunday the 20th, the Sun will be hovering in compartmentalizer Capricorn and your systematic sixth house. Mission: Efficiency could start feeling like Mission: Critical as you survey the piles. Harness this solar power to whip your world into shape. What swag has been hogging up space in your drawers and closets? Might it be better utilized as someone else’s treasure (or a tax-deductible donation to Goodwill)? How close could you get to “inbox zero” if you filed and deleted messages? If you’ve been slow to get back into an industrious groove at the office, this is the week to turn the key in the ignition. Set up conference calls, planning meetings and client check-ins, and soon, you’ll be off to the races again. Executive Leos: Could you benefit from having more support staff? If hiring help opens up time for you to be more innovative, it will be money wisely invested.

This Friday, January 18, cosmic lovebirds Venus and Mars flow into a harmonious trine (120-degree angle). Because enchanting Venus is in your romance house, you’ll feel like Cupid’s darling. And it doesn’t hurt one bit that Mars is in Aries and your daring and expansive ninth house. Take advantage of this bold energy and let it open your mind to new possibilities…even ones that require you to take a little risk. We’re not talking about diving into something destructive like seducing a not-quite-divorced charmer or meeting up for drinks with that ex who always disrupts your serenity. But you certainly DON’T need to be a traditionalist. This cosmic combo can give you the confidence to express a secret fantasy or deep-down desire. With Mars in your travel zone, you could feel inspired to book a romantic vacation with your S.O.—or, if single, a spontaneous trip with your wing(wo)men that could involve a wild night or three. Close to home, reroute your weekday plans to anywhere BUT “the usual places.” And don’t be shocked if you find yourself attracted to a brand-new type. With Venus and Mars in such expansive placements, your heart may open to some unexpected options, including a long-distance relationship or cross-cultural romance.

If no one turns your head this Friday, just wait until Sunday, January 20. The Sun blazes into Aquarius, lighting up your seventh house of partnerships for four weeks. And talk about turning heads yourself! That night, the almost-full supermoon lunar eclipse happens to be lighting up YOUR sign, bringing your efforts of the past TWO YEARS to a stunning milestone. This is the final Leo eclipse in a series that began on February 10, 2017, so if you’ve persistently put in the elbow grease (while staying humble), you’ll get the green light to shout your achievements from the rooftops on Sunday—and into next Monday, January 21. Simultaneously, tag team efforts are the way to win between now and February 18. If you’re on the hunt for love, you’ll enjoy skyrocketing odds of finding attractive people who can go the distance with you. Already partnered? Find new ways to co-create, whether planning a party or starting a home reno project…or a band! Business partnerships also benefit from these sunbeams. But just because the good vibes are flowing now, don’t forget to put all deals into a signed contract. Clear agreements are the best insurance for a brilliant, long-term future together.


You could slip quietly into a room, Virgo, but why do that when you can make a grand and glamorous entrance? For almost the entire week, the Sun is beaming in Capricorn and your attention-getting fifth house, blessing you with more sparkle than the parade of “Best Dressed” gowns at The Golden Globes. Of course, like a light switch, it’s up to you to turn up the wattage and beam those lumens in your desired direction. What would you like to be known for in 2019? Let the PR campaign begin, whether you’re full-on marketing a finished product or just teasing people with the “coming soon” of your works in progress. Even if you only have a glimmer of a notion of what marquee you’d like to see your name on this year, start planting yourself among the people who can help you rise to headliner status. You’re a savvy networker, Virgo, so we don’t have to tell you that collecting supportive friends in your industry is like boarding an express elevator to the top. And given the excess charm you’re blessed with during Capricorn season, which wages on until Sunday, do everything in your power to get a bejeweled heel in the door! Already sitting pretty in the VIP lounge? Go out of your way to help the new girl or guy catch a break. Signal boost their efforts on social media or put them on your invite list. What goes around comes around.

Try a little tenderness near Friday, January 18. The softer (and still insanely sexy!) side of Virgo is shining through as amorous Venus slow dances with her partner Mars. Their planetary PSA? Don’t be so quick to write off the nice ones! Lusty Mars is presently on tour through Aries and your intimate, seductive eighth house. As he canoodles with vixen Venus in your sentimental fourth house, you’ll swoon for the nurturing type—and might just slip into that role yourself. The way to bae’s heart may indeed be through the stomach. Champagne and strawberries? Check! Coq au vin with a white wine pairing? Sure, why not. Prepare a special meal or bring a tray of props from the kitchen into bed. Although pillow talk with be both spicy and sentimental, you might just feel like cuddling on the couch all night. And while sexy loungewear is nice, don’t get hung up on having wardrobe and styling done to perfection. There’s a beautiful vulnerability in letting the object of your affections see you in your relaxed and au natural glory.

On Sunday the 20th, hop back on to the wellness wagon as the Sun grapevines into Aquarius and your sixth house of healthy living until February 18. Since the sixth house has a Virgo vibe to it (you’re the zodiac’s sixth sign) you’ll be in your efficient element. Sporting an arm full of bangles? Add one that houses a Fitbit and start counting your steps. A little kinetic energy boost can go a long way, and before you know it, you’ll have the momentum to try more high-energy spin and dance classes. If you need to do some spiritual detoxing, Sunday is the night (into next Monday, January 21) as the almost-full supermoon lunar eclipse gives you a front row seat to your own shadows—and lets you know that it’s time to focus on your own healing, both inside and out. During social Aquarius season, enlisting friends as yoga buddies is the way to stay motivated for your pre-spring training. You can catch up afterwards at the juice bar or in the sauna. And just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you can’t “eat the rainbow.” Purge the sugary snacks from your cupboards (or relocate the haute holiday treats to a high shelf) and fill your plate with golden and purple beets, green broccoli rabe, Brussels sprouts and cream-colored parsnips. Cook in bulk so you can enjoy leftovers for lunch or even freeze portions for future on-the-go meals. Now is the time to “work smarter, not harder” and get life humming like a precisely tuned machine. With el Sol still in hibernation in the Northern hemisphere, it may be wise to take a Vitamin D supplement and sit before a full-spectrum lamp, which can power up your thyroid and help you warm up from within. At work, harness the team-spirited vibes of Aquarius season. Collaborating with a competent crew—and perhaps outsourcing to savvy support staff—might be an investment at first but can ultimately boost your profit margins and help you sleep better at night!


Bring it in, Libra. Home is where your heart and your focus should be for most of this week as the Sun slogs through the final six days of its month-long tour of Capricorn and your cozy, domestic fourth house. While you’ve no doubt enjoyed some quality time with your inner circle since December 21, the claustrophobia could be setting in. As one of the zodiac’s social butterflies, too much intimacy can feel a little suffocating. Just try to wait a liiiittle bit longer before you spring forth from the cocoon. This is the week to get your house in order so that you can flutter about worry-free come January 20. Is someone waiting (im)patiently for you to handle your part of the bargain, like signing important documents, straightening up your area of the communal space or sitting down for a family meeting? Stop procrastinating, Libra. Dealing will take a huge weight off your shoulders. Tie up loose ends with real estate matters. If you’ve been pondering a move, hit the open houses after work. You could find a new place to hang your fedora—and faster than you think!

If you’re still assembling your 2019 friend group, you’ll get an assist on Friday as cosmic copilots Venus and Mars glide into a rare and harmonious trine (120-degree angle). This auspicious formation could lead you to kindred spirits who see the world through a similar lens. Get out and mingle; explore new scenes. If you’re already ensconced in an amazing soul squad, bring them all together for a spontaneous Friday night turn-up. No need to do anything fancy. Order a pizza (wood-fired, with an organic crust, ’cause you’re a Libra…) and ask guests to bring over a bottle. And since seductive Mars is in your seventh house of romance while Venus is mingling in your friendship zone, there could be a shining star in the group who YOU suddenly realize you’d like to get to know better. The friend zone isn’t such a bad place to find love; in fact, that strategy can work well for your slower-to-warm-up sign. A creative collaborator or partner for a professional venture may also emerge. Mars is revving up your tech sector, so if you feel like doing some right-swiping, Friday might bring that lucky match. If you’re already in a relationship, have a talk about your vision of love. With all this “ask, believe, receive” energy flowing around, you may decide to take a big leap together like trading apartment keys or making appointments to be sized for rings.

Starting Sunday, you could feel like the “next” in the succession of Judy, Barbra and Gaga. As the Sun heads into Aquarius and your fifth house of fame until February 18, the Libra star is “born.” (Or should we say, is coming back to the mainstage!) While this also marks an abrupt ending to your winter hibernation, you’ll be back in your garrulous, glamorous groove. Pick up that entertainment director’s baton and lure your pack out to play. There’s no one better than you to find that ski house or tropical beach cottage on Airbnb, not to mention pulling together a cultural calendar of local events like touring Off-Broadway shows, comedians and amazing bands. Or how about an eclipse viewing party on Sunday night, as the almost-full moon in Leo and your eleventh house of community turns a mystical blood red in the sky? Need to pull yourself out of a romantic slump? St. Valentine could make an early showing, so make sure you give him a clear shot over the coming four weeks. With offbeat, intellectual and humanitarian Aquarius ruling your romance house, you might fall head over snow boots for a sexy activist or indie musician. This intellectually stimulating transit may also light a “sapiosexual” spark with a thoughtful soul you meet at a discussion group, lecture or self-development seminar. Partners in personal discovery? That sounds like an ideal scenario for you, Libra. If you’re already attached, organize your date nights around meaningful and provocative activities. Joining a political action group or being patrons of experimental theater will stoke your shared desire to make the world a more vivid and inclusive place.


Look up from that screen, Scorpio! You could be standing right in front of your “missing puzzle piece” this week—a new BFF, creative collaborator, ski buddy, or all around kindred spirit. That’s because the Sun will be spending its final six days in Capricorn and your popularity-boosting third house. And keep an open mind! That twin soul could be hiding out among the colleagues you grumble about, the neighbors you breeze right past or the other regulars at your go-to haunts. Make an added effort to spark up conversations with these semi-strangers. Skip the small talk and ask them genuine questions about their interests and passions. If you strike gold and discover common ground, extend an invite to go enjoy a shared activity or show each other your works in progress. With the tempo of your life accelerated this week, you may have to commute more than usual. Multitask your way through the journey: Download a motivating audiobook to inspire new thoughts or use the ride to catch up on calls. If you need to update your mobile devices, this is the week to invest in that new laptop or phone with the amazing selfie camera.

You’re not a fan of surprises, Scorpio, especially when it comes to relationships. So you’ll be happy to hear that this Friday’s flowing trine (120-degree angle) between Venus and Mars will help to stabilize your most important bonds. Assertive Mars is currently trekking through Aries and your sixth house of systems and healthy routines; congenial Venus is voyaging through Sagittarius and your zone of practical magic. While this might not set off a flurry of fireworks and rose petals, this mashup could yield something better: stability and security. Do your part to get relationships into a grounded groove, whether romantic or platonic. If you’ve been like two ships passing in the night, set up a shared calendar to keep abreast of each other’s schedules—and more importantly, to reserve date nights while ensuring other key plans don’t fall off the radar. Work out a budget for shared expenses and, if it makes sense, meet up with a financial planner. Create support structures for every area of life you want to improve. At work, you might get colleagues onto a shared Slack channel. Need support getting fitness goals in gear? Sign up for buddy workouts with your bestie or a coworker who shares your wellness resolutions.

On Sunday the 20th, the Sun bunks down in Aquarius and your cozy fourth house making “Give me shelter!” your mantra until February 18. Though you’ll need generous doses of alone time, Aquarian energy is innately social, so forget about becoming a total hermit. Put a leaf in the table and prep the pullout sofa or air mattress! In addition to hosting a legendary dinner party, dear friends and relatives (your mom, even) could blow through town for weekend visits. (Or how about an eclipse viewing party if you feel like staying up late to catch the early part of the show that blossoms into a Leo full moon in the wee hours of Monday, January 21?) Get creative in the kitchen! Try out that pulled pork recipe in your InstaPot (and make enough to freeze for lunches); work the creme brulee torch or unleash your mixology skills on a craft cocktail. Your sensual and psychic sign has a talent for creating an atmosphere. Could your home decor us a little update? Or, Scorpio, is it time to move to a new zip code? Even if you’re just buying new bedding and crystals, you want your space to feel more like a sanctuary over the coming four weeks. Security will be your focus in every way, from putting down roots to making sure you’re funneling enough money into your savings account. Set up automatic transfers so that you don’t have to worry that you spent your tax or vacation funds on a boozy brunch or shopping sprees. Women will be your champions between now and February 18. Get out and network with the savvy sisters and elder mentors in your world. By availing yourself to them as a supporter, you’ll win their loyalty in return.


Set some limits, Sagittarius—for serenity’s sake! With ever-expansive Jupiter as your ruling planet, you’re always ready to take on more (and more and more). But as the Sun shines into conservative Capricorn for six more days, you’re cautioned to choose quality over quantity. No, you don’t want to forget (or bag on) all those magical and creative ideas that got you fired up with excitement. So here’s what you do: Open up a screen in your notebook app, title it “2019 Inspiration” and record the brilliance there. Then, take a look at that list and prioritize. Choose one (or okay, two) things to accomplish this month and plan to do them well! You’ll get a deep sense of satisfaction from this streamlined approach. While you’re at it, take a look at your schedule. Where are you leaking energy and burning yourself out by trying to accomplish too much in too short of a timeline? If you can’t scale back or slow down, then your other option is to bring in more support. Many hands make light work! If you don’t have the cash to invest in an assistant, get creative. Maybe you could work the barter system, with the understanding that you will “pay” people back when time opens up in a month or two. This is also a good week to give your belt a cinch. Life might be expensive, but we’re pretty sure you could cut back on a couple indulgences in the name of financial security.

All the world’s your stage this Friday, January 18, as cosmic copilots Venus and Mars flow into an auspicious trine (120-degree angle) and make you the most dazzling of them all. Mars is currently on an “artist’s residency” in Aries and your fifth house of fame, flamboyance and romance. That alone is enough to bring out your inner scene-stealer. But a second rush of magic comes from passionate Venus, who has been touring Sagittarius and your first house of daring self-expression since January 7. As these heaven-sent sweethearts sync up in this somewhat-rare formation, you (or your work!) could be catapulted into the limelight. Be fearless about promoting and pursuing what you want. Fortune favors the boldest Archer, and let’s be honest: You’ve never had the patience to wait around for people to discover you anyway. Let your outre side out to play and wear it on your sleeve, literally, by stepping out in one of your maximalist outfits. Your fashion dares will draw some fascinated eyes in your direction and someone important might even stop you on the street.

On Sunday the 20th, the Sagittarius social butterfly comes bursting out of the cocoon as the Sun zooms into Aquarius and your convivial third house until February 18. After a month of nose-to-the-grindstone hustling, you’re ready to power down that laptop (by 6PM, at least) and let your hair down. Make playtime as much of a priority as productivity time. This solar-powered cycle could draw amazing collaborators and partners who can lighten your load. Or maybe it’s time to turn that side hustle into a joint venture? Sharing the glory could mean revving up the profits: a true win-win. Since the third house rules local activity, you could become the de facto mayor or entertainment director in your zip code over the coming four weeks. How about getting an eclipse viewing party on the calendar this Sunday night as the almost-full supermoon in Leo paints la luna red? Since these moonbeams will be activating your travel zone, don’t be surprised if talks turn to a shared vacation…and maybe the spontaneous booking of a flight! No matter your GPS coordinates, your job for the coming four weeks is to help your crew banish the winter blues by organizing a fun event like a weekly lecture, gallery exhibit or a karaoke cocktail hour. Wander out of your office or cubicle for friendly banter with coworkers. Does your car need a tune up, new sound system, or other overhauls? Take it to the mechanic this week. Writing, podcasting, YouTubing, style blogging, stand-up—when it comes to communication, you’re in your media maven element now. Pick your medium and broadcast your message!


Keep the celebrations going strong, Capricorn. You have six more days of birthday season to enjoy, and these let-your-hair-down vibes could be surprisingly “productive.” We’re not saying you should blow off all those day to day tasks that are the heartbeat of the Capricorn operation. But could you put a few mundane matters on hold until next week? When you shift focus away from the daily grind, you simultaneously open your mind (and heart and spirit) to new possibilities. And this is when you are most likely to have a creative breakthrough. Before this Sunday the 20th, spend as much time as possible in the company of inspiring giants. Hang out at the bars and restaurants they frequent, sign up for their lectures…or retreats! If geography is a barrier, watch their livestreams and interact through comments. Being in their proximity, literally or virtually, will put a gale wind beneath your wings. Still waiting to treat yourself? We realize that delayed gratification is kind of a turn-on for your Saturn-ruled sign, but by now you’ve more than proven your ability to hold out. Soften that extreme willpower and let yourself indulge in something that will bring more joy to your daily life.

On Friday, cosmic lovebirds Venus and Mars will be shamelessly spooning, helping you wrap the week on a lovey-dovey note. Smooth-talking Mars is nestled in Aries and your sentimental fourth house while soft-touch Venus is touring Sagittarius and your compassionate twelfth. This cozy alignment is like Hygge season for your heart. Want to get closer to a certain someone? Plan a home visit or pick a more private venue for your Friday night date. Did you make the mistake of overloading your calendar? Don’t force yourself to linger in a crowded venue. It’s okay to skip—or make a brief cameo then head back to Chateau Sea Goat to cook dinner with bae or your BFF. If you’re in a relationship, home and family matters will be on the table. Could it be time to hand your S.O. a spare key, start hunting for a love nest or maybe working on a remodel? Get the talks underway over candlelight and a plate of pasta.

Now for news that will soothe your systems-loving soul: You can bring some order back to your court starting this Sunday the 20th when el Sol begins its annual tour of Aquarius and your sensible second house. Haul the champagne bottles to the recycling bin and let the Roomba handle the cake crumbs on the floor. Then, map out your four-week plan of action. Budgets! Timelines! Project scopes! Your mind will be like a laser between now and February 18—sharp and direct. And with an almost-full Leo lunar eclipse beginning late Sunday night, you could be up until the wee hours plugging all the numbers into a spreadsheet. If you’re looking for work, this solar-charged cycle could quickly point you to promising leads. Since Aquarius rules teamwork and technology, circulate through social media and job hunting sites. Someone in your virtual network might have an opportunity with your name written all over it. Learning new software might also spell money in the bank. Plow through the tutorial videos and teach yourself, or sign up for a short-term class to bring your skills up to 2019 standards. Since the next four weeks will be industrious, there will be a temptation to work around the clock. Build in breaks by committing to a daily meditation practice (or a moving meditation, like a device-free walk). Eat meals at regular times and power down your gadgets at least an hour before bedtime—maybe more, if loved ones could use some attention from you. As you create structures for your 2019 goals, make sure they take into account your human needs, Capricorn. Just because you CAN keep up with the AI robots, doesn’t mean you should.


Wave that white flag, Aquarius. Trust us, you’ll be doing yourself a favor. You’ve been hanging on so tightly to one of your ideals or beliefs that there’s no room for progress. Technically, yes, you ARE in the right here, and you have the facts to back up your case. But where is that getting you…or anyone else involved, for that matter? With the Sun spending the last six days in Capricorn and your twelfth house of transitions and healing, the remedy for this drama is as 101 as a Disney movie cliche: Let it go, let it go. We realize that that is easier said than done, but it’s also your path to peace. Maybe this means making a clean break from a situation that hasn’t served you for quite some time. Or maybe it’s a matter of opening your mind to other people’s perspectives. While you may not EVER agree with them, can you at least see how they arrived at such conclusions? Dial up the compassion this week, at least when it comes to the people you want to keep in your life. Detachment may also be your saving grace. It’s possible that you’ve gotten so swept up in trying to help a loved one achieve their dreams that now you’re more attached to their “success” than they are! Snip the codependent cords and adopt a mantra of “live and let live.” If their wins and losses will affect you personally, get your own backup plan in place. Unless you gave birth to them, it’s not your duty to protect them—but it IS your job to cover all of your own bases and take care of Number One.

Declare Friday, January 18, “Friendship Appreciation Day.” You’ll be feeling the love for your squad as cosmic copilots Venus and Mars groove into an affectionate angle (a 120-degree trine). Live-wire Mars is posted in Aries and your third house of peers and playful communication, while convivial Venus is touring Sagittarius and your eleventh house of community. Quick, Water Bearer: Can you get the gang together for a spontaneous Friday evening group hang? Check the cultural calendar for arts activities or see what bands are rolling through town. With your superconnector powers working overtime you may wind up playing matchmaker for a few of your favorite humans. Want to expand your circle? Carpe diem and invite a friend-crush to join your entourage for the fun; include your sister or cousin who’s finally grown up enough for the two of you to relate. Did someone you adore recently debut a new project? Signal-boost their efforts and help them create a buzz. You could share a link on social media or hook them up with a business lead. What goes around comes around!

Now for the best news of the week! Your birthday season begins this Sunday the 20th as the Sun springs into Aquarius until February 18, reviving your festive spirit. And given that there will be an almost-full supermoon lunar eclipse in Leo on Sunday night, you might zoom in on the perfect person to begin the celebrations with! Who knows? The two of you could stay out dancing until dawn or otherwise howling at la luna. Regardless, you have four full weeks to live it up—and make up for lost time! For the past month, the Capricorn Sun has been hovering in your sleepy twelfth house, which always happens during holiday time. In some ways, this can dampen your festive spirit, making you feel more like a solitary “escape artist” than the life of the Christmas or NYE party. But starting Sunday, you’ll be ready to deck the halls. (Better late than never, right?) With your indie spirit burning brightly, you won’t be bothered by the fact that most of your friends have their noses to the grindstone. This might be the perfect opportunity to take a solo vacation—perhaps to visit a fellow free-spirit who would love to play hooky with you. No matter your GPS coordinates, between now and February 18 you’ll be fired up to pursue your passions, develop your hobbies and mingle with new crowds. Excitement will swell over your discoveries, but don’t race to become a card-carrying member of any group. (Or set up a GoFundMe campaign for an idea that came rushing in after you downed a bulletproof coffee.) New interests will shape-shift and evolve over the next four weeks, so give them a proper and pressure-free chance to develop organically.


Keep the 2019 pep rally going, Pisces. Until this Sunday the 20th, the Sun will be blazing strong in Capricorn and your community-spirited eleventh house. Figure out what’s good for the gander—and not just the goose. You’ll be the prime motivating force in any group this week; the person who can easily rally people together for an exciting common goal. If morale is dipping on Team Pisces, turn that around with a happy hour, pizza lunch or inclusive hive-mind discussion. You might need to remind everyone of your shared purpose. What brought you together in the first place? Refocus the discussion there, especially if the group has devolved into drama and in-fighting. Since the eleventh house also rules technology, spruce up your online profiles and get digital initiatives in motion. Little adjustments can do wonders to boost traffic or earn passive income through affiliate links or maybe an Etsy shop. Maybe it’s time to sign up for that software training that will bump you into a higher pay bracket. Where motivation is flagging, adopt a community-spirited approach. Gather a few of the smartest, most supportive people in your world and form a mastermind group. There is strength—and major creativity—in numbers.

On Friday, January 18, cosmic lovebirds Venus and Mars dance into a harmonious trine (120-degree angle) in the most grounded zones of your chart. Oh, how you love a passionate fairy tale, Pisces, but sometimes getting swept off your feet just leaves you totally off balance. Mars is in Aries and your second house of foundations, while Venus is flowing through Sagittarius and your goal-oriented tenth. Tradition, tradition! You could fall head over jeweled mules for someone nice—the type who would get the stamp of approval from your innermost circle. Existing relationships could hit a happy stride as you get into a comfortable—and comforting—groove together. Talks may even turn to financial planning and setting five-year benchmarks, like buying a house or starting an officeless business that you can operate via laptop as you travel the world. Let those power couple visions dance through your head! Then, lean in to Mars’ courage and say ’em aloud!

The dreamy—and sleepy—vibes kick in on Sunday the 20th as the Sun decamps to Aquarius and your twelfth house of healing and transitions. This is the final phase of your annual solar cycle before Pisces season begins on February 18 and reignites your pilot light. Before then, you’ve got some cleaning up to do. What do you want to leave behind before your next birthday? You might even spend this Sunday doing the deepest decluttering, while the almost-full supermoon lunar eclipse activates your sixth house of efficiency. This will make you as merciless as Marie Kondo when it comes to ridding yourself of stuff that doesn’t “spark joy.” Next week, you might fall prey to sentimentality and struggle to release certain objects that you’ve never really used (and probably never will). Don’t race to replace anything you banish from the Pisces Palace. If you REALLY need a newer, better model, you’ll make a sounder decision after February 18 when el Sol is in your sign. Just focus on making the next four weeks as chill as possible. Start a daily meditation practice, take regular soaks in the tub, start a dream journal. If you’ve wanted to do a dietary detox or cleanse, this is probably the best time all year for rebooting your system…and dealing with some of the mental fog that comes from kicking caffeine, sugar, etc. Struggling to get in tune with your subconscious? Try a practice of “morning pages,” a la Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way. When you first wake, free-write three pages in your journal without censoring a single thought. Let your subconscious mind guide your pen and you’ll be amazed by what flows onto the page! From busting through emotional blocks to composing song lyrics or the opening lines of your future memoir, you are tapped in to some divine inspiration now. This is a good time for an escape if you’ve hit your limit. Slip away for a soothing vacation, preferably somewhere beachy and off the grid.

Source: AstroStyle