Your Weekly Horoscope Has Arrived & The Truth Could Be Stranger Than Fiction

Something’s simmering below the surface—and this Friday, February 1, it could erupt like Mount St. Helens. As in-your-face Mars in Aries clashes with volcanic Pluto in Capricorn in a fierce square, a cesspool of secrets could spew to the surface. Though half of you may feel like running for cover, good luck turning away from this hot (lava) mess. The truth could be stranger than fiction, and it’s going to take a moment to digest it all. If something feels off, follow your intuition and investigate. Be as stealth as a panther, however. Clumsily handled cases could give the secret keepers a chance to destroy key evidence. On a personal level, moods may be stormy leading up to Friday. Should your inner Voldemort drop by for a visit, do whatever it takes to stay peaceful and centered, even if you ARE righteously incensed. Letting rage run rampant (a Mars-in- Aries pitfall) could bring a swift rebuke from vengeful Pluto. Under this dynamic mashup, risks—if warranted—should be calculated extremely cautiously. And don’t hastily jump into the middle of an argument, or you could be signing up for weeks of aggravation.

On Saturday, creative solutions emerge from the ether as peacekeeping Venus flows into a harmonizing trine with innovative Uranus. This will certainly come in handy for healing residual madness from the workweek. Get ready for social change in every way. You could make a clean break from a myopic group whose small-minded opinions make smoke shoot out of your ears. This forward-thinking mashup draws together people who want to change the world for the better—and not just for a select handful of folks. Been stuck in your comfort zone, romantically speaking? Sure, it’s hibernation season, but thanks to this boundary-busting mashup, love knows no limits. Keep an open mind and see where you’re led. Single and looking? Soften your focus on Saturday and you could swoon for someone refreshingly unlike your usual type. Longtime couples can bring back some sizzle by adding experimental plans to the weekend calendar. Anything from an interactive burlesque show to a group karaoke hang will do…as long as it’s something decidedly out of the ordinary for you two.

On Sunday, decadent Venus hunkers down in driven Capricorn until March 1, streamlining our love goals. So much for that casual dating situation. Nebulous relationships require sharper definition. Exclusivity is not required, but don’t label a Thursday night shag “moving toward something real,” just because it happens on a weekly basis after trivia night. Have an honest talk! Couples can use this pragmatic cycle to align schedules and plans—and produce something memorable as a pair. Sure, a game-changing Valentine’s Day counts, but think bigger! Map out your one-year (or five-year) goals; share bucket lists (in bed). Some couples might discover a deal breaker through this process. Uh-oh. If one person is dreaming of white picket fences in suburbia while the other is thinking white sand beaches in five different surf towns, it’s best to know now. As a consolation, cool-headed Venus in Capricorn can turn mismatched lovers into friends. Are things on track for a happily ever after? Valentine’s Day could come with all the trimmings this year, so pay the premium for those imported Parisian bonbons and the “supersize-me” bouquet of long-stems.


We’d hardly blame you if you’re still stewing over a work injustice earlier this week, but that doesn’t give you permission to go on a rant or embarrass anyone. Still, it may be hard to keep a lid on your frustration come Friday, February 1, when your cosmic custodian, rash Mars, in your sign clashes with manipulative Pluto in your professional sector. Authority issues could flare then spiral out of control, and you might get caught up in the emotional tornado. It’s up to you to find a mature and effective way to let the offender—or someone in the position to rectify things—know how you feel. You may not get the resolution you desire, but at least you will have expressed your disenchantment (without burning any bridges). But if you can’t beat ‘em—and you don’t care to join ‘em—use this righteous indignation to fire up your passions and propel you toward something that’s more aligned with your values and work ethic. While you’re waiting to see where the chips will fall, take your internal temperature and determine if, where and how you can make some shifts and uplevel your game. This may be anything from dressing in a more traditionally professional manner to getting advanced training to looking for a new job where you won’t have to suffer fools, lightly or otherwise.

Breaking the mold—or at least mixing up your weekend routine—this Saturday would be good for your heart and soul. With playful Venus in Sagittarius harmonizing with indie-spirited Uranus in your sign, your wanderlust and appetite for adventure will be dialed WAY up. Anything familiar or tried-and-true will be too bland for you, so go for the gusto! Even a brief out-of-town change of scenery can be inspirational. And if there’s a cultural or culinary event taking place, even better. Check the weather, dress and pack accordingly, then hit the road—or the skies, if you can possibly pull off an impromptu longer trip. You’re up for meeting creative people, and if you’re currently unattached, who knows what kind of synergy might emerge. An open mind and empty schedule are the only prerequisites to sparking a romantic bonfire!

Make hay while Venus is trining Uranus because on Sunday, the love planet changes signs, downshifting from excitable, intrepid Sagittarius to more grounded and future-focused Capricorn and your career sector until March 1. “Married to the job” is a perfect tagline for Venus in Capricorn, but how fun is that? Still, you may need to devote more time to professional projects than amorous pursuits. If you’re in a relationship, carve out swaths of time for bae. Even if you have to sacrifice some vital solo moments, it’ll be worth it to signal your devotion. Single? Those industry networking events may turn up more than a few valuable business leads, if you know what we mean…


Go big or go home! If you try to downplay your dreams on Friday, February 1, the universe may check you. With energizing Mars firing up your twelfth house of dreams and imagination, you’ve got some big ideas up your bespoke sleeve. And thanks to a galvanizing beam from Pluto in your visionary ninth house, you may not be able to “sleep on it.” This is a perfect day to test-drive one of your plans, even if that just means running it by a mentor to get a sense of whether this is doable, and what elements you might be overlooking or underplaying. If you’ve done all the legwork and preparations and are practically ready to launch, get one final opinion and then take a leap of faith. But no shortcuts! Even if it doesn’t seem like a biggie to skip a couple of steps or gloss over a few details, you can’t afford to cut corners under this transit. Most essential is maintaining your reputation AND self-respect. With your ninth house activated, honesty is the only policy. If you’re not sure about something, don’t try to fake it. Tell people you’ll look into that and get back to them (and then do!). With Mars on the loose in your fantasy zone, you may have to log a little overtime to keep it real—but it’s more than worth it.

Skip the boozy brunches and gossip-fueled gatherings this Saturday, as enchantress Venus aligns with alchemical Uranus in your most mystical, magical chart regions. You won’t be happy with anything mundane. Your intuition will be on high alert, and you’ll be able to tap into higher realms if you can spend time in a quiet place and tame your thoughts. Stay home, drop into a meditation group or get an energy healing. You’re an innately sensual creature, Taurus, but this cosmic coupling coaxes you to think beyond the “big five.” See how much play you can find in your sixth sense, which will be more attuned than usual under this clairvoyant confab. Pay attention to body language and tone of voice more than people’s words. What’s NOT being expressed can be more revealing than what is. But no need to call anyone out. Just be the wise witness, and file away your observations to use for your own advantage at some time in the future.

Spread your wings and soar on Sunday! Your ruler, gentle Venus, wings into Capricorn and your adventurous ninth house until March 1. While she was in Sagittarius and your internally focused eighth house since January 7, you may have been mistaken for a hermit, but now that the vixen planet is out and about again, you can get busy making that list of everything you NEED to do, all the places you HAVE to go, and all the exciting people you want to ride shotgun with you over the next four weeks. But to accomplish half of this, you’ll need an organized roster as well as a sense of your own priorities. For instance, you can’t become a regular on the local circuit AND spend a month writing your memoir in Ko Samui. And whether you’re single or shacking up, traveling might be your passport to romance this month. Coupled Bulls will enjoy being “anywhere but here,” especially if you’re already over winter—and it’s not nearly over itself. Unattached? Tap a friend and head to a famous singles destination, or invite your crush du jour and see if you really click. Even if you come home on separate flights, at least you’ll (hopefully) have had a sweet little holiday.


Keep it casual or go deep? Your emotions may waver on Friday, February 1, as lusty Mars in your platonic sector clashes with intensifier Pluto in your eighth house of seduction, merging and intimacy. Single? Part of you may prefer a no-strings-attached steamy hookup—possibly with a friend or acquaintance. While all’s fair between consenting adults, don’t lead anyone on if you know you don’t want anything serious now. If you do dabble with a pal, talk it through so you don’t needlessly destroy a solid and important connection. You might THINK you can handle it, but your emotions will be dialed up under this Mars-Pluto transit, and you could be struck by a wave of jealousy, resentment or possessiveness. You may experience those feelings with a non-romantic partner as well. Stay mindful of what’s going on inside your psyche and tame those knee-jerk reactions. Attached? If you suspect bae of something unsavory, be slow to accuse but quick to don your detective’s chapeau and get some evidence. For all you know, they’re planning a sweet surprise for you—but this distrusting behavior could cause them to rethink the whole thing.

Things should settle down on Saturday, when equilibrium is restored and you’re back in your social, upbeat groove. With affectionate Venus in your partnership realm sweetly aligned with community-minded Uranus in your friendship zone, you’ll be in the mood to gather the tribe and hold a powwow. Whatever you get up to, grab a few more seats than you may have planned for, or get another person to drive since your little retinue could turn into a caravan! Is there a winter market in town or within driving distance? Is the art theater doing a mini-marathon of a favorite director? With you back in your high-vibe element, you’ll have no trouble finding the festivities. Note: You’ll probably be happiest and most inspired hanging with creative, left-of-center artists, inventors and iconoclasts. And if you’re flying solo, a meeting of the minds could turn into a melting of the hearts, so don’t judge a book by its cover!

Sunday’s stars turn up the heat on your amorous life as vixen Venus sidles into Capricorn and your erotic and sensual eighth house until March 1. Regardless of your current relationship status, this is a perfect moment to give your lingerie drawer a refresh and to pick up an outfit that makes you feel sexy. A sizzling attraction could heat up when you least expect it, and you’ll want to be ready to spring into action. In earthy Capricorn, the love planet can give you a sense of groundedness and turn your thoughts to the future and commitment. The eighth house intensifies desires, but if you know you want something with potential, put strong filters in place before things go too far—because in the heat of the moment, you won’t have the best judgment. Coupled Geminis may be eager to take your bond to a deeper level, whether moving in together or going ring shopping together. Could your love life use a little rekindling? It could be reheated with that new lingerie and some boudoir experimentation. If the rift is deeper, you might need to turn to a professional.


So much for that neat balance between your personal and professional lives, Cancer! You had been doing a decent job—then WHAM! Driven Mars in your career zone squares off with manipulative Pluto in your relationship realm, throwing you for a major loop. Before you toss in the towel—or go off on a rant you’ll instantly regret—pull back and try to view the larger picture. While it’s a nice fantasy to believe you can please all the people all the time, you know perfectly well that you can’t; no one can. This is where things like “prioritizing” and “picking your battles” come into play. (Also standing your ground and not letting anyone—neither boss nor lover—guilt-trip you into doing something that doesn’t sing to your soul.) Striking an equilibrium entails deciding what is most urgent. Map out a timeline for what has to be done by when. Then have a calm and loving sit-down with your partner or anyone who feels short-changed by your work. First explain what you have to do and what you might be able to put off, then talk about how you two will spend your time together, giving you both something to look forward to. At work, hash out a realistic plan with your manager or team members and commit to your part, even if it means burning the midnight oil a few nights (or several). But if this is going to threaten your partnership—or your chances of getting into one—let them know your bottom line. If you don’t put up boundaries and limits now, it may never happen!

Get ahead on work assignments by “stealing” a little time this Saturday, when you’ll have wind in your sails from a harmonious alignment of activator Uranus in your professional zone and dedicated Venus in your work and service sector. You’ll be firing on all cylinders and might hit on THE perfect solution or system for an issue that’s had you stymied. Set your alarm for an hour earlier than usual; skip out on the mimosa-soaked brunch. Even a few uninterrupted hours will be highly productive. And if you have even more time on your hands, turn this industrious energy toward a personal organization project you never find the time for. With a little focus, you’ll make tons of progress, and by merging Venus’ aesthetic eye with Uranus’ innovative streak, you might actually reinvent the wheel—and an eye-popping one at that!

You’ll be happy you cleared some work off your plate and tidied up the bedroom on Sunday. Love planet Venus zooms into Capricorn and your seventh house of relationships until March 1, intensifying your urge to merge. Capricorn energy is grounded, committed and willing to wait for something that’s worth it. Single? Add some dazzling new photos to your online dating profile, fluff up your blurb, head out to a well-known mingling spot and work your Venus-powered mojo. Attached? Over the next four weeks, focus on bringing more romantic moments to your union, canceling non-essential plans and making your S.O. top priority. And since Venus rules not only romance but the arts, this cycle may launch an inspired creative collaboration. Hmm, could your bandmate also be your bedmate?


Friday’s starmap brings a needed reality check. Your big-hearted sign doesn’t have an “off” switch when it comes to giving, but as the week draws to a close, you might find yourself desperately searching for it! On Friday, February 1, a tense Mars-Pluto square may clue you to the fact that someone has been taking advantage of your magnanimous nature. At work, you may have been carrying the weight for a person who always has an explanation for why they can’t put in 100 percent: sick parents, no child care, car problems…you name it. In your personal life, you may have been doing the Lion’s share of housework, grocery shopping (and paying!) or simply giving your mate more attention and affection than you’ve been getting in return. As a self-reliant fire sign, you like to THINK you don’t need anyone to fill those needs for you. But you’re still an emotional human being, and with that comes the desire to bond with someone on a deep and mutual level. A tough but essential question to ask yourself is: Why DO you give so much? Could this be an attempt to “win” someone’s love or loyalty? Can you believe that people do love you for who you are, not what you do for them? We’re not saying this is easy, but it IS essential if you feel any relationships are skewed.

Ready for some sexual healing? The doctor is IN this Saturday as flirty Venus in your frisky fifth house tag-teams with liberated Uranus in your adventure zone. If you’re flying solo, this is a perfect day/night to get your glam on and paint the town vermilion as only a jungle royal can do. See if you can leave the “agenda” and judgments at home and just be in the moment—that’s when you’re at your most magnetic and charismatic. Talk to people with an open, friendly vibe: Don’t try to “figure them out.” Odds are, the less you try, the more likely you’ll be to get exactly what you’re hoping for! Attached? Shed the comfy house clothes, dress up and go out and do something that says romance to you, whether that’s a candlelit white-tablecloth dinner or a head-banging live concert. That you’re doing it—and loving it—together is the whole point. This is also a highly creative day, so if you’re in the middle of an artistic or passion project, carve out a few hours and tune in to the Muse channel!

Turn that passion toward yourself on Sunday, when gentle Venus swings into Capricorn and your sixth house of healthy living and self-care until March 1. It’s easy for your noble sign to put others’ needs and desires first, but at what price? Healing and true beauty is an inside job, and this Venus cycle can ignite your lit-from-within glow. You’ve got a few weeks to get some new habits in place and set a few realistic goals for yourself. How can you tweak your meals to attain more sustained energy and help you feel lighter and more “at home” in your body? Are you getting enough exercise? That doesn’t have to be a structured class or routine, you know. Walking, cycling and dancing are all wonderful ways to move your body. Find things you actually enjoy doing, and it’ll never feel like a struggle.


Love is patient, love is kind…and as the week rolls to an end, love might be seething with intense emotions that may burst through to the surface! On Friday, February 1, lusty Mars in your erotic eighth house locks (sharp!) horns with manipulative Pluto in your fifth house of passion and desire. Whew, can someone open a window please? You’ll be feeling strongly about someone, but pay attention to where those sentiments lead you. If you can, choose desire, attraction and affection over jealousy, resentment and possessiveness. It may be hard to stay “neutral” under this intensifying alignment, but wrest control of your emotions, Virgo. While it’s exciting and empowering to having all this churning inside you, it’s also easy to lose your cool in the heat in the moment. Mars, especially in Aries and especially in your eighth house, can blind you to others’ feelings as you single-mindedly pursue a personal agenda. This sexually charged transit can blur the line between love and lust, so if you’re not in a committed relationship, remember: You don’t HAVE to act on a strong attraction. If you are attached, watch for those shadowy emotions to crop up today and keep them out of the driver’s seat. Feel them and see what’s underlying them—chances are it’s some old unresolved issue of yours, not theirs, and the best (and only) way to banish it for good is to do some healing work around it.

If you took positive action with a worthy love interest on Friday, things could accelerate on Saturday, when romantic Venus in your home zone gets a supportive beam from change-maker Uranus in your intimate eighth house. Translation: Just like THAT, some Virgos may feel ready to move in with their S.O. or at least clear out a drawer or swath of closet space. Commitment is the word of the day—provided that doesn’t dilute the passion and excitement (which is entirely up to you). No such being on the radar? Invite some folks over and ask them to bring eligible single friends. If romance isn’t your focus this weekend, you can exploit this energy by tapping into your own deeply imaginative and spiritual side. Pour through esoteric books or blogs; spend time learning a deck of divination cards and giving yourself or a friend a reading. Get those suppressed emotions out of your head and into your journal. Leaving them all bottled up could be what’s making you feel anxious. Any magazines or newspapers lying around? This could the day you finally do a vision board!

Whatever you have or haven’t been up to, the stakes get raised up considerably on Sunday, when luminous love planet Venus shimmies into Capricorn and your romance house until March 1. Your powers of attraction are astronomically amplified, and like sister-Virgo Beyonce, you could find yourself drunk in love. It’s safe to trust your inner knowing, even if it challenges some of your ingrained “logic.” As that great quote goes, “The heart has its reasons which reason knows nothing of.” That person you’re fixated on might be worth saying yes to. Conversely, if you’re simply not feeling it anymore for someone, it’s probably time to make a personnel change.


Batten down those emotional hatches, Libra. On Friday, February 1, excitable Mars in your partnership house squares off with Pluto, lord of the underworld, sending a rogue wave across your erstwhile calm emotion ocean. Luckily this doesn’t happen often, but when it does, it can rock your idealistic Libra world. But whether you learn to surf this monster wave or capsize is up to you. Your harmony-seeking sign goes to tremendous lengths to keep the peace, yet it doesn’t take much to tip your Libran scales out of whack. And where THEY go, so goes your temperament. A Mars-Pluto tussle is one of the heavier heavenly mashups, and it might really throw you for a loop. What NOT to do: overreact! Remind yourself that as suddenly as this storm rose up, it will die back down, and you don’t want to do any collateral damage in the interim. When the whitecaps simmer down and the clouds part, you’ll see that there IS a silver lining here. Anger, negativity and even bad behavior are part of life—and relationships. Stuffing it down or burying your head in the sand for the sake of getting along doesn’t do anyone any good. So when intense feelings blow in, don’t let them work their way into your cells and organ tissue. Process them internally (or with a therapist type) then find a healthy way to express them. Need inspiration? Focus on the hot makeup sex that’s on the other side of this!

With luck—and a strong resolve—you’ll have steered yourself to a safe emotional harbor by Saturday, which is perfect timing! Your planetary protector, charming Venus, in your outgoing third house is making goo-goo eyes at transformative Uranus in your partnership realm and opening the door for more lighthearted banter and unbridled fun. You’ll find plenty of that in group hangs, but leave ample time for dynamic dueting—with BFFs and BFs (and GFs). And be advised that the line separating all those categories could blur under this innovative angle. Romance might spark with someone from the friend zone or a dating site (since Uranus rules technology). The only thing you can expect, Libra, is the unexpected!

Amorous antics and wild-card adventures may come to a grinding halt on Sunday, when Venus makes her annual nosedive into grounded, traditional Capricorn and your domestic fourth house until March 1. This should neutralize those vertigo-inducing effects of Mars, Pluto and Uranus and bring your personal life into a happier Libran balance. In an LTR? From hearty soups to soft queen-size throws, let “cozy” and “comfy” be your guiding principles. These next few weeks are ideal for getting Chez Libra shipshape, cooking healthy meals, catching up on your TV queue and maybe tackling an aesthetic home project. But keep it flowy and easy—never frenetic and pressured!


Watching your temper might be a mission impossible on Friday, February 1, as your planetary pit bosses, driven Mars and intensifier Pluto, lock horns and ratchet up your stress levels. Mars is in Aries in your persnickety sixth house, and the uneasy square from provocateur Pluto can set you off like a loose cannon. This is a recipe for a heavyweight sparring match, so unless you’re prepared to “go there,” find a way to distract and redirect your thoughts. As a Scorpio, your best weapon is that lethal stinger, but if you’re not ready to walk away from a project, end a relationship or just make a major scene, keep it retracted! (How horrible would it be to find out that there’s no antidote to your poison?) So if you don’t have the wherewithal to hold thy tongue, stay out of the fray and don’t take ANY bait. Close your door, put on the noise-canceling headphones, work from home or a cafe if you can. And if you know someone is gunning for you, do both of you a favor and don’t take their call. This too shall pass, Scorpio, but until it does, you need to stay on your toes.

By Saturday, the inner heat wave should have subsided and you’re back to “normal intense” levels. With celestial support, you can tackle some quotidian tasks, like reviewing bank and credit card statements, paying bills and prepping for the annual migraine that is your taxes. But it doesn’t have to be dry as toast—not with creative Venus beaming pioneering Uranus in your practical houses. Do little things to stay motivated, whether that means cueing up a mood-setting playlist or brewing a pot of that tea you save for special occasions. (And how about a sweet little treat as a reward when you’re done?) If you don’t have pressing obligations outside the house, throw yourself into those cleaning and polishing projects you always WANT to do but never have time for. While you’re at it, how about some digital file maintenance? Update your software, clear out your Inbox and get all those icons off your desktop. Got another hour? Restock the fridge with healthy groceries, which doubles as a “fresh-air” break and is the good kind of multitasking. When it’s all done, you’ll feel organized, grounded and clear-headed. THEN go out and make merry, splurging on a nicer-than-usual meal or bottle of wine to toast your accomplishments.

On Sunday, Venus does a wardrobe change out of Sagittarius and your pragmatic second house and into earthily sensual Capricorn and your flirtatious third house until March 1. Hopefully you crushed your to-do list and have the time and desire to indulge your inner Scorpio coquette. Single? While you CAN keep swiping till your index finger gets a muscle cramp, you’ll have more fun mingling IRL. But be selective. If you’re looking for someone to share interests with, start participating more in your own passions. What floats YOUR boat—live music, writing workshops, art openings, trivia nights? This articulate Venus phase blesses you with the gift of gab, so you won’t need to rehearse an opening gambit. You’ll have them at, “Oh, hey there!”


Where’s the fire, Archer? You may wake up ready to hit the ground running on Friday, February 1, but tug on those centaur reins! An edgy square between driven Mars in your passionate fifth house and controlling Pluto in your pragmatic second could give you whiplash if you don’t check your speed. This isn’t a comfortable feeling for your independent sign, but sometimes, Sag, you don’t get to do whatever you want, whenever you want to. You can get frustrated and mope, OR you can mine this “restricting” transit for insight. Why are you so eager to tear into that work or relationship? Have you thought through all the potential outcomes (and consequences)? Then, try it from the other direction: What would happen if you stopped pushing so hard and found a way to accept the situation as it is right now? Are you trying to impress someone; compensate for feelings of inadequacy? If you realize your drive isn’t coming from a self-supporting place, loosen up on unrealistic standards and set more doable milestones. This way, when you lighten the internal pressure, you’ll be able to access deeper and wiser parts of yourself and do your absolute best—and most authentic—work or attract a partner who’s on your wavelength.

You’ll be in your free-flowing element on Saturday as charming Venus in your sign sprinkles fairy dust at game-changing Uranus in your fifth house of amour, glamour and creativity. You’ll bring an innovative approach to everything you touch, and people will be amazed at your range of vision. But first, Archer: How about directing a little of that beautifying energy to YOU? When’s the last time you indulged in a spa day (or afternoon), complete with herbal scrub, aromatherapy massage with an add-on Reflexology session? After that, if you still have time and funds, treat yourself to a luxurious salon treatment: hair, nails—or both! Tonight, don’t automatically pull on the same jeans, boots and sweater. There are some eye-popping outfits in that closet of yours, and this is the perfect time to rock one. Find something that matches your mood (more important than the weather, ‘cause you can always call a Lyft) and prepare to turn heads. Single? This transit may bring some sultry surprises, especially if you’re willing to make a first move. Couples are also encouraged to raid their closets and have a little fun with cosplay—or ANY kind of play that turns you both on!

Cupid’s arrows might hit their target on Sunday, when romantic Venus makes her annual foray into grounded Capricorn and your security-minded second house until March 1. The love goddess was strutting through your sign since January 7, which probably featured more than a few erotically tinged episodes. This next phase should bring you down to earth—at least for a few weeks—but you’ll actually enjoy being in a more settled groove. If you’re in a relationship, just getting one off the ground or are currently on a search mission, slow your roll and enjoy each moment, each lingering glance, every touch. This is a sensual cycle, and the true joy will be found in deep and intimate connection.


Loving where you live, Capricorn? If your home isn’t the peaceful oasis you crave, it’s on YOU to take action, this week. If you’ve been cruising along in “good enough” mode for a while, you may reach the end of your (long) rope on Friday, February 1. Provocateur Pluto in your sign is throwing major shade at irritable Mars in your domestic fourth house, making it hard to let things slide. But where to begin? Before you go off on anyone, think about what’s most upsetting to you, then prioritize your list of complaints. Is a roommate slacking on their chores or being messy, noisy or late with payments? If you live with your S.O., how’s the balance of power at home? It’s not “petty” to expect people to be respectful and carry their share of the load. But if you’ve been picking up someone else’s slack, they might assume you’re cool with it and that that’s the new status quo. Reach out today—keeping your own anger or resentment in check—and set up a time to talk things through. Get clear about what you’re proposing, where you’re willing to negotiate, and what will happen if things DON’T change. For your part: Try not to take things personally. This is also a good day to evaluate your most intimate relationships. Are you always the rock for everyone else while you forget to take care of Numero Uno? This transit reminds you to put yourself first. Under this activating Mars-Pluto mashup, you may realize you’re tired of always having to keep the peace. Call a time-out and do YOU for a change!

Saturday’s stars bring some relief as gracious Venus harmonizes with transformative Uranus in your nesting zone. Slide your feet into your bunny slippers, brew up a pot of spicy chai and take a few steps toward turning the Goat Palace into your private isle of calm. It’ll be easier to have “those talks” today since people will be more in sync. You might be inspired to make a quick run to IKEA or another home design store and make some easy but dramatic upgrades. If it’s finally feeling like YOUR home, share those cozy vibes with an intimate dinner party—or just light dozens of strategically placed tea candles and cook a special meal for one VIP guest. Companionship is NOT required, however. So if you simply want an excuse to catch up on your Netflix queue or book club reading, consider this your permission slip (if you even need one!).

You may not be alone for long, starting this Sunday, when charm magnet Venus exits your internal twelfth house and rockets into Capricorn until March 1. This should bring an uptick in your love life and, if you’re unattached, a flock of new admirers. Then again, you might prefer having the “pick of the litter” and not want to settle down until Venus moseys along in a few weeks. Even if you ARE coupled-up, a smidge of innocent flirting will be good for the ego. Just be sensitive to your mate’s feelings, and don’t get carried away with being adored. This Venusian cycle could inspire a style makeover: Something new and unexpected will be fun, but don’t go for anything TOO radical or permanent.


Loose lips can sink an armada on Friday, February 1, Water Bearer, so (try to) think before you blurt! But it may be hard with an anxiety-producing square between shadowy Pluto in your subterranean twelfth house squaring unbridled Mars. Amorphous (yet strong) feelings may be swirling around inside your psyche, but it’s hard for you to separate the strands. Are you: angry, jealous, feeling put upon—or left out? And who, exactly, is this directed at? If all this could just STAY in your head, it might be okay. Problem is, frothing Pluto is forming an exact tense angle to impulsive Mars in your communication center, laying an unfiltered pipeline from your brain to your mouth. This can cause you to come off aggressive, angry, sarcastic, passive-aggressive—or any combination thereof. Your cosmic mandate for the week? Get in touch with the feelings you’ve suppressed before they erupt and spew molten lava on the wrong people. Remember that cosmic rule: What you focus on expands. So as soon as you catch yourself veering into obsession or negativity, stop and redirect before it spins out of control. This is the same approach to breaking any addiction or bad habit. Luckily, you’ve got determination in spades!

Thanks to Saturday’s harmonious hookup of affable Venus and your ruler, community-minded Uranus, in your people houses, you’ll be a social magnet, drawing all types of folks your way. If you’ve been keeping a low (or lower-than-usual) profile lately, this one-day transit will yank you out of seclusion. Slip into something festive and start planning the activities and rounding up the tribe. Keep the guest list open: Once word gets out that Aquarius is waving the social director’s baton, everyone and their pet chiweenie will want to join in on the fun! You could pick up some eager adventurers along the way, but if you just need a day with your innermost circle, then don’t broadcast your whereabouts on social media. If it’s romance you’re seeking, keep your intentions light and playful. Venus in indie-spirited Sagittarius would rather flirt and sample from the buffet table than commit to one dish for life—right now. Take your time and enjoy the “tasting menu”!

Make hay while the sun shines (or the moon glows) because on Sunday, Venus exits that raucous eleventh house and lands in Capricorn and your twelfth house of dreams, intuition and fantasy. Part of you will be eager to climb back into bed while another part is open to experimentation and softening those hard-rock boundaries. One thing that’s sure to help is leading with your heart more than with your head. You can’t think your way to love, but you CAN feel it. Whether you’re single or attached, you’ll know exactly what you need on a deep emotional level if you quiet your mind and tune in. Venus in the twelfth house is also excellent for healing. If you’re dealing with any grief or disappointment, don’t push yourself to “get over it.” Be gentle and surround yourself with supportive friends until Venus wraps up this internally focused phase and zips into your sign on March 1!


If your network IS your net worth, Pisces, is your stock rising—or plummeting? The starmap of Friday, February 1, may have you questioning your innermost circle and how much value you’re deriving from certain people. Transformational Pluto in your social sector is making a rare but dramatic square with motivated Mars in trailblazing Aries. You often put your own needs second to others’, but whether you realize it or not, that leads to resentment, competitive feelings and sometimes even rage. That may sound a little intense for you, but if you allow yourself to really feel what you’re feeling about those fair-weather friends or colleagues, you’ll be eager to make some major shifts. You don’t have to actually DO anything—except step back and decide for yourself whether you’d benefit from a little “herd thinning.” Anyone who doesn’t out-and-out enhance your life is questionable. As for frenemies who put you down with subtle (or not-so-subtle) digs, start writing up those metaphoric pink slips now. And with Mars churning things up in your money house, look at how you share financial responsibilities with others. If things aren’t CLOSE to equitable, find a way to rebalance the scales. On the flip side, this little exercise may shine a light on people who are always there for you and often treat YOU to things. Think of ways you can show your appreciation, whether with a sweet little gift or a fancy lunch in the near future.

You may not shift immediately into high weekend gear on Saturday, Pisces: You’ve got more important things on your mind than where to brunch or which Oscar-nominated matinee to go to. With creative Venus in your ambitious career house sweetly synced up with game-changing Uranus in your money zone, you might be fine-tuning a project that will tick every button from “personally gratifying” to “profitable.” But this isn’t something you can dash off in half an hour and expect it to fly. Give this idea your undivided attention, logging out of all social sites and silencing your phone so you don’t get distracted. Once you get a little traction, you may be amazed at how much you can accomplish—and how brilliant a plan this is! And don’t think you have to come up with all the answers yourself. Turn to someone you trust 100 percent and who’s got experience in this arena and get their feedback. This might turn into a win-win collaboration!

Come Sunday, your mind is onto totally different things as ardent Venus leaves your work zone and marches into Capricorn and your enlightened eleventh house. Friends and social activities move up your priority list. You might feel ready to join a club or activist organization after getting to know some of the members. Romantically, this is a playful time for single and attached Fish. Couples will enjoy doing things with mutual friends or centering dates around challenging activities, like serious hiking or hard-core trivia nights. If you’re in the dating game, try some new sites or strategies for meeting more people. Keep expectations lower for first dates—even as you keep your own standards high! The eleventh house rules technology, and with sensual Venus here, you could finally swipe on someone with keeper potential.

Source: Astro Style