Your Weekly Horoscope Has Arrived – Venus & Neptune Make an Appearance of Note

This week’s must-have accessory: Soft-filtered love goggles in your favorite shade of rose. But you might not even need them on Wednesday, April 10, when dreamy co-stars Venus and Neptune canoodle at the same degree of Pisces and drop a pink-filtered lens over everything. This cosmic connection happens but once a year, suspending reality in favor of a more romanticized POV. Suddenly, beauty and possibility show up where you never noticed them before—even in places (or people) you wrote off. Go on, look on the bright side! But also remember that even AI designers have yet to develop a flaw-free model of a human being. Instead of seeking some imposible ideal, find out what the “catch” is quickly, then ask yourself, Can I live with this? Be warned that the Venus-Neptune conjunction will heighten the fantasy element for a couple days on either side of Wednesday. And maybe that’s just what you need to finally get this soulmate party started! But it can serve up a whole lot of sweet nothings, so careful not to get sucked into some charmer’s undertow. If you’re the creative type, clear your calendar of exhausting obligations and reserve Wednesday for a date with the muse! Your work will be nothing short of divinely inspired.

Another reason to keep your B.S. detector activated this Wednesday? Truth-telling Jupiter free-falls into its annual retrograde until August 11, and this year, that backspin is a bit of a double-whammy, since the red-spotted planet is retreating through its home sign of Sagittarius. Outspoken is one thing; outlandish is quite another. Consider yourself on notice: Embellishing stories (even in “harmless” ways) could seriously damage your credibility over the coming four months. Since November 8, 2018, Jupiter in Sagittarius has given us the green light to take more risks, stretch outside our comfort zones and view life from a wildly optimistic lens. But come Wednesday, the forced slowdown gives us a chance to assess our rapid progress of the past five months. Is it possible we overestimated our capabilities, overshot the mark, overpromised and underdelivered? If so, you might consider the words of Sagittarius Winston Churchill who advised, “If you’re going through hell, keep walking.” The only twist? Start moonwalking! Retrace your steps and figure out where you might need to fortify your structure, call for support and do what Sagittarius loves most…read and learn to gain expertise! Put yourself in “summer school” with webinars and workshops. For best results, plan to do coursework from a poolside lounger or listen to the modules while walking in the park.

Friday might bring the first eye-opening moment of Jupiter’s backspin! That day, a challenging square from mental Mercury may reveal the faultline in your strategy. Perhaps you put the cart before the horse or made a huge assumption that was way off base. What you discover can be quite humbling, so keep your sense of humor handy. A willingness to own up to your error—and to laugh about it as the punchline of your own joke—will win back people’s respect. Caveat: Since neither Jupiter nor Mercury is famous for having the best filters, make sure your wit falls into the “appropriate” range. This is one day where you can’t be too thoughtful, too conscientious or too careful about how you phrase things!

Aries Weekly Horoscope

Compassion: incoming! This Wednesday, April 10, conciliatory Venus aligns with soothsayer Neptune in your twelfth house of healing and forgiveness. You might actually find you have a large soft spot in your heart when it comes to accepting others’ limitations. (Perhaps because you’ve encountered a few of your own in recent days.) This is a wonderful way to approach people, Aries, but you still need to hold them to realistic standards. If a friend, relative or love interest drops the ball—but has a solid explanation—that’s one thing. But letting someone slack off on their professional obligations or leave you in the lurch is seldom excusable. Venus may strive for peace and harmony, and Neptune is no fan of confrontation, but putting up with emotional manipulation or subpar work won’t do anyone any favors. There’s a mature way to let people know when they’ve missed the mark at work or personally disappointed you, and the longer you wait to inform them, the harder it will be. They may start to believe their behavior is acceptable, and you might be on the verge of a meltdown! On the upside, Wednesday’s Venus-Neptune mashup can add a romantic gloss for happy couples, whether long-timers or newbies. Enjoy the tenderness that comes from deep intimacy, but make sure you’re keeping one eye at least halfway open.

Think back, Aries. Have you shifted into ever-loftier big-picture visioning since magnifying Jupiter blasted into Sagittarius and your unlimited ninth house last November 8? You’ve never been one to deliberately play small, but the once-every-12-years arrival of the red-spotted giant may have turned some of your moderately sized ideas into larger-than-life brainstorms. Also on Wednesday of this week, the jumbo planet stalls out and flips into its annual four-month reverse, slowing forward progress. But it’s only a yellow light, not a roadblock! This backspin can actually be a helpful course correction, especially if it sends you back to the drawing board to revamp or scale back untenable plans. This could save you time, money and possibly some embarrassment. View this retrograde period as a divine intervention: a chance to firm up your research and design and get this thing right out of the gate—even if you blast out a few months later than you’d originally hoped to. The ninth house also rules travel and adventure, so while teammates are making tweaks and adjustments, you might have an opportunity to duck out for a long-desired educational or spiritual retreat!

With analytical Mercury wandering through imaginative Pisces and your nostalgic twelfth house, you might not even realize you’ve been lost in a daydream. You may feel like you’re being productive, but rather than assume, check what you’re actually accomplishing (um, not so much?). On Friday, Jupiter retrograde raps the messenger planet on the knuckles, bringing it back to present time. You don’t have to knock everything off your to-do list by the weekend, but you’re going to kick yourself on Monday if you come back and nothing has gotten accomplished. Tabs closed, eyes opened, go!

Taurus Weekly Horoscope

All hands on deck! On Wednesday, April 10, amiable Venus teams up with kind-hearted Neptune in Pisces and your communal and innovative eleventh house. The day’s exploratory vibes could lead you to a stimulating squad of creatives, pioneers and activists. Rally the troops or accept an invite from a group you don’t normally hang with but have wanted to get to know better. And don’t just do the same old same old. What “outsider” art can be found within walking or Uber limits? Are there are any foreign film series, scientific lectures or food tastings going on? Since the eleventh house rules humanitarian initiatives, you might find pleasure in a new volunteer venture, like participating in a community mural, planting project or mentoring. Indulge your own “outre” spirit (which TBH isn’t all that far left of center) by signing up for a weaving or jewelry-making workshop. Or get together with one inspirational friend tonight and make a list of all the things you and your crew could do throughout spring to expand your own horizons and do some good in the process. This is a great week for a potluck on Taurus turf. Spread the word to attract some intriguing friends of friends. If you’re single, you could click with someone who randomly shows up at one of these events. That’s a triple win!

Also on Wednesday, expansive Jupiter spins into its annual retrograde, this year in your intimate and erotic eighth house. What’s simmering below the surface? Over the next four months, you may find out; in fact, your pursuits could set some new depth records! Whatever you do or don’t get up to, it’s safe to assume this backspin will turn you inward and spark some soulful searching. Private time may become a high priority, and some Bulls will prefer to stay in and read, work on your art or craft or just spend quality time with a special someone. Jupiter retrograde in your eighth house—which only happens for four months every 12-plus years—can have a VERY wide range of effects, from strengthening your relationships to making you crave a longer leash or rethinking your spiritual beliefs. At the core is a dissatisfaction with the status quo. You’ll be in full-on seeker mode, but because Jupiter always goes big, too many options could overwhelm you. Stay grounded by focusing on one prospect at a time. And don’t jump headfirst into anything until you’ve properly vetted, researched and test-driven it. Making these kinds of major lifestyle changes may involve taking an emotional risk and being a little more vulnerable, but true transformation often requires knocking down a few walls first. Your own feelings about partnership, sexuality and sexual identity could be in flux, but if you don’t shy away from doing the deep inner work, by August 11, you’ll come out of this genuinely knowing who you are and what your soul truly desires!

Watch your back this Friday, when Mercury in hazy Pisces and your teamwork zone squares off with expanding Jupiter in your house of secrets and intense emotions. A putative friend could turn out-and-out competitive or be setting up an uneasy power dynamic with you. And if you confront them on it, they’ll try to make it look like YOU’RE the nutter. Keep your distance and surround yourself with your true-blues.

Gemini Weekly Horoscope

Exciting opportunities could fall into your lap without much warning this week, Gemini, so bring your A game to everything you do, even impromptu meetings and afternoon latte runs. Especially auspicious is Wednesday, April 10, the one day of the whole year when networking genius Venus links up with creative Neptune in your career corner. This rare meetup helps clarify your ambitions AND bestows the charisma and persuasive power needed to win over the right people. By blending your intuition and natural people skills, you’ll part any velvet ropes you encounter! Try to schedule meetings, power lunches and strategy sessions with influencers as close to “Hump Day” as possible. Don’t worry about having an agenda. As a Gemini, your superpower is being sincerely interested in dialogue and other people’s points of view. Plus you know that asking the right questions is more important than having all the answers, so don’t be daunted by people with more experience under their belt—or a fancier job description. If they didn’t think you had something valuable to offer, they wouldn’t be talking to you!

Also on Wednesday, philosophical Jupiter plunges into its annual four-month retrograde—this year, in passionate Sagittarius and your seventh house of committed unions. If you’re already in one, this is an ideal window to step back (not necessarily away!) to give yourself a wider-angled, and more objective, perspective than you usually regard your relationship from. Jupiter is the truth-teller of the zodiac, and during its annual backspin, you have a chance to strip off the veneer of all partnerships and see what’s really there. Whether your status is committed, single or “Complicated AF,” you will get a rare purview into your own needs in a partnership—and how good you give in return. If you’re single and don’t want to wait till Jupiter corrects course on August 11 to date, reconsider some that didn’t work. One or two might warrant a do-over. Ditto that ex you never fully got over (especially if the feeling is mutual!). But this time, get some non-negotiable ground rules in place and try to talk about what went wrong. If it was just bad timing, the second time could be the charm!

Work and relationship pressures could clash on Friday, when Jupiter retrograde throws major shade at messenger Mercury in your professional sector. It’s hard to serve one master, let alone two. Make sure you’re not blatantly slacking yourself, and if you are fulfilling all your commitments, talk to both parties and try to work out a compromise—at least good enough to carry you through the weekend!

Cancer Weekly Horoscope

If you wake up on Wednesday, April 10, and start scrolling through your travel feed before your first cuppa, we’d hardly be surprised, Cancer. That day brings the rare (once-a-year) mashup of romantic Venus and dreamy Neptune in your ninth house of global escapades. If you’re fortunate enough to make your own hours, take the day off—better yet, the next several days—and see what exciting things you can get up to on short notice. Normally you like a plan, an itinerary, a bottle of water and some snacks…but this Hump Day, nothing will make you happier than being free to roam at will. (Well, maybe nothing except a sexy co-pilot!) If you can’t call in sick, there are plenty of other ways to hit refresh without leaving town. Come in a little late—and maybe take a long lunch and then punch out early. Or stretch your lunch hour to squeeze in a meal with a friend and a chair massage. You’ll come back reinvigorated and MORE productive. In the evening, bypass your usual haunts and check out some venues on your mental to-see list. Research some dream destinations, put in fare alerts, see which far-flung friend is eager to host you. Or plan a staycation where you do all those artsy things you never get around to, like a guided museum tour with a docent or “gallery-crawl” through an emerging neighborhood.

Also on Wednesday, wide-angle Jupiter flips into retrograde motion in your sixth house of work and service until August 11. Jupiter’s been knocking down walls and building extensions in this sector of your chart since November 8, 2018, but this annual retrograde could serve to slow things down, draw your attention to the details and help you “right-size” anything that’s ballooned to epic proportions. Correcting your speed—or overall course—might feel frustrating at first, but operate on the assumption that this is actually GOOD for you. Maybe you got so focused on the big picture or the destination that you lost sight of the journey itself. Stay aligned with your vision and connected to the process. Jupiter the teacher has some big lessons for you. What you learn, how you grow and the new you that materializes at the end of this reversal is what it’s really about. These four months are also ideal for making some improvements to your health and self-care rituals. Take slow, sustainable steps to improve your diet, build more movement into your daily life, and actually find ways to tame that stress monster, possibly the most important thing of all.

Your first opportunity to put this newfound wisdom to use could come on Friday, Crab. You may be feeling pressured about a big project or deadline and feel like you should hit the gas. But tap the energy of a focused Mercury-Jupiter connection and pump the brakes instead. Under that speed-checking square AND with Jupiter retrograde, you’ll see that slow and steady is the pace that’s going to win this race!

Leo Weekly Horoscope

Wednesday, April 10, dangles the prospect of a serious spring awakening, so stay alert, Leo! Enchantress Venus makes her once-a-year hookup with fantasy planet Neptune in your seductive eighth house, turning your thoughts to the erotic and exotic. If you already have a playmate, all that’s left is to clear out your apres-work schedule and pick a trysting point. Decadent dinner a deux with vintage vino could be the perfect kind of foreplay for your luxury-loving sign. Under this boundary-blurring sync-up, you can finally play out some secret desires. If you think you might cross a line, have a safe word in mind and be upfront with your lover. The keyword here is trust, so determine in advance what your limits are and communicate them clearly. This will give you the assurance you need to surrender (or seize!) control and submit to the pleasure principle. Nobody on the romantic radar? What a perfect excuse to glam up and go on the prowl, alone or with a wing(wo)man. The eighth house is also the domain of joint ventures and long-range investments. If you’ve been thinking of pooling talent or resources with someone, think twice. This could be a brilliant move, but you don’t want to leave anything to chance. Do your background checking, get appropriate merger paperwork drafted by an attorney, and know if there’s an “out” should things go south. Neptune can be like a fog machine, and even the savviest people have gotten tripped up by this cosmic trickster.

You could bang into another reality check on Wednesday, when expansive Jupiter commences its annual four-month retrograde—this year in Sagittarius and your fifth house of amour, glamour and creativity. A new relationship might be nearing a full boil when, wham! It’s like someone turned off the gas. Or an artistic or musical collaboration could suddenly fall out of step. This doesn’t spell disaster, Leo, though you might need to take off the rose-colored aviators (or virtual reality headset) and take a clear-eyed look at what’s really going on. Jupiter has been in this sector since November 8, 2018, which may have sped things up or intensified feelings. Now that it’s moving backward, progress can slow down or (appear to) lose ground. Even if your ego gets a little bruised, your higher self would probably prefer to find out sooner than later if something’s not going to go the distance. But hang in there, ‘cause it still might—just on a different timeline.

Don’t try to get any concrete answers about partnerships on Friday, however tempted you may be. With communicator Mercury in fuzzy Pisces and your secretive eighth house, it can be impossible to get the truth out of anyone. Plus hyperbolic Jupiter is sending the messenger planet a scrambling bream from your romance sector. The only thing you can take to the bank is the knowledge that you’re getting equal parts distortion and actual signal. Distract yourself by hanging with your inner circle, aka the folks who wouldn’t dream of gaslighting you!

Virgo Weekly Horoscope

This Wednesday, April 10, has “dreamy romance” written all over it! The 2019 mashup of amorous Venus and fantasy agent Neptune in your seventh house of committed relationships can put more stars in your eyes than a planetarium dome. And for once, your “I’ll be the judge of that” sign is open to going with the loving flow. If you’re in a partnership, reprioritize your beloved. Make plans for an intimate (and frisky!) evening and, if your schedule can accommodate it, possibly a midday romp. Can’t pull that off? Then devote some daylight hours to thinking up ways you can sprinkle in some spice tonight—or maybe let the excitement build Tantra-style and save it up for this weekend. Single? You might not be operating with usual Virgo caution, precision and skepticism. Everyone may look a bit Photoshopped in this Neptunian light. A chance meeting could feel like the most magical encounter EVER, even if you barely skim the surface. So what, Virgo? This doesn’t have to be a “happily ever after” scenario if it seems to be a pretty “fabulous now.” Drop your super-critical, unrealistic standards and find something special about everyone you engage with. This quixotic coupling CAN bring a smooth talker into your orbit, so stay alert enough to know when you’re being catfished.

You might consider taking in your welcome mat and putting an extra lock on your front door. No, Virgo, you’re not being paranoid—just having a natural reaction to expansive Jupiter’s backspin this Wednesday. The larger-than-life planet has been revving through Sagittarius and your domestic fourth house since last November 8, speeding things up and expanding your home life in ways that HAD been fun but suddenly feel vertigo-inducing. Now, as Jupiter shifts into reverse, you can slow your pace and—literally and figuratively—get your house back in order. You might have fallen behind with your filing, cleaning and general organization, which can throw your meticulous sign off-balance. Take the time you need to go through things and get them the way you like (need!) them. If you recently moved or began a major renovation or redecoration project, you could probably use a chance to catch your breath and reassess. During this retrograde, give more focused attention to your family and inner circle, but don’t let them steal precious “you” time. Set some limits and ground rules, and don’t be shy about enforcing them!

On Friday, think twice before you lash out in anger or express opinions that only criticize without offering suggestions for improvement. Your ruling planet, verbal Mercury, gets into a wrestling match with uncensored Jupiter, lowering your tolerance for impractical or wasteful behavior. But even the most on-point feedback is likely to fall on deaf ears, so save yourself the aggravation and distract yourself with a project you can sink your own efficient teeth into. This too shall pass, Virgo, but until then, you don’t want to be pouring gasoline on the fire!

Libra Weekly Horoscope

Have you taken a tumble off the wellness wagon, Libra? Don’t get mad; get healthy! You’ll have a golden opportunity this Wednesday, April 10, as your ruler, makeover queen Venus, merges with inspirational Neptune in your sixth house of self-care, fitness and good clean living. Set one or two modest and attainable goals you can achieve this week, then commit to taking your first small but significant step today. It might be helpful to reframe these ambitions as gifts you’re giving yourself instead of difficult things you “have” to do or delightful things you’re being deprived of. Follow the 80-20 rule, where you stick to the “game plan” most of the time but you build in a comfy margin. Eliminate the easiest stuff first—nightly Happy Hour guest appearances, dessert, a third (or even second) cocktail. Whatever you do indulge in, enjoy it to the max! Eat and drink more slowly, really savoring the flavors and textures instead of wolfing it down. In between sips, grab your water glass, and between bites, set down your fork. And then there’s that “minor” matter of stress, Libra, which you underestimate (and ignore) at your own peril. Get ahead of it by proactively finding time to meditate or just sit and follow your breath for 10 minutes a day. Get outdoors more—and don’t look at your phone! (Rather, look up at the sky and around to everything that’s in bloom.) Get acupuncture, bodywork…and extra sleep! And steer clear of any place or person you know is sure to irritate you. Each of these is just one small shift, but together they will add up to a health-supportive lifestyle!

Wednesday brings another HUGE opportunity to put yourself first, Libra—something your people-pleasing sign doesn’t do nearly often enough. Unfiltered Jupiter, which entered Sagittarius and your communication sector last November 8, kicks off its annual retrograde, urging you to really think about what you say, post and email. Normally you’re the picture of decorum, but with Jupiter gone rogue, you might fall into a passive-aggressive trap or be tempted to add a smidgen of snark to your commentary. Your higher self would be mortified by some of those wisecracks, so catch yourself BEFORE you do any irreparable damage. On a related note, this retrograde could cause misunderstandings and scrambled signals. Aim for more clarity, and simplify your messages to one or two talking points each. Someone might try to renege on an agreement or go walkabout when it’s time to deliver the goods. You can’t control their behavior, but you can—and should—manage your own reactions. If you can’t say something nice, go read a book.

Avoid confrontation at all costs on Friday, when quicksilver Mercury locks into a no-win square with magnifying Jupiter in your communication corner. Someone might be angling for a fight, and they’re willing to take you down with them. But if you refuse to engage, they can’t touch you. Surround yourself with people you don’t have to think twice about, and if you can’t escape a toxic person, see if you can kill ‘em with your legendary Libra kindness!

Scorpio Weekly Horoscope

If ever there was a day to believe in practical magic, Scorpio, it’s Wednesday, April 10. That marks the year’s only mashup of the most starry-eyed planets, amorous Venus and fantasy-fueled Neptune, in your fifth house of passion and romance. You won’t need to be coaxed to loosen up at the control panel and go with the flirty flow. (And if someone else wants to take the lead and call the shots—provided they’re ones you approve of—then so be it!) Nothing’s more exciting than new love—or finding a way to bring a stalled-out one back to life! Part of the thrill is not knowing what to expect, which in and of itself could be a novelty for your hard-to-surprise sign. These planets operate at their best when you surrender and lose yourself in the mist of their amorous intrigue. Of course, you don’t want to put all your trust in a total stranger. It’s easy to believe what you’re hearing under these daydreamy vibes, but keep a shred of that famous Scorpionic skepticism. Someone or something that seems just a little TOO perfect probably warrants a dig beneath the surface. Even if they turn out to be copacetic, remember that everyone has a shadow side, and eventually, it WILL rear its head (so don’t be shocked when it does). For attached Scorpios looking to reignite their connection, start by throwing out the playbook and getting an “off-script” date on the shared calendar. Try something that brings a sexy adrenaline rush, be it indoor skydiving or a sexy couples’ workshop.

Wednesday’s stars will also turn some of your attention to your finances—when you’re not fantasizing about what the weekend will bring, that is. Bountiful Jupiter, which burst into Sagittarius and lit up your money house last November 8, embarks on its annual retrograde, which could prompt what, in financial parlance, is euphemistically called a “correction.” No one expects you to brown-bag it five days a week and sit out every sample sale between now and August 11 (when this backspin ends), but for your own sake, take a clear-eyed reality check. Build in motivation by setting a few luxe goals for yourself—one or two things well worth tightening the Gucci belt for. And don’t forget to focus on income generators. A passion project that you shelved could show the promise of profitability if you’re willing to dive back in and learn how to market your ideas effectively. For an illuminating read, check out Donald Miller’s Building A Story Brand.

If someone tries to provoke you on Friday, Scorpio, don’t take the bait! You’ll have to stay on your well-shod toes, though: Snarky Mercury is at odds with unbridled Jupiter (retrograde, no less) in mutable signs, and you might not be able to forever hold your peace. Before you blurt, breathe—and remind yourself that once you utter something, you can’t unsay it. Better to stew in your own juices for a little while than get sucked into an ugly war of words.

Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope

Wanderlust no mas! On Wednesday, April 10, stylista Venus and visionary Neptune hold their annual summit in your domestic fourth house. While this could simply increase your desire for a harmonious evening in with friends or bae, some Archers might catch an official case of interior decorator’s blues. Suddenly your home sweet home feels more like a crash pad you only visit in between the more entertaining aspects of your life. But this familial fusion could have you jonesing for your own peaceful oasis where you spend increasingly more time and tend to your own creative, culinary and community-minded ventures. Take a look around: What can you get rid of immediately to make the place feel more “minimalist”? Get a head start on your spring cleaning, and as you throw things out, create recycling/donation piles and scrub things to a glimmering sheen, think about the cosmetic changes you can make that won’t break the bank but will give your space that light and airy feeling you want. Can you rearrange some furniture, replace the more-than-gently worn furniture or professionally print some of your favorite travel photos? Transcendent Neptune might lead you to create a yoga or meditation space, so make room for that. On another level, if you’ve been on the odds with a relative or roommate, these peacekeeping vibes may inspire a rapprochement. Take the high road and extend the olive branch—yes, even if THEY started it!

You could find further reason to clip your own wings starting Wednesday, as your galactic guardian, nomadic Jupiter, kicks off its annual retrograde in your globetrotting sign until August 11. Jupiter arrived last November 8, and its larger-than-life effects have probably influenced many aspects of your own. Where “enough” used to be enough, once Jupiter entered the picture, suddenly you needed WAY more—of everything. Over the next four months, identify those areas where you stretched too far or revved too fast. There are only 24 hours in a day, Sag. And while you might have more energy and motivation than a six-pack of some of the other signs, you still need your beauty (and REM) sleep! Yes, it’s been exhilarating, but it’s also been exhausting. And because you never want to be a party pooper, you may privately be grateful for this forced slowdown. Not that you have to retreat into a cave or forswear all earthly pleasures. Just start saying no to some of the nonstop invites that flood your inbox. Retrogrades offer the perfect chance to reflect, review and reassess what’s going on in your life. Come August 11, you might have a whole new approach to creating a work-personal life balance, and that alone would make the whole thing worthwhile!

On Friday, your back-spinning ruler, Jupiter, bangs into chatty Mercury in boundary-challenged Pisces. Think before you blurt, Sag, lest you inadvertently hurt or offend someone you care about. You tend to shoot from the lip under the best of circumstances, and this unhinged hookup could spark some edgier-than-necessary commentary. When in doubt, leave it out!

Capricorn Weekly Horoscope

Step out of your office or cubicle and find some healthy distractions! If you sincerely seek, you will surely find something to celebrate this Wednesday, April 10. Two of the most playful and creative planets, flirty Venus and imaginative Neptune, link up in Pisces and your third house of socializing. Go ahead, Cap: Let your hair down and see what happens when you’re not obsessing over work. Of course there will always be deadlines and projects that only you can do. But who says you have to finish all of them NOW? Go out for lunch with a colleague you’re getting to know better. You can learn more about each other and maybe even do some brainstorming over cappuccinos. Give your killer sense of humor a little rein and don’t be afraid to let people see this “unplugged” side of you. These two planetary idealists only meet up once a year, and with your expressive third house lit up like this, you might surprise yourself by how funny you are—or how sharp your writing has become. You don’t have to be an official poet or lyricist to produce high-quality work. Make art for art’s sake! This realm also rules local action, so you won’t need to travel far for cheap thrills. Check out that new (or new-to-you) pub or farm-to-table bistro. Who knows, Cap? You might stumble on your new favorite hangout!

Also on Wednesday, supersizer Jupiter commences its annual four-month retrograde, this year in Sagittarius and your twelfth house of rest and relaxation. Until August 11, you have a cosmic hall pass to slow down and be more mindful and introspective about life. You’re not a rusher-into-things by nature, but this backspin can give you more patience and forbearance when it comes to getting involved. If something is potentially risky or costly, this is a good thing! But the other side of the caution card is that you might talk yourself out of something that’s good for you. This is where the self-awareness comes in. Are you acting—or NOT acting—out of intuition…or fear? Sometimes that’s a very fine line, Cap; nearly invisible! You might find it helpful to work with a therapist or energy healer during this cycle since they can offer the kind of big-picture perspective that is hard to come by ourselves. (Which is Jupiter’s specialty, whether it’s moving forward or backward.) These are also a good few months to pay attention to your dreams, both waking and sleeping. Inspiration can strike at the most unexpected moments, and you want to capture those pearls of wisdom!

Stay alert before you blurt this Friday. A lip-loosening square between verbose Mercury in your communication corner and candid Jupiter in your unconscious twelfth house could cause you to utter something highly uncharacteristic. Not every passing thought deserves to be expressed. This is NOT the day to practice being a little less “inhibited.” If you’re actually upset with someone and have been stuffing down your feelings, hold ‘em in one more day. Today, they’ll only come out sideways. If you must get something off your chest, vent to a friend—or your journal.

Aquarius Weekly Horoscope

The standard “mind your wallet” warnings are probably wasted on you this week, as not one but a pair of planets pass through your money sector. On Wednesday, April 10, deliciously decadent Venus mingles with “What, me worry?” Neptune in boundary-challenged Pisces and your second house of financial security. This could lead you to overestimate your available funds or underestimate what that one fab outfit will do to your mounting debt. Whoops! But hopefully knowing you’re prone to impulse buys and retail-therapy indulgences MIGHT stop you from reflexively reaching for your credit card. We’re not saying you can’t spend a dime; just inviting you to do a little cognitive self-therapy before you pop into your favorite boutique or upgrade your menu selections. It could be useful to set one big-ticket goal so that every time a small shiny object catches your eye, you can mentally hold it up against your car/vacay/summer beach house share and decide which is more important. Go ahead and treat yourself! Just do it selectively and mindfully—and save the receipts. You might have shopper’s regret the moment you get it home. One upside: This creative pairing can spark brilliant ideas for making more cash, perhaps by helping people with their social media efforts.

Also on Wednesday, expansive Jupiter shifts into its annual retrograde, this year in Sagittarius and your eleventh house of teamwork and technology, until August 11. If you’re working on any collaborative projects, you might want to preemptively give it one last big push before your crew loses momentum—or the mission heads irretrievably south. Over the next four months, even if you’re not making impressive forward progress, at least you’ll know you did all you could do in advance. Retrogrades, while frustrating, provide an often-needed (if seldom-taken) slowdown period, during which the whole squad can objectively evaluate your work to date, everyone’s contributions—and the project itself in a larger context. Sometimes this turns out to be a blessing in disguise, especially if you were barreling down the wrong track or floundering under inappropriate leadership. Keep doing your best to move ahead, but give yourself until August 11 to make any final determinations. On a personal note, a friend might be going through something or seem to ghost you this spring/summer. Let them know you’re there for them, but give them space and don’t try to push it.

On Friday, mental Mercury in your money house butts heads with that back-spinning Jupiter. You might be “peer-pressured” into shelling out cash on something that doesn’t jibe with your new budgetary austerity plan. Or you could feel a little insecure around a certain person or clique and say something regrettable. Sidestep that pothole by surrounding yourself with people you’re 100 percent comfortable around, and opt for “cheap but cheerful” activities this weekend!

Pisces Weekly Horoscope

Oh, happy day! Wednesday, April 10, promises to be a day MADE for your quixotic sign. Creatrix Venus dances her annual pas de deux with your co-ruler, fantasy-fueled Neptune, in your sign. You’ll feel strongly connected to some of your deepest dreams and desires—AND you’ll have enough magnetic mojo to manifest them! (Okay, probably not ALL of them this week, but you could definitely pull a rabbit out of your fedora today.) Knowing this, it behooves you to get some clarity about exactly what your heart and soul are craving. Is it a more fulfilling partnership—or just a decent third date? If you’ve been working on a passion project or trying to plan an epic trip, focus on how it will feel when you’re actually doing it. Keep those emotions so strong that these things can’t FAIL to materialize! Set some mental deadlines to motivate you to take the concrete steps that will support the vision. If you do run into any resistance, just turn up the charm and watch doors swing open. If you’re happily ensconced in a relationship, then you don’t need any advice on what to do with this energy. Under these magical skies, there’s no such thing as too romantic or sensual!

Wednesday also brings an opportunity to critically assess some vocational ambitions—as well as your entire professional trajectory. Magnifying Jupiter (your other co-ruler) has been pouring jet fuel in your tanks since entering Sagittarius and your career corner last November 8. Since then, you may have taken on more responsibility, gotten a raise or promotion or perhaps a whole new job. Presumably you’ve been on an upswing—and have been enjoying the improved view from the top! Now, as the giant planet shifts into its annual retrograde, you will have four months to reflect on these new situations and integrate the growth and lessons that have come along with it. If you got a little carried along by the momentum, this is your chance to slow your speed, check your GPS—and check in with your emotions—and make course corrections if and as necessary. If you haven’t shot into the professional stratosphere, this reversal should provide plenty of opportunities to think about what you actually want and to plot out steps and strategies for getting there. While you can’t control other people, you CAN make the most of this slowdown by ensuring that everything is in place for your next big forward push, which will come once Jupiter resumes forward motion on August 11.

Don’t feel like you have to struggle with these issues alone. That might be your default setting, but it’s important to remember that your true friends WANT to hear about your life—especially your successes—and to offer sage advice when it’s needed. On Friday, expressive Mercury in your sign connects with forward-thinking Jupiter, inspiring you to speak up and share from your heart. Note: Venting (or bragging!) with your inner circle is smart and healthy, but much of that is not appropriate to discuss with random coworkers, who, for all you know, might be gunning for your job.

Source: AstroStyle