Your Weekly Horoscope Has Arrived & It’s Time To Keep It Real

What’s a mirage and what’s material truth? This Tuesday’s quarter moon shines its balancing beams into Sagittarius, the zodiac’s authenticity cop. The good news is that you can stop strategizing (or thinking that you have to be The Great and Powerful Oz) and just keep it real. You might even pull back the curtain on one of your own secrets, either sharing your formula for success or revealing one of your harder-won lessons. But if you’ve been trying to “compensate” for a mistake that’s been keeping you awake at night, look out!

Against your will, these moonbeams could break the news like the planetary paparazzi. A wise move? Get ahead of the story by spilling the beans yourself. Even if the confession feels excruciating in the moment, you know what they say—the truth will set you free. Of course, there IS such a thing as TMH (Too Much Honesty). You might spare people a few of the sordid details and paint in broader brushstrokes. This will give people a chance to process any initial shock or upset without having to picture every agonizing play by play.

Since Sagittarius is the sign of broader horizons, this quarter moon could bring the nudge you need to sign up for that life-changing travel experience (especially before next Tuesday, March 5, when Mercury turns retrograde!) or enroll in advanced training. Since this is a moderate quarter moon, your journey doesn’t have to involve a 30-hour flight or a university degree. Think: four-day weekends and six weekly workshops, either IRL or perhaps a game-changing webinar.

On Friday, March 1, invite some levity into your love life, as pleasure-principled Venus zips into quirky, mischievous Aquarius until March 26. Time to bring some fun and games back into Cupid’s complex equation. Since February 3, Venus has been hunkered down in serious Capricorn, putting the focus on those long-term #RelationshipGoals. And while this has certainly been a bonding agent for the built-to-last twosomes out there, matters of the heart may be feeling a bit heavy.

Venus in Capricorn loves a power couple but some of us may have grown overly fixated on appearances, worrying more about keeping up with the Kardashian-Wests and less about pleasing each other behind closed doors. With Venus in Aquarius, the pleasure principle is restored and might even find you making out like a rebellious teenager on the city streets! (Get a room! …Or don’t?) Renegade Aquarius is all about free love so if there were ever a time to experiment with those edgier fantasies, circle March 1 to 26 in hot pink ink—WITH the proviso that Mercury will be retrograde from March 3 to 28, calling for SOME discretion.

More of a proud vanilla type? You can still get your kicks by making variety the spice of your dating life. Who says a fetishwear convention or group relay race can’t make for an entertaining‚ if not romantic, date? Aquarius is the sign that rules technology, and Venus’ four week stay in this sign bodes well for digital dating. The “clickthrough rate” is increased for us all, so log in and let the right swiping begin.


Have you been juggling a dozen balls at a time or bouncing from one wild extreme to another? (In other words, are you an Aries?) If you could use some grounding energy, the balancing quarter moon on Tuesday, February 26, is scheduled to deliver a truckload. And in Sagittarius and your wide-angle ninth house, it can help you take in a much larger picture. Simply remembering that you have more options—and more time!—can alleviate some of the pressure. But la luna’s fiery energy is encouraging you to get out of your head and off your couch to take concrete action. Make a list of everything that has to get done—now and eventually—and then arrange it by what needs to be done first or by a certain time.

If it’s a new business, research all the legal as well as financial stepping stones and find people who can help you with anything that’s outside your wheelhouse. Make sure you’re protecting your intellectual property from the get-go! The ninth house activates all pursuits related to entrepreneurship, travel, adventure, education and the media. Where does your greatest desire lay? Even if you’re not ready to go or do, you can still start planning. Of course, this lunation’s ultimate message is balance. So whatever you’ve been doing too much of, do less of. And wherever you need a fire lit under you, find a way to self-ignite it!

While you’re in “do-over” mode, consider this: Have you been married to the job lately? Ever since amorous Venus swung into driven Capricorn and your career corner on February 3, that may have become the case. Which probably hasn’t done a whole heckuva lot for your romantic life. If you’re single, burning the midnight oil can reduce your prospects to fellow cube dwellers or folks in your field, which might feel like too much of an echo chamber for you. If you are attached, your dearly beloved might be silently stewing over your absences—well, silently or otherwise! But once Venus beams into communal Aquarius and your social sector on Friday, life should get way more exciting, at least until March 26. Since Aquarius and this realm are associated with teamwork and technology, you may gravitate more to groups, which isn’t your indie-spirited sign’s M.O. But there are perks to hanging with a simpatico set, whether it’s a sporty club, an activist organization or just a new crew to go to music festivals with. As a bonus for unattached Aries, romance could be lurking among the new faces. When your guard is down, your passion is up, which is a huge part of your natural appeal.


It’s never too early—and seldom too late—to create a sound saving and investing strategy. As a hardworking, financially responsible Taurus, it’s important to know that your money is working hard for YOU! You can get more information, advice or anything you need on Tuesday, February 26, when a visionary Sagittarius quarter moon lights up your eighth house of long-term wealth. While diligently socking away funds is a good start, you’ll need to be (even) savvier about growing your money. Compounding interest is the name of the game, but if you’re not sure what types of investments are appropriate for you, find a pro and have a consult. There are no hard and fast rules: It’s all about your lifestyle goals and comfort level with risk. But little “hacks,” like having a fixed amount automatically deposited into a special account, will help bypass the human/temptation pitfalls.

The eighth house also rules emotional mergers, and this lunation could increase the intensity in your personal life. A fledgling relationship could get upgraded to official status, couples could take a big next step, perhaps involving keys or jewelry—or have a serious talk about things that are lacking in the relationship. Single? Focus on the qualities you want in a partner, and when you vibe them in someone, overlook superficialities like appearance and where they work, and see if there’s magic there. Just remember: All relationships have their ups and downs, and if you care enough about someone, you’ve got to be willing to ride out the bumpy challenges.

You may become even more focused on your union—or dating efforts—on Friday. Your ruler, amorous and aesthetic Venus, bids sayonara to your nomadic ninth house and zips into your tenth house of status, attention and future orientation until March 26. If you’re in a relationship that isn’t locked and loaded, take some time over these next several weeks to get to know the things you’re unsure of. Does this person share your core values and goals? Are they hoping to one day settle down and have a family? These are “trifles” you should know sooner than later because mere chemistry won’t carry you to the finish line. Single? Maybe it’s time to try different strategies: new dating apps, fresh hangouts, being more responsive to people who reach out to YOU. Be honest with yourself, Bull. If you know you want a successful professional, quit hanging out in dive bars and start attending more industry events. And maybe spring for a couple VIP galas where you’re more likely to meet the class of person you’re seeking. This is also a highly creative cycle at work, so if you’re feeling blocked or stuck, try something wildly original. You’ll have more fun and might even catch the attention of some influencers who can open doors.


Dynamic duos time! A balancing Sagittarius quarter moon on Tuesday, February 26, lands in your seventh house of partnership and can restore harmony and equilibrium to bonds that have gotten out of whack. But it’s not a magic trick, Gemini. This lunation sets up a vibration and lends cosmic support; you and your mate need to do the actual human work! If you’re ready to get closer or deepen your commitment, show it, don’t tell it. Talk is cheap, and you want to let your love interest FEEL your desires.

Similarly, if you’re on shaky ground with someone, all the “talking it through” in the world may never take you where you want to be. Under these grounding vibes, you can get more clarity, but not by going to one extreme or the other. Old-married types may find this a perfect week for open dialogue—nothing radical, just the quotidian issues you never find time for. Go out to a favorite restaurant or dim the lighting at home to create a peaceful mood. Open a nice bottle—or a fancy non-alcoholic beverage—and lead with something positive. The best relationships are brimming with compassion! This is also a powerful time to launch or rebalance a creative or professional collaboration. Make sure you’re contributing—and being rewarded—equitably.

Shake it off! If you’ve been down a deep romantic rabbit hole since February 3, you’re scheduled to resurface any second now! Vixen Venus had been spiraling through earthily sensual Capricorn and your eighth house of intense emotions, which is terra incognito to your mental sign. During that cycle, you might have gotten whiplash from careening from one extreme to another in an attempt to achieve even a modicum of balance. Whether it comes as blessed relief or not, this Friday, Venus hightails it out of Capricorn and into fellow air sign Aquarius and your ninth house of expansion and adventure until March 26. During this new phase, things that felt insurmountable in February may feel like the fading remnants of a dream. You may even be ready to take another chance on romance. Got vacation time? A quick getaway—with a BFF or even solo—could help you get your groove back. And back at home base, stay alert to friendly faces smiling at you. You can sometimes be in such a rush or tech trance that you overlook something obvious that might have the potential for passion!


Dust off your dumbbells, break out your blender, yield to your yoga mat! This Tuesday, February 26, an activating quarter moon in sporty Sagittarius might actually inspire (instead of guilt-trip) you to lace up your trainers, return to Pilates class or just reacquaint yourself with local walking trails. The point is simply to get regular movement into your life, which research shows is good for pretty much everything, from the physical to the psychological to the spiritual. And who are you to argue with that? Of course, to your home-loving, comfort-seeking sign, this can be a rude departure from your cozy luxuriating. You don’t have to dive into the deep end. Lean in to the balancing energy of this lunation then wade in to get acclimated, and slowly work up your speed. This way you’ll avoid injury and you won’t lose steam.

Remember, this is something you want to incorporate into your life, and keep doing, for as long as you can. The trick is finding exercise you enjoy and can stick to. Some Crabs will be happy with one or two routines while others may need to mix it up more. It doesn’t matter what you do as long as you do something! On a related note, have a good look at what’s going into your mouth. It’s easy to discount those mid-afternoon snacks and high-caloric caffeine drinks. Be proactive and keep nuts and protein bars in your purse or at your desk. And when you feel your blood sugar dip, reach for that or something with a slower “burn.” Once you get used to it, you may even lose (some of) your taste for refined sugar.

Mojo: spiking! On Friday, fervent Venus flashes into Aquarius and your eighth house of eroticism and intimacy for the next several weeks. Can you feel the heat? But even with your powers of attraction dialed up, you’re not about to lower your standards. Nor should you! Knowing what kind of person you’d like to draw into your shell can help you conjure the actual being. If you don’t have an updated list of qualities you’re seeking, this is a wonderful time to create one, focusing on the values and characteristics rather than physical attributes. (You might want to include “wildly attractive to me and attracted by me.”) Single Crabs should make a point of looking—and being—your best every day. Attached? Did you intensify your commitment over the past three weeks when Venus was in future-minded Capricorn and your partnership zone? Starting this Friday, those bonds could put down DEEP roots and prep you for permabonding. During March, you might decide to merge property or finances. Make sure all your assets are protected. Since the eighth house also rules metaphysics and mystery, this is an excellent time to work with a mentor or join a spiritual or philosophical group. Take a self-improvement class, do your inner work, and if you feel safely supported, examine your shadow side.


It’s a week made for romancing and merging! On Tuesday, February 26, an energizing Sagittarius quarter moon powers up your amorous, glamorous fifth house. If you’ve been hiding out in your lair, this harmonizing lunation can inspire you to put yourself out there again with renewed gusto for the dating game. Attached but in a romantic rut? Break out by doing something so beyond the ordinary that you can’t possibly say no. This clarifying moon can give you objective insight into how you think about and “do” relationships. You might realize you come on like a lion but then turn into a mouse if your passion isn’t returned in kind. Or maybe you’re less about intimacy than drama.

The good news is you have the ability to make desired changes and be the kind of lover and partner you want to manifest in return. Like attracts like, so before you try to alter someone else (a mission impossible), work on yourself. This empowering lunation might shove you into spotlight. Normally we don’t have to tell a Leo to turn up your own beams. This isn’t arrogance; it’s taking pride in your accomplishments AND helping illuminate the great work of others as well as your own.

After a few weeks of Venus tearing through your domestic sector and whipping your house into shape, this Friday she’ll pick up where the quarter moon left off and help you get your romantic life back on track. Whether you’re single, attached or “it’s REALLY complicated,” passion will percolate once again as the sensual love planet shimmies into Aquarius and your partnership realm. During this monthlong temperature-raising transit, flirt and seduce like you mean it. Forego the prosaic prattle about bills and gas mileage: Light up the house with votives, turn on the slow jams and let your libido off-leash. Baeless? Could it be that you’ve been looking for love in all the wrong places? Make March about upping your game. Skip the group hangs at dive bars and attend cultural lectures, gallery openings and wine tastings. If you’ve been strumming your fingers waiting for someone to make a commitment, the sand might run out of your hourglass soon. On the flip side, if YOU’VE been a little ambivalent for whatever reason, do some soul-searching and make a decision one way or the other. If you’ve got too much on your place, clear it off so you can give this thing a fighting chance!


Feeling stuck, unmotivated or like your home is anything but your castle? Chin up, Virgo. An inspirational quarter moon in Sagittarius on Tuesday, February 26, can bring back the harmoniously homey vibes. Start by doing what your sign does best—declutter, organize and tidy up. But TOO minimalist an aesthetic won’t work; you need a healthy balance of Zen and warmth, which this lunation is all about. Flip through Pinterest and design sites for ideas but be sure to infuse your space with “objets” that are pure “you”: art, plants, crystals, textiles. While you’re in makeover mode, read about Feng Shui and rearrange some things to get stagnant chi flowing again.

One principle, based on numerology, says to move 27 objects to redirect your internally focused attention to your physical surroundings. And in your romance corner (the one that’s the farthest right from your bedroom door), place something that symbolizes love or a strong partnership to you. If you’ve got piles of “dirty laundry” or “old baggage,” remove them stat! And clear out anything under your bed that might be sapping your passion. The fourth house also rules close friends and family, so ping your nearest and dearest just to let them know they’re on your mind.

While you’re moving objects—and chi—around, you might as well get into some energetic Virgo-style organizing! You may not be able to stop yourself from decluttering, cleaning and “de-acquisitioning” starting Friday, when aesthetic Venus strides into Aquarius and your systematic sixth house (not for nothing, it’s the house ruled by your sign). After several weeks of her touring your playful, partying fifth, you might frankly be looking forward to some chillout time to recover and recoup. You’ll probably be happiest doing so in a tidy home, so come up with a priority list of everything you want to accomplish before Venus moves on this March 26. Break things down into small, easily accomplished steps (e.g., pay bills; change linens; organize sleepwear drawer) so you won’t get overwhelmed. Set deadlines for each and build in mini-rewards to keep the motivation up. This is also your sector of self-care, which will hopefully inspire you to get some medical and relaxation appointments on the books. Declare March “self-love month,” and celebrate with massages, energy work, delicious and nutritious meals, and plenty of time to loll around and do whatever you’re feeling in the moment. Get to the gym or yoga studio, or just work out in your living room. The point is to do things that feel good and make you more comfortable in your body—something you’ll be grateful for once the love planet swings into your partnership zone on March 26!


Whether you’ve got a message to spread or a grievance to air, an activating quarter moon in outspoken Sagittarius and your third house of communication on Tuesday, February 26, may loosen your lips. There’s no value in keeping something this important to yourself, Libra. Your tactful sign can sometimes go to the opposite extreme and say nothing out of fear of offending someone. But you have no idea what their reaction will actually be, and it might pleasantly surprise you. No need to go “no holds barred” on them.

Being you, you’ll want to ease into a heavier discussion, which is fine as long as you eventually get to your point! Establish a rule that one person talks at a time with no interrupting. If you don’t naturally use the “mirroring” technique, try repeating back what the other person says to confirm that you heard them correctly. Simple, yet so validating!

On Friday, you’ll be rocking your new title as Chief Operating Glamazon of Libra, Inc.! Your cosmic caretaker, charm magnet Venus, rounds out her four-week snoozefest in Capricorn and your domestic zone and bounces into Aquarius and your flamboyant and flirtatious fifth house. You’ll have a month of opportunities to bring your most sparkly costumes out from the recesses of your closet and play dress-up. There’s no such thing as too much razzle or dazzle! Whether you’re going to blingy VIP galas or just house parties with your squad, there’s no reason to NOT look your best. As the aesthete of the zodiac, you know that when you look good, you feel good, and with Venus in fellow air sign Aquarius, you’re literally in your element. The fifth house rules amour as well as glamour, and during this annual cycle, your mojo will be dialed up. For single Libras, your dance card could have a wait list, so get out there and give all those potential suitors a shot at wooing you. And since Aquarius is associated with the digital realm, you might luck into a fortuitous right swipe. When you’re out in fine form, have a friend snap some new profile photos and upload them ASAP! Coupled? Indulge in upscale splurges while luxury-loving Venus is sweeping through this sensual zone. Five-course tasting menus, wine pairings, best seats in the house: Yes, please! And for Libras thinking of starting or expanding a family, this is indeed a fruitful cycle, so pull out all the stops.


The week gets off to a productive start as an activating quarter moon in your second house of practical magic on Tuesday, February 26, inspires you to take on the quotidian tasks you’ve been putting off for, yeah, far too long. It’s no one’s idea of fun to hunker down with credit card and bank statements and get the bills paid, but these chores don’t do themselves! Rather than focus on the drudgery or what you’re giving up, reframe it as a way to get your finances in order and possibly even put some streamlined new systems in place.

An organized Scorpio is a force to be reckoned with! And with taxes around the corner, you can prevent some of that annual stress by gathering all your paperwork and making sure you’ve got everything you’ll need to “do the deed.” If anything’s missing or unclear, take time this week to make the calls or send the emails necessary to finish the project. If you feel like it’s an uphill battle, focus on the relief you’ll feel when all of this is in the rearview. You don’t have to clear the decks by Wednesday, but you CAN make a major dent in the to-do pile. If you’ve been an industrious Scorpio and are up to speed, this is a good time to check in on how your investments are performing and make any helpful adjustments. And regardless of how things are flowing, you can always learn more and become even savvier.

If you feel the need to kick up your heels or sow some wild oats, get out and do so before Friday. That day, sensual Venus swoops into Aquarius and your fourth house of kith and kin (and cozy cashmere throws) and turns up the heat on all things domestic until March 26. You may actually be immune to FOMO as the amorous planet orbits your very own living room. Leave the late nights and overindulgent parties to others; you know the hottest ticket in town is at Chateau Scorpio! Whether you hole up solo, with your besties or your love interest is up to you, of course, but you’ll be happiest—and feel the most grounded—staying close to home base. Single and looking to shift that status? Let folks in your social network know what you’re looking for and ask them to make appropriate introductions. But take note, Scorp: If anyone DOES have a potential prospect in mind, don’t be too quick to write them off as not good enough until you’ve met them and given them a chance. The date you almost canceled might turn out to be a perfect fit!


You don’t typically need to be forcibly yanked out of the shadows, but you’re going to get tugged in SOME direction on Tuesday, February 26. An activating quarter moon in your sign can restore balance wherever it’s needed. If you’ve been going full-steam ahead for the past couple weeks, this may convince you to slow your roll and catch your breath. On the other hand, if you’ve been waiting to be “invited” to come out and play, this fiery lunation reminds you that Archers don’t wait; they initiate! But even as you come bounding off the sidelines, pause long enough to consider what might have been holding you back. Is there some fear, anxiety or sense of “I don’t belong” or “deserve” this opportunity? It’s important to find that piece so you can work on it directly by appropriate means. You may just need a good old fire sign self-pep-talk!

But if you discover the roots run deeper, you might want to discuss it with a counselor or work with an energy healer. This is an excellent time to launch an initiative you’ve been quietly developing or make a big reveal on a passion project. Remember, though: This quarter moon helps with recalibrating scales that have tipped to one side. So while your sign is all about independence, if you’ve been doing a little too much by yourself—and are struggling or growing resentful—now’s your chance to come out and ask for an assist. If you don’t have the funds to hire a pro, see who’s open to a professional barter.

This Friday, heaviness or mistrust around friendships dissipates as lighthearted Venus swings into people-loving Aquarius and your social third house. Keep your phone fully charged at all times; you’ll be at the center of a buzzing hive, and you won’t want to miss out on a single invite. Through March 26, your dance card will be full, and you may even double-book evenings since you won’t be able to say no to anyone (plus everything is FOMO-inducing!). The third house also rules neighbors, siblings and local activity, so while hanging with your homies, be open to adding some unfamiliar—yet fun!—faces. It’s a wonderful cycle to become a regular on the community scene and a perfect excuse to check out all the live music, cultural happenings and pub events you hear about but never actually attend. As an adventurous Sag, you may be leading your squad to some memorable outings. And with Venus in eclectic Aquarius, you won’t say “no thanks” to much, if anything!


Three of the toughest words for a Capricorn to hear may be the most helpful this week: let it go! A soothing quarter moon in Sagittarius on Tuesday, February 26, beams into your twelfth house of relaxation, release and wrapping things up. Before the day is done, you can tie up loose ends, put a project to bed or simply resolve to stop worrying about something that’s been disrupting your sleep patterns. Your hardworking, “never say never” sign is no fan of walking away from things (or people), but sometimes, Sea Goat, it’s the best thing you can do for all parties concerned. Think about it like this: When you persist in holding one door open, you create a vacuum and nothing better can come in to replace it. Trust that when you close it, another will open.

This balancing lunation can help you find the mettle to do something that feels a little challenging or painful in the moment but that in your heart, you know is right. The twelfth house rules all things hidden, mystical and imaginative. While you like your knowledge concrete and provable, some things require a leap of faith. This is a good week to journal, work on your vision board or get some counseling or energy work. Dragging it out will only add to the distress, so rip off that Band-Aid and let the healing begin!

On Friday, love planet Venus waves your sign a fond farewell after four weeks of turning you into a voluptuous vixen since February 3, and moves onto Aquarius and your industrious second house. Shake the glitter out of your hair and shift back into working-for-a-living mode. For the next several weeks (until March 26), the amicable orb will hunker down in this realm that rules income and security. You’ll be in your comfortable, traditional element as Venus helps you blend creativity with hard work. For much of March, you’ll be happily distracted by organizing and beautifying your office (and home), taking clients out to lunch and doing your usual top-quality work. Since no matter where she goes Venus is still the love planet, during this cycle you can strengthen your commitment to your partner or, if you’re not in possession of one of those, help you fine-tune your own frequency so you can attract a solid suitor. Get your finances and your goals in order, stay focused and relentless, and you’ll be sitting pretty by the time she swings into Pisces toward the end of the month.


The equalizing Sagittarius quarter moon on Tuesday, February 26, brings “Aquarian issues” to the fore. Landing in your community-focused eleventh house (the one associated with your humanitarian sign), you have a perfect opportunity to assess the quality of your friendships and collaborations and make sure there’s a fair give-and-take. This balancing lunation helps you see where there may be a weak link in the Water Bearer pipeline and also highlight people who’ve been tremendous supports for you lately. If you’re been thinking of joining a new organization or getting more actively involved, this is your moment. Don’t wait for an engraved invitation, though. Let people know you’re interested and emphasize the unique skills or talents you bring.

The eleventh house is also your tech zone, making this an excellent time to give your outdated profiles or photos a scrub and get things up to 2019 snuff. Add to your blog or Tumblr—or launch that one you keep talking about—and clear out your desktop and Inbox! If you’re flying solo, download a new dating app and take some time creating a bio that really reflects you and what you’re seeking. Couples will enjoy this super-social day: Make it special with your sweetie, doing something stimulating a deux or with your mutual mates.

On Friday, vixen Venus strides into your sign for her annual makeover party. Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the hottest of them all? It shouldn’t take too long to answer that, Aquarius! This could be the romantic resurgence you’ve been waiting for. If Cupid’s arrows missed you on V-Day, fret not. You’ll be in fine, flirty form and so seductive, you’ll magnetically draw suitors your way! If you’re unattached, don’t rush to lock down a commitment. March lays out a sensual smorgasbord and invites you to feast. Just beware that deadly (if delicious) sin of gluttony! As an open-minded Water Bearer, you’re sure to give fair consideration to an eclectic mix of suitors, which is just the way you prefer it. Attached? Venus in your indie-spirited sign invites you to give each other a little breathing room and do more on your own. It’s not just a proverb: Absence really does make the heart grow fonder. (Provided you don’t cross any lines while you’re out gallivanting.) Conversely, if you’ve been feeling like there’s TOO much distance between you and your S.O, you may want to have a convo about what you both think the right amount of togetherness and apartness would look like.


Been biding your time, waiting for the perfect moment to make your move? Get ready, Pisces: Said moment could come this Tuesday, February 26, when a galvanizing quarter moon in Sagittarius powers up your tenth house of career ambition. In the sign of the archer, the only direction is up, and under its inimitable fire power, you can melt away any fear or hesitation and blast ahead. Don’t stop to question that target you’re aiming for. This forward-reaching energy knows it’s easier to beg forgiveness than ask permission.

Not that your gentle sign would ever deliberately step on any toes in your own ascent. Especially if you know this is a project or situation that will benefit many people, just go for it! You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to screen out distractions and stay focused on your goals. Even if you’re not 100 percent sure of what you’re aiming for, just having a semi-defined goal will take you in the right direction. Then, once you have something to show for your efforts, you can turn to friends and pros to help you polish and promote as desired. If you feel unsteady at times, seek advice from a mentor—or maybe it’s time for a few sessions with a business coach to get you on track—the fast track!

But save some bandwidth for passion! There’s little to no risk of you turning into one of those annoying “all work and no play” types this—not with amorous Venus rolling into Aquarius and your dreamy twelfth house from Friday until March 26. Slip on the rose-colored glasses and dial up the fantasy, which just happens to be the Pisces specialty of the house. This is your annual cycle for doing what you do best: getting lost in golden romantic vibes. If you’ve got a partner, then all you need is time. (Your fertile imagination will take care of the details.) A word of warning for single Fish: Out in the dating pool, you do need to keep your wits about you. That right-swipe that looked absolutely perfect could turn out to be something far less dreamy IRL, so take all precautions and do your due diligence. Conversely, someone you almost cancelled on may turn out to be the best date you’ve had in months. Appearances CAN be deceiving, so just keep your mind open and your boundaries firm. It’s a paradox that works while Venus is in this push-me-pull-you zone. The twelfth house rules your shadow side, so regardless of your relationship status, don’t fall into the seductive trap of stealthy trysts. Anyone who can’t be seen in public or won’t reveal pertinent info about themselves is giving you a very clear message, which you should take to heart. But this is a stellar time for doing creative, spiritual and healing work, ideally with people with unassailable reputations.

Source: AstroStyle