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Your Weekly Horoscope Forecast Is Here – 24-30 September

Calling all attention whores! Your catwalk moment has arrived, thanks to the full moon in flamboyant Aries—which will light up the skies on Monday, September 24. Sashay! Shante! Werk! These fearless, forthright beams can make even the shyest human feel uncharacteristically bold. So what have you been working on for the past six months? Flip back to April 15, the date of the corresponding NEW moon in Aries. That lunar lift may now be ready for a full-scale launch. Trot it out in the early part of the week, even if you’re just “beta-testing” with your closest crew. But don’t play it too safe!

The zodiac’s Ram brings a blithe boost to our confidence. Audience receptivity isn’t really the point of this full moon; it’s more about daring to put yourself out there, unvarnished, fully authentic and 100 percent amazing—as YOU define it. “Know thyself” is this full moon’s commandment. In the early part of the week, it’s going to be a lot easier to say no to what you DON’T want…and then, a resounding yes to what you do! Competition could get fierce since Aries has an “all about me” vibe that can never quite get enough attention. Make room onstage for others to shine instead of fighting for headliner status. Along with suppressed mojo can come a wave of buried anger. Hit the boxing gym, vent to a levelheaded third party, scream into a karaoke mic…just don’t escalate the drama!

On Tuesday, it may be hard to stay neutral as stalwart Saturn in Capricorn clashes with the fair-minded Libra Sun. Libra’s solar power brings objectivity, helping us see “both sides” of every argument. But, as the saying goes, he who stands for nothing falls for everything. Trying to be high-minded or uninvolved could tear down loyalty among the ranks. People will want to know: Are you with us or against us? This can force some folks to make a difficult decision, either abandoning group think or choosing to go along for the strength of the team.

It’s ultimately up to every individual to decide what’s more important. Since el Sol will make a second cosmic connection on Thursday—to indie-spirited Mars, who is paradoxically on tour through communal Aquarius, this is not going to be an easy choice! Perhaps there’s a way to work through the conflicted feelings within “the family” by talking it out…and talking some more. Thursday’s dynamic Sun-Mars trine can help us hash things out privately instead of getting into a Facebook Timeline smackdown.

On Sunday, enigmatic Pluto rouses from his annual retrograde, which began on April 22. Like a cranky toddler waking up from a nap, this about-face (called a “station” in astrospeak) might leave us feeling a bit out of sorts. What’s real and what’s a ruse? And who can we REALLY trust?

With the cosmic overlord in snooze mode for the past five months, it has NOT been easy to tell. In the days ahead, we can tap back into Pluto’s sleuthing skills to get to the bottom of any unsolved mysteries. Pluto is now into the second half of his 2008-2024 tour of Capricorn, the sign that rules governments, corporations and the patriarchy. We’ve seen our share of volcanic eruptions and seismic shifts over the past ten years. With Pluto—which also governs money, sex and power—snapping back into action, clandestine activity could be exposed.

To wit, just days after Pluto turned direct in 2017, Harvey Weinstein’s crimes were exposed. On a personal note, Pluto’s backspin may have left some of us stuck with stormier thoughts. As the dwarf planet shifts into drive for the coming seven months, we’ll feel more motivated to tackle those tough sticking points, addictive tendencies and compulsive behaviors. Although a sexy cat-and-mouse game can be fun, some semblance of transparency will be necessary in order to form the unbreakable bonds that Pluto demands.


Aries Weekly Horoscope

You’ll be positively glowing on Monday, September 24, when the year’s only full moon in your sign turns the spotlight on YOU! This is your annual moment to put the final touches on a major six-month project and bring it to a stunning conclusion. Hope you’ve been rehearsing your acceptance speech, Ram, because you may be taking a high-profile curtain call. Not quite at the completion stage? Things could come together with a flourish within the next two weeks. If you’ve got more motivation and energy than a clear idea what to do with all that, think back to what got you stoked around the Aries new moon last April 15. Trial and error might be helpful. Test a small idea and see how it goes and how you feel. Your passionate sign should know pretty quickly whether it’s lighting a spark or not. Once something catches fire, keep fanning the flames until you’re sure this is the way to go. But manage those starry-eyed Aries expectations. Sure, it might SEEM like it’s a slam dunk, but to save time, money (and face!), roll it out slowly and make sure you’ve given it a proper test run. That said, don’t let perfectionism kill your enthusiasm. There will be plenty of time to fine-tune this once it’s built!


Work or relationship? Hopefully it won’t come down to an either/or situation. But it’s probably safe to assume SOME compromises will be in order on Tuesday, when unyielding Saturn in your career zone forms a testy square to the Sun in your partnership realm. This is something that only happens a few times a year, but when it does, there’s no missing it! If you’ve been asking yourself why everything seems to heat up at once, this is your answer. The taskmaster planet will spend a total of three years in your professional sector (from December 19, 2017, to December 17, 2020), offering valuable teachings and giving you the experience and credibility you need to advance. But when it forms harsh angles to other planets, that’s when you get stressed. This week, try to look past the small challenges and focus on how you can use them to elevate your work or management skills to another level. Listen to people’s demands and do what you can to meet them. But don’t leave your own needs out of the equation. Finding a way to balance these competing requests and make everyone feel like they’re being satisfied is the real “lesson” of this square!


More exciting work developments are brewing over the weekend, boding well for the coming workweek—and way beyond! After a frustrating five-month retrograde, alchemical Pluto straightens out in your tenth house of professional success on Sunday. Finally, you can set new benchmark goals, make some ambitious plans…and hit the gas without fearing you’ll slam into a brick wall. You may have come this-close to a major opportunity only to have it slip away. Now it’s safe to resume your job searching or go after those high-profile accounts. With Pluto blasting ahead for the next seven months, you’ll be back in your motivated mindset and able to make measurable (and profitable) progress!


Taurus Weekly Horoscope

The week dawns with an important planetary PSA: Let it go! Yes, Taurus, we’re aware that’s not exactly the easiest instruction for your Bull-headed sign to follow, which is precisely why it’s so significant. On Monday, September 24, the year’s only full moon in Aries illuminates your twelfth house of endings, transitions and healing. Bringing one of the best moments of 2018 to release something or someone that’s standing in your way. Stepping away from a thing that’s been a part of your life is always a challenge, but it’ll be easier if you focus on all the ways it’s blocking your progress and everything you’ve sacrificed or lost out on as a result. Think of this as part of your natural spiritual evolution and make “codependent no more!” your new mantra. You don’t have to go through this alone. The twelfth house rules teachers, guides and “earth angel” types who might present themselves over the next two weeks—but you’ve got to be open to accepting what they have to offer. This is a time for internal reflection, so clear out some of the busyness of your schedule and leave plenty of white space to rest, meditate, journal or just be alone with your thoughts. It’s a perfect moment to do energy healing or work with another holistic practitioner. Concentrate on what you’re gaining, not losing, to keep your willpower strong.


Been talking a better game than you’ve been playing when it comes to your health and fitness? You can turn it around on Tuesday, when the vibrant Sun in your wellness center gets a dose of self-discipline from tough-love Saturn. Part of the secret is not thinking about what you “have” to do or giving up, but rather, focusing on how much better/stronger/fitter you’ll feel if you make a few adjustments to your lifestyle. Start off easy, perhaps by committing to a few hours of exercise a week and eliminating a few “bad” foods from your diet. (Buh-bye white flour carbs.) You’ve got more determination in your little finger than many people have altogether, so tap into that when you feel yourself getting weak. Set some realistic goals and build in mini rewards for when you reach them. With the Sun in social Libra, you might want to invite a friend to be your workout buddy. After-work yoga followed by a gourmet veg dinner once or twice a week could be habit-forming!


Ready to blast out of a rut—and blow the hinges off some stale routines? Sunday’s the day to begin that, when transformational Pluto wraps up an exasperating five-month retrograde through your ninth house of adventure and global expansion. Whether something external was holding back progress on a big dream or it was your own limiting beliefs, that might all roll out with the tide when Pluto resumes forward motion. You’re ready for something new, even if you’re not exactly sure what that looks like. That’s the beauty of alchemical Pluto shaking things up in this visionary zone: You can stay open to different opportunities that come your way and check them out without having to go all in. The ninth house is all about expanding your horizons—literally and figuratively—so you’ll get almost as much satisfaction from researching and planning a major vacation as you will actually taking it! Think outside your usual parameters, Bull. How about a writing retreat or art or music “camp”? Anything new, different and challenging will tick all the boxes.


Gemini Weekly Horoscope

Membership has its privileges, and you may be privy to a few new ones on Monday, September 24, when the year’s only full moon in Aries illuminates your group-activities sector. As an air sign, you’re a naturally gregarious person, and this lunar lift can bring some exciting new developments to existing friendships, attract some fresh faces and sprinkle fairy dust on collaborative projects. For the two weeks following this full moon—and even in the coming months—you may find that certain alliances are growing deeper and becoming more significant in your life. Team up with like-minded people for fun AND personal advancement. Since the eleventh house rules social activism, you may find it hard to stay quiet about specific issues, and that you need to let your voice be heard. Find organizations that target these concerns and see how you might lend your talents to the cause. A fringe benefit for single Geminis is that you could meet someone who’s the whole package; someone you’re attracted to physically AND spiritually. Having shared values is a great foundation for a lasting relationship. Alternatively, since this realm rules technology, you could have unusually good luck in the online dating game. Swipe and ye shall find! Couples might enjoy doing more things out together instead of with your separate friends. Mix and match people from different areas of your lives and watch the wild synergies unfold!


Speaking of hot and heavy dates (weren’t we?), Tuesday’s stars turn up the heat on amorous activities. The excitable Sun in your fifth house of passion mashes up with restrained and serious Saturn in your eighth house of seduction and intense emotions, pushing you to act on your animal instincts. While the urge to merge will surge, there’s another part of you that bears paying attention to. Even as you’re in touch with your lusty desires, Saturn may not be satisfied with a booty call or fall fling. The planet of future planning has loftier ideas for lovers, which could set off an internal tug of war. Only you can decide which yearning is stronger, but as long as you’re honest about the conflict, it shouldn’t trip you up. In a LTR? This is a perfect moment to look at any resistance you’re feeling to your partner and to talk about unmet needs, including those that clearly fall in the “fantasy” realm. Hey, if you can’t discuss it with them, who CAN you talk to about it?


You may be ready to share more deeply from the heart this Sunday, when private and probing Pluto resumes forward motion in your intense eighth house after five emotionally draining months of being retrograde. Now it’s fair game to bring up those heavy or taboo subjects, like sexual desire, metaphysics, intimacy and even fears around death and dying. You may have been stuck in your head since last April 22 when the backspin began. Now you’re eager to delve into these topics with anyone who’s open to discussing them. You may have gotten into therapy or deepened a spiritual practice and want to share some of the things you’ve been exploring and learning. Just remember that not everyone is willing or able to “go there,” so choose your co-conversationalists carefully—and don’t take it personally if they’re not quite on your level.


Cancer Weekly Horoscope

Career advancement: incoming! Get your power suits ready for action, Crab. This Monday, September 24, the year’s only full moon in Aries switches on the house lights in your tenth house of professional ambition, positioning you for a new level of recognition and success. Over the coming two weeks, exciting developments might bubble up on the work front, and unexpected opportunities could find you.  Do a little advance thinking about what would or wouldn’t be acceptable. You may have to make some big decisions faster than you realized, and your emotional sign prefers to take your time to ponder things deeply. If you’ve been unhappy at your 9-5 or have felt underutilized or underappreciated, you might draw in something more appropriate to your current skill set. Some Crabs may finally realize a long-held dream to launch their own business and see how good it feels to be CEO of Cancer, Inc. This lunar lift could signal a complex project’s completion, which can bring kudos from influential people and possibly a promotion. But if you’ve been hustling for months and now it’s suddenly over, you might experience a sense of loss. Enjoy the satisfaction of a job well done, but waste no time moving on to the next big thing. The iron is hot, so strike!


No good deed goes unpunished? A close connection might make waves on Tuesday, when the generous Sun in your domestic quarters collides with insatiable Saturn in your relationship realm. More and more, it seems like, no matter what you do, this person isn’t happy. Whether it’s a family member, love interest, close friend or roommate, there’s no satisfying them. So here’s the real question, Cancer: Why do you keep trying? You’ve got plenty of people in your life; maybe it’s time to “go on hiatus” with this high-maintenance individual. The shift doesn’t have to be dramatic. Just stop pursuing them, and when they reach out to you, be busy. And with the sudden uptick of free time you’ll have NOT pandering to that person, you’ll have plenty to devote to the others who treat you with kindness and respect. Saturn’s lessons can be a bitter pill to swallow, but oh boy will you learn about healthy boundaries!


You’ll get a cosmic boost with all your relationships starting Sunday, when penetrating Pluto wraps up a nerve-wracking five-month retrograde in your partnership sector. During that time, a few of your closest connections could have gone off the rails. Heavy emotional issues may have clouded over some otherwise lovely interactions, and you might not have had a clue how to get things back on track. But now that shadowy Pluto is resuming forward motion, things may rectify themselves without your having to grab the wheel. Romantic relationships get a serious boost from this pivot, but you both need to agree to stop disagreeing over little issues! Remember, it’s better to be happy than “right,” so pick your battles and let (most) things slide. Single? This turn-around kicks off seven months of opportunities, so meet Lady Luck halfway by putting yourself out there more, exploring new terrain, and giving the “maybes” a fighting chance.


Leo Weekly Horoscope

Pack a bag and call in sick on Monday, September 24—if you can! The year’s only full moon in excitable Aries sends shock waves through your ninth house of travel, global expansion and solo ventures. If you can head out on a road trip—or get another escapade underway—this could be a game-changing moment. Full moons bring ideas or efforts to culmination. What have you been mulling over, Leo? This lunar lift is your cue to stop contemplating and book that yoga retreat in Belize or that backpacking trek through Southeast Asia. (Or even that local leaf-peeping weekend!) The point isn’t to see how many frequent-flier miles you can rack up but, rather, to break out of the daily grind. A change of scenery and a new cast of characters can get you thinking about life in a more open-minded way than you can when you’re staring at the same four walls or spilling tea with the same faces. Shake things up with an adventure—by yourself or with a companion you know you mesh with. Being confined by someone with control issues or high anxiety would defeat the whole purpose. Over the coming weeks and even months, the entrepreneurial bug may bite, or you might get a wild hare to go back to school or get certified in a specialty field. Start plotting this out over the next two weeks—prime manifesting time of the full moon!


Less is more on Tuesday, when the spontaneous Sun in your communication corner gets rebuked by stern Saturn in your critical sixth house. Since when is sharing from the heart a high-risk proposition? Ask the taskmaster planet, and he’ll tell you: It can be when you’re not 100 percent sure of someone’s true motives. While you might be thinking this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship, this other person might be taking mental notes for stealing your thunder (or your clients) first chance they get! Don’t take the bait. Stay mindful, even with your closest confidantes. You don’t need to go full-on paranoid, but remember, what you don’t say can never hurt you! And should you have some juicy gossip you’re dying to share, lock it in the vault and get back to work before temptation undoes you.


On Sunday, therapeutic Pluto snaps out of a nerve-jangling retrograde in your sixth house of wellness, service and organized systems. Are you ready to clamp down on the chaos and clutter and get back to a healthy lifestyle? If the past five months have been one extended exercise in frustration and futility, you’re probably ready to try almost anything to get things in order. Start by simplifying your life. Look at all the things you’ve taken on that don’t thrill you to the core. What can you graciously bow out of without leaving anyone in the lurch? Your sanity is worth more than “saving face,” so start uncommitting yourself! As you create more time in your life, start filling in those slots with activities that make you feel good and in touch with yourself. Make sure you’re getting regular exercise, eating nutritious meals and building in plenty of time for rest and relaxation. You’ll be back to your vivacious Leo self in no time!


Virgo Weekly Horoscope

Bring on the seductive vibes! A wave of erotic energy may flood in on Monday, September 24, as the year’s only full moon in Aries raises the tides in your erotic and intimate eighth house. An attraction that’s been slowly building strength could reach a tipping point over the coming two weeks (peak “manifesting” time for this lunar lift). So what’s missing in your love life, Virgo? Whether you’re single, coupled up or open, you can gain clarity and zoom forward on one of your amorous ambitions now. Take some quiet time on your own, perhaps with a journal or materials to create a vision board, to get your vision on paper. Talk it over with a confidante—or a coach. The more focused your dream, the more likely you are to achieve it. Couples might enjoy going a little overboard in the boudoir, especially if you’ve fallen into the “same old” rut. Candles, toys, costumes, acting out fantasies: Need we say more? Under the inspiration of this trailblazing Aries moon, single Virgos should consider a totally different approach to mingling and dating. Scrap your app and download something new. Start frequenting venues that speak to some of your classier interests, like cultural centers, galleries, lecture series. Which is not to say you can’t meet your soulmate at karaoke night—the point is to mix it up!


Play it safe or take a little risk? You may be of two minds on Tuesday, when the diplomatic Libra Sun in your safety zone bangs into calculating Saturn in your fifth house of love, creativity and taking chances. There are some tangled wires here, since the Sun is usually keen to gamble (but it’s in your second house of emotional security) and Saturn generally issues the warnings. No wonder you’re confused! Before you do anything, commit to doing NOTHING and, instead, stepping back and examining the situation from multiple perspectives. Are you feeling pressured to do something—for love, financial advancement or in the name of your craft—but aren’t 100 percent ready? Or is it exactly the other way around: You’re dying to go all in, but your own fears are holding you back. Remove other people’s opinions and expectations from the equation and give your heart the mic. Testing 1-2-3… So what’s it saying? THAT’S the route to pursue!


What’s the funny feeling in your stomach? Why, it’s love, actually. Romance gets back on track this Sunday, when purifying Pluto ends a nail-biter of a five-month retrograde in your fifth house of passion, fame and amour. There may have been slowdowns, reversals or surprising plot twists during this frustrating period, but now that Pluto has resumed forward motion, you can shift back into the passing lane and follow your desires. If you’re unattached, stop playing the online lottery and ask friends to make introductions or host singles dinners or cocktail parties. And when you DO meet intriguing people, lighten up on that Virgo critical approach to, uh, everything, and give different types a chance (why hello, divorced geek squad dad!). If you’re in a LTR and feel like things have stalled out in the bedroom, check out some new terrain—like a romantic beachfront getaway or cabin in the woods where there’s not much ELSE to do, which is exactly the point!


Libra Weekly Horoscope

Music to your ears! Monday, September 24, marks the annual full moon in Aries, which offers a personal turbo-charge to your love life. Things that have been percolating over the past six months might reach a full boil under this lunar light. A simmering attraction could turn into something solid and sustainable all by itself—or you may have to lean in to the Aries moon’s forthright energy and take the ram by the horns, especially if “someone” has been a little lacking in the commitment department. And if you don’t get the response you’re hoping for, you’ll have the confidence (and lack of patience) to wave buh-bye and move on. Long-running unions might lunge toward the next big step, whether that’s a shared lease, a key exchange—or an exchange of vows. While full moons illuminate possibilities and can bring major opportunities, you still need to do your part, so be prepared to act on your feelings and express what’s in your heart. No more “too nice to argue Libra,” okay?


Stand your ground on Tuesday, particularly if a distressing situation on the home and family front threatens to destabilize you. With the Sun lighting up your harmonious sign all month, you’re especially dismayed when people start petty disagreements just to cause trouble—or drama! This week, as el Sol takes fire from rigid Saturn in your domestic quarters, try not to take it personally, even though this person knows exactly how to push your buttons. Look at what’s really upsetting you, Libra: Did you think things were flowing with this relationship or that you have the power to keep this person from acting up? Or on some level, do you believe they’re right? Examine that, and if there is something conciliatory that you can do, extend the olive branch. But if they’re making a mountain out of a molehill (or out of NOTHING), leave this one alone! Acknowledge that the situation is making you feel vulnerable and sensitive, and then use it as opportunity to develop a thicker skin—always a valuable lesson.


The weekend brings a chance to clear up any confusion, craziness or chaos that’s been decreasing your home-front peace for the past five months. On Sunday, cathartic Pluto ends a frustrating retrograde that began last April 22 and may have sent shock waves (and possibly a few shady characters) through your domesticity center. When the penetrating planet resumes forward motion, you can initiate healing conversations and do any forgiveness work that stands in the way of a happy relationship. And if your soul-searching suggests that YOU owe someone an apology, do it swiftly and sincerely. This pivot can bring up some big questions about where you live. You may be itching to make a move or reconfigure the way space is shared under your roof.  While there’s no predicting long-term outcomes, as long as you always strive for Libran balance, you’ll find mutually agreeable solutions to any problem. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case with everyone else, and even if you and bae are peacefully coexisting, there will always be relatives, landlords and neighbors to contend with!


Scorpio Weekly Horoscope

Up and at ’em! Monday, September 24, is an auspicious day for your work, health and daily routines as the year’s only full moon in Aries illuminates your chart sector that rules these areas. If you’ve been on a mission to get your life more organized or get your wellness game up to snuff, this could bring a “tipping point” moment when you see some impressive results. But don’t stop here! You might want to put in even more effort now that you see how great this progress feels. Still slogging up the learning curve? You can take some giant strides over the next two weeks (peak manifesting time for this full moon) toward your goals. If you’re looking for a new gig or some freelance income streams, devote some time to tweaking your resume and LinkedIn profile and reaching out to friends in high places. If you’re NOT riding shotgun on the wellness wagon, it’s not too late to make some healthy shifts in your lifestyle. The trick to making ’em stick? Lean in to the competitive energy of Aries. While you might not be the star of the spin studio right away, could you become one of the best—or, start feeling (then seeing) results quickly. Same with eating. You love to be the first one to seek out and share, like a lunch spot with delicious plant-based offerings or a food truck that specializes in ketogenic meals. The search-and-discover mission will be half the fun this week.


You might not feel like coming out to play on Tuesday, however, when the radiant Sun in your hidden and introspective twelfth house squares off with reserved Saturn in your third house of socializing and communication. This is a great day for creative development, whether at work or on one of your passion projects. If you can’t go into lockdown, and do have to interact with others, think before you speak (or email or text). You’re so deeply enmeshed in your own thought process that you might not realize how brusque your communication is. Ideally you can close your door (or pop on the noise-cancelling headphones) and pour yourself into an all-consuming assignment. But don’t share your developments just yet. Even constructive criticism could feel pricklier than it was intended.


You may find your voice on Sunday—and a microphone and a stage to broadcast your message from! Your co-ruler, alchemical Pluto, concludes an exasperating five-month retrograde in your expressive third house. You may have labored long and hard to get some key thoughts across with (in your opinion) not enough to show for your efforts. But one of the hidden gifts of the transformational planet is that, when it does make a major move, you can experience a profound shift in your own awareness. Look back on the work you’ve done since last April with fresh eyes. What gems can you polish up and turn into something truly magnificent? If you can’t see it, talk to a close friend who gets and appreciates your style. Together you might discover some things worth putting out in the world in a big way. But keep moving forward! With Pluto powering ahead, you can create magic, and get your well-deserved street cred.


Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope

Step onto the cosmic red carpet on Monday, September 24, when the year’s only Aries full moon powers up your fifth house of passion, fame and star quality. You’ll be oozing charisma and animal magnetism, and the only question is: What do you want to do with it? Full moons bring things to completion, and in the two weeks following this lunar lift, your creative or professional work of the past six months may yield the results you’ve been hoping for—and then some! Get ready for your victory lap. This could be something that wins you major recognition, perhaps from the acknowledged critics in your field or even the press. People might notice you when you’re out and about, so no stepping out in sloppy track pants or a messy topknot! Dress for the success you want to have, and make sure you always have a wallet-full of business cards and, if appropriate, photos of your work on your phone. Casual conversations could double as networking opportunities, so have your elevator pitch polished and ready to rattle off. This is also a peak time romantically, whatever your relationship status. Single? Every time you walk out the door, you may have a fateful meeting. And when you’re trying to meet people, a little sustained eye contact can become a personal introduction. Couples can renew your passion, and, since the fifth house rules fertility, you might catch a case of baby fever. Just make sure you’re really ready, because things could happen literally overnight!


Go-go-stop? You may be getting mixed messages on Tuesday, when the enthusiastic Sun in your eleventh house of teamwork and technology gets into it with restrictive Saturn in your security-minded second house. While part of you is eager to explore some new social groups (or throw your hat into the online dating ring), the side that’s controlled by conservative Saturn is a bit more risk-averse. Definitely think twice (if not three or four times) before crossing the proverbial line with a platonic friend. Things might feel “inevitable” today…but then there’s tomorrow to deal with. Under this cautious transit, don’t let anyone talk you into lending money or co-signing a contract for them. Just as good fences make good neighbors, not letting financial issues muddy friendships should be your golden rule!


Finances may be very much on your mind when the weekend rolls around and you can finally breathe a sigh of relief. After a frustrating five-month retrograde in your second house of work, money and security, transformational Pluto resumes forward motion and sweeps away some cobwebs that may have accumulated since last April. But it’s not like dollar bills are going to fall out of trees, Archer. You need to do your bit by evaluating your earnings and spending and maybe doing the unthinkable—putting yourself on a budget. Sure, you may have to cut out a few indulgences, but to climb out of debt or save up for that dream winter vacay is going to take effort. You should have an easier time with a job search or in your hunt for more freelance clients. Review your pitching style and see if there’s anything you can do to be even more appealing than you already are!


Capricorn Weekly Horoscope

Home and family issues steal the spotlight starting Monday, September 24, as the year’s only Aries full moon powers up your domestic fourth house. Have you been so focused on “bringing home the bacon” that you’ve given short shrift to the folks actually AT home, Capricorn? It’s easy for you to slide down a professional rabbit hole, but this lunar lift is your annual opportunity to get things back in balance. Over the coming two weeks (prime manifesting time for full moons), carve out quality time to spend with your loved ones—and don’t feel like you need an “agenda.” Just being together and talking, breaking bread and sharing your latest accomplishments and adventures will be a bonding experience. Have you been dreaming of making some design changes to your house or apartment? (And do you have a cache of Pinterest boards and downloaded photos you’ve been secretly drooling over?) You may finally have the time, funds and burning desire to get started on one of these projects—and the “fresh start” energy of Aries can help you see things with new eyes. If you’re in the market for a move, start scanning the listings—in earnest, not just in “fantasy mode.” Pour your focused Capricorn energy into this and you may find your dream home in a matter of weeks. Whatever the moving/redecorating plans are, the rest of September is great for entertaining and gathering your nearest and dearest under one roof.


Tempers could flare and power struggles may break out on Tuesday, however, when the Sun in diplomatic Libra and your career-oriented tenth house bangs into a boundary-hound Saturn (your cosmic ruler) in your sign. This rare square only happens twice a year, but when it does, you might want to don your pith helmet. Be careful who you assert your authority around, Capricorn. Not everyone is going to follow the rules or care whose toes they step on in their scramble to the top. Since the Sun and Saturn—not to mention the tenth house itself—represent men and masculine energy, you could lock into a power struggle with a mansplainer or a dude who is intent on flexing his professional muscles. But don’t stoop to his level, even if he tries to lure you into the ring. Lean in to the tactful, strategic Libra energy and sidestep their punches. Don’t be surprised if that tack actually gets people more worked up. Keep your head high and your nose clean—and let them self-destruct if that’s what they’re intent on!


Sunday brings the celestial news you’ve been waiting five months for! Alchemical Pluto concludes an exasperating retrograde in your sign that may have slowed progress or given you serious self-doubt since April 22. This may have reopened some old wounds or brought up issues you thought were done and dusted. But now that the penetrating planet is resuming forward motion, you can get a few important things back on track and blast ahead. And armed with some new self-awareness, you can avoid pitfalls that previously tripped you up. You won’t merely “be the change you want to see in the world,” Capricorn: You’ll be a beacon of inspiration for others!


Aquarius Weekly Horoscope

Looking for some inspiration in your social life? Monday, September 24, brings a full-on transfusion of new energy under the glow of a full moon in Aries and your third house of friendship, self-expression and local activity. As a gregarious air sign, you “collect” people everywhere you go, and over the next two weeks (peak “manifesting” time of this lunar lift), you could meet some fascinating kindred spirits, become a regular at a cool neighborhood event or break the ice with someone you’ve admired from afar. You don’t have to run across town every time you go out after work, Water Bearer. Do a little sleuthing to find great new restaurants, breweries and cultural meccas closer to home. You might be amazed at what’s been going on practically under your nose for the past several months! If you’ve been considering a professional or creative collaboration—or casually dabbling in one—you could finally make it official. Any feuds, creative disagreements or lovers’ quarrels can be ended with a strong intention to clear the air. Just extend an olive branch—even if “they started it.” Don’t let your ego rob you of their company.


You may be itching to zoom ahead on something on Tuesday, but take your time and get all your ducks in a row. Things might not be as simple as they seem, and blasting ahead before you’ve done every drop of due diligence can come back to haunt you, Aquarius. With your co-ruler, cautious Saturn, in a battle of the wills with the ego-driven Sun in your independent ninth house, you might have to concede a few small points in the name of getting your larger goals met. Make sure you still want to do the deal with this person. If you keep meeting with resistance, they might not be ready to play ball—or could have ulterior motives they’re not revealing. While you can’t control other people’s behavior, you are in charge of how you react. Even as anger or resentment mounts, ask yourself if there could possibly be a hidden benefit to this delay or setback. Take a second look at your plans, project or budding relationship and see if a tiny bit more research or consideration could help you. Frustrating, probably, but not beyond hope!


Sunday might bring a sudden (if long-awaited) turn-around in an area that’s been riddled with slowdowns, reversals and possibly upheavals. Cathartic Pluto wraps up a vexing five-month retrograde in your subterranean twelfth house, where it’s been churning up all sorts of buried wounds and counterproductive behaviors and shining a light on toxic relationships. (Oh, is that all?) Pluto is the mythical lord of the underworld, and when it’s retrograde—in your deep dark twelfth house no less—there’s no telling what Pandora’s box you may have opened. Hopefully you have good friends and professional counselors and healers to lean on. Now that it’s moving forward, you can apply some of the lessons you learned and act from a freer, less “compulsive” place. The upside is that these five months may have delivered some mystical downloads, fine-tuned your intuition and brought some emotional healing. In the days ahead, you’ll be more open to taking chances again, knowing that your ability to set healthy boundaries, and give without sacrificing, will be back in its sharpened state. Phew!


Pisces Weekly Horoscope

Bring on the abundance! Exciting (and prosperous) times lie ahead beginning this Monday, September 24, when the year’s only Aries full moon switches on the floodlights in your second house of money, work and security. Full moons often bring efforts to a turning point, and if you’ve been searching for new income streams over the past six months, your hard work is about to be rewarded. A plum job opportunity could come your way, or you might be tapped to join a freelance project that may develop into a steady gig. Lady Luck is with you now, so go the extra mile in everything you do. Send more resumes. Cold-call people you’d love to work with. Follow up on all queries you’ve kept in your saved folder. A sweet prospect could yield fruit quite unexpectedly, so be ready to turn on a dime. Speaking of dimes, if you’ve been a good little squirrel and have been socking away “nuts” for a major purchase, you might finally hit your magic number. While saving for the future is important, it’s also crucial that you treat yourself to little indulgences that make—and keep—you happy. Just know the difference between an occasional splurge and addictive spending. Even the most fabulous wardrobe won’t fill an emotional hole, so make sure you know what’s driving you.


Team player—or tormentor? That doesn’t sound like most Pisces we know, but on Tuesday, you might give the world a rare glimpse of your shadow side, when restrictive Saturn in your community corner locks into a tense square with the willful Sun in your house of intense emotions. Someone might push one of your buttons without realizing it—and you may not have a way of deactivating the alarm. Ouch! Unbeknownst to many people, you’ve got some strong opinions, and a temper, and when someone offends your sense of fair play or is just plain mean, you don’t let it roll off you like water off a duck’s back. But before you go off on anyone, step back and take in the bigger picture. Perhaps this person or group isn’t the perfect fit you originally thought they were. So why are you persisting? Consider it a sign that it’s time to part ways, and take the high road with a gracious exit. (A bridge you burn could be a needed route in the future.) And if someone on a team is throwing you shade for no apparent reason, ask them what’s really bothering them. You might help them save face AND get a wobbly train back on track.


Some of the issues you’ve been experiencing with a certain social circle or professional group could magically dissipate all by themselves on Sunday, and amen to that! Shadowy Pluto resumes forward motion after a five-month signal-scrambling retrograde in your eleventh house of camaraderie and technology. As the transformational planet gains speed, you can look forward to more stability and cooperation in your social life. You can bury the hatchet and deepen a meaningful bond. If you’re single and looking for someone with keeper potential, give online dating another chance. With cathartic Pluto back on course in your digital domain, your right-swiping may yield solid gold. Just keep the bar—and your healthy skepticism—high.



Source: Astro Style