Your Weekly Horoscope For 29th April – 5th May 2018 Has Arrived


As Moon moves into Scorpio, at the beginning of the week, you might feel dull and low. Sometimes, it’s good to keep yourself busy in activities you like, as inaction induces fear and uncertainty. Realizing this fact, you will keep yourself engaged in work and hobbies. It will certainly cheer you up. Tide turns for better by mid-week. With Venus in your 3rd House, anyway, your social life shall be rocking. And, you are going to love it. You might even meet some influential people at social events. You will not only learn a lot from them, but they may also become the catalysts of progress in your career. However, this astral configuration may also put you in a dilemma. What’s on your mind – and in your heart? Well, whatever it is, don’t let it affect you too much, says Ganesha. Love is in the air, and ones in it will be on cloud nine, all through this week. Exalted Mars creates the possibility of an injury; make sure you are careful.


Your inner emotions and feelings re-surface, as the week begins. This can be attributed to the full Moon, which tends to amplifies emotional reactions and hidden thoughts. Are you worried about an ongoing issue in your committed or married relationship? This may also be related to a long-term relationship of another type – a business partnership, bonds with siblings or family. Keep a tactful approach – and open your mind to others’ responses and perspectives, suggests Ganesha. Maybe, you will stumble upon the reason behind the troubles. Routine affairs may remain disturbed or stagnant. Work front shall be hectic. Even though, no major gains are likely, thankfully finances are an area that would remain undisturbed. Health needs care, especially if you are middle aged


Distress in relationship, especially in marriage or committed bonds, is likely to continue. Harmony has probably gone into hiding. No problem, says Ganesha. It’s time for you to seek for happiness and love in small things. So what if the planets are not in your favor? Get out of the complaining mode. Spend time with your partner and most importantly, let go. Focus on your work, go to parties, attend a musical night- in short do everything that will keep you away from negative thoughts, and at the same time will help you in mending fences. If you are in a partnership business, make sure there are no misunderstandings between you and your partner/ associates. Even if this calls for a compromise, go ahead. You need to spend some time with your family, too. If they are facing any difficulty, try to help them out. How about a mini vacation, over the weekend?


Moon, the ruler of your Sign, meets retrograde Jupiter in your 5th House – at the week’s beginning. The first day of the week is a full Moon day. Thus, whatever is in your mind is likely to gain even more significance for you now. Once again, making money may be your top priority – and once again Ganesha advises you to stay away from unethical ways of amplifying your bank balance. An undecipherable discomfort at workplace may take away your peace of mind. Stay cool headed, and let the not-so-good times pass. If you are an entrepreneur, you shall remain busy convincing a client on signing a deal. Injuries are likely; be a little careful. On the positive side, romance will blossom this week. As you feel settled in and sure about your relationship, you may even plan a wedding date. In marriage, if you are ready for a little bundle of joy, there can’t be a better time to start working in that direction.


The full Moon that rises at the beginning of the week shall bring out your inner emotions and desires. The yearning for a better and bigger house or office space may occupy your mind now. Financial stability shall put a smile on your face. Work has kept you quite busy lately; unfortunately this doesn’t seem to change very soon. The time around mid-week will be just perfect for you, if you have been planning to propose to the love of your life. If you are married, the troubles in your relationship may now make you restless. Keep calm, says Ganesha. If nothing seems to be working, at the moment – take some time away (even if metaphorically). As the probability of a minor illness turning complicated is high, you are advised to not neglect any health issue that may pop up, around this time.


The Full Moon rises on horizon, when the week begins. It illuminates the path ahead – and also churns your inner emotions. You may be sitting, looking outside the window at the vast (or not-so-vast) expanse – a pen and diary in your lap, and a steaming cuppa on the window sill. Would you write something – or achieve something creative? Unlikely, but this activity will be hugely relaxing. Your standing in your social circle or what others think about you may give you some restless moments, as the week progresses. Don’t worry, for all is well, assures Ganesha. Don’t do anything that you will regret later to appease others. Long distance travels for business are foreseen. Technology will play a major role here. At work, you are happy and driven, but slogging continues. Keep a tab on your expenses. In your free time, thoughts of love and intimacy will fill your heart.


Your mind is full of hundred ways to make money, as the week begins. Ganesha again cautions you against getting into unethical practices. Short cuts are unlikely to bring long term happiness – always remember. You want money, because in your mind, you associate it with your self-esteem. However, your self-worth is much greater than your bank balance. Develop your personality and spiritual side. Pay attention to relationships and inner growth to achieve holistic happiness and success. Short term travel for business is likely to put your persuasion skills to full use. Job holders, however, may remain unhappy, owing to negative conditions at their work place. Look inwards, before pointing at others. Good time for love and marriage!


The full Moon rises in Scorpio at the beginning of the week. You may experience a huge wave of emotions, which includes anxiousness about your progress at the career front. Sadly, Jupiter and Saturn both are retrograde at the same time; do not expect any noteworthy advancement. On the other hand, Ganesha advises you to utilize this time to hone your skills through an advanced course – or by sitting down with a trusted ally, charting future strategies. What will bring you back in form are the encouraging returns on an investment you had done earlier. On the personal front, if are planning to have a baby, it would be a good idea to take the advice of a fertility specialist. If you are in a relationship, there will be something that will stop you from taking the equation one step ahead. And that something will probably be your unstable financial status. Digestion problems like acidity may trouble you; include fibre-rich food in your meals, and monitor your overall diet.


The full Moon that rises at the very beginning of the week is in Scorpio – the 12th House from your Sign. Emotions will run high; keep calm. You shall want to spend and have fun, but don’t overindulge in wasteful pursuits of hedonism, advises Ganesha. Love and respect yourself for what you are, because it’s only when you value yourself that you can achieve big in life. In your bid to be better, bigger, fitter, richer – or whatever rocks your ego – don’t go overboard. Unexpected expenses may be a cause of worry, but don’t be disappointed. Saturn and exalted Mars are transiting through your 2nd House of finances. You are, therefore, advised to plan your investments with long-term benefits and returns in mind. Caught up in financial matters, you shall hardly have any time to focus on your personal goals. Well, if you are single, you may not want to taste the fruit of love as of now; ‘no commitment’ seems to be your mantra!


An inspiring person – maybe on a personal level or in the professional set up – is likely to be at the center of your universe, as the week begins. In your current relationship, whether personal or business, there may be some discomfort. You must remain patient and calm, while dealing with any such issues. Use your persuasion skills to the hilt, when dealing with any tricky person or situation. Amicable resolutions are the best ones always, reminds Ganesha. Influence of Venus over your 12th House will make you self-indulgent and extravagant. A shopping trip with friends is possible in this week’s second half. However, watch where you spend your hard earned money. A hobby or a creative activity will bring you immense relaxation and pleasure.


The full Moon that rises at the beginning of the week will illuminate your deep-rooted feelings. Whatever you have been thinking, subconsciously maybe, will now take charge of your mind. But Moon is debilitated in the 10th House, and you will be emotionally worked up by the desire to make progress on the career front, something that may not be easy to achieve. Let the slow career progress not distress or depress you. Keep going, says Ganesha. Anyway, life is not a balance – something is up, when another is down. On the personal front, you may be quite upset about your relationship with your sweetheart. Always remember that differences can lead to distances in relationships. So, instead of letting sadness take over, try to solve the issues, addressing them with tact, affection and compassion.


A full Moon rises in Scorpio in your 9th House – at the beginning of the week. You will feel quite emotional, around this time. Progress in career may be your sole aim right now, but make sure it doesn’t take away your peace of mind. Unfortunately, Saturn and Jupiter (the ruler of your Sign) both are retrograde, and this cosmic movement may not support you in achieving the growth you desire. Don’t get discourages, says Ganesha. Hard work always pays off, now or later, so keep going. In business, you are likely to make good gains, around mid-week. These gains shall motivate you to go the extra mile. Happily, love is in the air, and you will make the most of this romantic time. Talking about health, pain in joints or teeth or some bone related issues may annoy you. If it bothers too much, you must see a doctor.

Source: Ganesha Speaks