Your Weekend Love Horoscope – March 29th – 31st


Aries, change is about to happen this weekend. As the planets move through your charts, you will feel the urge to redecorate your house and add a piece of artwork for added inspiration. More variety in all aspects of life can make things exciting. This can be good for your relationships, but pay attention to how everybody is adjusting to the new system. Take some time to get in touch with your friends too, Aries.

Single Aries, as you wait for love to knock on your door, try to implement some positive changes in your lifestyle. The planetary alignment in your charts indicates transformation to be the highlight this weekend. If you have been pondering on making healthier food choices and enrolling at a fitness center, this weekend is the perfect time to take action. Taking the first step is the most difficult one to make. It’s good to have supportive friends by your side, Aries.


Taurus, embrace spontaneity this weekend and free yourself from all the stress and anxiety. Choose activities that will add positivity to your life. If you sense negative vibes approaching, stay away and go towards another direction. Spending precious time with your love will be your top priority. As the planets move through your charts, you will heighten your mindfulness and become more accommodating to the needs of your partner, Taurus.

Single Taurus, you are primed to learn new life lessons this weekend as you open yourself up to love and romance. Try doing some soul searching and set your short-term and long-term goals. Having clarity in your vision will put you in the right direction. The planetary alignment in your charts indicates a new chapter in your life will happen soon. Love is just around the corner. Continue expanding your circle while waiting for the right person, Taurus.


Gemini, the planetary alignment in your charts indicates a strong focus on happiness in all aspects of your life. This weekend, your positivity will trickle down to your relationships. You will achieve work-life balance and have a wonderful time with your nearest and dearest. Unplug from social media and build strong relationships. Deep and meaningful conversations will play a major role in earning the trust and respect of your inner circle, Gemini.

Single Gemini, expect a busy weekend ahead as you attend numerous social events. Be careful not to overbook yourself – rather choose the ones which can add value to your life. If you have identified your goals, you know the options to select. As the planets move through your charts, you will recognize the power of social media. Instant physical attraction can happen, but don’t depend on it. Go the traditional route and take the time to know them better, Gemini.


Cancer, you will have more willingness to take on the workload at home and assume more responsibility as a show of support for your partner. Things may not be easygoing on their part, so your offer to help would be highly appreciated. The planetary alignment in your charts indicates a give and take relationship will achieve better dynamics for the both of you. Give space for your partner to contribute too, Cancer.

Single Cancer, as you meet new people, remember to welcome the differences in opinions. When searching for potential love interests, you want to get to know them better. Create an environment where they will be comfortable to share their thoughts. This will put you in a better position to gather information and make the right decision. Creativity will flow in as the planets move through your charts. Explore new activities with your friends, Cancer.


Leo, a busy work week calls for a relaxing weekend with family and friends. Make sure to plan something special for your love too. The planetary alignment in your charts features passion and recreation this weekend. Get your bags ready and go on a trip. The sound of nature will be music to your ears. Add some spontaneity and create special moments that you will cherish forever. You will feel recharged and ready for the hustle and bustle ahead, Leo.

Single Leo, your feeling of hopelessness in the area of love will quickly disappear as positive energy flows in. If a close friend offers an invite to a social event, do not hesitate to go. A chance encounter with someone will melt your heart and knock you off of your feet. If you’re unsure if this is really happening, wait until you see what’s in store for you in the coming days. This is the moment you’ve been waiting for. Let things unfold naturally, Leo.


Virgo, there is a tendency to resist the opinions of others and you may be difficult to convince this weekend. This spells trouble unless you catch yourself and open your heart for a compromise. As the planets move through your charts, you will slowly open up and accept the help of your partner. You will learn this valuable lesson of give and take. Make plans for the two of you and let passionate encounters deepen your connection, Virgo.

Single Virgo, this weekend looks very promising in the area of love. If you have your eyes set on someone, gather the courage to express your feelings through your actions. As the planets move through your charts, you can expect a positive response and casual flirting may take place. This could be the start of a blossoming relationship. Take the lead and go for it. Let your inner voice guide you in this unfamiliar territory, Virgo.


Libra, you will take the lead in your relationship as suggested by the planetary alignment in your charts. You can make this weekend a highly productiveone by making a list of things to do and places to go. Arrange according to priority and budget your time wisely. Communication will play a major role in your relationship. Be open to suggestions and listen to what your partner has to say. Focus on creating memories, Libra.

Single Libra, the planetary alignment in your charts indicates romance to be a strong focus this weekend. A social event will be instrumental in meeting your special someone. Make sure to say yes when you are offered an invitation. Sparks will fly when you happen to be in the right place at the right time. A touch of spontaneity will spice things up. This is the perfect opportunity to reconnect with your friends too. Have a balance between your social life and love life, Libra.


Scorpio, it’s going to be a rough start for the weekend. Accept things for what they are instead of being too harsh on yourself. There are circumstances happening beyond your control as the planets move through your charts. This should pass by quickly and you will have time and energy to enjoy the weekend. Your partner is more than willing to help you process what you are feeling. Be open and you will feel their compassion, Scorpio.

Single Scorpio, there is an ongoing battle within you. You might have a difficulty trying to understand what’s going on, but what’s clear is that you should not take things personally. The planetary alignment in your charts will bring in positive energy to help you think of resolutions. There is no time to waste for wallowing and self-pity. Rise up to the challenge and focus on people who matter to you the most. This will give you inner peace, Scorpio.


Sagittarius, focus on your well-being this weekend. There should be no guilt when tending to your needs, especially when this can significantly impact your relationship as a result. Be generous and thoughtful to others, but don’t forget yourself. Choose activities that will recharge your body, mind and spirit. Deep and meaningful conversations will nourish your soul. To cap things off, take some time to read a good book. Everything you do this weekend will benefit your relationship, Sagittarius.

Single Sagittarius, it’s okay to be impulsive this weekend and reward yourself for all the hardwok you put in for the past week. A trip to the spa is a good idea. You will feel relaxed and ready to have a great time with your closest friends. If you are looking for love, the energy surrounding you will act as a magnet and attract the right person. Casual flirtation is likely to happen. Be open to possibilities and let nature take its course, Sagittarius.


Capricorn, a family gathering could turn from an extremely joyous event to one with heated discussions. Be careful as people can easily be controlled by their emotions. You need to be the bigger person and be able to pacify things before you can seek for resolutions. The planetary alignment in your charts indicates communication to play a major role this weekend. Think before you speak. Take a deep breath and be your best self in times like this, Capricorn.

Single Capricorn, the energy flowing in this weekend will bring its healing force and put closure to your past. You will forget the heavy feelings, but you will retain the lessons from that previous chapter in your life. The planetary alignment in your charts indicates addressing your doubts and fears this weekend. This will pave the way for love to happen and bring joy to your heart. Keep your social life alive and have a great time with friends, Capricorn.


Aquarius, a mix of emotions will kick off your weekend. The planetary alignment in your charts indicates fluctuating energy levels which can affect your mood. Be careful of how you respond to certain events. If there is a tendency to overreact, things can get blown out of proportion. Once you express your thoughts, it is difficult to take them back. Focus on finding a resolution to bring back the balance this weekend, Aquarius.

Single Aquarius, an opportunity to expand your social circle will be presented this week. You will receive an invitation to an event related to your passion and hobbies. Say yes immediately and you will meet like-minded individuals. Someone will make their presence known and you will surely watch with curiosity. As the planets move through your charts, your confidence becomes a point of attraction. Just go with it, Aquarius.


Pisces, there may be a temptation to stay indoors and let the weekend pass by. Fight the urge and get out of bed. The planetary alignment in your charts suggests going on an adventure to add some spice to your relationship. Conquer your fears and try something new. Level up and search for new experiences. This is a great opportunity to strengthen your bond. Let sparks fly and cap this off with passionate encounters, Pisces.

Single Pisces, if you have been on the dating scene for quite a while, you might be thinking of taking things up a notch. The energy is pulling you towards both ends of the spectrum. You want to take the risk yet you want to play it safe. In times like this, spend more time to get acquainted and put the decision making on hold. Enjoy the weekend without the unnecessary pressure. As the planets move through your charts, trust your intuition, Pisces.

Source: Life Reader