Your Weekly Horoscope For The 17th-23rd Of September Has Arrived

Stir it up? Rebellious urges will be hard to suppress this Tuesday, September 18, when combative Mars and combustible Uranus crash into their third—and final (hallelujah!)—square of 2018. The feisty planets have been trading fire since May 16, making everyone quick to pop off and lose their cool. This four-month cycle of planetary backlash began one day after unconventional Uranus kicked off an uncomfortable eight-year tour through traditional Taurus—which was also the very first day that Mars began an extra-long, politically charged stint in Aquarius, the sign of social justice. Squares—the astrological name for planets locking into a 90-degree angle with one another from our vantage point—can be disruptive, to say the least. In this alignment, the cosmic signatures just clash. As a result, we are forced to “creatively synthesize” to find a middle ground. But they can also be dynamic, moving stuck energy and forcing us to innovate instead of perseverate. This particular series of Mars-Uranus squares has been highlighting the growing divide between the revolutionaries and the old guard. Since May 16, shocking battle lines have been drawn on the world stage (please forgive us, Canada!) while equally jaw-dropping alliances have seemed to form. On a personal level, these combative planets have created waves of anxiety and anger, some that seem “inexplicable” or perhaps stemmed from the collective conscience instead of an individual experience. And since both Uranus and Aquarius are associated with social media and the internet, the Tweetstorms have been disturbingly…epic.

On August 2, the planets hit the same feisty formation, only that time, Mars was retrograde. During the square of Tuesday, September 18, Mars is back in direct motion and now shock jock Uranus is in reverse. This week’s square could rouse slumbering radicals and possibly expose the misuse of nuclear power (hello, Uranium mines) that has been hidden from public knowledge. But since we’ve been through this drama twice already, we may have a greater ability to greet it proactively. That said, it’s wise to avoid stressful encounters, intense crowds and bad traffic in the early half of the week. Patience for stupid human tricks will be paper-thin—and people’s behavior will be more unpredictable than usual. To channel all this intense energy, pump up the yin. Do something positive for the Earth (a Uranus-in-Taurus ideal) like planting a tree in someone’s name or cleaning up a public park. Carry a crystal in your pocket or wear one as a pendant. Skip the bar and go to yoga after work, or make dinner at home while communing with close friends. This isn’t about hiding away from the world but creating and enjoying safe and nurturing spaces to combat the craziness.

Just in the nick of time, two heavenly bodies swoop in and help us give peace a chance. On Friday, mental Mercury heads into balanced Libra, followed by the Sun on Saturday. Like a healing balm for our hearts and minds, this shift can bring us from competition to cooperation. Dynamic duos thrive during Libra season, especially if we team up with a complement instead of a clone. And should we have overstepped a boundary during the Mars-Uranus squares, extend an olive branch this weekend. Until October 23, Libra’s harmonious vibes help us smooth over any rough patches in our most important unions. It’s rarely too late to at least TRY to make amends—and the gracious diplomacy of Libra season will make others more amenable to accepting apologies. But this isn’t about sweeping conflicts under the rug. Libra’s scales of justice could spur another round of peaceful protests…and a revolution of love!



This week’s stars offer an important stellar PSA: Mind your spending! You’re generous by nature, Ram, but that can be as great a detriment as a merit. On Tuesday, September 18, a reality-checking face-off between your ruler, unbridled Mars, in your social sector and capricious Uranus in your money house can bring buried resentments to the surface. This is the third and final in a trio of three Mars-Uranus squares this year, and it could exhume issues you were hoping not to have to deal with. (The previous clashes came on May 16 and August 2—that second time, Mars was retrograde, and this time around, Uranus is the one in reverse, suggesting this isn’t a new topic.) You love your squad, but you have to be honest—with yourself—about a few things. For starters, do you feel like you’re trying to keep up with the Joneses when you do go out? There’s no shame to having and sticking to a budget. If these folks are either higher earners or bigger spenders than you, you might need to do more selective things with them. Or is one of them a notorious check dodger? (You know, the type who ducks off to the loo just before the bill comes, or never has even cash to cover their share?) So before the next exorbitant group hang, consider whether it’s actually worth the cost. You could suggest a rotating potluck, which won’t cost more than the price of one home-cooked dish or bottle of wine. Crisis averted.

Wrap up the last of your big deadlines; clean up Chez Aries and get your life in order! The Sun will soon wind down its annual tour of Virgo and your hard-working, well-oiled sixth house, so make the most of this productive push. Come Saturday, le Soleil will make a radical costume change, peeling off the sensible, work-a-day outfit of Virgo and slipping into something way sexier and more glamorous as it settles down in Libra country and your seventh house of partnerships. Between now and October 23, this solar surge will light up ALL your relationships and make you the belle of the ball (or Bumble). Single? Stay open to some very different types of suitors. The “opposites attract” rule will be in full effect for at least the next four weeks! Couples can bolster their unions by spending more quality time together—especially if that involves picking up a pair of tickets to any sort of cultural event. If your connection has been hovering in the “kinda-sorta” zone, you can take it to the next level during this solar transit. If you’re ready to add an exclusivity clause, by all means, speak up! It could be that your other half was waiting to hear it from you first. All kinds of dynamic duos are favored under this sunny glow. You may stumble into a creative collaboration with THE perfect artistic or financial partner. If money is involved, do the adult thing and get a contract. Persnickety Mercury will be riding shotgun with the Sun in Libra from Friday until October 9, underscoring the importance of having every detail spelled out to the letter.



You may test the limits of your power and authority at work this week as ambitious Mars in your professional zone gets into a smackdown with game-changing Uranus in your steadfast sign. It’s like that old physics paradox: What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object? You might actually find out firsthand on Tuesday, September 18, when the third and final of 2018’s Mars-Uranus squares takes place. (The previous ones were on May 16 and August 2—that second time, Mars was retrograde, and this time around, Uranus is the one in reverse, which can play out very differently.) On the one hand, you relish the opportunities that come with leadership, but sometimes all those responsibilities can be overwhelming, especially when people interpret your presence to mean they can coast. Under this galvanizing clash, things might come to a head—and you may come to the end of your (long!) fuse. But you know you can’t “make” anyone do anything; the best you can hope for is to motivate them (okay, or threaten them, but that’s not your jam). If you need to get everyone back on the same page, call a meeting, order coffee, cronuts or pizza, and rekindle enthusiasm for your shared mission. Then delegate tasks and let people know you’re counting on them to deliver. If you truly don’t feel like you can rally these troops, it may be time to move on—and this Mars-Uranus confab could be the strong tailwind that finally pushes you out the door.

Find a place to hang up your dancing shoes, Bull. This Saturday, the life-affirming Sun marches out of your festive fifth house and into Libra and your wellness zone until October 23. These next four weeks are all about YOU, from your daily work routines from your health to your own self-care. This is something you have to do for Numero Uno because no one else can do it for you! Slow down enough to regroup and assess your priorities. You can only run on fumes for so long before you burn out, and then you’ll have to climb a major mountain to get back to radiant health (so, um, don’t procrastinate on this mission). You don’t have to pull a radical 180: Make small, sustainable steps, like cutting way back on sugar and other inflammation-producing foods and loading up on healthy produce and lean protein. Check out new yoga, dance or fitness studios that promise more challenge and more FUN! This is also a perfect time to get those annual check-ups and tune-ups on the books before you the new insurance year. Sprinkle in some pleasure by scheduling some “preventive” treatments, like aromatherapy massages and acupuncture. Need another reason to keep your engines purring? The job could become busier AND you might have far more after-work social obligations, thanks to garrulous Libra season. But expanding your network is key to growth. Make sure your online presence is as polished as you are. Also, with cerebral Mercury cruising in tandem with the Sun from Friday until October 9, you’ll need your wits about you, so in addition to eating right, get plenty of quality sleep—and increase your Omega 3s!



Look deeper! Things may be going on behind the scenes, and it will take your super sleuthing powers to bring everything out into the open on Tuesday, September 18. This day marks 2018’s third and final epic square between pushy Mars in your limitless ninth house and wild card Uranus in your subconscious sector, during which someone may try to pull a fast one. The previous two clashes were on May 16 and August 2—that second time, Mars was retrograde, and this time around, Uranus is the one in reverse, so all bets are off. You need to be on your toes so you don’t fall for someone’s (convincing) hard-luck story or get hustled into doing something you’re not comfortable with. It could be as simple as a coworker finagling to get out of a task—or a slick salesperson trying to sell you a bill of goods. Chances are they’ve got a good story, so keep your BS antennae up! Of course, if a friend or close colleague actually needs your help, be discerning and don’t ignore a real cry for support simply because you’re on high alert. Since Mars is in your travel zone and Uranus is the disruptor of the zodiac, their face-off could throw a wrench into a holiday plan. Check your reservations and follow up with anything that isn’t nailed down. The best way to stay safe under this cosmic conflict is to assume nothing and double-check everything!

Let the games begin! Saturday marks the annual kickoff to Libra season as the Sun sails into the sign of the scales and your fifth house of amour, glamour, fun and flirtation until October 23. You have an unmistakable flair that’s all your own, but over the coming four weeks, you may want to add a high pro glow to your look by turning your locks or frocks over to a veteran stylist. You don’t have to do anything TOO radical (or permanent). During this flamboyant phase, approach life as if it’s a masquerade ball. If you’re in the arts—performing or otherwise—this can be an inspired time to play with your stage presence or metier. Since this realm rules all kinds of creativity, you may be in a stimulated state of mind, producing works that are new or help you go beyond. Don’t judge it, Gemini: Test the limits! Maybe it’s time to talk to a rep or booking agent about getting you out there more. Of course, the fifth house’s claim to fame is romance, and during this seductive spell, singles could meet intriguing new people—one might have even “go the distance” potential. Make it a month of dress-up dates and epic mingling. Couples will enjoy more one-on-one time, perhaps a few all-nighters (out on the town or hunkered down at home). The fifth house is associated with fertility, and if you haven’t been infected with baby fever, you might catch a case now. Your celestial ruler, cerebral Mercury, will be riding in tandem with the Sun in Libra from Friday until October 9, making those areas even more all-consuming. Since there are only so many hours in the day, prioritize the most important!



Watch for a cameo appearance of the green-eyed monster (and his other nefarious friends) on Tuesday, September 18. That day marks 2018’s third and final Mars-Uranus square and could send shockwaves through your social circles or an intimate relationship—or leave you unsure who’s true-blue in your crew. Prior to this, the previous face-offs fell on May 16 and August 2—in August, Mars was retrograde, and this time, Uranus is the one in reverse, suggesting you may have already dealt with a related issue. Fortunately, you won’t have to ditch anyone…just maybe be a bit more cognizant of who’s truly got your back and who may be a fair-weather friend (or fiend!). With passionate Mars heating up your zone of intense emotions, and disruptor Uranus throwing curveballs in your community corner, you may need to observe and reflect—but avoid taking rash action early this week. Everyone may be on edge, which is the exact WRONG time to try to figure out what’s what. If anything, you might want to flap your social butterfly wings and hang with a different crew or check out an organization you’ve been hearing about. If the espadrille is on the other foot and YOU’RE the one who’s been overly emotional, dial it down and look at what’s driving this behavior. Clinging too tightly will likely have the opposite effect from what you’re hoping for, so loosen your grip before you lose your connection. Already feeling ghosted? Give ‘em a few days, then send a friendly “Hey, remember me?” message. But only one!

Even amid all this social energy, you can be like a hummingbird and find the stillness within motion. On Saturday, the restorative Sun blazes into Libra and your domestic fourth house until October 23. Home is where your heart—and head, and maybe a big chunk of your love life—will be, so make sure it’s as beautiful, tranquil and cozy as possible! What small shifts or upgrades have you been thinking, or Pinning, about, Cancer? This is the zodiac house that’s associated with your sign, so having a comfy, Instagram-worthy domicile is your birthright! Clear out clutter, tidy up messes, add some houseplants…and get a decorative storage system in place. These doable and affordable changes will make a world of difference. Some Crabs may get the entertaining bug, which is a perfect excuse to whip up some favorite old recipes and experiment with new ones you’ve downloaded. This is your season to recharge your batteries, so don’t push yourself beyond your capacity. Ask guests to bring the wine, apps or dessert so you can focus on “the main event.” And hey, no guilt if you don’t feel like playing host with the most. You’ll already have your plate full with all those DIY projects or indulging your desire to binge-read and watch the entire season of Netflix series that everyone’s been telling you about. This is a great time for bonding with family, especially the kids in your life. And with chatty Mercury as the Sun’s constant companion from Friday until October 9, life will feel like a party even when you’re only with a BFF or favorite plus-one!



Where do you think you’re going? Tuesday, September 18, is not the day to try to sneak out of a meeting or bail on a potentially amazing date. The stars have you in their crosshairs, and you might have a way-more-public-than-usual kind of day. Show-stopping Mars is in your partnership corner, AND it’s in a galvanizing square with electrifying Uranus in your tenth house of career and reputation. For better or worse (and to a Leo, this is generally “for better”), all eyes will be on you, so make sure you’re dressed regally, have something wise and interesting to say, and show up when and where you’re expected! This is the third and final Mars-Uranus square of the year. Previous ones were on May 16 and August 2—the second time, Mars was retrograde, but this time around, Uranus is the one in reverse, so you’ll have to be extra careful of how people perceive your actions. Your S.O. or a new love interest might be jealous (justifiably or not) or feel like you devote more time to your career than them. Whether or not their complaint has merit, it’s worth trying to rebalance those scales and keep them and the powers that be at work (and, um, YOU!) happy. Just be honest and humble and let everyone know you’re doing your best. If you’re considering a workplace romance, think long and hard before you cross the line, especially if it’s blatantly against company policy. This cosmic clash suggests there could be consequences. If a platonic partnership isn’t shaping up the way you’d hoped, pull the emergency brake and have an honest talk. The other party might be clueless as to how far off the mark they are.

You’ll be in your fun-loving element starting Saturday, when your planetary overlord, the Sun, beams into Libra and your third house of communication and local happenings for the next month. From then until October 23, you’ll be the reigning royal of the local scene. And with playful Mercury traveling alongside el Sol until October 9, people may start to follow you like the Pied Piper. So grab the activities-director chapeau and make it your business to know ALL the best things to do this season. From trivia nights and film fests to wine tastings and private dance parties, you’ll be the one with all the insider intel. Get to know the bartenders, bouncers, maitre d’s and other neighborhood notables. Lean in to the communication aspect of this transit by throwing yourself into a writing, speaking or media project. You’ll be an intellectual sponge during this cycle, so feed your curiosity—whatever it craves. If you didn’t upgrade your electronic devices or software during the recent Mercury retrograde, this Libra cycle would be an ideal time to treat yourself to a new gadget.



Circumstances on Tuesday, September 18, might bring you to a tipping point as relentless Mars in your house of hard work bangs into liberated Uranus in your freedom-loving ninth house. Talk about being jerked in two directions! Part of you feels like there’s no way out of all your obligations (and the stress that comes with them) while another side is hankering for a one-way ticket to the freedom zone! This is the third and final clash of these planets in 2018, but if you don’t reconcile that inner tug of war, you’ll feel out of sync even when the energy passes later this week. The previous two Mars-Uranus squares might provide clues: Think back to what you were going through on May 16 and August 2. In August, Mars was retrograde; this time, Uranus is off-course in your ninth house of travel and adventure, and you may be chomping at the bit to take a vacation, even if it’s a digital detox staycation. Ultimately, Virgo, you need to redraw the line that separates “enough” and “too much”—before you reach burnout. But don’t do anything rash, like quit your day job in a huff. Your higher-ups probably don’t know you’re at the end of your fuse. Finish what you’re in the middle of, delegate what you can, and take the breather you deserve. Though disruptive, this cosmic clash may pull the curtain back on a deeper underlying issue, oh industrious one. Why do you get yourself into these extremely pressured situations? Is there another way to do meaningful work without giving till you’re exhausted? The quest for balance is important, and if you come up with a few clever hacks now, you might be able to sustain them—and the only person who’ll be happier than you will be your beloved…or the partner you WILL meet once you open some space for that person to come in!

Pack in any final Virgo season celebrations now: Come Saturday, you’ll pass the birthday baton to Libra, who gets to enjoy the spotlight until October 23. And along with el Sol goes your celestial ruler, quicksilver Mercury, who’ll be the Sun’s faithful companion until October 9 (making its entrance the day before). There’s good news and REALLY good news with this tag team invading your second house of work and money. After four weeks of too many options, this grounding transit can help you regain a sense of stability and greater clarity about where you’re headed, professionally. While you love the IDEA of multitasking, you’re at your efficient best when you can apply full mental power to one thing at a time. With these two creative planets illuminating your second house of financial security, getting a handle on your personal profit and loss sheet should be priority number one. Once you know exactly how much is coming in and going out, then you can balance the books and plump up that bottom line! Don’t overwhelm yourself, but take one step at a time to get your name out there, especially if you’re looking for a new job or freelance gig. Hit the industry networking events and maybe ask a friend in HR to give your online profiles and resume a high-pro glow. And when you do score a coup, reward yourself with a little something-something for your diligence!



Is the Libra “brand” in need of a style update? An incentivizing square between passionate Mars in your glamorous fifth house and radical transformer Uranus on Tuesday, September 18, could push you to make some important and necessary changes. This is the third and final of three such squares this year. The previous ones were on May 16 and August 2—that second time, Mars was retrograde, and this time around, Uranus is the one in reverse, suggesting that this may be something you’ve been thinking about for a while now. Before you lunge into action, reflect on what’s held you back so far. To make effective changes that will stick, you need to get real about any underlying blocks that have disrupted your progress. If you ARE feeling resistance to change, start slowly by updating some online photos and profiles and thinking about your social media “posting strategy.” Since Uranus rules technology, this a great time for a digital refresh. For fashionista Libra, you should have fun refreshing your wardrobe and making minor alterations to your physical appearance, from hair and makeup to a new tattoo! After that, it’s photo shoot time, naturally. Don’t be afraid to ask your on-trend friends for their input or to let you tag along on one of their sartorial expeditions. On the flip side, if your S.O. or a BFF could stand a little enhancement to their look, find a gentle, diplomatic way to offer your styling services.

Another reason to get your look on fleek? Saturday marks the kickoff to Libra season, when the luminous Sun blazes into your sign and puts you squarely in its high beams! Until October 23, people will seek you out—and you’ll enjoy being the subject on the front side of any photographer’s lens. And then, there’s the simple truth that when you look good, you feel good, which in turn gives you unbeatable confidence. After a sleepy month, it’s time to get back out in the wider world and let your Libra light shine! As an air sign, you’re a people person, and with social Mercury spinning in tandem with el Sol from Friday until October 9, you may be surrounded by dozens of your nearest and dearest. But find at least a little time to pursue your own passions and maybe even fly solo on a vacation to reconnect to your muse or deepen your spiritual practice. All month, simply trying new things will invigorate you. But wait until after October 23, when the Sun leaves your sign, to make any membership or commitment official.



You might want to load up on supplies and plan to hunker down at Chateau Scorpio for a while starting this week. On Tuesday, September 18, hyperactive Mars in your domestic quarters locks into a tense square with wrench-throwing Uranus in your partnership realm. This is the third and final of these mashups in 2018. The previous ones were on May 16 and August 2—that second time, Mars was retrograde, and this time around, Uranus is the one in reverse, suggesting that issues that arise now aren’t new ones. There may be out-and-out tension brewing in your innermost circle—and peace talks may seem like an impossibility early this week. If you still feel like trying, get ready, Scorpio: You will have to do some major negotiating to find a happy medium for all the fractured parties. And with these irascible planets at loggerheads, people may not be up front about desires or willing to share their true feelings. As much as you want to settle this for once and for all, you might be wiser to table discussions until next week. In the meantime, hold your own cards to your chest like a professional poker player. With new friends, don’t try to go too deep too fast early this week. Enjoy the “getting to know you” process and TRY to let things unfold slowly—which will be a challenge while speedy Mars is nudging radical Uranus. Attached? Give each other a little more personal space. What feels like curiosity to you could read as pushy or probing to your other half. Should people come to you to fix their problems, resist! They’re probably not paying you to be their life coach or therapist, and trying to act like one can only lead to problems and resentment!

Be proactive and clear out some white space in your calendar starting this weekend. On Friday, mental Mercury ducks into Libra and your dreamy, internal twelfth house through October 9, taking your thoughts along with it. Then on Saturday, the Sun joins the messenger planet in Libra and hovers there until October 23. This transit marks the annual 30-day countdown to the end of your astrological calendar. Four weeks from now, Scorpio season kicks off, hitting your reset button and lighting you up like the stage of a Beyonce concert! But to make the most of that solar power surge, you need to catch up on rest and chill time now, so as to refill your energy reserves. What do you need to release that’s been holding you back and keeping you from living to your full potential? Whether it’s a toxic relationship, limiting beliefs or self-defeating behavior, take inventory. You might have some forgiveness work to do—or an apology to extend to someone—or perhaps you want a fresh start in a new place. The world’s your oyster when el Sol electrifies your first house of identity in a month. Until then, go inward and come up with an action plan. This healing cycle could lead you to an energy worker or psychotherapist who will be your mentor and your rock. Lean in!



Communication could go bonkers on Tuesday, September 18, when impulsive Mars in your expressive third house crashes into radical Uranus in your rank and file sixth. This is the third and final of these heavy-duty planetary squares in 2018. The previous ones were on May 16 and August 2—that second time, Mars was retrograde, and this time around, Uranus is off-course, suggesting that some of your systems may not be as airtight you think. Sometimes we have to spring a leak to see where the hole is, and this celestial clash could have that very effect. While your first instinct might be to rush in and try to appease everyone, it would be more illuminating to observe and reflect before you act. Does your cooperation style feel more like strategically coercing people to do things your way; or do you feel bulldozed by the more aggressive people in your circle? This could be a cosmic challenge to find the right blend of interaction and independence in your decision-making process. You might find it helpful to target a few folks who’ve dealt with a similar situation, get their input and then come up with your own unique approach. The sixth house is also your zone of service and self-care, so don’t forget to do something restorative for Numero Uno. Soak in a tension-melting hot bath, get some bodywork, take a gentle yoga or stretch class—on a regular basis. And if you’ve got too much on your plate, delegate! Once you’re feeling more centered, you’ll have an easier time engaging in difficult dialogues—and actually reaching a compromise.

After a month of hosting the Sun in your professional tenth house, you’re ready for the stepped-up socializing that Libra season will bring starting this Saturday! And it’s doubly emphasized for you, Archer, because Libra rules your eleventh house of community and group activities. Bring on the karaoke nights, potlucks and crafting parties! The time has come to climb out of that workaholic rabbit hole and grab the social-director’s cap and whistle. You’re all about having fun for fun’s sake between now and October 23. Since there may not be enough time over the next four weeks to catch up with everyone individually, organize more team events, even if it’s foursomes for dinner. Don’t be afraid to “mix and match” people from different areas of your life. Why NOT seat your lawyer friend next to your performance-artist pal, who’s across the table from your stay-at-home mom cousin? And since the eleventh house also rules technology, this is a good time to purchase any devices you’ve been thinking about (and maybe shied away from while Mercury, Mars and Saturn were retrograde this summer). Do your software updates, download new apps—especially ones that will make you more productive. If you’ve been sitting on a brilliant idea for a digital venture, talk to people who can help you get it into production. With superconnector Mercury riding shotgun with the Sun from Friday until October 9, the most casual and “off-topic” conversation could point out THE perfect partner!



In a rare display of impulsivity, you might be tempted to say or do—or buy—something that may not be in your best interests on Tuesday, September 18. That day brings the third and final square between rash Mars in your financial sector and wild card Uranus in your dramatic fifth house. The previous flare-ups were on May 16 and August 2—the second time, Mars was retrograde, but this time, Uranus is in reverse, suggesting you might not even see this coming. So be proactive by keeping a tighter grip on your wallet, and maybe waiting until the weekend to frequent your favorite boutiques, both online and brick and mortar. While a(nother) fall jacket or pair of pricey boots might be an unnecessary extravagance, a well-researched and affordable wardrobe staple could be a smart investment. Of course, the best way to get a healthy ROI is to make actual, sound cash allocations to your retirement fund. As your long-sighted sign knows, the name of the savings game is compounded interest, which comes from investments such as a mutual fund or a Roth or SEP IRA. While this twitchy cosmic clash can give you itchy feet, on the upside, it could inspire an innovative move, like funneling some money into a new tech IPO, crypto-currency or another cutting edge venture—after copious research of course! If nothing else, start exploring the possibilities. But during this one-day transit avoid even the prospect of money weirdness with a love interest by not borrowing, lending or even commenting on their spending habits. One of you might be feeling a greater need for emotional security while the other is craving a longer leash. This is not the day for ultimatums. Just be the observer and think about what you really want and need.

Ready, set, GOALS! On Saturday, the confident Sun blasts into Libra and your tenth house of career ambition and success. This is the house associated with your sign, so you’ll feel utterly in your element until October 23. And you’ll get a double shot of mojo with quicksilver Mercury riding in tandem through Libra from Friday until October 9. Your ideas will be on-point, and, because you’ll be so team-spirited, people will clamber to get onboard, fearing they might miss the Goat boat! This is a creative spell for you, so give yourself permission to think outside the box, spreadsheet, or whatever your built-in limitations may be. Libra represents partnerships, and over the next four weeks, you might find a kindred spirit who not only shares your vision and passion but also brings the right complementary skills to complete the puzzle. Still seeking your tribe or the perfect collaborator? Make a point of mingling more over the coming month. Keep a stack of business cards handy and, when you sense a synergy, talk shop in social settings. Libra season is all about win-win networking, so become a regular on your industry-event circuit. Talk to the organizers and see if there’s a way for you to get more involved, perhaps by volunteering to help out at an upcoming function. This way you’ll not only demonstrate your talents and loyalty but you may be privy to some valuable insider intel!



You may feel torn between taking decisive action for yourself and making a sacrifice to accommodate someone from your inner circle this Tuesday, September 18. But hang on a second: WHY, exactly, are you considering shape-shifting? With focused and forceful Mars in your sign in a twisted mashup with your co-ruler, wild card Uranus, in your domestic fourth house, someone may try to guilt-trip you into something you really don’t want to do. Before you act, stop and look back at what was going on during the previous two Mars-Uranus squares, on May 16 and August 2. This could be the “conclusion” to events triggered then. In August, Mars was retrograde, and this time around, Uranus is in reverse, suggesting that another party may not be transparent. During this tension-raising clash, your fuse will be short, and you could be highly reactive. How can you clearly communicate your position while putting some boundaries in place? Keep coming back to YOUR desires, Water Bearer, and do a reality-checking assessment of the situation. Is someone trying to pull a fast one, or is this a legit request? While you obviously don’t want to abandon someone you care about in their moment of need, you also don’t want to enable a master manipulator!

After weeks of hosting the Sun and Mercury in your zone of intense emotions and soul merging, your indie-spirited sign can’t wait for those planets to move into your liberated ninth house. Luckily for you, that happens not a moment too soon this weekend! On Friday, messenger Mercury is the first to cross the line (until October 9), followed by el Sol the next day. If a relationship has you feeling a bit claustrophobic, request the breathing room you need—but be mindful of how you’re coming off. (“I need space!” is probably not your best opening gambit.) With Libra as the ruler of your worldly, adventurous and honest ninth house, you want to be truthful—but kind. Perhaps your partner or love interest is feeling the same way, and by loosening things up, you can grow even closer. This is a monthlong period to spread your wings, test some limits and expand your horizons. If you’re seeking a partner, widen your search criteria by many miles…or have no limits! During this global transit, you might enjoy a long-distance affair or an intermittent connection with someone who’s on the road a LOT. Or maybe what you and bae need is to book another vacation together and refresh your every day scenery. The next four weeks are also a great time to launch—or prepare to launch—a start-up venture or to research academic or certification programs. The key is not being stagnant.



Tuesday, September 18, marks the final of the trio of Mars-Uranus squares that have shaken things up in certain relationships—and in your psyche! Agitator Mars first blasted into your twelfth house of introspection and intuition in mid-May and spent seven weeks spinning backward and dredging up some deep feelings and old wounds. The first clash with cosmic trickster Uranus arrived May 16, with an encore on August 2 while Mars was retrograde. This time around, Uranus is the one in reverse, suggesting that the roots of this situation may be found around those dates. If you’ve been feuding with a pal, sibling or neighbor, things might come to head this week. Try not to say anything too provocative in the heat of the moment. Do whatever it takes to keep your cool: Count to ten or call a timeout and revisit this later. If someone did something hurtful to you, decide whether the friendship is worthy of salvaging or whether the other person is so self-absorbed or oblivious that nothing is likely to move the needle. If it’s the latter, write a note of closure but don’t send it—delete it and move on. Later in the day, surround yourself with the people who always make you feel good no matter what. While you’re together with your squad, float the idea of a group vacation. This could spark something magical!

If the weeknights were made for friend-bonding, this coming weekend is all about soul merging! On Friday, cosmic messenger Mercury flits into Libra and your eighth house of eroticism and intimacy through October 9, followed the next day by the bold Sun, who’s there until October 23. While you won’t need a plus-one to feel like the hottest thing on the planet, under this seductive solar surge, good luck trying to fly solo! If you’re in a LTR, these next four weeks could deepen your connection or inspire you to take, or at least talk seriously about taking, a significant next step. For Pisces who are in a newish relationship, follow your heart and don’t be afraid to ask questions and make requests that feel emotionally important to you. Unattached? This is a wonderful cycle for hitting pause to deeply reflect on what it is you seek in a mate or lover. Your sexuality is all yours, and it’s your right to decide how you want to express it. If you feel like your mojo could use a tune-up, sign up for sensual dance lessons or a burlesque workshop. Should you realize you aren’t interested in anything less than “the real thing,” start by canceling any benefits packages you’ve extended to friends! Make a list of the qualities you seek, set the bar at that level, and don’t lower it for the first hot, troubled person who raises your pulse. The eighth house also rules wealth, investments and joint ventures. Do some big-picture dreaming, but then put the scheme to a plan by sitting down with a legit financial planner who can help lay the groundwork for a profitable future!



Source: Astro Style