Your Weekly Horoscope For 30 July – 5 August

What a week that was. We might be out of the woods, eclipse-wise, for the moment, but we’re in the thick of Leo season now, stargazers. And that fiery energy is mixing it up with the residual effects of last week’s lunar activity.

In the wake of last Friday’s full moon, the moon will be waning all week. This is a good time to iron out the details on projects that you may have been neglecting. But hold off on putting the final touches on anything this week. It’s not an ideal time to wrap things up (cough, Mercury retrograde). That said, you probably already know that Mercury retrograde periods affect each sign differently. Read on to reveal how you should be spending your energy.


Your energy levels have been all over the place lately, but this week, the Pisces social butterfly cannot be contained inside any sort of cocoon. On Thursday, August 2, a galvanizing square between Mars in your dreamy twelfth house and spontaneous Uranus in your community corner insists you satisfy your need for playtime. Wait too long and your mood could nosedive—worse, you might infect others with your stress. It’s summer, Pisces, so take a breather for everyone’s sake! Your people-loving sign treasures your relationships, and you don’t want to risk damaging them by taking things out on an undeserving—and totally clueless—friend who’s done nothing but allow his or herself to kick back and have a good time. Meet up with friends to unwind and chill, and the warm-and-fuzzy feelings will be back in a flash. Maybe it’s time to organize a group vacation or take friends up on the offer of an extra festival ticket. Or, just get a short-term fix. Say yes to after-work invites, even if you’re dragging through the work day. The kinetic energy is likely to kick in when you start sipping that first poolside cold one and checking out all the eye candy around! If you don’t feel much like talking, jump in a craft night, go listen to live music or cool out in an air-conditioned movie theater. Just don’t go it alone!

But stop handing out all-access passes on Saturday, August 4, when the quarter moon in Taurus shines its balancing beams into your third house of friendship. Instead, reserve your time for people who are truly kindred spirits. Under this lunar lift, you may stumble upon a “blessing” of fellow unicorns who aren’t afraid to color outside the lines of convention. Surprise! They could be closer to home base than you expected. Check out the local calendar and see what events appeal. If you’re ready to pull up the stakes, Saturday’s moonbeams might direct you to a new neighborhood, one where the people and cultural activities speak to your soul. This could also serve as a second home, a place where you commute regularly. Speaking of which, this is a stellar week to upgrade your transportation plan. You might swap your SUV for a Prius or upgrade your standard ride to a luxury model. Make your journeys more enjoyable and edifying: Invest in an amazing pair of headphones or upgrade your car stereo. Sonic inspiration will have you buzzing with upbeat, creative energy. Writing and communication are highlighted by this quarter moon. Have you been plugging away on an essay, bloggable posts, or another media project? Step out and share a taste of your work with the public. A well-timed tweet or social media post will attract attention near Saturday. Then again, so will an ill-fated one, so keep those thirst trap selfies off your feed!


There are times to be diplomatic and times to take a firm stance, even if that means letting the chips fall where they may. This week, you just can’t do “peace at any price,” Aquarius. Fierce Mars, who has been retrograding through Aquarius since June 26, gets into a rare and tangled angle (a 90-degree square) with your ruler, disruptive Uranus in your domestic fourth house. Under this erratic influence, you won’t suffer fools—not even if they happen to be family members or dear friends who live under your roof. But easy, tiger. Your fuse will be super short, and it’s in moments like these where your notorious temper can ignite and cause you to abruptly snap! It’s time to set clear boundaries, but here’s the challenge: Can you do so while building bridges instead of burning them? Under this combustible cosmic clash, you’ll be so fired up that it might feel like people are purposefully trying to make your life a living hell. But when your rational mind regains control, you’ll probably realize they were actually just being clueless, not vindictive. A coworker may try to emotionally manipulate you into doing something that feels burdensome. Of course your loyal sign doesn’t want to be seen as inconsiderate, but if you’re too busy—or just not interested—forget about being a martyr and just going along to get along. You’ll only wind up resentful if you go that route. Don’t abandon your inner circle, but why don’t you see what happens if you respond by asking THEM for a little support?

Domestic matters continue to take center stage this weekend, thanks to Saturday’s quarter moon in Taurus and your fourth house of home. Spend some time cleaning, sorting, and getting rid of junk. Then, if you’re ready for an update, feather your nest with a few more of those the artsy, soulful touches an Aquarius craves. Whether your Pinterest boards lean towards the “folksy bohemian” (read: your space could be mistaken for an RV at the Beloved Festival) or the “sci-fi futurist” (think: sleek design and quirky gadgets), you’re always happiest when your personality is reflected in your space. But under these balancing moonbeams, you also don’t want to be a decor dominatrix. Have you left enough shelf space for roommates to make their mark? Even if you live alone, you might be over-stimulating yourself by covering every inch of blank space with art and tchotchkes. The mind responds to visual cues, after all. Create a Zen corner (or three) where you can stare at a fairly blank wall and just…relax. Under these cozy moonbeams, the weekend could be quite sentimental. Plan a gathering with your favorite peeps—and make it a potluck so that everyone has a chance to participate (and you don’t exhaust yourself doing all that prep work). You might also meet an important woman on Saturday, or solidify your connection with a lady you’d love to do business with. Bring on the sister acts!


Energy ebbs and flows, Capricorn—and that includes your cash flow. This Thursday, August 2, keep a tighter rein on spending. A challenging square (90-degree angle) between two of the most impulsive planets—Mars and Uranus—could leave you with a massive urge to splurge. If you find yourself hemming and hawing as you try to justify a wholly unnecessary purchase, BOLT out of that store! Let us reassure you that you CAN live without that 6-foot, amethyst pillar or the butter-soft leather jacket that fits like a glove but will cost you a paycheck. A well-timed investment that promises compounding interest, on the other hand, might be the smartest place for your cash. If you’re slogging through a slower period with work, don’t freak out. The Mars-Uranus square can galvanize innovative action. Uranus is both tech savvy and socially responsible. Perhaps bringing new equipment or a fresh ethos into your work could be the key to greater success. A turbulent emotional situation might hit another roadblock under the combustible dust-up of warrior Mars and rebel Uranus. One—or both(!)—of you could be digging in your heels, refusing to budge on a hot-button issue…and suddenly the bird in the bush is looking a lot more appealing than the one in hand. Unless you’re willing to lose this person, don’t succumb to temptation!

This weekend, life might feel like an episode of The Crown, thanks to Saturday’s quarter moon in Taurus and your eminent fifth house. Take a bolder step towards leadership, especially if it comes along with prestige and public attention. If you’re carrying too much weight, start delegating. Make like a queen bee instead of a drone! These balancing moonbeams can bring some much-needed serenity for your love life. Chemistry that’s been bubbling on the back-burner may finally erupt into a candid “I’m feeling you” confession—and a long-awaited kiss. If you’ve been flying solo for a while, gently wade back into the dating pool. The minute you turn on your love light (or activate that Tinder profile), you’re bound to start getting nibbles. Are you in a relationship? Roll out of that hammock and plan a dress-up date. You and bae could be the reigning royals of the summer barbecue scene. Feeling a rush of baby fever? With la luna lighting up your fifth house, which rules fertility, you may dance around the whole procreation conversation. If you have children or are an aunt or uncle, let those little ones light up your life on Saturday. And don’t ignore your own “inner child” who may be clamoring for some playtime. Your wild child needs attention, too. Let your hair down, Capricorn, and consider giving it a purple ombre!


Even the best-laid plans could go haywire near Thursday, August 2, when excitable Mars fires up your communication center AND clashes with unpredictable Uranus in your systematic sixth house. While your knee-jerk reaction may be to rush in for the save—and wrest control in the process—hit the brakes! This is a challenge from the universe, Sagittarius, and it’s going to shake your independent soul to the core. With Mars retrograding through your third house of communication and partnership, the best solutions will be the ones you drum up WITH the hive mind, not all by yourself. Practice saying these words, because they could save you from a summer stress implosion: “What do you think we should do about that?” Human beings are innovative creatures. If drones can deliver Amazon Prime packages, surely you and your entourage can figure out the proper mission control to get your efforts back on track. When it comes to screening new people, trust your intuition, but don’t assume you’re getting the whole picture. Just because you get a “hit” about something doesn’t mean it’s 100 percent accurate. Even if people expect you to be able to read their minds, in reality that’s not possible—especially when they’re sending mixed signals. Save yourself the frustration of trying to interpret people’s cryptic communications and mysterious missives. Ask direct questions instead!

Have banana splits, frozen margaritas and bottomless fries become your major food groups of late? Make “all things in moderation” your mantra again this Saturday, August 4, as the quarter moon in Taurus nestles into your sixth house of healthy routines. You don’t have to swear off all the fun stuff; just relegate it to a smaller fraction of your plate while piling up on leafy green salads, luscious stone fruits and lean proteins. While nothing sounds better than a tranced-out beach nap, if you want to fend off the sluggish vibes, do the exact opposite and get moving! Plunge into that salt-water pool for a lap swim or start making a morning habit out of doing 30-minutes of stretching. (Try an app like Yoga Glo for this.) Variety is the spice of a Sagittarian’s life, so if you feel like joining a fitness studio, pick a place that has a broad spectrum of classes so you don’t get bored. Looking to do a more significant reboot? This quarter moon could illuminate a top-notch trainer or a sane food-based cleanse that you can do with a small group of supportive friends. If your schedule is all over the map, use the weekend to get systematized and organized. In a few hours, you could whip your storage systems into a neatly ordered groove and maybe, just maybe, get close to “inbox zero.” You’ll be amazed by what a few basic touches—like a fresh coat of paint, cabinets and boxes to tuck away clutter, and house plants—can do to spruce up your space while also promoting mental clarity!


Here’s a warning a Scorpio might find hard to adhere to this workweek: Don’t get in too deep! While retrograde Mars is pacing through your cloistered fourth house, this Thursday, August 2, he’ll wind up in a tangled angle to unpredictable Uranus in your relationship corner. Under this erratic alignment, it’s going to be hard to tell who’s got your back and who’s fishing for intel they can use for their own gain. Guard your personal information like a mama bear. This means everything from spilling details of a midnight tryst to checking your financial statements on a public computer. Cozying up with someone new? Keep things light and breezy as you enjoy the slow, exciting courtship rituals of getting to know each other. Summer soirees provide the perfect backdrop for easygoing bonding time. But if you’re ready to turn up the heat a little on a casual dating situation, make your interest indubitably obvious—and consider Instagramming the evidence of your couple-y status. If you’re already in a relationship, deploy every last ounce of willpower and hold yourself back from getting overly involved in your sweetie’s ordeals. There will be plenty of temptation to play “life coach” or “fixer” for bae, but the end result might be that YOU wind up over-functioning and getting stuck with more dirty work. You’re not being mean or uncaring, Scorpio. Sometimes, people have to feel a little pain before they can learn those lessons for themselves.

Are you in or are you out? You may feel added pressure to make a decision on Saturday, August 4, as the quarter moon in Taurus lands in your seventh house of negotiation, contracts and partnerships. Commitment is a word your sign takes seriously. You won’t get involved in a plan unless you’re REALLY into it because you know you’ll give your all—plus, it’s rare that you’ll back out once you give your word to be a part of something. Spend the weekend weighing all the pros and cons. Your intuition is always your best guide, and sometimes it can send signals through your body. Tune in to your physicality: When you think about moving forward with a particular situation, do you feel a warm rush of excitement or a tightening in your chest? If there’s trepidation there, unpack that fear and get to the bottom of it. You may simply need more facts and reassurance before you can move ahead with ease. See if you can find that this weekend, and the right choice could become clear. Are you searching for your “other half” for love, business, or a creative collab? This quarter moon could nudge you closer to finding a hot prospect. This person may already be someone you know or whose name has come up in conversation a few times. Already paired up? You and your S.O. might discover smarter ways to collaborate—from dividing up financial responsibilities to sharing the planning of your summer vacation. Remember that every bonding experience doesn’t have to be epic to be romantic. Spending the weekend puttering around in comfortable silence could be pure bliss.


It only takes three seconds to form a first impression—but undoing that impact can take years. That’s all the more reason to make sure your personal image is “on brand” this Thursday, August 2, as fiery Mars in your glamour zone gets into a galvanizing mash-up (a 90-degree square) with tech-savvy Uranus. From your profile pics to your website to the clothes you wear when you’re out meeting friends, this cosmic cabal could give you the urge to change everything. Easy there, Libra. You don’t have to throw out the baby with the bathwater—unless it really is time for an extreme makeover…or make under! Just upgrade. And yeah, take down the tipsy tweets and Facebook posts that don’t illuminate your highest self. While you’re quite particular about curating your own look, it might be an interesting exercise to ask stylish friends for a little input. We tend to see ourselves differently than others do—and sometimes that view holds us back in subtle ways. If you’re happy with your current sartorial splendor, offer to take a style-challenged friend or coworker on a shopping mission. Don’t present it like they need help (cough)—just invite them along for a bonding experience. Then, strategically pull a few numbers for them to try on. They may grumble at first before thanking you for eternity when they realize that they actually CAN pull off a look they’ve loved from a distance for years.

Seduction is in the air this weekend, thanks to Saturday’s quarter moon in Taurus and your scintillating eighth house. If you’ve been too available, pull back a little. An air of mystery will amplify your allure. While you don’t want to be impossible to catch, a cat and mouse game could also be hot. Chemistry that’s been percolating all summer may finally combust in an epic, bodice ripping session. Meow! Coupled Libras will have a lovely mojo spike, especially if you make time for more intimate bonding—and maybe have that difficult conversation you’ve been avoiding? Nothing dulls the libido like unspoken resentment. These balancing moonbeams could push the conflict to the surface, while also supporting a diplomatic discussion. While “fifty shades” are perfectly appropriate for the Libra boudoir this weekend, when it comes to the subject of commitment, you’ll be black or white. Without certainty you’ll find it hard to relax and really enjoy romance. Don’t be afraid to hold your love interest’s hands to the fire—gently and lovingly—and find out if they’re playing the long game or just playing around. Money matters also fall under the eighth house, especially those involving shared finances. A funder may wish to put dollars behind your dreams; or you could sell property and make a nice sum of cash. If you’re tired of the 9-5 grind, this quarter moon might illuminate a promising investment opportunity or a project that pays passive income in the form of royalties and commissions. But since this is a balancing quarter moon, don’t rush to quit your day job! You might have to moonlight for a minute before this side hustle hits the big time.


Struggling to find a healthy work-life balance? This Thursday, August 2, a flummoxing fracas involving driven Mars and disruptive Uranus could ramp up your stress levels. Part of you is willing to burn the midnight oil in hopes of impressing the powers that be. But with Uranus stirring up your ninth house of travel and adventure, another side is mentally packing for a Hawaiian holiday. Time to find a better balance between hustle and play—before you lose sight of your own happiness. Take the breather you deserve, but if you’re going to leave loose ends hanging make sure to inform your colleagues of your progress so they don’t develop unrealistic expectations. While disruptive, the Mars-Uranus square might point to a larger issue, Virgo. Have you set your life up so that you’re constantly behind the eight ball or racing to drum up new income streams? Think more like an entrepreneur than a hired gun. For example, if you’re a service provider, what if you offered packages instead of one-time deals, so that you create a repeat client base? Offering bulk discounts might also keep the money flowing in—and, by extension, allow you to have the security you need to slip off on those vacations, worry free! With Uranus in your worldly ninth house, some Virgos will hear the prompt to scout out new territory. Success might be waiting on the opposite coast or in another country code! If you’re not ready to relocate, maybe you could set up a second base of operations there.

This weekend, the truth becomes increasingly self-evident. If you’ve been making excuses for another person’s behavior or compromising your ideals, Saturday’s quarter moon in Taurus will bring down the hammer. Consider this a lunar line in the sand. People will show you (and oftentimes, straight-up tell you) who they are. Have you been refusing to listen, Virgo? Stop reading between the lines or trying to decode the REAL motives behind that sketchy behavior. At the end of the day, it doesn’t REALLY matter that bae is dealing with major mommy issues or your coworker has “a past”—not if this is interfering with your serenity! The time has come to set aside wishful thinking and look at the reality of a situation. It’s easy to fall in love with people’s potential, but it’s up to THEM to step into that greatness…or not. If you keep seeing the same facts over and over again, start believing them. Of course, this quarter moon can have a positive application. Guarded Virgos may finally get enough “evidence” that it’s safe to move forward on a relationship or opportunity. The weekend may provide the perfect setting for a heart to heart about feelings…and next steps! This quarter moon could also bring news about a long-distance opportunity. If you’re not hopping on a flight, you might be conferencing with a long-distance collaborator on Zoom. Cast a wider net in all that you’re searching for, whether it’s love, friendship or job opportunities. A cross-cultural connection might click close to home, too. Keep your ears perked for accents and don’t judge a book by its cover. Some Virgos will be inspired to stretch in the figurative sense, signing up for a class that expands your skill set. Are you an entrepreneur? This quarter moon brings a rush of momentum to your ventures. Virgo writers may land a killer byline, get a book deal or tap into self-publishing tools to get your work in print.


Thought you’d slip away to the beach unnoticed? Guess again, Leo. On Thursday, August 2, a disruptive square (90-degree angle) between pot-stirrer Mars in your partnership house and unpredictable Uranus in your career corner could bring far too much clamoring from the peanut gallery. You may feel torn between the demands of relationships and obligations at work. This balancing act won’t let you choose either/or—you’re going to have to figure out how to satisfy everyone, without going insane yourself! One thing you DON’T want to do, Leo, is give people false expectations only to disappoint them when you show up two hours late or have to reschedule. Better you should bite the bullet and have an honest conversation about your schedule meltdowns than to try to make it all work on a wing and a prayer. (It won’t.) People are counting on you—most likely because you told them that they could. And they aren’t going to take kindly to you putting their calls through to voicemail (much less ignoring their persistent texts). But if you initiate a conversation and offer a genuine mea culpa, they might be annoyed, sure, but at least they won’t feel like you pulled the rug out from under them at the last minute. If you’ve gotten yourself in over your tiara-clad head, perhaps it’s time you shared that crown? Being the reigning royal may feel highly overrated this week. Embrace the power of partnership and you’ll be amazed by how much gets done in record time.

Those syrup-drenched pancakes won’t be the only sweet thing that’s served over Saturday brunch. With a quarter moon in Taurus landing in your tenth house of prestige, you could also taste some well-deserved success. While the finish line may still be in the distance, this milestone is worth celebrating. Take time to acknowledge how far you’ve come. Find gratitude in the lessons you’ve learned and the people who have supported you on your path thus far. It can be easy to forget that the journey is just as meaningful as the destination, Leo. But if you laud the smaller victories this weekend, you’ll be fueled up for the next leg of the race. Have you allowed yourself to get so swept up in the competition that you’ve lost sight of YOUR true north? Winning can feel like a hollow victory when you’re trying to live up to someone else’s standards. These balancing moonbeams may shine on a more modest version of success, one that’s more about personal progress than keeping up with any Joneses or Kardashians. Have you lost some passion for your job? Consider this your cue to make a change. For some Leos, that could mean polishing up your LinkedIn profile and shopping yourself around—but it’s probably not that extreme. See what happens if you simply pick up the “intrapreneurial” reins, taking charge of a company initiative that’s edgy and challenging enough to keep you on your toes. If you work for yourself, you may realize that you need more structure to keep your business mojo flowing. Carve out a little time this weekend to map out your schedule and review upcoming projects. The hum of productivity can be motivating, so if you work alone, consider renting a desk in a coworking space for a couple days every week. Plant yourself among others in your industry. You never know, Leo. A competitor might evolve into your dream collaborator.


You’ll be in the mood to expand your social horizons this week, but you don’t have to abandon your true-blue crew to do that. (As if!) There’s plenty of you to go around, as you may discover during a galvanizing mashup between jealous Mars in your passionate eighth house and independent Uranus in your friendship corner. If someone tries to make you take a loyalty test, let them know that’s not appreciated or necessary—or gonna happen. While you can be a social butterfly and do love to chat up fascinating strangers, that doesn’t mean you’d ever leave your old friends or S.O. in the lurch. That said, you may find the cozy bubble of your clique a little bit suffocating midweek, especially one needier soul. Pay attention to that, Crab! Perhaps you’ve been too insular; maybe you’ve set this person up with false expectations. You don’t have to suddenly lurch in the opposite direction. But DO gently remind the more possessive types that you are not to be owned or controlled. Remember: It goes both ways. If you’ve been demanding a little too much allegiance from a free-willed adult, you could get hit with some backlash. Don’t sulk or pout if they temporarily ghost. Show that you respect their space by pulling back and giving it to them. If you don’t hear from them a week from now, send a friendly message to check in. This is not beyond repair!

A team effort could hit a milestone this Saturday, August 4, thanks to a quarter moon in Taurus and your collaborative eleventh house. A buzz may start building for a joint effort—and you might even feel like a local celebrity because of it. Does a group you’re involved with need some motivation? Take it upon yourself to organize team-bonding activities like a picnic or pool party. If you’re working on a bigger project together, call a brainstorming meeting and get everyone back in an inspired, innovative headspace. Alas, this quarter moon could also reveal some unsavory details about an organization with which you’re affiliated. You don’t want your good name to be sullied by association, Cancer. If things are looking sketchy, hop on the life raft and paddle away. If you’ve been isolating yourself recently, stop stubbornly insisting that you’re “not a big group kind of person.” Your personal growth is directly proportional to the number of people you know—and, of course, the quality of their character. The eleventh house rules technology, so you might just find your tribe online. Need to fund your vacation account? Scour your closets! You could make a chunk of change with an eBay or Craigslist sale.


Boundaries, Gemini! On Thursday, August 2, a tangled angle between aggro Mars and disruptive Uranus in your unconscious zone could set the stage for a master manipulator to push your buttons. If you’re not on your game, you may wind up falling for a sob story—and worse, getting guilt-tripped into doing (or buying!) something you really don’t want or need! Some people might not have nefarious intentions; maybe they’re just feeling desperate for help. While it’s good to be supportive, this shouldn’t come at your expense. Initiate a candid conversation about everyone’s expectations instead. You might be able to offer SOME of what they need, but not all. People you adore may be disappointed to hear a “no,” but it’s your job to set realistic limits. Better that than you shape-shifting to prove how much you care! This Mars-Uranus square might also bring unexpected meltdowns with a summer travel plan or long-distance contact. Reconfirm any bookings you made online and touch base with the London office. What you DON’T want to do this workweek is assume that no news is good news. Get the confirmation and you can avert an unpleasant surprise.

Let the muse be the VIP guest-star of your weekend as Saturday’s quarter moon nests in Taurus and your divinely inspired twelfth house. Whether you’re visiting family or chilling at the beach, keep some sort of capture tool handy. You might be roused from your sleep (or poolside nap) with a genius vision! This one could involve poetry, music, art, or performance. Don’t over pack your schedule, even if FOMO is luring you to double-book on pool parties and picnics. With la luna lingering in Taurus until late Sunday, you could use some solitary time to recharge this weekend. If you’ve been pressuring yourself to make a decision, put that process on hold. What you need right now, Gemini, is space to digest the whole situation—before you make any binding moves. Ask for a little extra time to get back to folks. And if you’re truly perplexed, this quarter moon shines its balancing beams into your twelfth house of mentors and guides. An amazing coach or therapist could help draw out the right answer from your psyche. Consider it an investment in your precious peace of mind!


Are you ready for THAT much power, Taurus? Careful not to blow out your circuits this Thursday, August 2, as brash Mars, who is currently retrograde in your tenth house of career success, locks into a contentious angle with rebellious Uranus in Taurus. It’s certainly flattering to your ego that people see you as their chief. But you could also wind up resenting all the responsibilities that come with playing lead. You don’t mind being the boss, but under this edgy square, you might not relish having to be accountable for everything. Your best tactic? Delegate! This will give you more free time and, if you can find the right cohorts, give THEM a chance to learn the ropes and climb up the ladder. Under this combustible transit, you might suddenly feel like delivering a “take this job and shove it” missive—especially if pressure has been ratcheting up at work. Maybe it actually IS a good idea to leave said place of employment; but not if you don’t have a backup plan. Haste makes waste during a Mars-Uranus square. If anything, maybe you can bow out gracefully from the gig or assignment. That way, you won’t burn bridges with people you may wish to work with again in the future.

This Saturday, August 4 marks a quarter moon in your sign, a day meant for adjusting the dials between “me” and “we.” There’s nothing noble about giving ’til it hurts, Taurus, and it rarely inspires in-kind generosity. If you’re feeling worn out from all that TLC and generosity, pull your energy back in. Don’t get mad at the takers for enjoying the spoils of your over-functioning. Who could blame them for wanting to receive all that sweetness and love? But let these moonbeams serve as a reminder that YOU need to monitor relationships to make sure that the reciprocity remains in balance. If you’ve been leaning a little too heavily on someone else, consider this a second Independence Day for your summer. Take on the challenge of self-sufficiency, even if you KNOW people would readily open up their wallets or share their resources with you. The point of this exercise is to discover your own hidden strengths. But you’ll never find them unless you stretch yourself, Bull. Maybe it’s time to invest in a masterful teacher who can help you develop those skills. Sign up for a session or a private lesson. You could amaze yourself by accomplishing more than you realized you were capable of.


A magnanimous Aries spares no expense—and when you’re in the mood to treat, it’s like “What budget?”! But your generous nature may need to be monitored under Thursday’s reality-checking square between expansive Mars in your friendship zone and disruptive Uranus in your money house. If you want to get ahead financially, you’ve got to set some limits. When you’re out with a group, do you always kick in more than your fair share? And have people come to expect it of you and contribute way less than they owe? Why do you feel like you have to subsidize them? Or if your squad thinks nothing of dropping hundred dollar bills every time you hit the town, trying to keep up is only going to land you in a puddle of red ink. Before the next pricey outing, stop and ask yourself: Is this really worth going into debt for? Suggest an alternative that fits with your fiscal goals. Don’t feel bad about being the buzzkill. Even if you DO have the funds, better to flow them into an index fund than another round of champagne. The fix could be insanely easy here: Ask people to chip in and watch as they reach for their wallets.

This weekend, your values come into sharp focus—so much so that you may become the poster child for a cause or campaign. Saturday, August 4 marks a quarter moon in Taurus and your ethical second house. While you’re always open to hearing new ideas, you hold certain truths to be self-evident. Vocalize your strong opinions, even if it sparks a debate. This is the time to take an unwavering stance on your beliefs and open people’s eyes to a perspective that they haven’t yet pondered. Expect to be questioned (ruthlessly, even, as you’re rocking the boat here) and come prepared with facts to back up your case. As the zodiac’s warrior, you aren’t afraid to go into battle. Just don’t spend so much time fighting the fight that you forget to pay attention to the fans, allies, and kindred spirits who have flocked to you, too. The second house governs finances, and this quarter moon could bring some monetary developments. Is it time to raise your rates or shop yourself around for a new position? Make that leap, even if you lose a few of your old clients or contacts (read: the underpaying ones) in the transition. If training is needed in order to ascend, sign up for a seminar or pore through DIY tutorials, adding marketable skills to your arsenal. That said, no salary hike matters if you burn it as fast as you earn it. Review your expenses with a fine-toothed comb. You’ll radar in on monthly bills that can be trimmed and find other savvy ways to save, like pooling funds or using the barter system.


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