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Your Weekend Love Horoscope Has Arrived & Emotions Are Running Wild

Weekend Love Horoscope – Aries

Aries, be careful not to get in the middle of a major argument. Your kind nature will mean that you want to help both sides arrive at a solution, especially because if your partner is involved. To resolve this quickly and be able to enjoy the rest of the weekend, stay impartial and focus on finding the truth. The energy surrounding you will protect you. Things will subside and you will have a wonderful time with your love. When life get hectic, spend time indoors and realign, Aries.

Single Aries, keep your social life up and running this weekend. Make sure to have an action-filled weekend to keep the positive vibes flowing. You will meet potential love interests. If sparks fly, expect casual flirtation to take place. Your self-confidence will show, so don’t hesitate to reveal your true self. Be authentic if you are in search for love. Things can escalate quickly so be ready when this happens. This can be the start of a new chapter, Aries.

Weekend Love Horoscope – Taurus

Taurus, confusion may get in the way this weekend. An event will happen which will give you a mix of emotions. You might find it difficult to open up and express your opinions. Your partner will respect this and will give you time to think things through. When you are ready, communicate with the intent to find a resolution. Your mindset has to be about always improving your relationship. This release of emotions will pacify you, Taurus.

Single Taurus, amidst the chaos, stop and think about your plans for your future. Having clarity on what you want in life will empower you to make the right choices. When you feel that life seems to be controlling you, take a strong stand and make sure to reverse this scenario. Be in charge and you will instantly be released from your invisible handcuffs. Keep the positive energy flowing and stay close to those who have the same vibe as yours, Taurus.

Weekend Love Horoscope – Gemini

Gemini, stay away from negative people who spread nothing but idle gossip. They spell unnecessary drama which is the last thing you want to happen. Switch the mood and stay in the company of positive people. Search for inspiration and you will start to focus on those who need your help. Your love will understand where you are coming from, and will support you all throughout. You will come out stronger after, Gemini.

Single Gemini, this weekend is a chance to have fun and be carefree. Go all out and let loose with your friends. You will find enjoyment in meeting like-minded individuals. Someone from your circle will want to get closer to you. If this happens to be a good friend, take a calculated risk. Trust your intuition to know what to do. Let your inner voice guide you in this time of confusion. Your happiness matters, so give this a serious thought, Gemini.

Weekend Love Horoscope – Cancer

Cancer, it looks to be an emotional weekend for you. You will feel highly sensitive which could negatively impact your relationship. As the planets move through your charts, a shift in energy will give you more clarity. This will help you control your feelings and avoid overreacting to minor issues. Be fair to your partner and reciprocate the love and affection you receive. Harmony will be restored and you will come out with a stronger bond, Cancer.

Single Cancer, a sudden end to an otherwise happy date will leave you feeling disappointed. However, don’t let this take away the hope that you will meet the right person who will shower you with love and respect. As the planets move through your charts, a series of events will bring you to a revelation. You will gain clarity and understanding that things do happen for a reason. Love is just around the corner. Just be patient, Cancer.

Weekend Love Horoscope – Leo

Leo, be like a kid – just discovering what falling in love means. This weekend, do crazy things with your partner. Make it a rule to not worry about other people’s opinions. You will find joy in being able to do whatever you want regardless if it makes sense or not. This carefree nature of yours will put back the spark in your relationship. As the planets move through your charts, keep communication lines open and stay in tune to each other’s needs, Leo.

Single Leo, if you are searching for love, social media can be a good option. Manage the risks and select the ones whom you have common friends with. Meeting someone new can put a smile on your face. If you want it to last, take your time to get acquainted. Any suggestion to get more serious in just a short amount of time should be a red alert for you. Tune in to your intuition and keep your friends in the loop. They will always have your back, Leo.

Weekend Love Horoscope – Virgo

Virgo, let your feelings be known and express them in the most romantic way that you can. This weekend, spend quality time with your love and unplug from technology. If you have been busy at work recently, this weekend will give you inner balance. As the planets move through your charts, energy will flow in to help you fulfill your roles. It’s never too late to celebrate a milestone you’ve just missed, Virgo.

Single Virgo, a calm energy will surround you this weekend. Welcome this development and stay indoors to recharge your body, mind and spirit. When you find your inner peace, a shift in energy will allow you to go out and meet new people. Potential love interests will make their feelings known. Listen to your inner voice and just go with the flow. It’s fine to take risks. A leap of faith can lead to joy and happiness, Virgo.

Weekend Love Horoscope – Libra

Libra, it’s going to be a light and easy weekend. This sudden change in energy will put you in a happy place where you will feel calm and carefree. You may have been stressed at work for too long so welcome this great news and celebrate with your love. As the planets move through your charts, go back to the days when you went out on romantic dates – watch a movie and have a glass of wine at home. Celebrate life, Libra.

Single Libra, there’s no stopping you from doing what you want and having a blast this weekend. Whether it’s a party with your friends or staying indoors for meditation, you will come out feeling refreshed and happy. Midweek, think about your future self and envision the kind of relationship you want to have. There is a high chance that you will meet a potential love interest. Take it seriously as this one could have a significant impact in your life, Libra.

Weekend Love Horoscope – Scorpio

Scorpio, unburden yourself from the pressures in your career and focus on enjoying your weekend. If you entertain other people’s opinions, you will never achieve fulfillment in all that you do. Revisit your personal goals and bring back the joy of doing what you love. Focus on spending quality time with your nearest and dearest. Rebuild relationships as you reconnect with them. Keep your social life up and running this weekend, Scorpio.

Single Scorpio, you have a lot of plans for the weekend. Keep yourself busy and you will attract more positive vibes. You will instantly feel a good connection with the people you just met. Your personalities will balance each other out. This combination spells lasting friendship which can also lead to something more serious in the future. Always be open to the possibilities. Have faith that love is on its way to find you. Never lose hope, Scorpio.

Weekend Love Horoscope – Sagittarius

Sagittarius, sudden changes in schedule will have you feeling obliged to work over the weekend. This means compromising your time with your love. Trust your intuition and pay close attention to your inner voice. Give this serious thought before you make a decision. This doesn’t have to spell an end-of-the world scenario for you. Be calm and look within to know your priorities. You will find a way, Sagittarius.

Single Sagittarius, go back to basics and unplug from technology. If you want to expand your social network, you need to go out and put yourself out there. Social invitations will be handed to you left and right which signals an opportunity to go back to the dating scene. Meaningful conversations will take place, so just maintain a good pace. There is no need to rush. Enjoy these new developments and prepare for good surprises in the near future, Sagittarius.

Weekend Love Horoscope – Capricorn

Capricorn, you will not run out of interesting developments this weekend. A new discovery will rock your relationship in a good way. The energy surrounding your relationship supports growth and maturity. A deeper connection between you and your love will be a strong focus this weekend. Discussions about the future will be fun and exciting. There is nothing to be worried about as you enter this new territory, Capricorn.

Single Capricorn, you will be a magnet for positive energy this weekend. It’s going to be an extra special time for you as you open yourself up and embrace all the opportunities that will come your way. Surrender your worries and you will find peace in your heart. After all that you’ve been through, it’s high time to receive pure, genuine love and care that you truly deserve. Something will happen that will inspire you to take a bold step, Capricorn.

Weekend Love Horoscope – Aquarius

Aquarius, communication could be a challenge this weekend. If you are struggling to open up and express that you need to take a breather in your relationship, the energy flowing in will help you to take one step at a time. You will find the balance between staying true to your feelings and avoiding hurting your love. Don’t let this weekend pass by without solving this issue. Harmony will lead you to new beginnings, Aquarius.

Single Aquarius, self-confidence will do you a lot of good. You will find fulfillment in being able to wear different hats this weekend. Your thoughtfulness and generosity will show naturally as someone in your circle of friends will be needing your help. You are the most trusted because of your impartial nature. Your positive vibes will be infectious, so be accommodating as much as you can. People will respect you and will not attempt to take advantage of you, Aquarius.

Weekend Love Horoscope – Pisces

Pisces, when things don’t go as planned, your weekend can quickly turn sour if you let your fragile self take control. Try to be more flexible in your schedule. Manage your expectations and recognize that not everybody is as organized as you. Loosen up and you will find ways to enjoy this weekend with your love. Forget about your worries at the workplace. Just relax and be present to the people you care about, Pisces.

Single Pisces, staying indoors this weekend will be a wonderful idea. You may want to look within and revisit your personal goals as a busy life could easily shove your dreams away. The energy surrounding you this weekend will inspire you to envision the kind of life you want to have. It’s not yet too late to start over and open a new chapter. Take the right direction immediately and be bold enough to seek for your friends’ advice, Pisces.

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