Your Weekly Horoscope Has Arrived: Truth or Dare?

Should you stick to the rules, or bend them to your will? On Wednesday, March 13, spunky Jupiter in Sagittarius plays “Truth or Dare” with the nebulous Pisces Sun. It’s going to be hard for anyone to just roll with the tide during this transit. But trying to fight it could pull you into murky waters. Both Jupiter and the Sun are known for their swagger, so be prepared for power struggles and breathtaking displays of ego. And in the libertine signs of Sagittarius and Pisces respectively, free-spirited energy could spiral into anarchy! Before unleashing any renegade moves, familiarize yourself with the protocols—especially since Mercury is only midway through its March 5-28 retrograde.

Looking ahead, on Friday, the moonwalking messenger planet will form the week’s second square to Jupiter. This could confuse communication even further, so be ultra-mindful about anything you say, text or tweet! Even if you wholeheartedly disagree with certain policies, find out WHY they are in place before trampling all over them. True, this whole kit and caboodle is ready to be upgraded. But you want to call for a sea change with Piscean sensitivity. Find out the historical background of the situation you’re trying to transform so you can honor what has come before you. And avoid alienating the gatekeepers as you come crashing in. Dig deeper for empathy, but not to a point where you are bending to some archaic—or, worse, discriminatory—system. If you’ve been relying on gut checks alone (which are definitely strong during Pisces season), scholarly Jupiter in Sagittarius can help you back up your intuitive hits with more than just an educated guess. Study the situation like a legal beagle and private investigator rolled into one, and you’ll be on the path to victory—perhaps making history along the way!

The right balance of “hit the gas” and “ride the brakes” could come on Thursday, when speed racer Mars in Taurus harmonizes in a dynamic duet with slow-and-steady Saturn in Capricorn. Although these two planets operate at very different paces, they are both touring sensible earth signs—and in Thursday’s flowing trine (120-degree angle), they’ll have each other’s back. This is not the week to zip ahead without a solid plan in place. Saturn is the ruler of time and doesn’t mind being the tortoise to Mars’ hare. Use this planetary pairing to pop the hood and give those big ideas a tune-up so that everything is running like a well-oiled machine. After that, it will be easy to move the needle on stalled projects and relationships without “scratching the vinyl” in haste. Make sure that anything you do has a sound strategy behind it while also leaving room for some inspired Thursday spontaneity.


Hump day brings its shares of bumps in the road, Aries, but if you slow down enough to see them coming—and then dodge ‘em—you’ll be fine. This Wednesday, March 13, larger-than-life Jupiter in your expansive ninth house squares off with the illuminating Sun in your fantasy zone. While this can spark some incredible plans for your immediate future, including things like a bucket-list trip, it’ll be way too easy to get carried away and veer into unreality. (Around the world in a month? Um, probably NOT, Ram!) Perhaps the best use of this visionary energy would be to do the creative ideation work and not try to make anything stick—for the moment. Get all your desires down on paper so you know what you’re dealing with, and in the coming days or weeks, start to research and brainstorm and come up with a realistic plan. But right now, you don’t want to limit your dreaming. Talk to people who’ve “been there, done that” to help you make some smart choices. On Wednesday, you might find inspiration by mixing things up, whether that means a work-from-home day or just taking a different route and approaching your tasks differently. In this creative mindset, you could hit on something brilliant!

Thursday’s stars send a wakeup call to your professional ambition as driven Mars in grounded Taurus and your security sector harmonizes with Saturn, the planet of long-range planning, in Capricorn and your career corner. While you might feel like you’re pinballing between go-go-GO (hello, Mars) and “hang on a sec, there” Saturn, together their enthusiasm and pragmatism can actually take you far. The red planet will rev up your enthusiasm, and cautious Saturn has got your back. There IS a happy balance between being passionate AND productive, and when you tap into it, you’ll outrun the whole pack. But it’s not enough to have a big idea or motivation; you need staying power to motor through the most challenging aspects, which is exactly what Saturn has to offer.

Remember, Ram: This is more like a marathon than a sprint, so conserve your energy and pace yourself. And because Saturn can bring recognition or status, don’t be TOO modest about your goals. In fact, this is a great time to “hitch your wagon to a star,” and if you know an industry bigwig, strengthen your relationship by volunteering to help out on one of their pet projects. After all, what are a few hours of your time when what you’ll learn—and the connections you might forge—are priceless.

On Friday, Mercury retrograde will square Jupiter, seriously narrowing the viewfinder on your wide-angle vision. While you might find this frustrating—what Aries ever wants to be reined in?—in the not-too-distant future you may come to appreciate this cosmic “correction.” While it’s fine to dream big, you don’t want to do anything rash that you’ll have to revise later.


Secrets and lies? Faithful or furtive? This week’s stars might bring a few skeletons out of somebody’s closet, Bull! With the Sun in your collaborative sector, you may find yourself working very closely with some people you don’t know terribly well. And while there’s nothing inherently dodgy about that, thanks to el Sol’s tense square with expansive Jupiter in your uber-private eighth house, someone might try to extract some confidential info—about you or a mutual acquaintance. Tempting as it might be to let that juicy nugget out, keep it in the vault. You don’t know this person’s true agenda, and you can’t risk important intel getting into the wrong hands. You might be seduced in other ways, too, since the eighth house rules passion and eroticism.

If you’re unattached, you might take a bite of Eve’s apple, but as alluringly luscious as it may seem, check for worms! What feels like a tactful tryst could wind up being a dangerous liaison. Of course, if you’re unattached AND up-front about your desires before you act on them, it’s probably worth pursuing. But in the absence of either of those conditions, think twice. Since neither Jupiter nor the Sun is exactly known for its discretion, what happens with this situation may not stay in Vegas. (Read: A trail of evidence could be left behind in your hasty wake.) Attached? This is a perfect opportunity to, uh, expand your repertoire. Risk taker Jupiter in this sexy sector encourages you to test the edges of your personal comfort zone and see what might feel surprisingly good!

Careful where you swing that truth hammer on Thursday. You may be all fired up to give someone a choice piece of your mind—which would certainly feel good in the moment—but is it worth burning any potential bridges over? Sure, you can fall back on the old “honesty is the best policy” rationale, but you need to be strategic, as impulsive Mars in your sign aligns with circumspect Saturn in your unfiltered ninth house. You might feel pulled in two directions, but censoring yourself may prove tricky. Before you stick your foot deep into your mouth, conjure a worst-case scenario. Even if your assumptions and assessments are accurate, your boss, bestie or bae probably won’t appreciate being confronted about their shortcomings. (And it’s worth reminding you that communicator Mercury is in the middle of its retrograde…) You can always put everything in an email—that you never send—or vent to a close friend or sibling. This can get you out of the mental loop and release the negativity that’s building up. This “should I or shouldn’t I?” confusion may affect other areas this week as Mars and Saturn clash, leaving you uncertain whether to hit the gas or the brake. You could also struggle to maintain momentum on something time-consuming. Rather than rely on caffeine, you may find it more helpful to stay focused on the greater goal—and the reward that awaits you when it’s done.

On Friday, the aforementioned Mercury retrograde will square Jupiter, presenting another awkward moment of whether or not to say something. Dig deeper, Taurus. Are you trying to be provocative, or do you truly believe that a few well-chosen words could positively shift an interpersonal dynamic?


Stay in the moment, Gem! It’s easy for your mental air sign to spin out a fantasy so far into the future that you lose sight of the here and now, but there are good reasons to rein yourself in. On Wednesday, March 13, expansive Jupiter in your partnership sector squares off with the enthusiastic Sun in your house of long-range planning. Of course, if you have a big decision to make, this one-day transit could help you think more strategically. Problem is, it’s hard to know how realistic you’re being under this starry-eyed sync-up. With Jupiter galloping through this zone until December 2, 2019, the “dynamics duos” part of your brain is lit up like Times Square. And with the “I need it yesterday” Sun in your goal zone, you may be feeling both internal and external pressure to figure out where a particular connection is going.

What would be most helpful now would be to very candidly assess your personal motivation. If you’re in a LTR, are you trying to speed up a timeline in a moment of insecurity? Or do you have a legit reason to know NOW? Think long and hard before you do anything rash because pushing an agenda won’t necessarily advance it. If anything, it might have the reverse effect, leaving your love interest feeling stressed and annoyed. This is true in both the romantic and the business realms. We’re not saying waiting will be easy (especially for your impulsive sign), but good things do come to Gems who wait. If you’re single or trying to get a business deal off the ground, remember that Mercury is retrograde and that this might be a better time to research and observe than to try to make a big splash.

Thursday’s stars turn up the dimmer switch on your love life as lusty Mars in sensual Taurus (and your dreamy twelfth house) trines solid Saturn in your erotic eighth. Mmmm: Seductive flirtations mixed with equal parts gravitas could lead to some toe-curling adventures that don’t have to end when the sun comes up. While things will be palpably hot, beneath the surface is where the true intensity lies. Like underground magma before a volcanic eruption, your emotions are churning, and these will either pull you closer or make you want to bolt. We hate to be a buzzkill, but this is your heart we’re talking about. So before you take the catnip, be a smart kitty and evaluate the odds of this person being around to go on summer vacation with you. The chemistry may be irresistible, but is a night (or weekend) of passion really worth months of agonizing over? On the flip side, this heated Mars-Saturn hookup can reel in the right partner, but only if you’re very discerning.

On Friday, that aforementioned Mercury retrograde will square Jupiter, perhaps sparking a second wave of Wednesday’s Sun-Jupiter hijinks. The only difference is that Mercury is your galactic guardian, and you might have a tougher time restraining yourself. Appoint a friend as “gatekeeper,” and let her know exactly what you wish to be “kept” from!


“When in Rome, do as the Romans do” is not exactly the motto of most self-protective Cancers, who carry their home (shell) around on their back. Yet come midweek, it would behoove you to learn a little bit about the customs and ways of any groups you interact with. With the self-interested Sun in Pisces and your multiculti ninth house, you are certainly intrigued by people and situations that are “foreign” to you. But on Wednesday, March 13, el Sol slides into a tense square with global ambassador (and outspoken) Jupiter in your rule-abiding sixth house. Spare yourself a faux pas and do your research before saying anything that might offend someone—even if you think you’re familiar with their protocols. Do you have a meeting scheduled with a new client you want to impress? Do a Google search and check LinkedIn so you can come to the table informed and prepared. If you’re going overseas, make it your business to learn a few polite phrases—as well as the local etiquette, especially in regard to tipping and how to address people. Closer to home, when in doubt, go for the more conservative option. Under this testy square, your clever (yet ultimately sarcastic) quips or insistence on playing devil’s advocate could go over like a lead balloon.

On Thursday, a partnership could hit a speed bump, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing—especially if you’ve been exceeding the speed limit! Whether you’ve been passing everyone tooling down Lover’s Lane or trying to accelerate a budding business deal, this starmap could force you to downshift and assess the situation with clearer eyes. Slowing down—or even pulling over to get your bearings—doesn’t mean you’re going to lose out on anything you’ve gained. If anything, this speed (and reality) check will give you a chance to figure out where you are, where you want to be, and how to chart a more realistic course. If you’re in a romantic relationship, have you checked in with each other about your 2019 goals? Even solid unions can veer in divergent directions…which isn’t remotely a deal breaker. It’s just important that you communicate to stay aligned and connected. So on Thursday, when impulsive Mars in Taurus harmonizes with restrained, future-oriented Saturn in your seventh house of committed unions, initiate a conversation with your other half about these very things. Chances are they’ve been thinking along the same lines. Single? Honesty and transparency are good opening gambits. If you sense someone isn’t on the same wavelength, cut bait and fish elsewhere. Got a professional venture in the pipeline? Candor and clarity can bring major peace of mind, plus you’ll learn a lot about this person by how they react!

On Friday, Mercury retrograde in your visionary house squares off with expansive Jupiter in your detail-minded sixth. This might fog up your lenses as you try to reconcile the big picture with the minutiae. If you’re going to have any success at all, it’ll come from working on one piece at a time, and not even consider multitasking!


Wednesday, March 13, could dial up your competitive spirit without your even realizing what’s happening, Leo. It may feel like a business-as-usual kind of day when, out of the blue, someone says or does something that makes you snap. Blame an uneasy alignment of your ruler, the ego-directed Sun, in moody Pisces and your eighth house of intense emotions and super-sizer Jupiter in your flirty and flamboyant fifth house of self-expression. But stop long enough to get clarity on what’s really going on here. Life is not a zero-sum game, Lion. When somebody else scores big on one front, that doesn’t diminish your standing. If anything, let others’ successes inspire you to work even harder! A rising tide really can lift all boats, so be happy for your friends (and even those you consider rivals). If their talents motivate you to put in even more effort, then you’re the winner any way you look at it.

The eighth house also rules your intimate life, and with the Sun revving its engines here for another week, you’ll be on the prowl. Whether you’re single or spoken for, you can get more of your erotic needs met by letting your lover know exactly what your desires are. But watch how you “share,” Leo. Make this about what would make you really happy, not about where someone else is falling short. And remember to ask about returning the favor!

Duty calls on Thursday as an odd-couple mashup of impatient Mars in Taurus and methodical Saturn fires up your career houses. You’ll be eager to dive into something, but you may not be the one calling the shots (grrr), which could force you to sit tight. And that might not be the easiest trick to pull off since unbridled Mars is dying to charge ahead. You’ve got a clear vision of what you want to accomplish—and the confidence to pull it off—and yet, you have to wait for a green light from on high or someone else to officially get on-board. This frustrating situation will be history by next week, but until then, it’s on you to find a way to productively distract and redirect yourself. However “locked down” you think your contribution is, see if there’s a little more data you can uncover or any additional background-checking or research-gathering that can be done so that when the checkered flag is finally waved, you won’t have to even tap the brakes. Or, since Saturn is tugging on the reins from your wellness zone, perhaps you can use this slowdown as an excuse to book a massage or some other healing or beauty appointment you haven’t had time for lately. Afternoon spa day: Why not?

Friday’s stars bring another opportunity to open mouth and insert UGG, but not if you stay alert! With Mercury retrograde in your emo zone squaring off with inflammable Jupiter, don’t take the bait. What this one-day transit IS good for: Letting your crush or bae know exactly how you feel and how much you appreciate them. Good things come to those who are kind and generous for no reason!


Relationships come under the microscope this week—but maybe you’d be better off viewing them through a telescope. On Wednesday, March 13, big-picture Jupiter in your private fourth house clashes with the transparent Sun in your dynamic-duos zone, forcing you to choose between keeping a secret and letting yourself be VERY open and vulnerable. Keeping your cards close to your vest could challenge a certain connection, yet at the same time you fear that speaking your mind may hurt the person and damage the bond. While that SEEMS like a thoughtful approach, it’s also a bit controlling. In reality, you have no idea how this person will react. While your truth (or point of view) COULD trigger some painful emotions for them, holding it in could instead cause more collateral damage.

Ultimately, Virgo, timing is everything, and Wednesday’s squirrely starmap may not be the best day to let this out of the bag. But you can check in with them and see what the rest of their week is like. Yes, you will have to sit with this until then, but that’ll give you a chance to rehearse what you’re going to say until you’ve landed on the perfect, compassionate language. Maybe bounce it off another friend to hear how it sounds out loud. And as always, be sure to frame your words in “I” language: how you’re feeling, not what they did or didn’t do TO you.

Expect the VERY unexpected on Thursday, when impulsive Mars in Taurus and your adventurous ninth house gets in formation with restrained Saturn in Capricorn and your fifth house of passion, romance and fame. You read that right: Action planet Mars dials up your desire to play the Carnival Queen in the town parade and flirt with everyone who returns your gaze while, at the same time, another side of you is dying to go offline and quietly work on your magnum opus. What’s a practical Virgo to do? Find the middle ground (of course!). You can be a hermitic creative spirit AND be totally out there. This fifth-house energy makes you positively magnetic and can bring deserved kudos your way. It doesn’t have to go to your head, though. Be your usual service-oriented, helpful self and don’t pretend you don’t have something special to offer. Focus on what’s in it for others, and you’ll get an enthusiastic response. In the romance department, keep your strong emotions in check. Passion could escalate into possessiveness, making you cling a little too tightly to the object of your affection, which probably won’t produce the result you’re hoping for.

One more speed bump to navigate this week. On Friday, your ruler, messenger Mercury (who’s retrograde, lest you forget), will spin into a tense square with Jupiter in your most intimate houses. This isn’t the time to bare your soul, Virgo. Observe and stay present, but unless something is truly impossible to keep in, bite thy lip for thy own good.


This is NOT the week to fake it till you make it! With the confident Sun in your house of details squaring larger-than-life (and famously outspoken) Jupiter in your communicator center on Wednesday, March 13, you won’t even get away with a teensy little fib. Instead of trying to fudge the facts, let your motto be “Let me get back to you on that.” Even though you have the best intentions, this square will rev up your people-pleasing instincts and could inspire you to do something not in your own best interests. You don’t have to turn down enticing offers—just take adequate time to assess them before you commit. Once you’ve realistically evaluated what’s on your plate, then you can try to negotiate a better deal.

The sixth house rules helpful people, but the squirrely alignment could turn a friend into a frenemy. If you sense that a coworker or service provider is throwing some attitude your way, don’t just take that shade in stride. (Of course, the trick is to not flip to the other extreme and let the hotheaded Jupiter-Sun square ignite your temper.) There’s obviously an issue that needs ironing out. Suggest a lunch meeting where you can discuss your shared projects in a relaxed setting—away from the prying eyes of other colleagues who may already have gotten an earful!

You might struggle to stay in balance on Thursday as aggro Mars in Taurus and your eighth house of intense emotions aligns with restrained Saturn in Capricorn and your domesticity zone. Your moods may be up and down like an amusement park ride—except there’s nothing “amusing” about it! A roommate, relative or your S.O. might be taking advantage of your generosity, and Mars is dialing up your righteous indignation while Saturn has you muzzled. Saying nothing will lead to nothing changing, but you might not be able to find the right words to express how you feel. Here’s a radical thought (courtesy of impatient Mars): Focus less on how THEY’LL feel and more on what YOU need to say. It may not come out like movie-scripted dialogue, but the most important thing is that you’re truthful. Make a point of sharing your perspective on the situation—not blaming anyone for their perceived bad behavior. This Mars-Saturn trine could actually be a GOOD thing, Libra. You hate confrontation, yet it’s important to remember that anger isn’t inherently a negative emotion—especially if it motivates you to instigate some needed changes. So when you feel yourself getting hot and bothered, take a few deep, slow breaths and don’t think about ANYTHING. When your heart rate returns to normal, look for a practical solution and refuse to waste precious hours stewing in your own juices. This could lead to the two of you coming up with a more workable system together. Even if you have to take a temporary break, it’ll save you endless frustration, possibly even heartache.

You might get another opportunity to work on authentically expressing your feelings on Friday, when Mercury retrograde squares off with Jupiter in your house of self-expression. While Mercury may inspire you to mentally catalog every “offense,” big-picture Jupiter will widen the focus. Ask yourself this: In the scheme of things, how bad is this thing—really?


Tame that urge to splurge, Scorpio, even as visions of Saint Laurent camis and strappy sandals dance through your head! On Wednesday, March 13, “what’s a budget?” Jupiter in Sagittarius and your decadent second house gets T-boned by the Sun in your glamorous fifth. Under this belt-tightening square, you might buckle at the prospect of having to rein yourself in. But this is a perfect moment for a fiscal reality check. If you’ve got the funds and won’t be “stealing” from a big summer vacation or mortgage payment—and this is something you really want—then go ahead and indulge. However, if what you’re actually doing is trying to fill an emotional hole, do a little “anti-retail therapy” on yourself and remind yourself that one more shiny, beautiful “objet” is NOT going to make you feel better in the long run.

Which begs the question, What will? With the Sun traipsing through your zone of beauty and romance, you might be feeling a little lack in the love department—which, of course, starts with SELF-love. All the stuff in the world can’t make up for that, Scorp, so give yourself the kind of nurturing and self-care that will lead to that. In a LTR? Watch that you don’t dump your emotions on bae in a moment of frustration. Put the subject on ice, maybe until Mercury ends its retrograde on March 28. Single? Get clear in your head what you want to call in and what’s unacceptable, and don’t waver when you meet someone “almost good enough.”

Got a big pitch or presentation on the books for Thursday? Can you possibly reschedule that? An uneasy mashup of rash Mars in stubborn Taurus and your dynamic duos house and restrained Saturn in your expressive third house can trigger a communication breakdown. If you’re unsure of what you think and feel, you couldn’t possibly get your words to come out right. Frustration might be so high that you literally can’t speak—and then, when you can, you could unleash a torrent of hurtful or critical words that you want to take back five seconds after you utter them. This isn’t a matter of who’s right, Scorpio. It’s about learning to manage other people and respecting their limits. Try to quell the pushy Mars energy and lean in to Saturn’s calm coolness. If you simply HAVE to get something off your chest, vent to a neutral third party. Ask for their feedback, being sure to listen to what they say. Be willing to take ownership of your actions without shifting into victim mentality. During this one-day transit, a partnership could hit a speed bump, forcing you out of the fast lane and onto the shoulder. But no need to call a tow truck. Being able to view the relationship dynamics in an enlightening new way could turn out to be a blessing in disguise!

Keep that lip buttoned tight on Friday, when Mercury retrograde squares off with Jupiter. Just when you get things on an even keel with everyone, the last thing you want to do is rock the boat. Pick your battles, Scorpio. Whatever happens today, ask yourself if it’s really worth going to the mat over.


Patience, Sagittarius! You might not have a long fuse when it comes to “stupid human tricks” this week, and one person in particular might really get to you—especially if they threaten to thwart your progress. With your ruling planet, outspoken Jupiter, blazing through your sign since November 8, 2018 (and sticking around until this December 2), you’re on fire and have no intention of stopping for anyone. But you don’t want to mow people down along your ambitious path, okay? On Wednesday, March 13, the willful Sun in your foundational fourth house clashes with Jupiter, which could cause some volcanic emotions (yours or someone else’s) to rise to the surface. In your zeal to accomplish a goal, you may have inadvertently excluded an important ally from your game plan or taken a shortcut that didn’t go over well with someone. This isn’t something you want to gloss over, Archer. Take a moment to reflect on what happened and your role in it, and then reach out to the offended party and smooth any ruffled feathers. No one will be interested in excuses—all they need to hear is a genuine apology and a compassionate validation of their feelings. (And hey, Mercury IS retrograde from March 5 to 28, so you’ve been a bit forgetful lately.) The truth is, you want these touchy-feely types in your corner because when the chips are down, they’re your best allies on the planet.

Thursday’s stars are flashing yellow warning lights—AND green go-go-GO ones as well! Thanks to an edgy mashup of impatient Mars in Taurus and structured Saturn in Capricorn and your second house of security and values, you may have to take a stand on something that involves your principles (or your money: yikes!). While you COULD fade into the background and let a dodgy character run the show, it’s more like you to call forth your fighting spirit and stick up for what you believe in. (Because you know that the person who stands for nothing falls for everything.) And yet under this tricky stop/go energy, you need to read the tea leaves and be strategic about how you proceed. If people are amenable, you don’t have to come out guns a-blazing. And if they’re not, find a way to balance out warrior Mars and restrained Saturn so you can win this battle with your self-respect intact.

Since the first words out of your mouth will set the tone for the interaction, come up with something diplomatic. Once you get into your differences, be careful not to react from a place of raw emotion. Spell out why you see things differently, being specific. With a calm, cool demeanor, you might actually sway some folks over to YOUR side of the aisle. This one-day transit might also catalyze a needed change in your financial life. Been living a little TOO large, Sag? Crunch the numbers and figure out how much you need to save each month. This little math exercise alone could inspire you to curtail your spending AND reach a big monetary goal!

Then, on Friday, Mercury retrograde will square Jupiter, echoing Wednesday’s events. Under the best of circumstances, your sign tends to shoot from the “lip.” But if you want to avoid reopening any fresh wounds, think TWICE before you blurt!


No resting on your laurels, Capricorn. Something (or someone) you filed away as “done and dusted” last week could show signs of life again. On Wednesday, March 13, big-hearted Jupiter in your twelfth house of forgiveness gets a poke in the ribs from the Sun in your communication sector. Is it possible that you were a little too harsh in your assessment of somebody or misjudged a situation? Usually you’re the picture of composure, but when your emotions get stirred up, you can become frazzled and your feelings get hurt. If this was (or IS) a romantic involvement, is there still ANY love left between you? (And for what it’s worth, if you’re constantly ruminating on that very question, the answer is probably yes.)

Under this soulful Sun-Jupiter mashup, it could only help to have a conversation and maybe TRY to hear their perspective on why things melted down. You don’t have to be an optometrist to know that hindsight is 20-20, so there’s a good chance you grossly misunderstood one another—especially considering that messenger Mercury is retrograde from March 5 to 28. On another note, under these skies, a creative or writing project that you shelved could be worth pulling out for review. Need some objective feedback? Run it by a friend whose opinion you value and trust. Even if you need to give it a good stiff edit, chances are, there are some gold nuggets in there! To prevent your imagination from racing in a hundred directions, make a project plan. Reverse-engineer it: If you were starting from the finish line and working backward, what would the halfway point look like; the quarter point? After all, the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, brushstroke or stanza guitar strum.

Keep that creative streak alive, Cap! On Thursday, speed demon Mars in Taurus and your artistic, romantic fifth house forms a flowing alignment with your ruler, deliberate Saturn, in Capricorn. Because these planets aren’t naturally in sync, this odd-couple mashup can leave you feeling tired and wired at the same time. Since you can’t hit the gas (Mars) and the brakes (Saturn) at the same time, you’ll need to learn to work the gears separately—and pace yourself! While it might feel a little awkward at first, it’s worth the effort as these planets’ combined energies can help you put some valuable checks and balances into place. For instance, if you’re tempted to sprint ahead on a personal mission, Saturn will encourage you to stop and envision what you’re trying to accomplish. Are you SURE this is the route you want to follow? If it is, ask yourself these questions: What will it look like, what will you do AFTER you get there? And are you willing to assume the responsibilities that come with this victory? Only then you can lean in to Mars’ go-go energy and pull out all the stops!

On Friday, Mercury retrograde in your communication sector will follow the Sun’s lead and square off with expansive Jupiter. You may be tempted to blurt out something before you’ve properly processed it in your head. One word of advice on that front: Don’t! You could offend someone past the point of their willingness to turn the other cheek.


Watch for a provocateur posing as a mild-mannered friend on Wednesday, March 13. With the willful Sun in your security zone clashing with expansive Jupiter in your collaborative eleventh house, getting everyone on the same page will be like herding cats. Since you probably can’t bring this group to consensus, focus on simply not letting things spiral out of control. Anticipate the likely clash of titanic egos and make sure everyone feels acknowledged and appreciated. But try to sniff out the bad actor who’s keen to advance a personal agenda. Take people’s know-it-all actions with a grain of Himalayan pink salt and keep leading, orchestrating or working quietly on your own projects.

Since pulling rank won’t help, make it your mission to let people express their opinions—and then lean in to your strategic Aquarian people skills. You might need to call an emergency brainstorming meeting, but before anyone grabs the talking stick, inform people of the ground rules—like no hitting below the belt. With the Sun heating up your financial zone, money might be one of the issues, even if no one’s coming out and saying it. Dig a little deeper and pay more attention to people’s physical reactions than their words. For all you know, this might be a friend or colleague’s Achilles heel, and the last thing you want to do is stick a knife in it.

Thursday’s starry lineup could make you feel tired and wired at the same time. Driven Mars is revving through slow-jamming Taurus and your sensitive fourth house while teamed up with deliberate Saturn (your co-ruler) in Capricorn and your restful twelfth. Part of you is eager to get something going while another side would be happy to let this thing follow its own natural course. One way to break this logjam is to dive beneath the surface and get a handle on your own deeper motivation. Is it possible that you’re not being candid about what you really want out of this situation, Water Bearer? Sometimes it’s hard to peel back layers on our own psyches. So try this: Instead of taking decisive action, play the role of observer. True, you won’t accomplish quite as much, but you can learn a lot about yourself! When your mind starts to wander, tune in to what you’re doing and especially what you’re thinking. But please, keep it to yourself! You’re an open book with your friends—and even acquaintances—but oversharing about something this private is not the way to get closer to people. Despite Mars in Taurus putting the spurs to your side, remind yourself that this is not the last—or only—such opportunity you’ll get. The trick at this point might be shifting out of a scarcity mindset and into one of abundance.

On Friday, Mercury retrograde in your security sector squares off with larger-than-life Jupiter in your teamwork zone, bringing back some of Wednesday’s issues that you thought were put to bed. Don’t be surprised if you have to play “hall monitor” to someone who’s acting up. Just let them know in no uncertain terms what will and won’t be tolerated, spelling out the consequences for the latter. Then, if they can’t fall in line, at least you’ll have given them fair warning!


Deep cleansing breath! Come midweek, you might start to feel a bit overwhelmed by everything on your plate. But if you can keep different areas of your life—and specific tasks and projects—separate, you can whittle that mountain back down to a few manageable molehills. On Wednesday, March 13, a cosmic clash between the confident Sun in your sign and your co-ruler, expansive Jupiter, in Sagittarius and your career corner could fray your nerves. Before you just dive into do-do-do mode (or have a panic attack), pause for an attitude adjustment that will ground you and put you back in command. Can you start your workday a tiny bit later and squeeze in an early-morning yoga or Spin class? Throughout the day, schedule a few mini breaks to commune with your meditation app. Don’t think of this as a waste of time, Pisces! On the contrary, when you’re calm and composed, you’re far more productive than when you’re racing around untethered. While you’re tuning in, consider whether you might have applied a bit too much pressure to a particular goal. Could you get a deadline extension or find someone to team up with to cut your work in half? With Mercury in befuddling retrograde motion in your sign from March 5 to 28, you’ve been your own worst taskmaster (more on that below). But racing to the finish line may cause you to compromise quality. If more time isn’t available, scale back, breaking goals into phases. Rome wasn’t built—or decorated—in a day!

On Thursday, take a gander at the people you spend the most time with. The folks we surround ourselves with are the biggest influence on our behavior, attitudes and results. And thanks to a supportive trine between passionate Mars in Taurus and your house of expression and reliable Saturn in your eleventh house of social networking, you’ll have the discernment AND the communication skills to tweak any relationships that have gotten wobbly. Are you currently recruiting new candidates for Team Pisces? You won’t need to talk anyone into joining that squad! Between your vision and innate charisma, the right people will be magnetically drawn to YOU. If you’re working on a collaborative project, make sure everyone is pulling their weight and that you aren’t taking on more work than you should. However the day unfolds, the evening is perfect for gathering some of your favorite folks for a group dinner, trivia night or just a wine-and-pizza-fueled meeting of the minds.

On Friday, Mercury retrograde in your sign clashes with visionary Jupiter in your professional camp. Are you playing small—or dreaming a bit TOO big? Take a sober look at exactly what you’re trying to accomplish and make sure you’re not biting off more than you can chew. Better to break things down into more digestible pieces, even if that means it’ll take longer. At least it’ll get done right!

Source: AstroStyle