Your Weekly Horoscope Has Arrived – Slow Down & Re-Calibrate Your GPS

Galloping off to La La Land? Slow down there, sparkle ponies—and make sure you’ve got the GPS properly calibrated. Do you actually know where you’re going here? And have you considered all the potential pitfalls and repercussions that might come along with making such hasty moves? This Monday, November 19, impulsive Mars in Pisces locks into a challenging square (90-degree angle) with venturesome Jupiter in Sagittarius.

While this transit gets us fired up about our dreams, it can cast a rosy and optimistic glow over situations that might not be as “perfect” as they appear. Mars is traveling through Pisces from November 15 until New Year’s Eve, making us all hopelessly romantic and loose with our boundaries. And with Jupiter racing through its home sign of impulsive Sagittarius, we are prone to putting the cart before the horse. Rushing into anything, from a relationship to a creative collaboration, could leave people feeling trapped—or worse, tangled up in unexpected legalities. This is not the time to skip any important steps, such as negotiating deals with a lawyer and drafting up legit contracts. Moreover, Mercury is retrograde until December 6, cautioning us all to take our time and iron out every last detail before signing on any dotted lines. Slowing down might be painful, but remember, this doesn’t mean slamming on the brakes. Just pause to assess your trajectory and the Mars-Jupiter square won’t be a buzzkill. After all, if it’s meant to be a happily-ever-after thing, what’s the harm in easing in at a sane and sensible pace?

Sagittarius season begins this Thursday, November 22, as the Sun leaves Scorpio’s “focus mode” and switches the global viewfinder to a wide-angle lens. Have you been hibernating alone or with a sexy plus-one for the past month? Come out, come out wherever you are! And when you do, buy yourself a bus ticket, overseas flight or a tank of gas for a road trip. “Anywhere but home” always seems like the ideal destination between now and December 21—especially since Jupiter the Journeyer is co-piloting through Sagittarius for the entire four-week solar cycle. When at home, open the doors to out-of-town guests and a diversified friend group. ‘Tis the astrological season for mingling multi-culturally! Entrepreneurs, media makers and teachers will also be blessed by the Archer’s influence. Get rolling on that holiday side hustle, and you might be able to upgrade to first class or a five-star hotel when you jet off on your next vacation.

Black Friday dovetails with 2018’s only full moon in Gemini, the zodiac’s trend-loving twin. Waking up early for those doorbuster deals will be a thousand times more entertaining if you rally a friend who shares your style sensibilities. But DO make a budget and think about carrying cash instead of using cards and Venmo for every purchase. Retail therapy urges won’t be easy to manage, and you could end up going home with a non-refundable treasure that you already have in a similar color and style. Under the “twinning” influence of these moonbeams, kindred spirits could find each other! Although these connections may be more along the platonic variety (think: bandmates, screenwriting partners, festival buddies), who says love can’t spring forth from the friend zone? Frequenting local venues could spark synergies this weekend, too. And with enchanting, intuitive Neptune pulling out of a five-month retrograde in Pisces, the creative and spiritual scenes could be teeming with possibilities. Go check out a band that’s been getting buzz or wander around a neighborhood art walk. This high-vibe transit could clang the metaphoric gong, drawing the soulful seekers to a sound bath, sober dance party or posture workshop at a gorgeous yoga studio. Entertainment comes in all forms!


No one’s the boss of you, Aries, but have you basically granted someone guru status in your eyes? There’s nothing wrong with following a wise teacher’s ideology. Just make sure you’re also doing comparative research and always, always thinking for yourself! With your ruler, fast-moving Mars, in a complicated formation with philosophical Jupiter this Monday, November 19, you could take an oversized swig of someone else’s Kool-Aid. Try not to swallow it! The downside of hoisting mere humans onto pedestals, Aries, is that they will invariably fall from grace. Guard against any power imbalances and keep a healthy sense of autonomy in everything that you do. If anyone demands (or hints at) the idea of you submitting, surrendering, or any other behavior beginning with the prefix “sub-” consider it a major red flag. (Unless, of course, you’re willingly role-playing for thrills…) The same holds true with friends. Maybe you’ve started to feel responsible for other people’s moods or got seduced by the idea of rescuing them. Reclaim your space and put the ball back in their court!

Get ready for some game-changing life events on Thursday, when the radiant Sun quits Scorpio and grooves into freewheeling Sagittarius, your ninth house of travel, study and entrepreneurship, until December 21. During this four-week period, you’ll have cosmic support for launching a business (or being more “intrapreneurial” at your job), taking a big trip or expanding your mind in other ways, perhaps with a workshop. You could get away BEFORE the holiday rush and be back in time to celebrate with family and close friends. Alongside chatty Mercury and larger-than-life Jupiter, the Sun will bless you with charisma and the gift of gab for the coming four weeks. Got a message to deliver? Grab the bullhorn! But give your speech a careful listen before you start delivering it. The ninth house rules candor, and not everyone can handle the unvarnished truth. Find a way to soften the rough edges and make your medicine go down like honey.

It’s going to be tough to bite your tongue on Friday, however, as the full moon in Gemini activates your third house of communication. If you just can’t help but approach THAT subject, start the discussion with an open-ended question. For example, “How do you feel about this idea?” or “Did you have any thoughts about how much we should spend on gifts for everyone?” Drop all assumptions, Aries, because people’s responses may surprise you…pleasantly! If you’ve been casually collaborating with a talented cohort, the two of you may formalize your alliance in a written deal. Bear in mind that Mercury is retrograde until December 6, so if you’re going to draft any contracts, try to wait until AFTER then to sign on the dotted line. In the meanwhile, speculate, negotiate and figure out what a win-win would look like for each of you.

On Saturday, when intuitive Neptune pivots out of a five month retrograde, you’ll be able to read any room like a superhero, and figure out how best to approach people. This compassionate cosmic boost could point you to a holiday charity where your leadership or fundraising skills may be put to incredible use. Dreaming of a meditation retreat or some solitary beach time? During your weekend lounging, start pricing out cabanas and researching destinations that are off the average tourist’s path. Pay special attention to your dreams! Not only will they be vivid near Saturday, but they could contain an important message from deep within your subconscious well!


To trust or not to trust? Guard your precious secrets with care near Monday, November 19, as molten Mars and big-mouthed Jupiter cross wires, throwing off your intuition. Even if you think you’ve just met a kindred spirit or your future spouse, don’t be too quick to cart out every issue from your past—especially the ones you haven’t full processed yet. Unless people have earned their loyalty points with you, it’s probably best to reveal your skeletons slowly and organically. (As in, “I’ll show you one of mine, then you show me one of yours.”) First impressions tend to stick around for a lifetime, and it’s common sense to lead with your winning foot. Once you establish yourself as the credible and together person, your messier parts become adorable and endearing. (Not OMG or “hot mess.”) Head’s up: A connection that starts out as an instant lovefest early this week might not go further than the superficial, which can be disappointing. But don’t waste time trying to turn it into something it’s not, Taurus. Under this fast-moving cosmic current, someone even better could be one conversation (or right swipe) away.

On Thursday, the Sun burrows in Sagittarius and your intense eighth house for a month, joining philosophical Jupiter and Mercury retrograde there. Take a moment to reflect on how balanced your closest relationships are. Are you both happy, or is there unspoken tension simmering beneath the surface? Between now and December 21, you may need to discuss some buried issues that keep resurfacing. But under the influence of this candid cosmic trio, there’ll be no room for grey when it comes to commitment. With this seductive solar flare firing up your libido, your inner minx might rise up like awakened kundalini energy—but so, too, will your need for unwavering security. If your mojo has been in slow-mo, do what it takes to flip on your erotic switch. For starters, make beauty rest a priority. Then, try ANY kind of movement, especially if you’ve been sedentary. Go for daily walks or take just one dance-based cardio or yoga class. Getting back into your skin will feel so great, it’s bound to be habit-forming. If you’re on the fence about a romantic prospect, this Sagittarius cycle will send down clarifying beams. Single? Pay attention to who crosses your path over the next four weeks. An intriguing stranger may become an important figure in your life—a “winter warmer,” if you will. This is a prosperity cycle, too. Rather than slogging through the 9-5 grind, keep your antennae up for passive income opportunities, such as investing in rental property, developing a product that pays your royalties or selling other people’s goods for a percentage of profits.

Friday’s full moon in Gemini and your second house of finances could usher in a windfall over the next couple weeks. To lock down that holiday bonus, make sure the powers-that-be are aware of your contributions! Seize any opportunity possible for one-on-on time with the execs. While you’re helping to collate handouts or driving together to a pitch meeting, you can smoothly mention your greatest hits of 2018. Of course, there are other ways to network besides the obvious ones. Saturday might bring a fateful connection while you’re out mixing and mingling, thanks to soothsayer Neptune ending a five-month retrograde in your communal eleventh house. Skip the gritty dive bars and plant yourself among a high-vibe tribe. Your future investor, dream client or romantic interest may be meditating beside you in that sound bath or handing out coats at a charity drive.


You have a vision, Gemini—and no one’s going to stop you from bringing it to life! But early this week, a testy square between make-it-happen Mars and accelerator Jupiter could make you so overzealous that you wind up alienating your supporters. Mars is cruising through Pisces and your tenth house of career, bringing energy (and maybe some additional stress) to your professional life from November 15 to December 31. With Jupiter in your relationship zone, you’ll get a very sign-appropriate reminder that building strong relationships is the fastest route to the top. So, take a breath, Twin. Are you rushing to the finish line or pressuring people to move according to YOUR intense timeline? If you don’t take time to work your craft masterfully, you could wind up with a sub-par outcome, or worse, a mutinous crew! Is there already discord on the Gemini frontier? Early this week, call a summit and solicit people’s input. Listen to their concerns and make sure to address the ones that are legitimate. Avoid making unilateral decisions or going rogue out of frustration. Taming your impatience might be the biggest challenge of all. The silver lining? If you give people a chance to step forward and offer solutions, they might impress you with something beyond your wildest imagination.

Opposites attract beginning this Thursday, as the Sun sails into Sagittarius—your complementary cosmic force—until December 21. This four-week cycle will make you feel like a magnet. Watch as you attract and repel people in equal measure! The ones who are able to stay in your force field are the true keepers. Since Sagittarius rules your seventh house of committed relationships, you may feel VERY clear about a certain someone’s role in your life (romantically, financially or otherwise). This year, truth-bearer Jupiter will also accompany el Sol through Sagittarius, reminding you to trust your knowing feelings about people. The red-spotted planet’s worldly influence could also draw a cross-cultural attraction or a fruitful long-distance connection. Mercury is also in Sagittarius, and retrograde until December 6. Someone from your past could vie for a comeback role in your life. Even if you feel they are worthy of a second chance, greet them with cautious optimism. Make sure they’ve done (and are continuing to do) the required inner work to change any destructive habits that drove you apart last time. That said, Gemini, if you’ve consistently settled for folks who don’t measure up (this one being no exception), expansive, independent Jupiter reminds you that it’s better to have no one than the wrong one. Keep that vacancy sign lit for someone who will love you like you deserve!

On Friday, 2018’s only full moon in Gemini calls for a temporary time out from anything couple-y. With la luna putting your personal passions in the spotlight, this is your time to shine each year—and jailbreak from situations that are clipping your wings. A prestigious opportunity could vault you up the ladder of success in the two weeks that follow. Polish up your presentation materials so you’re ready to promote—or perform—at a moment’s notice! Socialize strategically this weekend. With soothsayer Neptune reversing out of a five-month retrograde in your career zone, your charming personality may walk you right through opportunity’s doors. Dress to impress and bring all the sparkling wit you can muster. You never know who you’ll meet while you’re mingling at a weekend Friendsgiving party or even challenge to a dance-off at the club! Playfulness and humor might pave the way for something much bigger, Gemini.


There’s always more to learn, Cancer. This Monday, November 19, know-it-all Jupiter will crash into a challenging square with impetuous Mars, which could make you a tad overconfident. Before you (over)state your position, make sure you REALLY know what you’re talking about. Review and research—and use credible sources for your fact-finding missions. Under this impulsive transit you could be swept along by the latest “guru’s” compelling—yet unsubstantiated—claims. People who speak with confident authority don’t always know what the heck they’re talking about. With Jupiter in your wellness sector, be especially circumspect when it comes to diet, medical and exercise advice. Avoid any faddish or “extreme” programs, which might bring temporary results but could be difficult to maintain in the long run. Sure, there’s a pill for everything, Cancer. But if you think you need one, go to a real doctor instead of self-diagnosing with Dr. Google or your friend who is the queen of supplements.

Indulging in things that taste good or feel good—at least in the moment—can be a vice for your sensual sign. And this time of year sure is filled with temptation. Nevertheless, you can steel your resolve and make healthier choices starting Thursday, November 22, as the life-giving Sun beams into Sagittarius and sets your wellness zone ablaze. This annual solar cycle might SEEM inconvenient, but it’s a blessing in disguise. Let “responsible indulgence” be your guiding principle between now and December 21. We’d never advise you to miss out on the treats of the season. But falling into nightly food comas and waking up with a hangover every morning? That’s no fun either. Sip slowly and savor every bite. And hey, why not swap out sugar for maple syrup or honey in some of those recipes—and try almond flour instead of bleached white? Eat at regular intervals to zap sugar cravings and keep yourself warm with regular exercise. With sporty Jupiter accompanying the Sun in Sagittarius this year, your fitness mojo could make a serious comeback! Who says you can’t get obsessed with a new workout modality at the end of the year? Work will be busier than ever, so be prepared to juggle…and delegate! If you start to drown in responsibility, don’t just keep on pushing. This is your cue to find qualified support and outsource certain aspects of your job. It takes money to make money, Cancer, but the time you free up will allow you to focus on more profitable tasks.

Or maybe it’s time to let go of certain things altogether? On Friday, the full moon in Gemini lights up your twelfth house of transitions. Under this clarifying lunar light, you may realize that you’ve been hanging on to certain relationships or obligations that just aren’t giving you life. Once you make up your mind to say goodbye, we’re betting you’ll feel more excited than you do scared or sad. After all, closing this door frees up space for something new and more fitting to flow in! And with nomadic Neptune snapping out of a five-month retrograde in your travel zone on Saturday, a change of scenery can get your engines purring. Start speculating about your next big trip, even if you’re just putting the first payment down for a February yoga retreat or a spot in a friend’s NYE Airbnb rental! The only caveat: Mercury is retrograde until December 6, so if this fee is non-refundable, bookmark the page and then firm up all the particulars, like getting the time off from work and locking down a dogsitter for the dates that you’re away!


Intensity alert! Your feelings could range from powerful to overwhelming near Monday, November 19, as firebrand Mars in your possessive eighth house bangs up against accelerator Jupiter in your passionate fifth. You would do anything for love right now—yes, even THAT. But whoa, Leo! Have you considered the long-range impact your actions may have? Well, given the “need, want, have” energy of Mars and Jupiter, probably not. Conversely, if someone’s pushed your buttons, you could retaliate by hitting below the belt. Ouch! But should you catch yourself getting swept up in the moment at the expense of your own stability, hit the brakes. Loving other people doesn’t mean losing sight of your own center. Maintain your sense of balance, which might mean practicing extreme self control. In those moments where you desperately want to text THAT person—or start a fight—withhold. These are, in fact, the very times you need to tune in to your own life. Romantic fantasy (or even personal drama) may simply be a distraction from your creative work. And on that note, listen for the muse! All those swirling feels are the perfect fodder for your magnum opus.

On Thursday, your galactic guardian, the beaming Sun, alights in fellow fire sign Sagittarius and your festive, flamboyant, romantic fifth house. All the world’s your glitz pageant until December 21. And hello, romantic renaissance! Where Cupid is concerned, this four-week phase is a bright spot on your 2018 calendar. With dashing, larger-than-live Jupiter accompanying the Sun on this journey, you could truly take a chance on romance in that “go big or go home” kinda way. Or thanks to Jupiter’s worldly influence, make that, “Go big or go to Tulum, Telluride or Tokyo for the trip of a lifetime.” Happily coupled Leos should do what you can to get some pre-holiday vacationing on the books, even if it’s just a sexy weekend in an Airbnb within driving distance. Whatever your status, your groove is coming back with a vengeance. Don ye now your glam apparel! Just in time for the spate of holiday soirees, this solar flare brings out the fashionista in you. Pull those party frocks to the front of your closet. Changing up your mane could revolutionize your look, too, but start with a Pinterest “lookbook” and wait until Mercury spins out of retrograde on December 6 before making any drastic updates. With your fame zone lit, your inner performer and selfie superstar takes the wheel. Post December 6 is also the perfect time to book a photo shoot or a session with a branding specialist to take your image to the next level!

On Friday, the annual full moon in Gemini logs in to your eleventh house of collaboration and technology. It may be time for some end-of-year housecleaning, to prune some dead weight from your friend lists. (Uh, who IS that person who keeps filling your Timeline with corny memes?) During this trimming process, you may also unearth a few beautiful faces; people with whom you’d love to reconnect. No time like the present to reach out and maybe even meet for a drink before the week is through. If you’ve been prowling like a solo lion, this full moon could connect you to people worthy of inviting into your pride. Mix and mingle! You could find some soul squad recruits at holiday soirees or in one of the online groups you participate in. And don’t overlook your innermost circle. With divinely inspired Neptune ending a five-month retrograde in the most intimate sector of your chart, collaborating with a roomie, relative or even your romantic partner may bring an unexpected victory to close out 2018.


Keep the SCUBA gear handy, Virgo. You could plunge into deep waters this Monday, November 19, as turbulent Mars in your relationship zone locks horns with magnifier Jupiter in your house of personal affairs. A feisty family member could push you to your limit with their aggressive behavior, while in love, you could make mountains out of every molehill. Whatever the case, your sensitive streak will flare—and that’s not always when you do your clearest thinking. You might even find it hard to breathe around certain people who have been elbowing their way into your personal (and private!) space. Set boundaries and be vigilant about enforcing them, even if people try to sweet talk or cajole you. Once you’re in a calm, centered state (later this week), you can address the unworkable dynamic between you. The silver lining of this square is that it will buoy your confidence—especially if you need to stand up to someone who has a strong personality!

On Thursday, it’s time to “relax, relate and retreat,” as the Sun decamps to Sagittarius and your domestic fourth house. This family-friendly cycle, which lasts until December 21, will activate your nesting instincts and even send you into early hibernation. In between power naps (and food comas), you may feel like tackling a household project or renovation. Not that you need an excuse to start another Pinterest board, but…go! If you’re in the market for a move, redouble your efforts. You could find the perfect place to hang your fedora before 2018 is through. Already hunkered down in a nest that’s blessed? Chateau Virgo may become the hub of social activity over the coming four weeks. With worldly Jupiter and sentimental Mercury retrograde traveling alongside the Sun this year, you’d have a blast hosting old friends or favorite relatives from afar (or abroad). If nothing else, hop on WhatsApp and get back in touch, then see what adventures emerge from the conversation. Beyond trading recipes, you might even set up a NYE house-swap or start planning to meet somewhere warm and tropical for spring break.

If you’re ready for a career coup, your hard work could really pay off under the glow of Friday’s full moon in Gemini and your tenth house of success. Finally! That goal you’ve been striving for all year is within your reach—and you might knock it out of the park within the coming two weeks. Spare no midnight oil: Important eyes are watching and your dedication will impress them. Strategic socializing could also bring an unanticipated Q4 victory. Show up to those holiday parties, smile beaming, and chat up the influencers in the room. Weekend socializing could also yield an unexpected connection as enchanting Neptune ends its five-month retrograde in your partnership house. Whether for business or pleasure, you’ll feel an effortless click with this prospective soul friend (or soul mate). Set up a power lunch or a coffee date and see what the potential holds!


Helpful hints…or a hit below the belt? Hold your fire before you unleash a round of tough love this Monday, November 19—especially if you’re giving a “peer review” to a sibling, coworker or close friend. With a dynamic Mars-Jupiter square, you see EXACTLY how their troubles could be remedied. (Why it isn’t obvious to them is the real head scratcher!) But until people are actually ready to hear your wise words, delivering advice could land as insulting. Try to keep some of your stronger opinions under wraps until you’re asked for them. Or, if you feel you must share, ask people if you can offer them some insight before you volunteer said words of wisdom. Getting their permission first should make them more receptive to your feedback. Now, Libra, here’s the REAL question: Why are you so wrapped up in other people’s affairs? Perhaps you’re covertly avoiding an intimidating goal of your own. Instead of playing life coach, book a session with a certified one yourself. Or sit down with an experienced friend and map out some action steps for your dreams. With someone to hold your hand and keep you accountable, you might make huge strides towards a personal milestone—a far more rewarding way to expend your energy.

On Thursday, the Sun beams into Sagittarius and your garrulous third house, coaxing your inner social butterfly to come fluttering out of its cocoon. If you’ve got places to be and people to meet, keep an eye on your watch while you’re chatting up strangers—you could easily lose track of time and leave your tried-and-true crew in the lurch. Action heats up on the neighborhood scene between now and December 21, but that doesn’t mean you should tuck away with all the local yokels. With worldly Jupiter co-piloting through Sagittarius, find out where the tourists and expats are mingling and jingling. “Going global” with your social circle could be your ticket to fun winter travel to visit all these newfound friends. Don’t just zone out in a podcast while you’re walking around your ’hood. Pay attention to the flyers posted on telephone poles and bulletin boards. Make a point of popping into new studios, cafes and restaurants that have cropped up—as well as ones that have been there all along but that you’re just noticing for the first time. Opportunity could lie behind their doors. Do you have designs on starting a business in your zip code or collaborating with a neighborhood haunt to cohost a seasonal event? Carpe diem, Libra. This is how beautiful partnerships get started.

Friday’s full moon in Gemini—the only one of 2018—illuminates your ninth house of travel, adventure and entrepreneurial ventures. The energy is electric and spontaneous, so be ready for anything! An opportunity to jump on a plane could come out of the blue over the next two weeks, and if everything checks out despite Mercury being retrograde until December 6 (reputable accommodations, time off work), pack your suitcase and go! Even if you’re not bathing in a waterfall in Kauai, you can have some titillating escapades closer to home. A weekend getaway, even just a one-day road trip, will do wonders to revive your soul. Or maybe commit to your winter vacay by making a down payment on a retreat that’s scheduled a few months from now. Creative ways to finance this trip might emerge all weekend, thanks to Neptune’s positive pivot in your money houses (translation: the end of a five-month retrograde). Could a friend use help with her holiday side-hustle? Hello, extra cash. Or, work the barter system. How about an apartment swap for New Year’s Eve or offering yourself up as a T.A. at a retreat your friend is leading in exchange for room and board? A little out-of-the-box thinking can bring an “impossible” dream to life.


So…many…beautiful…things! This Monday, November 19, your eye for aesthetics will do battle with your sensible spending strategies. And forget about relying on impulse control. Impetuous Mars gets in a tangled angle with Jupiter the gambler. Before you know it, money could sear a hole in your silk-lined pocket. There’s nothing wrong with coveting beautiful objects, art and a winter wardrobe that would make a style blogger swoon. But first, start a Pinterest board and spec out a budget…before you blow the rent check on a couture “treasure” that you don’t actually need. Of course, if you’re one of the thriftier Scorpios out there who has had your wallet in a vice grip, this transit might actually be helpful. For one thing, you need to enjoy some of that paper you work so hard to earn. And don’t forget that it takes money to make money. How about investing in digital equipment, coaching or a specialized training that can help you grow your fortune?

Scorpio season comes to an end this Thursday as the Sun shines its beams into Sagittarius and your second house of financial foundations and practical planning until December 21. While you’ll miss the cake and champagne, this shift might actually be something to be thankful for. With enterprising Jupiter joining the Sun for the coming four weeks, you have the exciting opportunity to turn some of your brilliant visions (the ones that came to you since October 23) into tangible realities. Pop on the project manager’s beret and start crunching numbers, mapping out timelines and figuring out exactly how much people power you’ll need to pull off your schemes. Once you have a real deal plan in place, you’ll feel more confident moving forward. But not at a supersonic pace! The next four weeks should be as sensual as they are sensible. Take time to stop and smell the roses in between ticking off boxes on your notebook app. And enjoy a bit more luxury within your means. While you don’t want to overspend on status symbols, could you upgrade to something nicer and better made here and there?

Friday marks the year’s only full moon in Gemini and your erotic eighth house. No need to plant yourself under the low-hanging mistletoe. In fact, an ideal romantic situation could emerge this weekend as dreamy Neptune resumes forward motion in your romance house. Why NOT aim for exactly what (and who) you’re into? And don’t be shy about verbalizing your criteria. It’s like handing a love interest the magic decoder ring to your heart. (Much more rewarding than dropping hints and hoping they’ll catch on.) Coupled Scorpios could soon cement their bond in a more permanent way. Dare to get vulnerable and share your vision of love with your S.O. Could be they’ve wanted the same thing for a while now, but simply couldn’t get past YOUR veil of secrecy. Financially, this full moon could bring a lovely windfall for Scorpios who have been working hard since May. Within two weeks of Friday, you may get good news about your bonus or meet a prospective investor or buyer for a deal you’re putting together.


Vivacious Sagittarius, trading witty banter with strangers (and even the assorted “randos” of the world), could very well be your favorite brand of entertainment. When you turn on your megawatt charm, people instantaneously warm to you. But does that mean they deserve an all access pass to your inner circle? Um, no. But on Monday when rapid-fire Mars and your ruling planet, limitless Jupiter, lock into a challenging square (90-degree angle) you may have to set some clearer boundaries. Don’t get mad at people for “invading your space”—just speak up. If you’ve been lax or overly giving, you can’t fault people for thinking you’d be cool with their nervy behavior. Hey, they were just making themselves at home. And while you like to be generous, you may be verging into people-pleasing terrain. Tune in: Do certain people leave you feeling obligated in some way as if you owe them? These entitled narcissists may not belong on Team Sagittarius. But if they happen to be close friends or family, start dealing with them a lot more strictly. Otherwise, they could trample you with their demands.

Asserting yourself will become a whole lot easier starting this Thursday, November 22, as the Sun blasts into your sign for four weeks and gets the Sagittarius party started. This will be an extra special birthday season for you, as your galactic guardian Jupiter is co-piloting through Sagittarius (from November 8, 2018, until December 2, 2019), expanding the Sun’s generous gifts. You’ll feel lighter, freer and ready to take on daring new adventures. Your independent spirit is back at the helm: Back away, energy vampires! The ground is fertile for your big ideas to sprout, so start pitching them to people who can help you take them to the next level. You might even team up with an influencer or someone far more established who can take your vision and run with it. Fasten your seatbelt! Even though Mercury is retrograde in your sign until December 6, your sales pitches will be golden, which means new developments could take off at a galloping pace. Funders may pop up to invest in your ideas, or you could travel (often) to expand your reach. That makes this an imperative time to get your support system in place, from a lawyer who can review contracts to coaches and advisers who can prevent you from racing into a raw deal or giving away the milk for free!

On Thursday, the full moon in Gemini illuminates your partnership house and brings yet another seal-the-deal vibe to the week. This lunar lift in your seventh house of commitments could turn a Sagittarius solo-act into a dynamic duet over the coming two weeks. Coupled Archers may take a bold step together or mutually agree to devote more energy to date nights and other relationship-fueling activities. But with Mercury retrograde, you’ll want to think carefully before you peg anyone as partnership material. The duplicity of the Gemini full moon alone can deliver a contradictory character—someone whose motives you can’t quite see right off the bat. When it comes to new people, give yourself until at least December 6 to do your due diligence, even waiting until 2019, if possible, to make any long-lasting decisions. With intuitive Neptune snapping out of a five-month retrograde on Saturday, you’ll feel your Spidey senses tingling again. Even if something (or someone) looks good in print, how do they FEEL to you? If your heart doesn’t open and your spirit doesn’t feel lighter, this is cause to pause. Perhaps it’s only fear that’s standing in the way. But you owe it to yourself to unpack your hesitation and ask every question on your mind in order to have those feelings assuaged.


Loose lips sink ships, Capricorn! Your ultra-professional sign usually lives by this law. But on Monday, November 19, discretion may go out the window as unfiltered Jupiter gets into a tangled angle with brash Mars. The lure of the latest gossip will be hard to resist, especially if you already have beef with a certain someone. But joining into a group rant may be your undoing. The walls have ears—and it’s tricky to tell what side people are actually on. Vent to trusted confidantes only. Or, if you feel you could actually reason with the offending party, schedule time for a heart to heart. Just remember that discussions like these should be a two-way exchange. Before you unleash a litany of complaints, take a look at how you may have participated in the meltdown—even by being too nice when you should have set a boundary!

On Thursday, the Sun darts into Sagittarius and your twelfth house of transitions and release, joining high-vibe Jupiter there until December 21. This four-week cycle is an ideal time for letting go of anything that’s been holding you back. But fighting it won’t work; this step is more about surrendering. This is the final phase of your annual solar cycle (the month before your birthday), a time for taking stock of your life. What do you want to call in during this next year, and what do you need to release to get there? Downsizing and decluttering will become priorities. You won’t have your usual get-up-and-go energy, so don’t push yourself too hard. In fact, this is an optimal window to slip off on a spa weekend or a pre-holiday trip to a sunny beach resort. Some Capricorns may have a loss or disappointment to grieve. Instead of squaring your shoulders and facing it alone, swaddle yourself in support. You could come across an amazing group of healers, from shamans and holistic practitioners to therapists and doctors who practice “functional medicine” that’s a blend of traditional and naturopathic modalities. With Mercury retrograde in Sagittarius until December 6, pay attention to your “inner dialogue.” Those unprocessed thoughts swirling in your head can impact you more than you realize. This is a great time to begin (or deepen) a meditation practice or journal to become aware of that “monkey mind” chatter. Watch for seeds of creative genius. Who knows? You might just land on the perfect storyline for a sellable screenplay while you’re free-writing about your Daddy issues.

With Friday’s efficiency-boosting full moon in Gemini and your work and wellness sector, you might stave off the retail therapy and snag a deal at a fitness studio located within walking distance of your office. Even if your attendance is somewhat sporadic until early 2019, this lunar lift is calling you to commit to taking great care of yourself. Add healthy fare to your plate—even if you wind up nibbling on the homemade fudge and gingerbread cookies after your kale Caesar lunch. Schedule some bodywork and load up on vitamin C and other immunity-supporting supplements to keep winter colds at bay. It can help to get your community engaged on this salubrious quest, especially as enchanting Neptune wraps up a five month retrograde and powers forward through your communal eleventh house on Saturday. Teamwork makes the wellness dream work. For example, you could make a pact to serve healthier treats made with dark chocolate and natural sweeteners. Or, rally fitness-minded friends for movement-based socializing during the holiday season. Why can’t you meet for spin class BEFORE hitting the martini bar? You’ll reduce seasonal stress and ignite your lit-from-within glow—always a plus when the mistletoe is hanging!


Too many cooks in the kitchen? Uh-oh. Your efforts to be “collaborative” could hit a snag near this Monday, November 19, as firebrand Mars in your stubborn second house clashes with outspoken Jupiter in your community-minded eleventh. You have a vision, Water Bearer, and a damn fine one at that. But as it turns out, so does everyone else on your team (or holiday guest list). Before you adopt a defensive posture, listen to what they have to say. This is not about bending over backwards or compromising just to keep the peace—that would be a mistake. But someone may offer a more innovative way of doing things that actually saves you time. Or, if you’ve veered too far from convention, one of the engineers in your crew could remind you of the importance (and safety) of doing certain things by the books. It’s all about balance, so whatever compromise you strike, make sure it has a healthy mix of experimentation AND workability.

You’ll be ready to let your hair down again this Thursday, as the Sun bursts into Sagittarius and sets off one of your favorite zodiac seasons of the year. Sagittarius is the ruler of your eleventh house of community, social activism and technology—all things a Water Bearer loves. And since the eleventh house has a similar vibe to Aquarius (you’re the eleventh sign), expect to feel fully in your element between now and December 21. Instead of socializing strategically every time you go out, don ye now that gay apparel and indulge in some agenda-free mingling. By default, you’ll probably make some important connections while you’re out decking the halls. Just don’t make that your primary purpose. Instead, have fun for fun’s sake and let your authentic personality shine. Isn’t that when the best connections are formed anyway? With so many people vying for your attention, you could exhaust yourself trying to schedule one-on-ones. Reserve those individual “appointments” for your BFFs and S.O. and loop everyone else into a group hang. With your wildly diverse friend set, these get-togethers could make for some fascinating social experimentation. But hey, Aquarius, that’s also part of the fun. Get ready: Your jaw might hit the ground when you see who clicks with who!

On Friday, the year’s only full moon in Gemini starts a flash mob in your festive, flamboyant and flirtatious fifth house. This alone should kick your seasonal celebrations into high gear, Aquarius. The two weeks following this full moon could find you all dressed up and in the spotlight—on a dream date or your own blog or YouTube channel. Do you need to promote any end-of-year achievements? Unleash the PR campaign, but spell out the benefits to your audience instead of just going for the applause.

If you’ve been undercharging for your talents or spending more than you should, the tide turns on Saturday when foggy Neptune ends a muddling retrograde in your money zone that began five months ago. You’re a magnanimous soul, Aquarius, but someone in your life has been taking advantage of your generosity. It’s not your job to play 24/7 Santa to people who play to your emotions or guilt trip you. (No, not even if you gave birth to them yourself!) Set healthy boundaries and reconfigure your budget. ‘Tis the season for gifting, but that doesn’t mean you have to upend your savings plan in the process.


Rome wasn’t built in a day, Pisces, but early this week, you’ll be hell bent on laying the marble and retrofitting those Doric columns. With go-getter Mars in Pisces from November 15 until New Year’s Eve, we can’t blame you for being so motivated with your end-of-year goals. But are you biting off more than you can chew? This Monday, November 19, over-the-top Jupiter will lock into a challenging square (90-degree angle) with Mars, revealing the dangers of excess. Slow down a little and consider streamlining your massive mission—or at least, breaking it down into manageable phases. That way, you can actually enjoy the process of achievement and, better yet, allow your creative side to have a say in the outcome! If you overpromised, don’t leave the “under delivering” part up to chance. Let people know that you need to regroup and set more realistic milestones. With honest communication, you won’t lose their trust.

But come Thursday, it’s time to get your power outfits back from the dry cleaner. A month-long solar power surge begins as the Sun blasts into Sagittarius and your tenth house of professional ambition and success until December 21. The holly jolly holiday season offers the perfect excuse to take clients and colleagues out for drinks or a concert to nurture those key business relationships. Don’t say no to ANY important industry invitations, even if you’d rather be lounging by a roaring fireplace with a glass of brandied eggnog in hand. With lucky Jupiter co-piloting through Sagittarius for the Sun’s entire journey, all your efforts will be “pitch perfect.” Be bold and you’ll close the deal or smooth-talk your way into a well-deserved project or promotion…or something even bigger than you could imagine. You might make THE business contact of the year while out feting the season, or since Mercury is retrograde until December 6, reconnect to someone with whom you had a successful win in the past. Either way, it turns out it’s a lot easier to steal face time with the CEO in a festive environment than it is to snag an appointment through their secretary.

On Friday, the only Gemini full moon of the year shines a light in your domesticity corner. Are you 100 percent happy at the Pisces Palace? If it doesn’t feel like YOUR oasis, look around and decide what changes you can make that would do the trick. Deep-cleaning and decluttering might not be enough. With your ruling planet, soulful Neptune, snapping out of retrograde on Saturday, you may need to add more sacred elements to your space. With Neptune out of hiding, you’ll have no problem putting your “woo” side on display once again. Set up an altar in every room, line the mantel with your crystal collection, leave a tarot deck on the coffee table. You might even study some Feng Shui principles and rearrange rooms for more auspicious flow. Do you have a private space in which to meditate, journal and dream? Fluff it up with pillows, colored lights, and most importantly, great speakers (or headphones) to help your music-loving sign transport away with the help of one of your dreamiest playlists.

Source: Astrostyle