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Your Weekly Horoscope for April 29th-May 6th – Saturn Pivots Into Retrograde

Are you forging ahead against all odds? It may be time to pull the brake on that strategy when cautious, conservative Saturn pivots into its annual retrograde this Monday, April 29. For the second consecutive year of three, the ringed taskmaster will retreat through its home sign of Capricorn, underscoring the old chestnut that if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Spontaneity has its place, but you’ll need a whole lot less of that between now and September 18. Start filling in the blanks with legitimate data and THEN you’ll know if your big idea is a go. As frustrating as it can be to pause midstream—especially with Jupiter in Sagittarius giving everyone the gambler’s instinct this year—a slower process could be your saving grace. Jupiter is already unplugged, having turned retrograde from April 10 to August 11. Now, with Saturn in energy saver mode, the directive is clear: Get back to the drawing board! You don’t have to start from scratch but do drill down to the very foundation of what you’re trying to create. As the Law of Attraction teaches us, “The roots create the fruits.” There may be some fundamental aspects to clarify, like updating a mission statement, rewriting your wedding vows or choosing a new digital platform upon which to build your website. This is not a superficial thing, as Saturn’s tour of Capricorn is forcing us to audit all the long-term structures in our lives. Reinforcing these foundations over the next five months could keep them upright for years to come.

With Capricorn as the ruler of banks, governments and the patriarchy, there may be some seismic course corrections ahead over the coming five months. And last week, secret-keeper Pluto also turned retrograde in Capricorn (from April 24 to October 3). Saturn will demand integrity while volcanic Pluto could erupt with some buried scandals. Will we ever see that unredacted Muller report? Hidden information about world leaders—from CEOs to Senators—might make its way into the public eye through unseen forces. But that could also mean that other data is manipulated in the process. It may be hard to know what and who to trust, so steer clear of the tea spilling social media rants, and research multiple news sources to find your facts.

On Saturday, 2019’s only new moon in Taurus showers the world with another dose of practical magic. Where have plans become overly complex? For the second time this week, the cosmos brings a reminder to break it all back down to basics. Give those blueprints a once-over—or draft them anew between now and the corresponding Taurus full moon on November 12. Slow-and-steady Taurus wants us to achieve our goals with integrity in check, but not at the expense of beauty, quality and luxury. Revel in the process and build things to last. In earth sign Taurus, this money-minded new moon makes eco-chic and upcycling all the rage for spring. Challenge yourself to source materials in the most environmentally responsible way possible. You vote with your dollar, after all, so why not strengthen brands that care about their impact on the planet?

On Sunday, send up the prayers for peace! Warrior Mars in argumentative Gemini will go to battle with know-it-all Jupiter (retrograde) in Sagittarius. Under these combative skies, fuses will be shorter than usual; impatience at a high. If you feel the intensity rising, a self-imposed stint in the “time out chair” might be the only way to avoid burning bridges with regrettable words you can never take back. On a positive note, the Mars-Jupiter opposition could awaken some revolutionary action that’s long overdue. No more putting up instead of speaking up! By the same token, you don’t want to be rash about it. For best results, line up support before blowing any whistles so you don’t wind up in a David versus Goliath disadvantage.

Aries Weekly Horoscope

Head back to the drawing board, Aries. On Monday, April 29, Saturn, the planet of slow and steady progress, makes its annual U-turn, retreating through your tenth house of career ambition until September 18. While this retrograde isn’t the green light you were hoping for, it’s not a red light either. What Saturn signals is caution, and the conservative planet can help you slow down and evaluate where you are channeling your time and energy. Are you on your own true path—or are you following someone else’s script out of convenience or fear? You might need to break away from an “authority figure” and explore what’s most important to YOU. On the flip side, this might be a time to follow protocol instead of raging against the machine. If you’ve veered too far into the renegade zone, back up and learn the rules before you break them. Some of them can actually support you in your ambitions if you’d only listen (sigh). Saturn is the wise teacher planet, so working with a mentor, coach or guide can help you strengthen your aspirations and gain that high-pro glow you need to launch your dreams into the stratosphere when the ringed planet turns direct on September 18.

On Saturday, the year’s only new moon in Taurus lands in your second house of work and money, revving up your earning potential for the next six months. Set a goal and resolve to work steadily toward it, but don’t stop there. If you want to see the profits on your balance sheet rise, do your part in the “success equals luck plus preparedness” equation. Have you recently upped your skills or changed your offerings? Carve out a little time this weekend to polish your resume and online profiles. Give your personal spending a once-over too. With your desire to experience all the world has to offer, you can burn through earnings faster than most. While deprivation will never do for a Ram, figure out where you might be living beyond your means and scale back a bit. It could be helpful to track your cashflow in a notebook or app for a couple weeks. Mindless indulgences add up and steal funds better earmarked for meaningful purchases. Plus, saving money is a lot easier when you have a clear vision of your pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. What would make it all worthwhile: traveling the world, going back to get your Masters, building your dream kitchen? Set six-month goals. You’ll be amazed by how much you can manifest (and sock away) by the full moon in Taurus on November 12.

Got your hands in too many pots? It sure feels like it this Sunday, when your ruler Mars—in Gemini and your frenetic third house—faces off with Jupiter retrograde in your “bigger, stronger, faster” ninth. Spreading yourself thinner than angel hair pasta is no way to accomplish anything, Aries, other than basically exhausting yourself. Home in on the most fulfilling activities on your current agenda and cut out the busywork. Or pause altogether from all the “doing, doing, doing” to assess your trajectory. And get real about what you’ve piled onto your plate. This is no time to play the martyr role or try to be the DIY queen. Shelling out cash for assistance might actually cost you LESS in the long run if it opens up time for you to focus on the profitable tasks that put money in your pocket. But before you Venmo anyone, cash in on a few of those favors your friends owe you. What comes around goes around.

Taurus Weekly Horoscope

Open mouth, insert hoof? You’re a straight-shooter, Taurus, and you’re not afraid to ruffle feathers when sharing your opinions. But when cautious, conservative Saturn turns retrograde in your forthright ninth house this Monday, April 29, you’ll need to turn on some filters. Your candor isn’t appreciated by everyone—especially when it’s directed towards a more sensitive subject. If you’re not careful, you could burn some bridges that would be better left intact. On the upside, Saturn retrograde can call for an overdue time-out. If people have been misinterpreting your “helpful advice,” the problem could be your delivery. This Saturn phase can teach you to soften the blows of your truth hammer. Try a little tenderness—AND ask permission to give feedback before you spout off. Other positive endeavors during this time include developing entrepreneurial projects behind the scenes or voyaging off for purposeful travel, such as for study or to develop your spiritual gifts. By the time Saturn pivots direct on September 18, you could be ready to set a launch date for an epic mission.

Keep the champagne chilling on Saturday, when 2019’s only new moon in Taurus marks your astrological New Year. Find a cozy and beautiful spot where you can sit down with a notebook to write out a wish list and set intentions for the coming six months. The energy with which you begin an endeavor will always direct the final outcome. To make sure you’re planting seeds in the most fertile soil, you may first want to write a gratitude list to ground yourself in the spirit of joy and abundance. And if you need to clear away any toxic thoughts or limiting beliefs, don’t shove them down with platitudes. Write a burn list too, spewing out all the things you want to leave behind. Then, find a safe place to light a fire (or a candle in a contained, fire-proof dish) and release all that with the cleansing power of flames. When you’re ready to invite in the new, let yourself visualize more than you think is possible. This lunar lift is all about aiming for the miraculous, not the mundane!

Don’t forget the power of passive income on Sunday as abundant Jupiter in Sagittarius and your eighth house of investments sits opposite Mars in your workaday second house. Making money is only half of the equation when it comes to fiscal security. It’s what you do with it that will keep you in good shape over the decades. Jupiter’s reminder this weekend? The way to expand that hourly wage or paycheck is to put some of your earnings into an investment that brings you a compounding annual rate of return. If you’re a newbie, set up an appointment with a financial adviser who can help you create a diversified portfolio of stocks (often bundled into mutual funds) and perhaps a Roth or SEP (self-employed) IRA. Has the real estate market been calling your name? With Jupiter retrograde until August 11, you might even return to an old neighborhood to check out listings. If you’re in debt, this cosmic clash could finally spur you to clean up your spending act. But what’s behind that urge to splurge? You’re an emotional creature and you’ve been known to (temporarily) mitigate your feelings with the swipe of a credit card. Pay attention to what is happening in your emotional space and then reach for your journal instead of your wallet.

Gemini Weekly Horoscope

What’s REALLY going, Gemini? This Monday, April 29, Saturn—planet of wisdom and self-discipline—turns retrograde in your eighth house of sex, joint resources and big money until September 18. Unless you like sneaking around and not knowing where you stand with someone, make a point of NOT getting involved in anything that isn’t 100 percent above-board. Saturn’s reversal can also stir up obsessive or jealous behavior, so watch for early warning signs of the emerald-eyed monster, because once you fling open those doors, you could fall down a rabbit hole. On a positive note, this Saturn cycle can help you create some long-lasting practices with a partner that lead to extreme enjoyment in the bedroom as well as an abiding sense of security. The catch? You have to choose your playmates wisely. This is an excellent time to get in touch with your erotic nature: Take a pole-dancing or burlesque workshop, learn about tantra, or channel your lusty energy into a creative outlet. An old income stream may reopen, something that helps you make money in your sleep. If you’re sharing finances with a business or romantic partner, make sure you’re on the same page. You might need to make some adjustments. Spell it out to the letter and even hire a lawyer to draft an official contract or pre-nup.

Plan to spend Saturday in tidying up mode—which could turn into a full-on Marie Kondo mission thanks to the year’s only new moon in Taurus landing in your transitional twelfth house. Listen to a spiritually evocative podcast while you’re cleaning and sorting. With these moonbeams hitting your divinely inspired twelfth house, you might just summon a spirit guide or two. Consider this a fresh chapter in the getting-to-know-myself process. To celebrate, you might even treat yourself to a gorgeous notebook for morning journaling or download a series of meditation tracks. A creative project you start near Saturday could blossom into your magnum opus by the corresponding full moon on November 12. The twelfth house rules helpful guides, and if you’ve known for a while that you need some support, ask your community to point you to an incredible therapist, healer, coach or mentor—someone who can be your Sherpa as you parse through your emotions or process a change, even a loss.

On Sunday, you may feel ready to light up the world, but whoa, Gemini! Are you ready for the responsibility that comes along with the fame? Here’s where things get tricky. Though go-getter Mars in Gemini is firing up your confidence, an opposition from “never too much” Jupiter could cause you to lose sight of your (very human) limitations. We’re not suggesting that you hold back your natural talents, Gem. Just pause to consider the practical aspects of this mission—and the other people involved. The fans you attract WILL have expectations of you, Gemini, and their demands can pull you off course from your independent pursuits. In your zeal, you may unconsciously spark up a rivalry or step on someone’s turf. When it comes to your existing relationships, these oppositions could tempt you to play Russian Roulette, getting swept up in the moment with an alluring distraction—one that will inevitably crash down on your conscience. If you choose to live for the moment this weekend, don’t develop temporary amnesia about the people who will continue to be part of your future.

Cancer Weekly Horoscope

Nurturing Cancer, is it time to deliver some tough love? Take-no-prisoners Saturn kicks into its annual retrograde period on Monday, April 29, lasting until September 18. In Capricorn and your seventh house of relationships, you may see the need for more structure and security in your key partnerships. In the sage words of (Aries) Maya Angelou, “Never make someone a priority when all you are to them is an option.” It’s time to give the “call me maybe” types an ultimatum—or an eviction notice. Retrogrades rule the past, so someone you previously ruled out could return for an encore performance. Before you welcome this person back with open arms, make sure they have truly made the necessary changes to be a suitable match. Existing relationships could get bogged down in heavy vibes during this phase, with practical matters overshadowing romance. This is not a good time to take on major projects as a couple, such a whole-house renovating or allowing a troubled relative to recover from a breakup in your basement. Because Saturn also governs legal matters, you don’t want to do business on a handshake. Cheap can be expensive, so if you have to deal with some old paperwork or re-negotiate a settlement, get an attorney.

Give your virtual self a makeover this Saturday, when the annual new moon in Taurus logs in to your eleventh house of technology. You don’t have to be a hardcore geek to spruce up your Insta feed. Try using a web-based graphics program like Canva or using apps like VSCO or A Color Story to make your images pop before you post them. Is it time to get working on your own website? Getting started might be a simple as choosing a template from Squarespace or Wix that suits your design sensibilities. If you’re going to splurge, set up a portrait shoot so you can have photos of yourself that show off your personality and don’t look like stuffy headshots. Do you need to bring your skills up to Digital Age speed? Maybe it’s time to take that webinar, plow through a tutorial or sign up for a specialized training at a school like

On Sunday, keep-it-real Jupiter opposes firecracker Mars, which can help you get a handle on any runaway emotions. With Mars pacing through your subconscious twelfth house from March 31 to May 15, you’ve been forced to do battle with a few old demons. Jupiter is currently retrograde in your sixth house of service, systems and analytical thinking. In many ways, this opposition will be a blessing. This weekend, you may finally be able to pull back dispassionately and craft practical solutions to these situations that have been keeping you awake at night. But the sixth house has a propensity for perfectionism, which will be magnified by Jupiter’s placement here. Rome wasn’t renovated in a day, Cancer, so go easy on yourself! If you’ve been stuffing down intense feelings, open up to someone you trust this weekend before that fiery ball inside of you gets any hotter. While the struggle is real, you’re certainly not alone—and you’ll discover that once you start sharing what you’re dealing with. As you know (but often forget), one cathartic conversation can change everything for the better.

Leo Weekly Horoscope

Roll up your sleeves and light that midnight oil lamp, Leo. On Monday, April 29, Saturn, planet of tough love and hard-learned lessons turns retrograde in your work and wellness zone until September 18. This may necessitate longer hours at the office—AND the gym. Even if you feel like you’re spinning your wheels at work over the next five months, stay the course. This is a time for putting long-lasting systems and structures into place. Granted they’re not the sexiest elements of a job, but they are the ones that can create a permanent boost in productivity and let you leave the office in time for poolside happy hour. If you’ve been having any issues with your knees, teeth or skeletal system (Saturn’s bailiwick), get them checked out and schedule any necessary treatments or P.T. All kinds of self-care are recommended during Saturn’s backspin, as well as cutting back on stress-inducing activities that can exacerbate pain or lethargy. And that includes “preventative medicine,” so how about booking yourself that 90-minute massage followed by a nice, long soak in the tub?

On Saturday, 2019’s only new moon in Taurus flings open the doors to opportunity. Circulate among the cognoscenti, Leo—we know YOU can find your way onto any VIP list. An established industry influencer could be charmed by your enthusiasm. Set up a lunch and you never know! They could take you under their wing or give you a glowing endorsement. If you’re in the market for a job change, start circulating on the job sites or enroll in specialized trainings that can make your skill set more marketable. No pressure though, Leo! You have until the corresponding full moon in Taurus on November 12 to tend to the seeds you plant this Saturday. Instead of racing towards some imaginary finish line at Formula One speeds, savor the process. The tenth house also rules the masculine realm and this new moon may bring some fascinating fellas into your orbit. A man you meet over the weekend could play a significant role in your life, either professionally, personally, or both over the coming half year. Getting the male perspective can also shed illuminating light onto a problem that’s been vexing you. Spend more time with the dudes you adore. You might turn an important corner in your relationship with your father, brother, “guncle” or son.

This Sunday, one of your most innovative ideas could spring to life. But don’t get SO carried away with the creativity that you ignore the practical considerations. With “bigger, stronger, faster” Jupiter in your flamboyant fifth house parked across from speed-demon Mars, what begins as a manageable mission could quickly swell to Cirque du Soleil proportions. Even if you have a willing squad to hustle alongside you, don’t try to pull off the proverbial pyrotechnics. This planetary dust-up may put too many stars in your eyes, which means getting in way over your head. Hard work is one thing, but an agonizing process could make it tough to enjoy the finished product. Challenge yourself, yes, but don’t go into debt or extreme stress trying to dream the impossible dream. Breaking out of an existing collaboration may also be necessary. Don’t hang on out of habit, Leo. If you know you’ve outgrown this group, gracefully slip away to pursue a more suitable fit.

Virgo Weekly Horoscope

We’d never suggest that you “tone it down,” Virgo, but over the next five months, be a little more discerning with your posting and promoting. Sophisticated Saturn switches gears this Monday, April 29, kicking off a five-month retrograde cycle in your amorous, glamorous fifth house. Make sure you have every last one of your ducks in a row before you start Tweeting your own horn. If you publicize ANYTHING, people will expect you to be able to deliver the goods instantly—and you want to be ready to handle the demand that could come your way. This is not the time to rush anything to market just to meet someone else’s competitive deadline. You only get one chance to make a first impression and you want to dazzle straight out of the gates. Between now and September 18, you may struggle with commitment issues. On the one hand, you’ll desire stability, but you don’t want to feel suffocated by a no-way-out partnership. When you hit a hurdle with your amour, don’t try to barrel through it. Hit pause and use this as an opportunity to reconnect to your own creativity, passions and greatness. Saturn also brings the awareness that solid structures within a relationship can keep the sparks alive. Institute a weekly dress-up date night and take turns surprising each other with fun events. Sign up for a couples’ workshop (French cooking? Wine pairing? Tantric sex?!). If you have babies on the brain, you may need to call upon that Saturnian patience, as the retrograde could stall the fertility gods. But hey, the “trying” is supposed to be the fun part, so try not to lose sight of that.

On Saturday, you could take a wild leap into adventure when the year’s only new moon in Taurus activates your intrepid ninth house. Cast a wider net! Global expansion is calling, whether you’re collecting passport stamps or connecting virtually to folks in far-flung places. Cross-cultural synergies heat up close to home this weekend. Wander outside your usual scene and revel in the sparks that the “differences” can create. Or, simply stop judging a book by its cover and find exciting common ground with people who you’ve never thought of talking to before. This new moon also gets the enterprising wheels a-turning. Start mapping out a business plan for that artisan taco truck or investigate yoga teacher training—whatever your independent interests may be. Even if this pursuit begins as a side job, it would be worth exploring, and seeing where it all leads by the full moon in Taurus on November 12.

The ceiling can’t hold you this Sunday as motivator Mars, who’s been barreling through your tenth house of success since March 31, faces off with daredevil Jupiter. But just as you’re about to leap, old fears could arise and find you ticking off all the reasons you “can’t” swing out and take a risk. It’s too late to fly under the radar or avoid the competition now. Step into that leadership role that’s calling your name. Already large and in charge? It’s time to stop letting Team Virgo tug on your heartstrings. You’re a natural caretaker, but there’s a time and a place to make things personal—and a time when you have to toughen up and be the boss. While some may argue that it’s more important to be respected than to be liked, you’re capable of achieving both!

Libra Weekly Horoscope

Home is where you hang your fedora, but starting this Monday, April 29, as structured Saturn shifts into reverse in your domestic quarters, it may be the focus of more energy and interactions. From now until September 18, family obligations could shorten your tether and keep you stuck closer to base camp than you prefer. While it’s important to nurture the ties that bind, look at the quality of your relationships. Is your sense of duty getting confused with unhealthy entanglements? Instead of enabling your inner circle to lean on you MORE, find constructive ways to empower them to act for themselves. Retrogrades can undo initiatives or change the rules of engagement, meaning this is NOT the best time to launch a huge renovation project or make a major move. But if you must, work with the best, Libra, and don’t sign off on a single blueprint until you’ve reviewed it with the finest-toothed comb. Or maybe you’ll need to downsize your plan before it balloons beyond expected costs and timelines. You may also have to hash out new agreements with the people living under your roof. What’s good for the goose isn’t necessarily acceptable to the gander. Saturn’s backspin forces you to find new ways to co-exist that require more sacrifice from everyone. The good news is, once you DO hit on a win-win, you’ll all be able to lighten up again!

A sultry Saturday could be in store as the annual new moon in Taurus sets the stage for intimacy and seduction. Looking for love? You may encounter someone who lights your fire in a mind-body-soul kinda way. Explore! It might take up to six months—until the corresponding full moon in Taurus on November 12—to figure out the right setting for this rarified gem in your life. Enjoy the getting-to-know-you process. After all, you love a slow jam and a courtship ritual. If you honestly feel ready to take the plunge, the Love Boat could set sail on Saturday once you get real about your attraction to you-know-who. Coupled Libras may find that a little more absence makes the boudoir time hotter. Or, if you’ve been like two ships passing in the night, book a hotel room (even locally) and pretend to be sexy strangers meeting at the bar for the first time. Need to deal with more mundane matters? Shared finances also come under the microscope, like, who pays for what? Maybe it’s time to hash out a new arrangement, Libra; one that feels more equitable. Don’t feel compelled to split everything down the middle, and remember that time is as much a currency as money. If one of you pays the car note and the other keeps the household running, you might be able to rebalance the load.

Enterprising ideas will pour in a mile a minute this Sunday—and one might be worth testing out as a side hustle. But hold off on the Tweets and PR blasts! Loose-lipped Jupiter in your TMI third house is sitting across from Mars, arousing confrontation. Sharing with the general public could rile up some competition and even bring a hater out of the woodwork. They’re only jealous, it’s true, but you don’t need that negative energy directed your way just as you’re about to take a leap. You should even be discerning about sharing with friends, neighbors, siblings and coworkers. Unless they are in a good space in their lives, keep your news to yourself. You’ll be able to share your dreams later, when you are further along in your process. The Mars-Jupiter opposition may also be distracting, causing you to overthink, second-guess or even compromise your real vision for something that feels easier and more immediate. Don’t settle, Libra! Your true desires will require a longer timeline and heftier investment. But in the end, you’ll wind up with exactly what you want. THAT is the goal.

Scorpio Weekly Horoscope

When you want to light up a room, Scorpio, you have no trouble charming everyone in sight. But how fulfilling are these connections? Stern Saturn slams the brakes on your socializing come Monday, April 29, as it turns retrograde until September 18. If things never get deeper than casual and superficial, this Saturn phase can help you separate the wheat from the chaff. Think quality over quantity. While it’s certainly cool to network, get a quick read on the tea leaves rather than stretching out a connection with little potential. Schedule one-on-ones with the friends who DO have your back, beyond just meeting for happy hour. While you’re a pro at actively listening and engaging, how much are you sharing about yourself…in a truly vulnerable way? If certain relationships seem stuck in a slow gear, it may be because you’re not giving these potential friends enough material to work with. When they share about their struggles, don’t autopilot into advice-giver mode. See what happens if you listen compassionately, then share the ways you can relate based on situations in your own life. No, this isn’t about veering into TMI territory or competitive storytelling. But you might be surprised by the wisdom people have to offer YOU when you lay your cards on the table. Since retrogrades rule the past, this Saturn backspin could bring some old friends back into your life. They may not be the wildest and most exciting adventurers, but they’re the solid ones with staying power.

Saturday’s new moon in Taurus will bring another gust of wind for your partnership sails. A stalled solo mission may be itching to be transformed into a tag team effort. For best results, abide by the rule of “opposites attract.” A complementary force could pick up the slack you’d rather not deal with, helping to get your mission back into fifth gear. Why suffer DIY-ing every grueling task when something you hate doing could be the very job another person loves? Connections made under this new moon might have genuine long-term potential. Whether for business, pleasure or a creative collaboration, get to know new contenders slowly. It might take until the corresponding full moon on November 12 to really hit your stride. In the meanwhile, test the waters and find the synergistic sweet spots. This new moon could nudge existing partnerships into a new league. Maybe you’ll add an exclusivity clause to a casual dating situation—or realize that you’re ready to move in together or get married (or move on). If you’ve been working with someone for a while, yet only have a handshake deal between you, draft a more formal agreement to keep things copacetic for the long term.

The week ends on a rather extreme note as passionate Mars in your eighth house of sex, investments and shared possessions faces off with headstrong Jupiter this Sunday. Holy intensity, Scorpio! You want what you want—and you want it NOW! And with your powers of seduction so amplified, few would dare say “no” to you. But be careful what you wish for! With Jupiter in your house of practical foundations, even the dreamiest desires come with a price tag. If you rush into a situation based on pure emotion—or your own competitive urges—you could be stuck with a hefty bill and a boatload of responsibilities. Do you feel certain that you’re on the right path? Then make them an offer they can’t refuse. The dynamic duo of Mars and Jupiter could speed up stalled relationships, bringing everything from engagement rings to shared investments. Spell out the terms in writing. You may be moving quickly, but you should still know what you’re getting yourself into!

Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope

Count those coins, Sagittarius. Yes, even the three wish-making ones you wanted to toss in the Trevi Fountain. This Monday, April 29, structured Saturn brings his exacting approach to finances as he kicks off a five-month retrograde through your second house of money and security until September 18. It’s time to find a solid middle ground between devil-may-care impulse buys and pinching pennies so tight they turn into copper wire. But if managing the mundane makes your eyes cross, hire a virtual (or live) assistant to take on the drudgery. Many charge as little as $15 per hour and can whip your life into shape for the cost of a nice dinner. That could turn out to be an investment worth its weight in gold. You might even notice that your food cravings die down when you reduce your stress. Which is good, because Saturn’s backspin asks you to tighten your belt and live on a stricter budget. On the upside, you can begin to stow away funds to save up for that luxe purchase you’ve been drooling over. The trick is to plan carefully, which isn’t necessarily in your wheelhouse. But if you slow down and map out your game plan, you’ll stop spinning your wheels—and start opening up time in your schedule to enjoy the best summer you’ve had in years.

Saturday’s new moon in Taurus brings another motivating boost to take care of business. In the two weeks that follow, a job offer or new set of responsibilities could land in your lap. This will feel both exhilarating and overwhelming. Be patient with the process, as it could take up to six months—until the corresponding Taurus full moon on November 12—to master the tasks and get everything solidly in place. Start cultivating daily habits that ground you along the way. Don’t forget self-care! Since Taurus rules the body-loving zone of your chart, begin rituals that honor the temple that houses your soul. Opt for organic and locally grown produce and “eat the rainbow.” Find a gym or yoga studio that feels like home; consider getting monthly massages or acupuncture (or both). Investing in your own well-being will pay more dividends than any blue-chip stock. Health is wealth!

On Sunday, the air may be thick with tension—and you’ll feel ready to clear it! But hang on, Archer! You know that this can’t happen when smoke is pouring out of your ears. With your cosmic overlord, “speak first, think later” Jupiter, retrograde in Sagittarius since April 10, you’ve been tripping over your own well-intentioned words. And Sunday, you could fall flat on your face when warrior Mars in Gemini opposes Jupiter and puts even more fire in your belly. Fume to your compassionate (but levelheaded) friends—or your therapist—until you get clear about what is bugging you. Once you’ve distilled the problem, sit with your feelings for a bit. Make sure you’re in a proactive headspace before you set up a tete-a-tete with the offending party. You’ll know you’re there when you can calmly spell out what’s not working and deliver a few creative solutions for better cooperation. But cooler heads may not prevail until later next week. Don’t force it!

Capricorn Weekly Horoscope

Sharpen up that soft focus, Capricorn. Although you shouldn’t abandon your meditative mindset, starting this Monday, April 29, you’ll need to bring more structure and discipline into your life—in the name of self-preservation. Your ruler, taskmaster Saturn, which entered your sign for three years on December 19, 2017, retreats into its annual retrograde phase until September 18. This backspin is a clear signal that you MUST take excellent care of yourself. If not, your energy levels could flag. Ditto your patience for players and phonies who’ve taken up too much of your time in the past. Your time becomes all the more precious for the coming five months, and if you don’t leave enough whitespace in the calendar to recharge your batteries, you could come to resent your day to day duties. While some of your ambitious plans for a reinvention tour may decelerate, take advantage of the slower pace. Mull over your intentions and make sure they’re taking you in the right direction. And don’t be too quick to wipe the slate clean. Surely there are aspects of Capricorn 1.0 that are worth reviving and integrating into your new plans. This retrograde is a valuable time for researching, fortifying and doing the behind-the-scenes work to ensure that you have a strong structure in place that will support you come September 18, when you make your meteoric ascent up the ladder of success.

On Saturday, the new moon in Taurus conferences in Cupid with a call to reignite your romantic life. Get out and circulate this weekend. You could meet a special someone while sipping tea after a vibrational sound healing or gazing at an abstract sculpture at a friend’s art opening. Coupled Capricorns could reignite the sparks with a glamorous dress-up date. Veer away from dramatic conversations like, “We hardly go out together anymore,” and just get proactive, by actually picking up a pair of tickets and reserving a table at a buzzed-about restaurant. While you’re sharing plates and getting reconnected, conversation could turn to bigger plans like moving in together or making babies. Start exploring now but give yourself until the corresponding full moon on November 12 to figure out the best plan. Are you ready for your close-up? Under these moonbeams, you could be tapped as a public speaker or influencer. Capricorn performers will also get a burst of motivation. Look into a summer acting workshop or audition for a role in an independent film or production.

The truth may be stranger than fiction this Sunday, Capricorn, but that won’t stop you from going down the search engine rabbit hole! You want to know what’s happening, and you want to know NOW! But with quick-on-the-draw Jupiter in your twelfth house of illusions opposing impetuous Mars, you could get sucked into a conspiracy theory. Before you plunge into an obsessive research mission, ask yourself if it would really serve you to know every detail of this situation. It’s not that you should tuck your head in the sand—but maybe you can just step back and let other people sort it out, for once. Or ask the pros for help. Playing private detective may only serve to distract you from your higher purpose and goals. Loved ones may be involved here, and it’s your nature to want to protect them. That’s a noble goal, Cap, but make sure you aren’t preventing them from learning the lessons required in order for them to grow.

Aquarius Weekly Horoscope

Pause for a cause—your own, perhaps—on Monday, April 29, as structured Saturn kicks off its retrograde cycle through Capricorn and your twelfth house of healing and charitable acts until September 18. Are there some skeletons rattling in your closet? Or have you buried some feelings so deeply you don’t remember where they are? These “shadow” emotions are hard to get at on your own, but if you don’t deal with them, they will pursue you like hungry ghosts. Book that therapy appointment, coaching session or the weekend workshop that can help you process these repressed feelings. A helpful healer or mentor you worked with in the past could reappear to support you on this journey. Clear and simple boundaries must be applied with more insistence AND persistence during Saturn’s retrograde. Beware the allure of short-term escapes or temporary highs that derail you from long-lasting satisfaction. And to keep your spirits high, get involved in community work that helps make your corner of the world a better place. You shouldn’t overdo it here, devoting every spare second to the cause, however, because that can be draining while Saturn is in reverse. But strike the right balance of giving to yourself and giving back to the world. This will inspire more gratitude for your own greatness and the gifts you DO have. The glass is more than half full!

Saturday’s goal? Making sure that Chateau Water Bearer feels like a sanctuary. With the year’s only new moon in Taurus and your fourth house activating your domestic side, you’ll have the urge to feather and Feng Shui your nest. For one thing, you need space to spread out and pursue all your current interests, and this might necessitate some room (and even roommate) reconfigurations. If you’re not wild about where you live, start scouring the real estate listings. Or, if you’ve already made your place Pinterest perfect, get plans in motion for your next craft night, dinner party or long visit from your besties.

Romantic attractions could take off at a gallop this weekend, but the feelings that strike may be quite unexpected. With feisty Mars locking horns with showboating Jupiter, the sparks could start out as actual friction…and with someone whose views get you heated. One minute you’re arguing about the current political climate, the next you could be “negotiating a two-party solution” between the sheets. No matter your romantic status, this could be quite the experimental, NSFW weekend for you. Choose that safe word and stretch a little further out of your comfort zone! On another note, the Mars-Jupiter opposition could vault you into an influencer role, both on social media and in your community at large. With Jupiter in your tech sector, you might launch a viral meme or direct fellow citizens towards political action. Sunday is a powerful day for promoting any initiatives, sharing your creative work with the world, or making a relationship Instagram-official!

Pisces Weekly Horoscope

Check your virtual reflection, Pisces. It may be time for a “digital makeover,” beginning this Monday, April 29, as discerning Saturn pivots retrograde in your eleventh house of technology and community until September 18. Scan your social media profiles, and if you have one, your website or blog. Are there photos, posts or pages that could use a refresh? Think about ways you could strike a more even balance between sharing interesting discoveries (re-grams, memes, links) and revealing personal tidbits about yourself (selfies, slice of life photos). Make sure your greatest hits are up to date and easy to find on all of your pages—and that you’re not advertising any services you no longer wish to offer. Saturn’s backspin could stir up discord with a group you’re a part of, but that doesn’t mean you have to bow out of the project. The ringed taskmaster rules structures and this could be a call to implement smarter systems that allow your dream team to operate like a well-oiled machine. Got an idea for an app, invention or e-venture? This backspin guides you to do careful due diligence and research. If there are no time constraints, wait until after Saturn straightens out on September 18 to bring it to market. Since retrogrades rule the past, you might reunite with a posse of powerhouses from back in the day. Use social media to reconnect with former colleagues and collaborators—your Round Two collab could be the charm!

On Saturday, the new moon in Taurus could bring a fresh fleet of friends your way, too. Detour away from “the usual places” this weekend and go check out some new scenes. Seek out classes, workshops, meetups and other gatherings where you can connect to people who share your current interests. Someone with BFF potential may be among the ranks, or you could find a fellow unicorn who wants to partner with you on a project. Better still, you won’t have to travel super far from home to find them since this new moon lands in your local third house. The only caveat? Don’t be so quick to commit to any long-term membership packages. Over the two weeks following this new moon, all you need to do is dabble. One minute, you’re obsessed with kiln-fired ceramics, the next you’re feeling a floral design course. That’s not to say you can’t do it all, Pisces! Just opt in to the half-day workshops instead of the semester-long programs for now.

All will NOT be quiet on the Pisces domestic front this Sunday when pot-stirrer Mars in your family zone trades fire with supersizer Jupiter. A relative or property matter may demand a jumbo-sized chunk of your attention, and quite unexpectedly. Or, you may suddenly get a wild hare that it’s time to do a massive kitchen reno or shop for a pied-a-terre on the other coast. While there’s no stopping you when you get one of these ideas in your head, don’t take any rash actions than can’t be undone. With every choice you make, consider its impact on your long-range vision for your life. Would the funds you invest in marble countertops be better spent on coaching that launches you into a higher paygrade? Would taking a job that involves tons of travel interfere with your ability to have a fulfilling personal life? Hey, Pisces, maybe you CAN have it all. But that will take some serious negotiation and cooperation with your inner circle. Be sure to include your peeps in your process instead of making unilateral decisions—especially ones that are fueled by emotion instead of common sense.

Source: AstroStyle