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Your Weekly Horoscope For 6th-12th May is All About Soaking Up The Beauty Around You

Look up from that mobile screen and take in the beauty of the world around you. Beginning this Monday, May 6, mindful Mercury decamps to slow-jamming Taurus, adding a decadent dimension to our interactions. There will be magic in every moment between now and May 21. But if you want to experience it, you’re going to have to stop rushing around like a headless chicken…or wandering around in a tech trance. This two-week cycle is anything BUT frenetic—a relief after the past few weeks of manic Mercury in Aries.

Take time to ground your mental processes and savor every detail. Loosen up timelines so you have a chance to fully ponder every decision. Yes, plans need to make sense on paper. But when you envision yourself on a certain path, ask yourself, how does this feel in my body? Are you awash in serenity or does your heart start pounding at an accelerated rate? Taurus energy is both sensible and sensual, so let common sense AND kinesthetic wisdom be your guides.

Tuesday may bring a tough reality check when impulsive, romantic Venus in Aries gets body-checked by structured, pragmatic Saturn in Capricorn. Did you recently take a risk that felt like betting against the odds? If you didn’t set up a safety net for yourself, you could sustain a few bruises as Saturn sticks a pin in your helium balloon. While it’s never fun to learn things the hard way, make sure you track the teachings of this tough lesson! But don’t punish yourself for plummeting to the earth. Setting perfection as a goal is a waste of time.

Sometimes you simply need to “fail faster” in order to grow. That said, if you find yourself on the cusp of making a high-stakes decision—and you KNOW deep down this probably won’t go in your favor—cash out now while you’re still ahead. On a creative note, the Venus-Saturn square can be beneficial for brainstorming. Pop on Venus’ rose-colored glasses and borrow Saturn’s project management chapeau. When you run your creative ideas through a quality-control filter, you may come up with something that’s not only genius, but also completely doable.

On Thursday, Venus gets back into her free-flowing groove when she teams up with generous Jupiter to form a harmonious trine (120-degree angle). With these two “benefics” singing a dynamic duet, all forms of love are meant to be celebrated. Do something demonstrative to show how much you cherish the mamas in your life this Sunday. And when it comes to romance, these two sweet talkers can also get spicy, especially since both planets are cruising through fire signs.

Whoosh! With “leap first, look later” Jupiter in Sagittarius magnifying Venus in Aries’ amorous effects, the flames could spread at an accelerated pace. Since Jupiter is the global nomad and cross-cultural ambassador, this is a great week to diversify your dating portfolio or turn a brunch date into a daylong (or overnight) road trip. Need to clear the air with bae? Diplomatic Venus softens candid Jupiter’s straight-shooting edge, ensuring that even the toughest sentiments to express won’t get lost in translation.


Wave a fond farewell to inquisitive Mercury, who’s been planting seeds of inspiration in your sign for the past three weeks. Now you’re ready to put some of those brainstorms through the reality filter and see if any are doable. On Monday, May 6, the winged messenger planet forays into Taurus and your second house of finances, security and practical magic until May 21. Harness your creative vision and focus long enough to see each initiative through to completion. You’re disposed to distraction, Ram, which is the very thing that often prevents you from completing projects. Over the next two weeks, as Mercury treks through this grounded sector, catch yourself being pulled off-task and bring yourself back. Once you get the hang of that, test it out on an unfinished pet project. Challenge yourself to relish the research process. How much will it actually cost to fund the development? What human and tech resources are required? Is this scalable—and potentially profitable? You won’t be able to figure everything out on your own, so turn to the actual experts in these fields. Get a financial adviser to run the numbers; talk to a geek friend about the kind of software that’s needed. Hire writer and designer friends to sketch out ideas for you. As this starts to reach critical mass, your motivation might take off on its own. That could happen as soon as Wednesday when Mercury plugs into Uranus’ electric grid. If something feels right and ready, give it a go!

Power struggles and issues with single-minded authority figures may be on the agenda this Tuesday. Harmony-seeking Venus in your sign wants everyone to get along, but when she bangs into restrictive Saturn in your house of work and reputation, someone may be playing power games. (And let’s hope it isn’t you, Aries!) As the trailblazer of the zodiac, you’re not afraid to “go there,” but make sure you’re up for a long fight if you’re planning to push back. Under this headstrong clash, a molehill can quickly escalate into an epic battle, with neither of you willing to back down. Weigh the pros and cons of sticking to your guns and settling for a compromise. No, you won’t get everything you want, but you also won’t get stabbed in the back or lose the support of a potentially valuable ally. Of course, if the boat NEEDS to be rocked, there’s nothing like a Ram to shake things up!

A new day dawns on Thursday, when amiable Venus in your sign finds a kindred spirit in liberated Jupiter and your expansive, open-minded ninth house. Whether you have big plans lined up or are winging it, adventure awaits. Grab your favorite wing(wo)man and check out events near and not-so-near. You might just want to get out of Dodge for the day or maybe turn it into an extended weekend. The only requirement is that no one try to rein you in or hold you back. Romance could percolate with someone rather unfamiliar, which is a good thing, Aries! You have a sense of limitless potential, so surround yourself with people who feel similarly. Attached? Because this Venus-Jupiter sync-up makes you candid AND caring, if you’ve been biting your tongue, it’s probably safe to unload.


Not only is birthday season in full swing, but starting this Monday, May 6, the pleasure principle gets dialed up even higher as exuberant Mercury slips into Taurus and polishes your party shoes. Through May 21, you’ll be the belle of every ball and the queen of every hive as the social-butterfly planet lights up your life. Mercury can clear muddy thoughts as it bestows the gift of gab and brings on the mic drops. As a Taurus, you like to think things through before you blurt them, but at least you’ll be saying what you really feel instead of playing nice and being careful not to step on toes. While there will be plenty of fun and literal games, it’s also a time to drill down on a project that needs premium fuel. Carve out the necessary time to finish those parts that have been waiting for your undivided attention. If you need to consult with a more experienced person, be selective about whom you choose—also how much you share. You don’t have to give away every detail to get their input. And if there’s sensitive material here, draft a nondisclosure agreement. This is your intellectual property that we’re talking about! Note that Mercury in your sign can lead to lively debates and willful battles, but you can avoid them if you decide ahead of time that you’re not going to take anyone’s bait. On Wednesday, Mercury spins into its annual alignment with radical transformer Uranus. Even if you don’t feel quite ready to take the plunge, someone or something might just give you a major push to dive in!

Stay conscious of all the shifting energy and possible alliances forming around you this week, Taurus. Choosing to ignore a developing situation won’t make it go away; in fact, in the blink of an eye, you could lose all the ground you’ve gained. On Tuesday, tough-love Saturn in by-the-rules Capricorn serves a restraining order on your ruler, optimistic Venus, in forge-ahead Aries and your dreamy twelfth house. Believing something doesn’t make it true, and under this one-day transit, you’re urged to get the facts and make sure you’re 100 percent clear on a matter before you take ANY action. While annoying, this square can bring a valuable reality check about the circumstances and people involved. There’s a fine line between being too agreeable and too demanding, but take the time you need to proceed with confidence. Accept that you might have set the bar a little too high—or were overly casual in the initial planning stage. It’s rare that everyone’s visions and values perfectly align, but if you take off the rose-colored glasses and really scrutinize what’s going on, you may come to mutually agreeable terms. On another front, this transit could spark an impromptu trip to indulge your escapist impulses.

The second half of the week should help you recover nicely from the stress and frustration of the workweek. On Thursday, amorous Venus makes good use of her parking space in your fantasy-fueled twelfth house by teaming up with equally idealistic Jupiter in go-for-it Sagittarius and your erotic eighth house. You won’t need to Google helpful suggestions for tapping into this seductive energy. Single? Candid Jupiter makes it easier for you to share your desires and initiate some experimental ideas. If you have a partner, go out and explore together. A change of scenery will do wonders for your bond.


Rest, rejuvenation and release are on the docket for the next couple weeks as your ruler, mindful Mercury, makes its annual dip into earthy Taurus and your healing twelfth house on Monday, May 6. Anything (or one) that isn’t supporting your life is detracting from it, but toxic people have a funny way of sticking around until you show them the exit. With your ruler in this deeply emotional zone, you’ll be more in touch with your feelings than usual, which can be disorienting for your cerebral sign. But those authentic urges are your best GPS! Follow your heart and be kind to yourself. Deep down, Gem, you know exactly what’s best for you. During this fortnight, try to switch off the chatty mind by listening to guided meditations. When your thoughts inevitably wander, just take notice and gently bring yourself back to the present. Progress won’t be as fast as you’d like it (i.e., instantaneously), but the journey and the practice are wherein the sweetness lies! And when you’re not tuning in to higher powers, stay tuned for divine downloads, whether creative brainstorms or spiritual epiphanies. Keep a journal or recording device within reach. These could be nearly nonstop until Mercury blasts into your sign on May 21. On Wednesday, the messenger planet collides with transformative Uranus. That thing you’ve been stuck on might just vanish into thin air.

Memo to Geminis who’ve been blurring the line between love and lust: This Tuesday, you might start to care—big-time! Solidifying Saturn in your eighth house of sexuality, intimacy and permabonding gets into fisticuffs with seductrix Venus in your eleventh house of casual encounters. Hmm, sounds like someone’s trying to have their cake and eat it too. While Venus is happy playing the field and even flirting up a storm with platonic pals, Saturn in Capricorn is all about rules, propriety and boundaries. If you’re unattached, you may balk at the idea of commitment now, yet a little voice inside you might be wondering if it’s so horrible after all. Since the eleventh house also rules technology, with love planet Venus here, you might enjoy an increased “click-through rate” over the coming weeks, so flex those swiping fingers. Couples may have to face some freedom-versus-responsibilities issues, which isn’t to say anyone’s got cheating on their mind. All relationships ebb and flow, and staying in tune with your S.O. and both of your needs is a way to keep things humming smoothly.

Clarity comes storming in on Thursday, when Venus aligns with risk-taking Jupiter in your seventh house of relationships. The message to single Geminis is clear: Take a chance on romance! Venus bestows the charm while Jupiter supplies the luck. With Venus in your house of friendship, socializing and technology, love could be lurking anywhere from the friend zone to a new dating app to leaning against the wall at a party. Coupled Gems are nudged to recall the chumminess of your union and lighten up on any romantic (or babymaking) pressure for a little while. Go out and have fun this weekend! It’ll renew your spirits AND your bond.


So much for the traditional Crab! On Monday, May 6, inquisitive Mercury commences its annual tour of sensual Taurus and your innovative, eclectic eleventh house, drawing you to quirky creators, chic geeks and idealistic social activists. During this two-week wild ride, no one will need to coax you out of your protective shell—you’ll be leading the pack to the next exciting whistle stop on your reinvention tour. This is a time to let your hair down, color outside the lines and allow yourself to expand and explore in areas where you feel stuck. Between now and May 21, the direct pathway to change is blasting through your comfort zone and trusting that you’re in a safe and loving universe with people who’ve got your back. Grab one reliable wing(wo)man and sample different scenes, follow friends on THEIR favorite activities and, when you do feel stuck, crowdsource your crew for inspiration. One thing to stay on guard against? Burnout. As an empathic Cancer, you often give until it literally hurts. Stop before you reach that point. Don’t reflexively say yes to everyone’s requests until you’ve checked your schedule and confirmed you actually have time, because if YOUR happiness tanks hits empty, you won’t be much good to anyone. On Wednesday, Mercury holds its annual summit with transformative Uranus, who’s quite at home in this zone. If there’s one big change you’re dying to make, tap into this energy and take the plunge!

Your speed may get checked by forces outside yourself on Tuesday, when restrained Saturn slams into a tense square with creative, competent Venus in your career sector. Just as you were reaching cruising altitude, Saturn goes and hits the manual override. While this could cause a bit of emotional whiplash, there’s value to this slowdown (whether you realize it or not). It’s possible that you were heading too fast in the wrong direction or just need an opportunity to step back and assess your progress before you go any further. Tough-love Saturn also helps you contemplate the impact your actions will have on others. If you’re on the right track, these could be mutually beneficial. But veer off-course and others may wind up mopping up after you. With alluring Venus in your goal-oriented tenth house, you could waltz into a gainful collaboration, but pay heed to Saturn’s warnings and make sure you do a thorough background check before you sign on any dotted line.

You’ll have time, patience and clarity of mind to weigh the benefits of a business deal or relationship on Thursday, so hold off till then if you can. Diplomatic Venus will harmonize with auspicious, confident Jupiter in your work sectors, setting the stage for a profitable partnership. You may be eager to say yes with Jupiter spurring you on, but first break out the magnifying glass and fine-tooth comb to review the small print. Ask a savvy friend or lawyer to review it for you if money is involved. But if you keep hitting all green lights, take a chance and go for it. This Venus-Jupiter mashup also invites you to share your successes and “riches” with the less fortunate. What goes around will come around!


After a few footloose and fancy-free weeks of hosting inquisitive Mercury in your adventurous ninth house, the messenger planet beams into Taurus this Monday, May 6—and hotwires your career corner. Take maximum advantage of this cosmic tailwind by having a plan to follow. But first, Leo: Where do you want to be when Mercury makes its next move, on May 21? If you’re happy with your current gig, how might you raise your profile—or your rates—to become a bigger fish in whatever size pond you’re in? Drop in on open meetings, share your ideas freely, sniff around for ways you can contribute to big-deal projects. When the powers that be get to know what you’re capable of (and how much FUN you are to have around), they’re sure to start reaching out more frequently. If you’re looking to rise through the ranks, first, you may have to shore up your skill set. Regardless of your status, it never hurts to network and get to know your industry influencers. Keep your ears cocked for the sounds of synergy while you’re out socializing. Without giving away your hand, you could woo a potential prospect by deftly steering a cocktail party conversation toward shared goals. And since the tenth house rules all things masculine, get some quality time on the calendar with your father, brother or other supportive men you adore. On Wednesday, Mercury mashes up with metamorphic Uranus. If an opportunity falls into your lap, don’t ignore it; act on it!

Your inner perfectionist could make a cameo on Tuesday, so watch out! Just when you’re getting into a groove, some self-critical voice pipes up and tries to convince you that something you’re doing isn’t good enough. Catch this before it has a chance to do any real damage, like nudging you to scrap perfectly fine work and go back to the drawing board. Chalk it up to a one-day square between tough-love Saturn and compassionate creatrix Venus. Your generous sign always wants to do the right thing, but sometimes, Leo, there’s just no pleasing certain people. Rather than get resentful, consider this an exercise in finding your own voice and strength—and trusting your intuition more than some random power-tripper.

You’ll be feeling the loving vibes this Thursday, when Venus breaks free of Saturn’s clutches and teams up with caring, sharing—and daring—Jupiter in your passionate fifth house. Single Lions should plan to flirt with abandon as Venus shimmies through your ninth house of adventure. This rare and empowering mashup can make you extra direct about your desires and attractions. If you sense chemistry, say something! After all, if you both know what you want, why beat around the bush? The tiny risk of coming on too strong is outweighed by the benefit of having more time with the object of your affection. This is also a booster shot for creative types, who can marry Venus’ vision to Jupiter’s global reach. Post and publish away: Nothing ventured, nothing gained!


Got an idea for a getaway, Virgo? You might need to abandon your “careful planner” M.O. and let your inner adventurer have a turn at the wheel. On Monday, May 6, your galactic guardian, inquisitive Mercury, leaves Aries and your snuggle-bubble (AKA the eighth house) and sets sail for Taurus and your ninth house of wider vistas until May 21. “Anywhere but here” is where you’ll want to drop your first pin, but if you’ve been drooling over a specific destination, check your vacay time, airline points and vacation buddy’s schedule. You could be on a plane to Barcelona or Bali by weekend if you’re nimble and motivated. Got the time but not the bucks? Consider apartment swaps or couchsurfing expeditions. A change of scenery brings the double bonus of breaking you out of any mental ruts you might be stuck in. While wanderlust will be dialed up, you don’t technically have to leave town to scratch this itch. New ideas, venues and topics for discussion will be (almost) as stimulating. With your ruler racing through your ninth house, your mind is like a sponge, thirsty for fresh input. See if your community offers a discounted museum pass, check out local listings in places you didn’t even know existed. The ninth house also rules education and entrepreneurialism. If you’ve been hankering for either of those initiatives, see what you can take to the next level in the next two weeks. Need a nudge? On Wednesday, Mercury makes its annual merger with transformative Uranus. Go ahead, Virgo: For once, act first and sort it out later!

On a more intimate note, if you’ve been in denial about someone’s less-than-acceptable behavior, blow the timeout whistle. On Tuesday, structured, rule-abiding Saturn sends a tough-love beam to loving Venus in your passion zones, which also serves to remind YOU not to depreciate your value. If you’re not feeling cherished and adored, express this to your partner in a caring way that emphasizes YOUR needs rather than their shortcomings (even if they’re apparent to everyone in your inner circle!). It’s possible that they have gotten so entrenched in their ways that they lost sight of what’s most important (or are going through something themselves). But you’ll dive into the research and never know if you don’t broach the subject. Before you talk, try to get an objective look at your own actions. Under this one-day square, you might not project your best self.

Thursday’s skies bode better for romance as Venus and Jupiter—the two “benefics” and most decadent planets— team up in your most intimate chart sectors. You could catch an acute case of the feels simply by hearing your beloved’s voice purring in your ear. You may be tempted to splurge on the people you j’adore…so stay mindful not to go overboard. For baeless Virgos, this is a potent moment for meeting someone with keeper potential. To improve your chances, set the bar high and don’t drop it for a sexy but inane rando. True, the erotic vibes will be ramped up and you could waltz into a spicy spring hookup. But if you know you want more, hold out!


On Monday, May 6, messenger Mercury makes its annual dip into reserved Taurus and your eighth house of secrecy and seduction. While you might be an open book by nature, this short-but-sweet cycle reminds you that some things are better kept in the vault. From now until May 21, restrain thyself and hold your cards close to your vest, Libra—and maybe tuck an ace or two up your sleeve. The element of mystery will work in your favor during this clandestine time. It’s fine to be a sympathetic ear or sounding board for friends and colleagues, but don’t feel the need to respond in kind. Your ability to keep things on the low makes you a good ally—and can prove to someone that you really can be discreet. Not that anyone is necessarily putting you through a loyalty test! Of course, with Mercury in this unknowable realm, what’s NOT being said might expose more than the intel people ARE sharing. Single Libras would do well to tune in to the unspoken—and undeniable—chemistry that’s bubbling in the background. The slow reveal during this circumspect cycle will make things feel extra erotic. But beam your seductive charms selectively lest you risk breaking hearts throughout your friend zone. Attached? You may suddenly be craving more private “us time,” which can be sweet and spicy…as long as you keep intense emotions like anger and paranoia at bay. On Wednesday, Mercury makes its annual alignment with transformational Uranus. You might make a break, or officialize something, in the blink of an eye!

Interpersonal relations come under the microscope on Tuesday, when glass-half-empty Saturn in your domestic zone faces off with sensitive Venus in your relationship corner. A close relative might resent the time you spend with bae; bae might not appreciate your mother calling at all hours; a sibling might feel like you’ve been ignoring them… Or any of another dozen variations on the “home, lover and family” theme could rear it’s hard-to-resolve head. The thing you DON’T want to do is blame someone else for your circumstances or the choices you’ve made. People are going to complain or take THEIR stuff out on you, Libra, so the best reaction is to let them vent and moan until they’ve exhausted themselves. Then, when they run out of steam, see if there’s any talking sense to them. If things get really sticky, you might need to call in a neutral third party. Or just wait it out: This brief transit only lasts one day, and by Thursday, Venus will be chugging along on an entirely different track!

It’s a whole new ballgame on Thursday, when the two “benefics,” Venus and Jupiter, spin into a rare trine in your relationship houses. You’ll be feeling positive, lucky and supported in speaking your mind. But wrap those truth hammers in velvet, won’t ya? You may need to get something off your chest, but unless you don’t care how your words are perceived, it behooves you to be as tactful and kind as possible. Ultimately, Libra, you teach people how to treat you. And if someone’s been taking you for granted, rather than get mad (or even), find the right words to motivate them to make a change. In a new union? This auspicious planetary pairing can accelerate developments, so make sure you want to pursue it!


No need to wonder where things stand with a new, deepening or longtime relationship, Scorpio. On Monday, May 6, messenger Mercury kicks off its annual trek through grounded Taurus and your seventh house of partnership until May 21. As the god of communication blesses you with the gift of gab, you’ll find the perfect entry point into any discussion you want to have. Lean in to your charm and wit rather than putting anyone on the witness stand. This is a perfect time to hash out complicated emotional issues since the Bull is one of the most level-headed signs. But like you, it can be stubborn and passive-aggressive, so make sure you don’t slip into a low-vibe mode if you don’t get your way. Single? Lead with your sly sense of humor and sizzling seductiveness, and you’ll be irresistible. But you should run in the opposite direction of anyone who sends up red flags. Business partnerships and creative collaborations also get a bump over the coming few weeks. If you’ve been waiting for the “perfect” time to pitch an idea or explore a joint venture with a potential collaborator, this would be it! Mercury in Taurus is precise and old-school, so put everything in writing. Leave no question about what you’re proposing, what your fees and conditions are and any additional “fine print.”

What may start off as a near-fixation might slow its own pace on Tuesday. Structured Saturn in your expressive zone flashes a warning sign to high-achieving Venus in your house of work, service and organization. You’re eager to get a certain area of your life in order, but you can’t do it all in one day! If you’ve got too many irons in the fire, prioritize the most important or time-sensitive missions and focus on nurturing them. Under this attention-grabbing alignment, you could catch the eye of influential people who want to support your dreams. If you’re trying to establish yourself as a force to be reckoned with, start showing up at events to signal your commitment. And always be dressed and ready to take a meeting. You never know who you might run into waiting in line at the taco truck.

This Thursday, your best ideas may come without being beckoned. Charming Venus harmonizes with expansive Jupiter in your work, money and service sectors. Without much effort, you can work that practical magic! Creative solutions to previously stuck situations will emerge, helping you resolve conflicts—or move on—without burning bridges. In fact, this positive energy allows you to make the most gracious exit possible. If it’s appropriate, send a follow-up note letting them know how much you appreciated spending time with them. But then, close that circle so you can embrace the new creative energy that’s ready to emerge.


You’re a big-picture thinker, Archer, but for the next two weeks, the devil will be in the details. As analytical Mercury glides into pragmatic Taurus and your systematic sixth house on Monday, May 6, you’ll need to review anything (and everything) that you’ve been glossing over. Until May 21, drill down and focus on the trifles that usually feel like a waste of time. In the process, you might just discover a game-changing flourish that takes your plan from good to great. These two weeks are a perfect time to get appointments scheduled—especially anything health-related—and to finalize any unfinished paperwork. It doesn’t have to drive up your stress levels either. See this as an exercise in serenity. The less you have to track, memorize and keep in your head, the better. Of course, that might require you to bring in another person or download an app. During this systematic cycle, you can set up new organizational structures. And, since Mercury is buzzy and social, good help won’t be hard to find! On Wednesday, Mercury spins into its annual alignment with techie Uranus, which could lead you to the very assistance (analog or A.I.) that you’re searching for.

Tuesday’s skies could have you pondering an important financial decision with reverberating consequences. With disciplined Saturn on a long, slow trek through your second house of money and security, you’ve been thinking about things from a perspective wider than “do I love this enough to own it?” On Tuesday, the stern planet forms a galvanizing square with Venus, the planet of values and decadence, in your fifth house of pleasure. You’ve never really understood the concept of delayed gratification, but this rare (twice-a-year) transit may actually help you understand the benefits of targeting a goal and saving up for it by making sacrifices before you acquire it. For one thing, you’re likely to appreciate it more if you have to work for it. For another, you’ll have more time to ensure that this is something you truly want and will treasure for a long time, not just a few weeks or months then grow tired of it. And when you stop and really think about that, this isn’t just a good “material” lesson but a spiritual one to boot!

By Thursday, your thoughts will be of a far more festive—and amorous—nature as Venus slips out of Saturn’s clutches and aligns with your ruler, abundant Jupiter, in your sign. Romance and creativity are in the air, so dress up (or down) and immerse yourself in this manifesting mojo. Single? Chance encounters are rich in potential, and you’ve got absolutely nothing to lose by engaging with anyone who smiles or glances your way. Or make the first move! Your magnetism is palpable, and people will be eager to strike up conversations. Attached? Fantasy and dreamy encounters rule the weekend, so talk to your beloved about some secret desires or just be guided by spontaneity and the pleasure principle (two Sag fortes). Whether for business or pleasure, be an open book. Your authenticity is utterly enchanting.


Get yourself “camera ready,” Capricorn! This Monday, May 6, messenger Mercury zips into Taurus and your amorous, flirtatious and creative fifth house until May 21. After several weeks of hosting Mercury in your private fourth house, this change of pace will reboot your starpower for the next few weeks. Go ahead and break the mold by wearing your beating heart on your sleeve and being a bit over the top in your declarations of affection (or just lust). Contrary to what that little voice inside your head may be telling you, you won’t scare people off: They’ll be eating out of your hand! Profess your feelings in words, song or perhaps a viral post. If a former lover came back on the scene while Mercury was retrograde in March and messed with your head, you’ll know how to proceed. Single? Down a cup of courage and boldly put yourself out there. True confidence is an aphrodisiac. Attached? This vocal Mercury phase is great for intimate convos, but watch for drama to flare while it’s in your theatrical zone. Even a little exaggeration could boomerang back and bring regrets. Need to take a big chance? Wait for Wednesday, when Mercury makes its annual alignment with game-changing Uranus. You might act so decisively you don’t recognize yourself!

You could be navigating some murky family dynamics on Tuesday, when your cosmic watchdog, boundary-enforcing Saturn, forms a restrictive square with loving Venus in Aries and your home zone. A close female friend or relative may be trying to take advantage of your kind heart and generosity, or she might be so needy that she doesn’t even realize how many different games she’s playing. But if you can step back and not get sucked into the morass, you will see what’s going on with almost X-ray vision. The trick is letting her know you care while understanding that however much you offer—it won’t be enough. You may have to sit this round out, Cap. Watching a loved one struggle is painful for you, but remind yourself that this is the best way to give her the confidence and space to make it on her own.

On Thursday, Venus forms an entirely different connection: a harmonious trine with expansive Jupiter in your twelfth house of fantasy and introspection. If you’re harboring a secret crush or withholding a key piece of information from a love interest, it’s time to spill your truth. Sure, you may find out your feelings aren’t reciprocated, but wouldn’t you rather know the deal than labor on under a delusion? If YOU have to reveal a harsh reality to someone, soften the blow with deep compassion. If it’s not a breakup but just a problem between you, have some creative solutions in mind. Emphasize the outcome you hope to effect so your conversation can be productive and mutually respectful. Since under this Venus-Jupiter mashup, you’ll be equal parts candid and diplomatic. As long as you lean in to your compassionate side, you shouldn’t hurt or offend anyone. One word of warning: With bottomless Jupiter blurring boundaries, you could get swept into someone else’s agenda or carried away by a pipe dream. Resolve to NOT make any promises until early next week, when you’ll have a clearer sense of what you’re actually capable of.


You might breathe a major sigh of relief this Monday, May 6, as social butterfly Mercury exits Aries and your community zone and folds in its wings in slower-moving Taurus and your foundational fourth house until May 21. Sure, it was fun—what you can remember of it—but now comes your annual fortnight to simmer down and take care of your own business. Tidy up, declutter, and get Chez Aquarius back in Pinterest-perfect shape. And then, once you assess the “damage,” you can decide if there’s some nest-feathering to be done or some dinner parties to throw. Even small tweaks, like painting a wall an accent color or getting new pillows, will give the place a fresh new vibe. Over the coming two weeks, make time to catch up with close friends and family—especially the women in your life. The week culminates in Mother’s Day, so get some heartwarming plans on the books. Whether you’re honoring your mom, being feted or just enjoying intimate times with your favorite peeps, tune in to the genuine gratitude you feel for everyone—and let it show! Go a little overboard with flowers, food and positive conversation. You can change or improve a relationship simply by refusing to “go there” with any negativity. Home base is where your creativity will blossom, so carve out adequate time to commune with your muse. Your Netflix queue can wait! On Wednesday, Mercury makes its annual alignment with game-changing Uranus. What one thing do you simply HAVE to alter? Find the best way and price, then do it and don’t allow regrets!

Watch out for a friend in frenemy’s clothing or an insidious energy vampire to invade your space on Tuesday. With your co-ruler, structured Saturn, shooting a warning signal from your reclusive twelfth house to amiable Venus in your third house of communication, neighbors, friends and siblings, take heed. You may think you’re just being helpful, but someone might be trying to pull you into their quagmire, and there’s no easy way out. Before you get pulled in too deep, let them know that your involvement won’t do either of you any good, and that the best support you can offer is your unwavering confidence in their ability to solve this themselves. (And maybe offer the name of a reliable therapist.) Be tough on yourself, too, Water Bearer. You want the best for everyone, but if you notice that you’re offering help or advice that wasn’t requested, nip that in the bud.

Thursday’s skies feature a very different “interactive” angle: a harmonious trine between amorous Venus and auspicious Jupiter. With these two “benefics” beaming their rays into your most social and tech-savvy houses, your click-through rate will be off the charts. Single? Love could be lurking anywhere, Aquarius, so keep an open mind and definitely chat up intriguing strangers. Attached? Make a point of mingling as a pair this week. This can double your fun AND fulfill some of your power-couple fantasies. This Venus-Jupiter sync-up favors any sort of networking, so even if you’re “off the market,” you might find an ideal creative or professional collaborator.


Been hanging out in the same old venues and having the same old conversations that never get past the superficial? You can mix things up big-time starting Monday, May 6, as mental Mercury flits into Taurus and your inquisitive third house until May 21. Take the initiative and reach out to some new acquaintances you’d like to know better. That could turn out to be a double win: new friends AND plenty of new places to hang out. In the romantic sector, give someone you were on the fence about a second chance. Suddenly you might see their quirks as charming and even sexy! If you have no idea how to shake things up in your personal life, be a dabbler. Take some “a la carte” classes and workshops, check out all the new meetups and lecture series in town. This Mercury phase emphasizes local action, so familiarize yourself with your own ‘hood—and maybe an emerging community just a few stops or a brisk walk away. Plus, it could make you reconsider how you get around town, Pisces. With the thoughtful planet in physical Taurus, you might want to reduce your carbon footprint while getting more exercise in. Walking more, or getting serious about cycling, could be a game-changer for you and the planet! On Wednesday, Mercury makes its annual alignment with transformative Uranus. Need to mix things up? Don’t overthink it; just do it!

Tuesday’s stars suggest trouble may be brewing with a friend or colleague, so stay on your toes and don’t take their bait! Under a nudgy knockdown between controlling Saturn in your collaborative sector and diplomatic Venus, you might be a little TOO ready to accommodate a master manipulator. While you don’t want to fight fire with fire, you can stand your ground and resist their provocations. Not engaging will keep you sane and frustrate them to no end! (Muahaha!) And since having a reasonable conversation will likely be impossible, just agree to disagree—or try to remove yourself from their energy field altogether. You’re susceptible to others’ moods and machinations, so cutting them a wide berth might be the smartest course of action. If you’re forced to work together, try to find a “buffer” who can absorb their negativity and allow you to get your own work done effectively.

Love gets a supersized boost this Thursday, when ardent Venus in Aries and your sensual second house aligns with expansive Jupiter in your future-oriented tenth house. While this can cause your heart to swell thanks to the earthy houses both planets are situated in, you might be drawn to someone who’s more solid and traditional than electrifying and exciting. But if you’re thinking long-term, that’s probably a more reasonable quality than “fun” or “sexy.” Attached? This alignment sets the stage for some boring yet essential topics like the state of your union, shared big-ticket goals and financial planning. These aren’t always the easiest subjects to work your way into, but diplomatic Venus can help you find the right words. Single with no one on your radar? Use this energy to make some smart fiscal moves for yourself—and if there’s enough discretionary cash, treat yourself to something you’ve been drooling over.

Source: AstroStyle