Your Weekly Horoscope Has Arrived & It’s Poetic

Accessories of the week: rose-colored glasses and hearts worn on sleeves. As the Sun drifts into dreamy Pisces this Monday, February 18, everything becomes a bit more poetic…and a lot more romantic. Slow down and savor life’s luscious details; let your imagination run wilder! A little “je ne sais quoi” can turn the mundane magical between now and March 20. Is it time to escape…literally? The lure of a beach hammock may be impossible to resist while this watery energy prevails. If so, price out tix and if you find a great deal, book it fast! Mercury turns retrograde from March 5 to 28, which can scramble signals with scheduling and itineraries. All manner of escapism may hold a draw during Pisces season, whether you’re spending five nights a week playing (or listening to) music or reveling in the rush of “new relationship energy” with a promising Tinder bae. The trick lies in surrendering enough to enjoy the fairy tale, but not SO much that you lose touch with reality. Represented by two fish swimming in opposite directions, Pisces energy can lead us to spiritual and sensual heights—or send us plummeting to some pretty shady lows. Don’t get so lost in the fog of pleasure that you forget to think long-term. Instead, intentionally create life-affirming daily rituals that can crowd out your self-destructive vices. It’s one of life’s cruelest jokes that the bad-for-you stuff (barrel-aged liquor, chocolate ganache, narcissistic players) are SO much more addictive than the things that increase vitality (sunrise yoga, dark leafy greens, intimate bonding). But Pisces season is also the time for doing deep, subconscious healing…the kind that gets down to the bottom of those ongoing issues. Don’t try this sans support! Work with helpful experts from counselors to coaches to energy healers to shamans. Your transformational journey may be the inspiration for a future work of art.

A second dose of alchemy arrives on Monday when Chiron, the comet astrologers call “the wounded healer,” moves back into individualistic Aries until April 14, 2027. We already got a taste of this “love thyself” energy from April 17 to September 25, 2018, but then, Chiron retrograded back into Pisces to wrap up a journey that began on February 8, 2011. Chiron’s symbol is a key, a nod to the idea that we can unlock our true power by healing our past pain. This comet’s position between structured Saturn and freedom-seeking Uranus is also symbolic of our need to balance both traditional and unconventional wisdom in our journey to wholeness. The past eight years have brought the esoteric magic of Pisces into the zeitgeist. It’s not even remotely weird to talk about Mercury retrograde at a staff meeting or read a life-changing book that the author “channeled” from some five-thousand-year-old entity. With Chiron now in Aries for eight years, the focus turns to healing our issues with power, leadership and war. How can we be self-reliant while also being responsible for our impact on the world around us? Given the latest, scientifically-based climate reports, the future of our species literally depends on this awakening…within twelve years! The destructive, warmongering and aggressive tendencies that can be associated with Aries are up for some serious reform—and leaders who rule with compassion instead of aggression could rise up and transform the power structure. We can all play the role of victim or bully, depending on the circumstances. Where could YOU take charge with a gentler, more compassionate touch? That’s the legacy Chiron in Pisces is leaving behind.

Lofty stuff for sure, but Tuesday’s full supermoon in Virgo will bring our attention to more 101 matters, like getting an early start to your spring cleaning…and spring training. With life’s messier areas illuminated by these moonbeams, bring some order to your court. Tackle that overstuffed closet and arrange your schedule so that you block out times to actually USE that fitness studio membership you signed up for in January. When cleaning, opt for eco-friendly products. Break out the sage wand to clear away stale energy, and bring some living things into your spaces, like plants, crystals, or maybe a pet! Since Virgo is the sign of service, be honest with yourself: Could you use some support staff? Maybe it’s time to hire a house cleaner or to work with a health coach who can help you design menus and keep you accountable for hitting that sunrise yoga class. What goes around comes around, so give where you can. One random act of kindness could launch a movement!


Downshift and downsize. Let that be your mantra for the next four weeks as the Sun begins its sojourn through Pisces and your transitional twelfth house on Monday, February 18. This reflective solar cycle is the last one before your birthday. It’s a time meant for sorting through everything you’ve accumulated over the past year then deciding what to keep and what to release. That includes your possessions, beliefs, affiliations and social activities. We only have so much time here on Earth, Aries. Why not fill your precious minutes with experiences that not only “spark joy” but keep you fired up and fulfilled? By the time Aries season rolls around on March 20, make it your mission to travel with a lighter (and curated!) pack. Before then, clear some whitespace on your calendar to lounge, dream, and start a meditation practice. In serene spaces you’ll do your best thinking—and the brilliant gems will flow in! If you’re a restless Ram, opt for a moving meditation like yoga or walking/snowshoeing with digital devices in Airplane mode. Or, try freewriting to connect to your inner voice—especially first thing in the morning. Those cathartic AM scrawlings will be full of rich material.

Do you need to mourn a loss? Swaddle yourself in support and even find a great therapist or coach who can Sherpa you through your process. Suffering is optional, Aries: If you want it to stop, let go of your pride and love your own humanity. Feeling means dealing—and your emotions deserve to be honored! That fact will be doubly underscored on Monday when Chiron, the “wounded healer” asteroid, shifts back into Aries until April 14, 2027. You already experienced a brief spell of this energy from April 17 to September 25, 2018, so themes from that phase may arise once again. Chiron’s purpose is to help us take our pain and turn it into power, and while transiting YOUR sign, you may feel a strong calling to share your transformational gifts with the world. But first—or simultaneously—you’ll have to do your own inner work. If you’re an Aries who struggles with anger, unhealthy levels of competition (including “comparing and despairing” when you look at other people’s social media feeds) or swinging wildly between over-giving and defensive selfishness, now’s the time to get to the source of your pain. Learning to express your upset feelings BEFORE they transmute into rage or resentment may be goal number one. There’s no better time for working with a therapist, mentor or spiritual counselor if you struggle to put your pain into words. If you’ve already done significant exploration in these realms, Chiron’s transit through your sign could make you an influential force in the self-development world. Even the shyest of Rams may realize how easy it is to take the podium when you have something life-changing to offer other humans!

You do get ONE day off from all this introspection though! On Tuesday, it’s time to get physical as the full supermoon lands in Virgo and activates your wellness zone. Your body is your soul’s address here on Earth and this lunar lift reminds you to treat it like the temple it is. Since you’re ruled by competitive Mars, training for a race or joining a dance troupe might be the thing that gets you moving. Or maybe indoor rock climbing, cycling…whatever! The point is, that you’re revving up your heart rate and breaking a sweat in a way that’s also fun. The more energy you exert, the more it increases, so don’t be hard on yourself if you’re not in fighting shape—yet. Just keep at it! If you’ve succumbed to any vices this winter, start powering your bod with clean, green fuel. With your industrious sixth house alighted, you may feel motivated to kick off new projects—an Aries addiction. But hang on a minute! Full moons are about completing cycles. Tie up loose ends BEFORE you start Prime-ing a bunch of new supplies. Give it some elbow grease first and, if necessary, hire someone for a few hours of assistance in the name of getting the job done and dusted. By the vernal equinox, you could have the basement shelves built and organized and your home office Pinterest-perfect! Aries on the job hunt could get word of an ideal opportunity near Tuesday. Google your name to make sure the search results reveal your high pro glow!


Doing too much heavy lifting? Turn those torturous solo missions into squad goals this Monday, February 18, as the Sun embarks on a monthlong tour through Pisces and your collaborative eleventh house. Gather your hive mind—from coworkers to close friends to your family—and hold an open brainstorming session. Pass around the talking stick and let everyone have a say about what’s working; and what’s not. Make a rule though: Any critiques must also come with a constructive solution and zero personal attacks. This “clearing the air” process, though awkward, is an essential first step to creating a mutually beneficial roadmap for your next steps as a group. Need to find new recruits for your dream team? Let that be your excuse to trek into new social terrain. Bundle up during this popularity-boosting solar cycle. Networking may come with a non-traditional twist because, between now and March 20, you’ll gravitate towards artists, activists and other fascinating unicorns. Since you’ll happily hand the wheel to your own “weird” side, start working on an invention or a future-minded business idea. Maybe it’s time to film some YouTube videos or develop the perfect product that allows you to inform people that “there’s an app for that.”

Also on Monday, Chiron, the “wounded healer” comet that orbits between structured Saturn and free-spirited Uranus, shifts gears, moving into Aries and your spiritual and esoteric twelfth house until April 14, 2027. You already got a preview of this transit from April 17 to September 25, 2018. During that time, it might have felt like life was melting into a Frida Kahlo painting. Get ready: That surreal energy will be your “new normal” for the coming eight years. While this might sound a tad unmooring for your earth sign sensibilities, think of it like the line from The Pixies’ classic single, “Where Is My Mind?” If you keep “your head in the air and your feet on the ground” you could span the best of both worlds, combining the mystical and the practical into some heretofore unseen hybrid. On a personal level, this Chiron cycle can bring deep healing, the kind that helps you transform core wounds into major healing gifts. If you’ve ever dreamed of working as a healing practitioner—or adding a “woo” side hustle along with your stable 9-5—that call could soon become too loud to ignore.

Get ready for a very public close-up this Tuesday, February 19, as the full supermoon in Virgo pops the cork in your fifth house of celebrity, glamour and romance. And when the attention swings your way, take a bow, Toro! Your work of the past six months could strike a magical chord with the public. If the time has come for a big reveal, seize the moment. Set up pitch meetings, showcases, launch parties, or if you’re still “in process” with your plans, organize a focus group to get feedback from talented friends. Maybe they’ll read the first chapter of your screenplay or assess your business plan in exchange for a home-cooked dinner. Ask! If you’re ready to start a buzz, you could post a few behind-the-scenes shots on your social media. In the process, you might meet other people who are working towards similar goals. Because this full supermoon arrives in perfectionistic Virgo, you may have to shush that little voice that says, “It’s not good enough.” Romantically, this full supermoon might arouse some early spring fever in the bullpen. If you’re in a happy place with bae, you may soon formalize it in a ceremonial way—perhaps shopping for special pieces of jewelry. Are babies part of your 2019 plans? This fertile lunation could bring pregnancy news over the next couple of weeks; or at least set the stage for discussions about making (or expanding) your family. Single? The right-swiping gods are on your side near Tuesday, but if you prefer an old-fashioned face-to-face (the only REAL way your sensory sign can judge an attraction), bundle up for as many events as you can squeeze onto your iCal this week!


After a month of meandering, it’s time to FOCUS—or, if you’ve been hustling behind the scenes on a project, get a date on the calendar for your big reveal. This Monday, February 18, the Sun blasts off on its monthlong tour of Pisces, putting career goals squarely in your crosshairs. As a Gemini, your success strategy is usually “twin for the win!” but between now and March 20, you’ll also step forward as a powerful leader in your own right. Trot out your achievements and find others who are striving towards common goals. Synergies abound everywhere you turn, and some could prove highly profitable in the weeks ahead. If you work in corporate, you may rise through the ranks, perhaps as a company spokesperson or the newest member of the office’s executive wing. And don’t worry, Gem, this lone wolf phase won’t last for long. Socialize selectively and strategically and a month from now, you can form a supergroup, when the Sun swings into your collaborative eleventh house. During Pisces season, you’re a magnet for magnates; and it’s your personable charm that will have them eating out of the palm of your manicured hand. Consider becoming a member of an elite organization or an industry networking group.

Speaking of groups, Monday’s heavenly forecast brings a loud call for discernment as Chiron, the “wounded healer” comet, checks in to the Aries realm until April 14, 2027. Who are your allies…really? That will become clear in the days ahead and you won’t want to waste your time on any fake affiliations. Over the past eight years, your career may have been fraught with instability at times—but oh, the golden lessons you have learned! As Chiron leaves Pisces (not to return for 50 years), you’re primed for a major professional leap. You’re also ready to share your hard-won wisdom with the world—and quite possibly be paid to do just that! With Chiron in Aries activating your eleventh house of community and technology, the virtual world will provide an ideal platform between now and 2027. Got something to teach…or preach? From YouTube to IGTV to Facebook Live to Twitch, your platform awaits! Be discerning about who you let into your innermost sanctum or on to your personal pages. As a free-flowing Gemini, you’re happy to be friends with the world, in real time AND online. But that open-ended strategy could wind up watering down the truly important connections in your life in the coming years. Affiliating yourself with a troubled group could also circle back to haunt you, even if you’re just hanging out on the periphery. Dabble away but don’t fill out the membership papers unless you’re SURE you want the associated “privileges.” For some Geminis, the call to social justice, activism and humanitarian work could become too loud to ignore. With the 2020 elections around the corner, you may find yourself swept up in a powerful candidate’s cause, lending your contagious enthusiasm to their campaign!

On Tuesday, no boring bare wall nor overstuffed closet will escape your evaluation. Not with the full supermoon in Virgo beaming overhead! This lunar spotlight shines brightly on the Gemini abode, so if you’re one of the last holdouts on the Marie Kondo craze that swept the Netflix-watching nation, get thee to “tidying!” Warning: These Virgo-directed moonbeams could make you a little bit obsessive. If you’ve already folded all your shirts into “KonMari” squares, you might get on to the art of styling your shelves to give all your finely curated collectibles proper respect. Just don’t start rearranging your crystals five minutes before you need to leave for dinner with friends…because twenty minutes later, there you’ll still be, swapping the citrine with the moonstone (and back again) while the texts flood in. Most importantly, you want your home to be a functional space for 2019, Gemini. If you’re more into yoga than crafting this year, put the yarn in the closet and open up space for your morning asanas. Ready to relocate? Set up those Redfin alerts, because a lucky listing could pop up on your screen near Tuesday; or you might get a hot tip about a neighborhood with all the cultural amenities a Gemini needs to have—within walking distance! Some Twins may do a casting call for a roommate or think about moving closer to family. Craving more space or even “a room of one’s own”? Look into private studio spaces that you can rent for making art or music, even at an hourly rate.


As far as your comfort-loving sign is concerned, hygge season could stretch across all 365 days of the year. But that doesn’t mean you can’t take your cozy, intimate show on the road! As the Sun shifts into Pisces this Monday, February 18, your adventurous ninth house will be lit for a month and your wanderlust activated. So, Cancer, where on this not-so-lonely planet will you drop your next pin? Between now and March 20, a change of scenery will refresh your perspective, reminding you that small stuff was never meant to be sweated. And if you’re looking for a bonding experience, head to the beach or a beautiful snowy cabin with your favorite plus-one and plus-two (and maybe -three or -four). Can’t get out of town? Travel in the figurative sense by circulating beyond your usual crews and venues. And rather than huddling with a close-knit, Cancerian crew, step out of the bubble and talk to strangers, the more multicultural, the better. Pop a translation app on your phone and start practicing a new language so you can be ready when the time is right for that future international getaway. Since this solar spell governs higher ed, this may be the prompt you’ve been waiting for to apply for grad school, teacher training or a special certification program. Dreaming of becoming your own boss? Get to work on that business plan, Cancer, or maybe the first chapter of a book. Even if it starts as a side hustle, yours may soon be the signature on those weekly paychecks.

If you need to add more soul to your goals, you’ll be happy to hear that Chiron, the “healer-feeler” comet, is charging back into Aries on Monday, activating your professional zone until April 14, 2027. This eight-year circuit will make it impossible to ignore any healing gifts that have wanted to creep into your career plans. Whether you’ve dreamed of going to acupuncture school, bringing more sustainable products to market or “greening up” the practices in your office, follow those impulses. As one of the zodiac’s cardinal signs, you often find yourself vaulted into an executive position, whether you started there or not. Yes, there are benefits to being “the responsible one,” but if reaching the top has meant sacrificing your happiness and health, it’s time to change that tune. Over the coming eight years, you’ll be less concerned with status and achievement as you will be with serenity and balance. Learning to delegate and work with competent people (as opposed to ones you have to constantly “mother”) is part of the journey. Searching for a new gig? You may literally bring your gifts to a company that is doing good in the world, even if that means taking a (temporary) pay cut while you help make the business sustainable.

On Tuesday, your attention snaps back to home base as the full Virgo supermoon lights up your third house of locally grown adventures. Scour cultural activities guides. What bands are playing live at the neighborhood music venues? Did a new restaurant open up with authentic cuisine? Nothing wrong with dropping in to your usual outposts, Cancer, but mix it up! If you want to see the character of your area thriving, go out of your way to frequent the small and independently owned businesses instead of Prime-ing everything. There’s a time and place for convenience, but you might be depriving yourself of some much-needed neighborly mingling by having everything delivered to your doorstep. Since this full moon can illuminate kindred spirits, you have more incentive to get out and talk to “strangers” or make plans with new-ish friends. Budding connections could evolve into stronger alliances near Tuesday, including a short-term partnership on a project or even a travel partner for your first festival jaunt of 2019. Virgo is the sign of service, so if you’re wondering how to get closer to a potential BFF, earn your loyalty points by offering a heartfelt ear or hands-on support for one of their projects. Got a message to share with the world? This lunar lift inspires communication. Find your platform, Cancer, whether you’re joining a memoir-writing class, blogging from your bedroom or getting hitched to an “Instagram spouse”—AKA, a photographer who follows you around to capture your adventures for your influencer feed. The world wants to hear what you have to say!


All due respect to the latest exhibitions at the Louvre, but starting this Monday, February 18, seduction may be the only art form you’re interested in. The Sun begins its slow-burning cycle through Pisces and your erotic eighth house, awakening your inner siren. Until March 20, give your carnal urges a seat at the table. Sure, your “northern hemisphere” might feel intellectually inspired, but what’s up down south? Tune in, Leo. Are you turned on…literally? That “below the belt” compass can be an important guide, especially for a sign that needs to live as passionately as you do. During this four-week cycle, you can bring sexy back in every area of your life, from your fitness routines to the creative projects you take on at work—and of course, in your romantic life. It starts by being willing to rock the boat! If you’ve been settling for options that look good on paper but don’t light your fire, there may be some goodbyes in store. But don’t be too quick to bolt if you believe there’s still enough raw material to work with. What YOU bring to the table influences the response you get in return. With the Sun in deep-diving Pisces, you don’t have to hide behind an attitude of eternal sunshine or even be “positive!” at all. Better you should voice a dissenting opinion than go along to get along. That people-pleasing approach might be why you’re feeling so numb in certain relationships. (Hello, resentment.) However, this isn’t your heavenly hall pass to go rage on people! Find a healthy outlet for releasing pent up frustration, like weekly dancing and intense cardio classes. If you find yourself venting every time you meet friends, it might be your cue to set up a therapy session so you can unleash proactively in a healing environment. And guess what? Your shadow side is pretty damn sexy when revealed in the right measure. Existing relationships could get hotter once you reveal your edges—and even push back on people who have mistaken your noble generosity for weakness.

Another wave of transformational energy sweeps in that same day, Monday the 18th, as Chiron the “wounded healer” comet wraps up an eight-year tour of Pisces that sent you on a deep and introspective voyage. Next up? Until April 14, 2027, Chiron will buzz through Aries and your ninth house of worldly expansion and higher truths. During this time, you may confront the ways that you hold back your authentic expression for fear of being misunderstood. The urge to explore new corners of the Earth could become a deep calling and your travels might transform into spiritual sojourns in the name of self-development. Since Chiron illuminates ways that YOU can heal others, look to ninth house activities for hints: writing books, creating media, teaching and training people in your area of expertise, bringing people together across cultural divides. You may feel like an ambassador in your own hometown—or via your social media feeds—during this eight-year cycle. One thing’s for sure: an important message wants to come through you, Leo, which may require you to emerge into an even more public role.

On Tuesday, your attention drifts back to more earthly concerns, as the full Virgo supermoon lands in your pragmatic second house. Does it feel like your hard-earned cash is slipping through your fingers? Instead of stressing, balance your books and reconfigure your budget. While austerity is a no-go for your treat-loving sign, create an entertainment fund and you can enjoy that prix fixe brunch without stressing about the March rent. Looking for more gainful employment? Inquiries, offers and proposals may start coming in over the two weeks following this full moon. While you’re circulating, think like a “brand” and market yourself. Maybe it’s time to invest in a talented designer to streamline your Facebook business page or help you put together a website. Be sure to gather testimonials from satisfied colleagues to post. Happily employed? This lunar lift can bring attention to your hard work of the past six months. You might be publicly praised or even rewarded with benefits like a raise or a work-from-home day each week. Don’t wait for good things to fall out of the sky. Volunteer for projects with more responsibility and position yourself as the rising star.


Getting a little lonely in that hibernation station? Starting this Monday, February 18, the urge to merge could sweep over you as the Sun beams into Pisces and your seventh house of partnerships. At the same time, you’re not about to let just anybody take up residence in your well-ordered universe. For business or pleasure, you need a dynamic, complementary force who helps you see the world from different angles. Note: We’re not just talking about a one-hit wonder kind of thing. Your desire for commitment intensifies between now and March 20, portending a serious discussion about “next steps.” Life is too short to wait around while someone else waffles, whether they’re a potential housemate or your life partner. If you can’t get a clear answer about the future soon, you may have to move ‘em to the backburner and open up space for someone who is ready to bond NOW. Existing relationships will go through a growth spurt, but don’t stress if the golden glow of the honeymoon phase subsides. You’re getting to the good stuff, like more formalized sharing and togetherness. What’s next on the romantic agenda: moving in together, taking your first big couples’ vacation, meeting the ‘rents? Trot out those ideas and start planning. Shared projects will give you opportunities to bond in a practical, Virgoan kind of way. Co-host a winter soiree to bring your friends under one roof or dive into a home reno mission. Hunting for architectural salvage and unique artwork is kind of a Virgo dream date. Some of you may even put a ring on it by March 20 or find a meaningful way to renew your vows with the one you adore. Do save a little space on the calendar to recharge your tanks. With the Sun directly opposite yours on the zodiac wheel, you may feel low on fuel. Disco naps and cuddle sessions are a must!

Speaking of your energy stores, Monday’s skies deliver a second vitality shot when Chiron hunkers down in Aries and your mystical, erotic eighth house until April 14, 2027. This comet, known as “the wounded healer” in astrology, can illuminate places that are due for introspection. You’ll also see how the inner work you have done can be used to help others going through a similar situation. For the past eight years, Chiron’s tour of Pisces taught you major lessons about relationships. While you may have processed some pretty heavy pain since 2011, you may have accomplished some major relationship milestones, too. Now, Chiron in Aries illuminates a new trifecta to transform: money, sex and power. Nothing light and fluffy there, Virgo…but not for nothing, the sexual healing could be divine! This is a time to examine your deep-seated beliefs about finances and to learn how to make lasting investments that set you up for long-term security. If you’ve traditionally shied away from positions of power, you could learn how to step up to the throne in a way that suits your modest brand of rulership. Chiron is all about selfless service—a comfortable zone for you, Virgo. During this cycle, you may become a role model for soulful, sex-positive self-expression. Since the eighth house rules intense life passages, some Virgos may be drawn to work as a doula, medium, energy healer or hospice worker. One catch: Your empathy channels will be wide open, making you a bit of a psychic sponge. If you move towards healing work, be sure to regularly “shield your field” with salt baths, protective crystals and a network of supportive (and “woo”) friends who will listen generously while you clear away stuck emotions.

One day that you won’t want to ponder all this heavy stuff is Tuesday! Not with the year’s only full moon in Virgo—a potent supermoon—lighting up the skies. Without even trying, you’ll captivate the crowds. Schedule any big reveals and announcements within two weeks of this date. Then, step out and shine like a red-carpet Beyoncé, who we’re sure you’ve heard shares your sign. Are you ready to debut a new chapter in your life? This full moon is like a cosmic ribbon-cutting ceremony. Let people in on your process, even if everything isn’t styled to perfection yet. Sure, they might see your secret messy side; but it’s a small trade-off for all the love and support you’ll garner in the process. Are you ready to wrap up a long-standing project? Make it your mission to complete it within two weeks of the supermoon, even if you have to burn some midnight oil or shell out a little cash for an assistant. This feather in your cap is only the first of many you’ll collect in 2019. But do your part to promote your efforts and get your work in front of the right people. A quick livestream on social media can create major buzz. Share your wisdom, Virgo, and watch it go viral!


Why wait ‘til spring to start training? This Monday, February 18, the Sun grapevines into Pisces and your salubrious sixth house, kicking your wellness goals into high gear. Warm your bones with regular workouts, hearty soups and ginger teas. But skip the punishing boot camp workouts. During Pisces season, you can move your body like the zodiac’s fish, dancing, swimming, or taking a surfing lesson somewhere warm and tropical. Or join a gym with fancy amenities like an infrared sauna or in-house massage therapists. Nothing motivates a Libra quite like luxury. If your energy levels are lower than usual, book a doctor’s appointment to have all your levels checked. You may be low on iron or Vitamin D, a common occurrence during the dark days of winter. Work gets busy under this solar spell, so roll up the sleeves of your office-approved athleisure. With your efficiency zone lit by el Sol, working smarter, not harder, is the name of the game. Organize your office, then create systems to streamline your workflow. Need more time for the higher paying tasks? Give your budget a once-over. Maybe it’s time to outsource certain time-zapping “grunt work” or to hire a virtual assistant so you can finally get ahead of the curve!

Your #RelationshipGoals also come into sharper focus this Monday as Chiron, the “wounded healer” comet, twerks into Aries and your joint venture zone. Until April 14, 2027, this cosmic cycle will transform some of your deeply held beliefs about partnering. If you’re still hanging on to hurt from a past situation, now’s the time to bolster yourself with support—the kind that can help you get beyond that pain and fully open your heart again. Even the best unions hit their rough patches. It’s how you work through these hard times that can determine the success of your bond. Attached Libras might truly enjoy doing sessions with a couples’ therapist or coach—or even working out some communication snags creatively. How about tango lessons, Libra? Single and tired of all the games? This eight-year Chiron journey will light your path to healthier choices. But first, you may need to get real about some of your own fears of commitment, which might be masquerading behind a tendency to choose unavailable people who will never get “dangerously” close to you. Be willing to dive into those shadowy corners in the name of attracting true love. Narcissists no more!

On Tuesday, February 19, the full supermoon in Virgo beams into your twelfth house of closure and transitions. A chapter of your life may be coming to an end or just hitting a crucial crossroads. Whatever the case, circumstances are shifting. If you want to move to the next stage of the game, you’re going to have to release some of the baggage that’s been weighing you down. But what exactly does it mean to “let it go,” anyway? Sometimes it requires forgiveness or leaving the past in the past…or simply surrendering to the fact that you have no clue how to solve a situation and need expert support. If you’re determined to move on, this full moon can steel your resolve. Goodbyes should never be rushed for a Libra. The trouble is, your sentimental sign has a tendency to hang on (and on…and on) well past the expiration date. Stalling is toxic for your sign—it just sends you down that indecisive rabbit hole, a place of endless obsession. Put in your 30-day notice (or three months…whatever!) then, begin the process of graciously extricating yourself. In the process, you’ll be creating the space for the new and miraculous to flow in.


Did Cupid’s arrows land a little to the left (or right) of your intended mark? Don’t worry, Scorpio. Beginning this Monday, February 18, you get an entire month of target practice. The Sun is beaming into Pisces, firing up your ardent fifth house until March 20. During this time, both your right swipes and your real-time overtures will be on-point. Strike while the iron’s hot (cold temperatures be damned) by saying yes to every glamorous and celebratory invite that comes your way. Now’s the time to circulate, Scorpio because whether you’re looking for a date or shopping for a record deal, your magnetism is cranked up to ten! If you get that knowing feeling, pursue with passion! If you’re already in a relationship, prioritize “just the two of us” time, making an extra effort to plan more fun and exciting dates. Pick up concert tickets, try new restaurants, plan a beachy getaway before March 20. Since this solar spell portends fame, you could find your place on the global stage, performing, presenting or letting your work do the talking for you. Could the Scorpio “brand” use a little polish? Work with a stylist, designer, photographer or graphic artist to pull together a look that represents Scorpio 2019. As spring styles start showing up on the racks, don’t just autopilot to your signature noir; or, if you just can’t quit them, reach for edgier cuts and flamboyant draping…and dress them up with statement accessories!

Also on Monday, Chiron, the “wounded healer” comet, switches signs, heading into Aries and your wellness zone until April 14, 2027. New mantra: Health is wealth! This salubrious cycle could make you vigilant about self-care. Preventative medicine is the best remedy of them all, so let that be your “excuse” to spend more time in the infrared sauna, eat clean and get regular massages or acupuncture. If you’re not thrilled with your doctor, find a new one in your network. Or maybe pair some holistic treatments in with your Western medicine. Some Scorpios could get serious about a yoga practice or bring in more support for your workouts, from a trainer to a gym buddy. Since the sixth house rules work, your career may turn in a healing direction. Share your alchemical gifts with the world! And yes, you SHOULD charge for your expertise.

Tuesday brings another reason to emerge from the hibernation station when the year’s only full (super)moon in Virgo activates your eleventh house of collaboration. Seek communities, both online and in real time, that speak to your current interests. Even if you’re just trading encouraging tips and cheering each other on, communing with kindred spirits will put some serious wind beneath your wings. A team effort you’ve been involved with for the past six months could reach a champagne-flute-clinking completion near February 19. Once you’ve downed the celebratory bubbles, ask yourselves, “What’s next?” Do you want to stay involved—and in what capacity? If you’re ready to don a different hat, speak up. The eleventh house rules technology, so if you’ve been wanting (or needing) a new device, start shopping around for the right model. Digital ventures launched within two weeks of the full supermoon will have extra oomph. Finalize fonts and photos and launch that site already!


Power down, Sagittarius. The time has come to rest and recharge as the Sun retreats into Pisces and your cozy, internal fourth house. You may be the late to the hygge party, but you can make up for lost time between now and March 20. KonMari your closets, perfect your potato leek soup recipe, and binge-watch all the Netflix series your friends have been buzzing about (while you lounge on the couch with your beloved pet). Or…okay, try! Sitting still is hard for a fiery Sagittarius. So it probably won’t be long before your eyes start wandering to all areas in need of a creative upgrade. Hmmm… Could building enclosed shelving open up space for a workout area or craft table? And how about bringing the outdoors in with some plant life and brightening up dark rooms with oversized mirrors? A lot can be transformed during Pisces season, but try to move at a flowy (read: not manic) pace. Pull ideas together on Pinterest boards and consult experts before embarking on major projects or breaking out your power drill. If you’re ready to move, the next four weeks could light the path to your future dream home. Get your paperwork ready, like tax returns and paystubs (and a mortgage pre-qualification, if you’re buying) so you can leap when the lucky listing shows up. And when was the last time you visited your folks or your favorite cousin? This four-week circuit is an ideal time to reconnect with relatives and your most cherished friends. A female family member may need a little more support during Pisces Season, and your encouraging words can champion her through a rough patch.

Also on Monday, Chiron, the “wounded healer” comet, returns to Aries and your fifth house of fame, creative expression and romance. After eight years in Pisces and your home and family sector, you’ll be relieved that the heat is off such a personal part of your universe. Many Archers made huge sacrifices since February 2011, supporting relatives, carrying a heavy financial burden and struggling to feel rooted and secure. With Chiron heading out of this realm, the weight of responsibility may become more evenly balanced at home. Support: incoming! Sweet relief. From Monday until April 14, 2027, Chiron’s next mission is to teach you to treat yourself like a queen—without veering to the opposite extreme and becoming a spoiled royal. When you take luscious care of yourself, set healthy boundaries and make time for pleasure and fun, everyone wins. So why the heck is this so hard? Illuminate deep-seated beliefs about feeling “undeserving” and the need to people-please. As you become aware of these self-imposed limitations, you will learn to freely say yes or no instead of trying to make everyone else happy at YOUR expense. Invite joy back into your life, even if that means making a painful decision to step back from something you love dearly, but simply can’t sustain without a huge cost to your wellbeing.

Though “pajama dressing” may be all the rage in your world during Pisces season, button into your power suit on Tuesday. That day, the year’s only full supermoon in Virgo will be powering up your ambitious tenth house, which could bring a major professional milestone. An opportunity could pop up suddenly and you might not have time to rush home to change into something more “professional.” But this isn’t coming out of left field, Archer. You’ve earned it with your last six months of hustling! Be proactive. In the two weeks that follow this full moon, any marketing and promotion you do could open major doors. Send out pitch decks, go live on social media to share your latest works, become a regular at networking events. If you’re already well-connected, set up lunches with the movers and shakers in your universe. They might know some key people to introduce you to, like your future boss or a VC who wants to offer you a round of financing. Keep an eye on your Inbox. An enticing offer could arrive in the two weeks following the full supermoon. This one might send you to the executive suites or bring a contract that’s a bit more “corporate” than your indie-spirited sign is used to. Don’t write it off too quickly. Even if your ultimate goal is to be the free-spirited CEO of your own enterprise, gigs like these can be incredible training for the future.


Feeling a little cooped up, Capricorn? This Monday, February 18, the Pisces Sun frees you from your self-imposed isolation when it beams into your outgoing, exploratory third house for a month. Though your social butterfly wings will be fluttering at a faster BPM, no need to stray TOO far from the cocoon. The third house governs local activity. Between now and March 20, make it your mission to try out new venues in your area. From yoga studios to noodle houses, you could quickly earn “mayor” status and expand your social circle. (Which is right in sync with the neighborly vibes of the Year of the Earth Pig! Once you’ve done the rounds, take it upon yourself to play social director for your squad. From town hall lectures to sound baths to live music at underground clubs, you’ll blast through the last four weeks of winter in no time. Is your area an artistic desert? Maybe it’s time to adopt a sister city, Capricorn. Get creative! If you don’t have funds for a pied-a-terre, maybe you could arrange a monthly apartment swap with a friend or get pre-qualified on sites like TrustedPetsitter.com and barter chicken-feeding for a roof over your head in a happening metropolis. If you’ve been thinking about upgrading your car or mobile devices, get to it now—before Mercury turns retrograde on March 5. With your communication sector lit, record a podcast, write up some blog posts or find a way to get your message to the masses—perhaps with the help of a dynamic partner-in-crime.

Does home feel as sweet as it could be? Starting this Monday, your domestic life comes under the crosshairs of Chiron, the comet astrologers call “the wounded healer.” Until April 14, 2027, Chiron will lend its therapeutic beams to Aries, the ruler of your fourth house of family and roots. Brace yourself, because buried childhood issues will surface, begging to be processed. While you’d prefer to just put your head down and focus on work, that’s not going to be possible now—and this is a hidden blessing. Dealing with this will lighten your load and improve your health. It will teach you to be a better “parent” to yourself, especially if you’re the type of Capricorn who puts self-care far down on the priority list. If you’ve been pondering parenthood yourself, Chiron can help bring clarity about best choices. During this cycle, pain or grief surrounding the women in your family, like mothers, daughters or inner circle female friends, could also arise for healing. Inconvenient? You bet. Transformational? Oh, yes. As you do this introspective work, you may dramatically change your living space (or even relocate) as a reflection of your inner shifts. But no matter where you lay your head each night, Chiron’s tour of Aries will teach you to feel “at home” in any situation with the life-changing magic of learning to love yourself.

Tuesday’s full supermoon in Virgo ushers in a major moment of truth. You just can’t ignore that inner knowing, even if you’ve rationalized the situation from a hundred different angles. Stop justifying and just tune in. What is your intuition trying to scream at you? Once you hear it (and you will), don’t waste time trying to explain yourself or convince others to see things your way. If this vision resonates deeply for YOU, then you owe it to yourself to follow up on it with action—or at least a fact-finding inquiry. Get ready! Your investigation will lead you on an unconventional journey, and we wouldn’t be surprised to find out that you’ve booked a trip to a sacred vortex like Peru or Kauai or signed up for a spiritually enriching workshop…or both! Since the ninth house rules cross-cultural connections, mingle multiculturally, no matter your GPS coordinates. You could form an important alliance within two weeks of the full moon. A long-distance opportunity may also land in your lap. It’s 2019, Capricorn, and geography doesn’t have to be a barrier to business partnerships. Get that Zoom account set up, because you may soon be hosting intercontinental conference calls. Cast a wider net!


Let them eat cake! (You’ll switch it up to something a little more nourishing, thanks…) This Monday, February 18, pass the birthday baton to Pisces as the Sun shifts into your “back into business” second house. You no doubt collected some memorable moments over the past four weeks—and you have the unpublished photos to prove it. But as your pragmatic side kicks into gear, you’ll be asking yourself, what’s next? You’ll be craving stability and structure once again, especially if your wallet took a hit since January 20. Between now and March 20, you might even figure out ways to monetize a few of those wild hares you dreamed up during birthday season. Could a side hustle be brewing, Aquarius? Crunch the numbers and figure out how profitable your scheme might be. For Water Bearers who are gainfully employed, now’s the time to show the boss your full dedication, especially if you want to KEEP that job. But if you’ve got your eye on the exit ramp, use Pisces season to polish up your resume, circulate on networking sites and at in-the-flesh industry events. Let friends know that you’re looking but be somewhat discreet. You don’t want your search to put your bread and butter gig in jeopardy.

Also on Monday, Chiron, the “wounded healer” comet, shifts gears, moving into Aries and your third house of communication and cooperation for an alchemizing, eight-year tour. Chiron orbits between your two galactic guardians, structure-obsessed Saturn and free-wheeling Uranus, so his paradoxical struggles tend to mirror your own. Half of you wants to keep everything open-ended and loose; another half knows that leaping without a net could lead to your demise. That push-pull energy will now find its way to your social life. Who are these people you call your friends, Aquarius? Yes, we know you have “instant karma” with everyone from the subway station busker to your afternoon Pilates instructor, but take it deeper, k? It may be time to create stricter entry requirements to your inner circle—or, if you’ve been a tad TOO insular, start searching for kindred spirits who will not only embrace your quirks but will also hold you accountable to being your healthiest, highest self. Where you’ve been struggling in your life (or just plain bored), you could find relief by partnering up. Maybe it’s time to turn that solo show into a joint venture, Aquarius! But this will only work if you choose well, picking someone who can complement your intellect and idealism with a high emotional IQ.

Tuesday’s full moon in Virgo fires up your eighth house of emotions and intimacy, bringing the word “permabonding” to mind. Go on, Aquarius, move in just a little closer—no one’s going to snatch your soul. Quite the contrary! Whether this is a love connection or a just a budding business partner, you’ll feel ready to make a deeper commitment. Your next step could be something as minor-seeming as sharing office space or car-pooling to work, to something far more serious—like merging bank accounts, moving in together or finally putting a ring on it (yes, the proposal you thought was coming on Valentine’s Day). This full moon could also bring a sultry revelation, as the eighth house rules all things erotic. Don’t keep your seductive powers on the DL. Share them—passionately—with someone who appreciates them. If your mojo’s been in slow-mo, it could get a lunar boost. Do little things to keep the juices flowing. Book a massage, refresh your lingerie drawer, take a dance-y cardio class. Moving your body through any form of exercise is the best way to rouse your slumbering libido and ignite your lit-from-within glow. Who knows? You might wind up exchanging digits with someone in your spin class this week. A big money opportunity could come to fruition, too, or this full moon may bring a lump sum of cash like an inheritance, commission or tax return. How’s that for an incentive to get those filings done early?


Shake it off, Pisces! Some of the intense emotions of the past four weeks might just vaporize this Monday, February 18, as the Sun shifts into your sign and kicks off your 2019 birthday season. While we’re not advocating for denial, what if you didn’t have to analyze every feeling? Instead, you could let them wash over you like a wave…and help nudge them along by literally moving your body. (Or just put them in the proverbial “parking lot” while you celebrate until March 20.) With the life-giving Sun in your corner, you’ll feel a fresh surge of get-up-and-go momentum. Squeeze in the last days of winter sports, from ice skating to cross-country skiing—or maybe sign up for surf camp, in Hawaii! It’s worth reminding yourself (daily) that energy flows where your attention goes. Flip to a front-facing lens (instead of that introspective “selfie cam”) and go on a four-week mission to discover what makes you happy. No need to buy the lifetime membership. Since your tastes will fluctuate wildly during Pisces season, try before you buy with one-day workshops, free passes and drop-in classes. Give your inner rock star a shot at the spotlight, Pisces. Your sign tends to be cautious, often preferring to observe from the sidelines, but this solar-powered transit could catapult you into a prominent role this week, meaning you may be forced to take center stage. Swallow your fears and just do it. You’ve got this, Pisces!

Another upswing this Monday comes courtesy of Chiron, the comet known as “the wounded healer.” Every 49-50 years, this intense heavenly body makes an erratic orbit through YOUR sign, which has been the case since February 8, 2011! During this deeply transformational phase you danced with some demons, which may have forced you to address them with lasting, soulful solutions. In the process, you may have even said goodbye to a relationship, job or a friend you thought would be in your life forever. Simultaneously, you may have overcome some lifelong barriers and found immense joy. The intense peaks and valleys begin to level off as of Monday, as Chiron finally exits your sign and picks up an eight-year journey through Aries. You already got a preview of this when Chiron popped into the Ram’s realm from April 17 to September 25, 2018. The focus of this forthcoming Chiron cycle is creating a solid sense of security and abundance. Unhealthy beliefs about money will require examination. Whether you’re an underearner or an over-spender (or both!), it’s time to create a healthy relationship with finances so that you can enjoy your flow and set yourself up for long-range stability.

Tuesday’s full supermoon in Virgo brightens your seventh house of committed partnerships, sending you on a treasure hunt for your other half. A casual connection could become a real-deal commitment over the coming two weeks, or you’ll be inspired to get back out on the playing field again. Already off the market? Make time to appreciate the person on the pillow next to yours. If your connection’s become ho-hum, try viewing them as you would a stranger. Turns out you’ve been overlooking some updates to the ever-evolving person you swore you knew like the back of your hand. Single? Opposites attract under these moonbeams and your heart may want something totally different than what your mind is telling you that you need. Stay open to the mysterious force of amour and see who Cupid selects for you. Dating someone casually? Over the coming two weeks, talks could turn to exclusivity. But if you’ve been languishing in the “will they, won’t they” drama, look at what’s keeping you stuck in it. La luna will shed light on the truth about the lovers in your life. If you don’t like what you see, turn heel and run in the opposite direction. You’re not going to attract The One unless you have a clear and open field. Business partnerships will also benefit from this full moon. Is it time to join forces? Again, keep the searchlight on for a complementary force instead of someone with a carbon copy of your skill set. If you’ve collaborated successfully in the past, the full moon may evolve your connection into a more official partnership. Lawyer up and draft a legit contract or deal memo before Mercury flips retrograde on March 5!

Source: AstroStyle