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Your Weekend Love Horoscope for the 10th-12th May

Weekend Love Horoscope – Aries

Aries, fill your weekend with love and passion. Things will come naturally and the bond between you and your partner will be stronger than ever. All will be looking great on matters where you put your time and attention to. Make sure to identify your priorities and give them your tender loving care. As the planets move through your charts, respond to a friend’s call for support. You are the trusted friend whom they can turn to for advice, Aries.

Single Aries, a burst of energy will arrive just in time for the weekend. A positive outlook will complement the opportunities available at your disposal. You will successfully balance your time and be able to hear a friend who needs your advice. This will also make you appreciate the good things in your life. As the planets move through your charts, your generosity will increase, Aries.

Weekend Love Horoscope – Taurus

Taurus, make plans this weekend to manage your time between your love and your friends. You want to get reconnected with your close friends whom you haven’t seen for some time. There is also a milestone that calls for a celebration with your love. As the planets move through your charts, do what you feel is right. Stay indoors at times when you need to recharge your soul. All activities will be to your satisfaction, Taurus.

Single Taurus, get busy with a social life this weekend. Be your best self and feel confident with your looks and your attitude. Romance may not be a focus this weekend, but it will happen soon. Focus on meaningful conversations within your circle. As the planets move through your charts, reassess your goals and check if you have any issues that are calling for closure. It’s time to fully let go of the past, Taurus.

Weekend Love Horoscope – Gemini

Gemini, this is a great time to try something new and unfamiliar. Your partner will be glad to join you in this endeavor as you both go outside of your comfort zone. Passion will flow in all across areas of your life and you will feel inspired. As the planets move through your charts, do things bigger and better and the results will be many times greater than you can imagine. Let those desires come out and you’re in for a whole lot of pleasure, Gemini.

Single Gemini, adventure is the name of the game this weekend. Seek out for new things to do and new people to interact with. There will be an abundance of opportunities this weekend so grab as many as you wish. If you are attracted to someone, get acquainted to figure out if you are both heading in the same direction. As the planets move through your charts, romance becomes a high possibility. Keep on looking, Gemini.

Weekend Love Horoscope – Cancer

Cancer, communication will play a significant role this weekend as you try to decipher what’s on your partner’s mind. Read between the lines and pay attention to the actions more than the words. As the planets move through your charts, take on a calm approach to create space for your love to open up. Any issue can be solved by discussing things and going back to your common goal. A change in environment will help. Consider traveling this weekend, Cancer.

Single Cancer, it’s time for an upgrade in all areas of your life. Welcome the new opportunities being offered to you. Consider expanding your network and try out new activities with your friends. As the planets move through your charts, pay attention to anyone hoping to get acquainted with you. Unlock the possibilities and the next few days will bring in more excitement. Be spontaneous and try to be flexible with changes in your plans, Cancer.

Weekend Love Horoscope – Leo

Leo, agree to disagree when you and your partner have differences in opinions. It will be difficult to find a resolution during a heated discussion. Just calm down and everything will be fine. As the planets move through your charts, your willingness to compromise will be material in achieving peace and harmony over the weekend. Spend time doing something new and stay away from negative vibes, Leo.

Single Leo, this weekend is a great chance to recharge your body, mind and spirit. Reward yourself for your hard work and assess how you can accomplish more with less energy needed. It’s okay to indulge once in a while. As the planets move through your charts, the feeling of gratitude will fill your mind. Release the negative thoughts and create an environment where you can attract positive energy. Try something new this weekend, Leo.

Weekend Love Horoscope – Virgo

Virgo, when options are aplenty, it creates a roomful of discussions to arrive at one final choice. Be willing to compromise with your love to maximize your time for the weekend. Get things going and enjoy all activities together. As the planets move through your charts, go back to your goals and assess the actions you have taken. Keep the ones that made a significant impact on your life. Take control of your life, Virgo.

Single Virgo, your senses will be on high alert this weekend. Take advantage of this and use it as a guide on which direction to take. Let things unravel naturally and be a willing participant. Go with the flow and see where this leads you. As the planets move through your charts, free yourself from expectations and be comfortable with the unknown. Allow for surprises to happen and you’ll be blown away with the beauty of being free, Virgo.

Weekend Love Horoscope – Libra

Libra, deep connections will be experienced over the weekend. You and your partner will have important discussions about the future. Passionate moments will be a result of this as the excitement builds up as you witness your plans come into fruition. As the planets move through your charts, let go of any frustrations at work and focus on what’s ahead. Relax and chill instead of worrying about things you can’t control, Libra.

Single Libra, keep your emotions in check as you close another chapter of your life. When things don’t go as planned, just brush it off, move on and try a new approach. The best things in life do not come easily. Bring your ‘A’ game and put on the necessary work. Each failure leads you one step closer to success. As the planets move through your charts, a calm energy will flow in to give balance and inner peace, Libra.

Weekend Love Horoscope – Scorpio

Scorpio, joys and sorrows are just part of life. How you respond to what life brings you is what’s more important. A positive outlook will help you get through any difficulty. As the planets move through your charts, reconnect with your family and spend quality time with them. They know how to cheer you up. Let energy fill you with gratitude and warmth in your heart and you will see the light at the end of the tunnel soon, Scorpio.

Single Scorpio, you will be busy responding to social invitations this week. Manage your schedule really well to avoid overbooking yourself. Your happiness will depend on the quality of time you’ve spent interacting with others, not the number of events you have attended. As the planets move through your charts, there is an urge to relax and recharge your body, mind and spirit. Respond to your needs and get ready for another week, Scorpio.

Weekend Love Horoscope – Sagittarius

Sagittarius, changes in your plans might affect your mood for the weekend. Make sure to identify your priorities and move those which can be moved to another week. Don’t depend your happiness on external factors as any sudden change can leave you feeling dejected. As the planets move through your charts, a minor conflict can get blown out of proportion. Seek for balance and harmony to resolve this issue quickly, Sagittarius.

Single Sagittarius, the weekend can turn out to be challenging if you don’t take control of it. Make sure to have a backup plan to keep your goals in check no matter what happens. As the planets move through your charts, you get closer to finding a potential love interest. Love is just around the corner waiting for the right time. Anything can happen so keep your options open. Embrace the opportunity presented to you, Sagittarius.

Weekend Love Horoscope – Capricorn

Capricorn, a weekend of rest and relaxation is waiting for you. Leave the busy schedule and work-related stress at the office and focus on your personal relationships. This weekend is about pampering and zeroing in on activities that will take your worries away. As the planets move through your charts, creativity and passion will stir. Start a DIY project with your love and enjoy the good communication that comes with it, Capricorn.

Single Capricorn, the weekend is the perfect avenue to meet new people. If finding a potential love interest is your goal, get up and go out to be seen. You need to be exposed in the social scene and be known by others. Build a credible image that you would like to be known for. As the planets move through your charts, intuition will tell you which direction to take. Someone will approach you, so deal with your cards the right way, Capricorn.

Weekend Love Horoscope – Aquarius

Aquarius, put your game face on and go on an adventure with your love. New discoveries will be the highlight of your weekend. You will enjoy all the ups and downs this weekend. Special moments together will help you gain inner peace and calm energy. As the planets move through your charts, recharge your energy and enjoy an extra pump of adrenalin to last the weekend, Aquarius.

Single Aquarius, the weekend may start off slow and unappealing. Get your much-needed rest and recharge your energy. Sleep deprivation will only deplete you so make sure to focus on your wellbeing before attending social events. As the planets move through your charts, you will feel the excitement to interact with new people in your circle. You might bump into a stranger who will have a significant impact on your life, Aquarius.

Weekend Love Horoscope – Pisces

Pisces, try something new this weekend and don’t settle for the usual routine. Tune in to your intuition and go with it. Start off the weekend with a sweet surprise and you’re in for a passionate weekend. As the planets move through your charts, minor discussions will come up unexpectedly. If you have nothing to hide, there is nothing to be worried about. Be the bigger person, Pisces.

Single Pisces, if you are on the lookout for new and exciting opportunities, keep your eyes wide open as things may not be what they seem. You can’t judge things by their packaging. Go through it before you either take it or let it go. Trust your intuition on this as things might get tricky. As the planets move through your charts, your inner voice will tell you what will feel right. Reconnect with your friends and have a blast, Aquarius.

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