Your Weekend Love Horoscope For April 12th-14th

Weekend Love Horoscope – Aries

Aries, opportunities for self-improvement will be presented this weekend. You will have new discoveries about your potential, and this will help you develop your relationship. The planetary alignment in your charts indicates unraveling your softer side. Bring out your passion and you will take your relationship to a deeper level. An out of town adventure will be a good idea to add spontaneity in your love life, Aries.

Single Aries, your clarity of mind will take you places this weekend. You will be able to see the bigger vision and understand what it takes to achieve this. Pleasing other people has got to stop if this involves compromising your values. Be firm with your beliefs and use them to search for your future partner. As the planets move through your charts, honor your feelings and be true to yourself. Someone from your circle will step up unexpectedly, Aries.

Weekend Love Horoscope – Taurus

Taurus, you will view change and transformation in a different light this week. This is not something to be scared of. The events leading to this will prepare your mind to appreciate this phase. As the planets move through your charts, refrain from committing or making any final decisions. Wait until everything is settled before you jump in. Share special moments with your love and you will have a newfound appreciation for life, Taurus.

Single Taurus, there may be a hint of impatience as you feel ready for changes to take place. Your personal life will need to undergo some adjustments. The positive vibes surrounding you will inspire you to be open to this phase and go through everything willingly. The planetary alignment in your charts indicates a vision of your future turning into reality. You could meet someone special this weekend, Taurus.

Weekend Love Horoscope – Gemini

Gemini, kick off the weekend on a high note as you receive a burst of positive energy from the alignment of planets in your chart. Your cheerful personality will draw your loved ones closer together. Do something fun and exciting to keep the balance in check. A healthy relationship with your love will manifest in your actions. Add more happiness by doing activities that bring out your passion. Variety in your routine will be pleasant, Gemini.

Single Gemini, you will be visible in social events this weekend. Maximize the opportunity to meet new people. The planetary alignment in your charts suggests more time to weigh up your options. When matters of the heart are involved, you need to trust your intuition. It will point you in the right direction, and happiness will follow. The use of social media will serve you well this weekend so keep your finger on the pulse, Gemini.

Weekend Love Horoscope – Cancer

Cancer, listen to your body before taking on additional tasks. If you have extra energy, go ahead and take on more. Otherwise, take some time to recharge and stay indoors. As the planets move through your charts, your energy level will fluctuate. Save some for your love and give them the quality time they deserve. Prioritize your activities over the weekend to achieve balance in all areas, Cancer.

Single Cancer, communication will play a major role as indicated by the planetary alignment in your charts. Be mindful of your words and actions as people might misunderstand you. Show your concern in a very humble way to avoid coming off as arrogant. It is likely that you will meet a potential love interest at social events. If you are on the quest for romance, your intuition will guide you in the right direction. When you see the one, go for it, Cancer.

Weekend Love Horoscope – Leo

Leo, a weekend out of town is a good idea if you need to unwind and leave the chaos behind. The planetary alignment in your charts indicates providing special treatment for your love. Make plans for a romantic dinner as an expression of your love and appreciation. Your generosity and thoughtfulness will take away your stress. Future plans will be put on the table and a good discussion will take place. You will be recharged for the coming week, Leo.

Single Leo, a chance encounter with a potential love interest will kick off your weekend. The planetary alignment in your charts indicates taking the lead in this scenario. Don’t hold back – just go with the flow. Spend time to get more acquainted and you will have a better picture of the future. You still have to make the choice, though. Make sure to set some alone time for yourself and find the balance between work and your personal life, Leo.

Weekend Love Horoscope – Virgo

Virgo, the urge to stay indoors for the weekend is due to the calm energy flowing in. Listen to your body and rest if you must. Your partner will understand this and might even be feeling the same. As the planets move through your charts, a chance to attend a family get together will be offered. Weigh up your options especially if this is a celebration with someone you haven’t seen for years. Nurture your relationships, Virgo.

Single Virgo, if you are on search for love, you will have a great time this weekend. Social events increase your chance of meeting your future partner. The planetary alignment in your charts indicates self expression to be a strong focus this weekend. You will have the confidence to communicate your feelings and understand their response. If a friend approaches for advice, listen intently. You are the most reliable friend, Virgo.

Weekend Love Horoscope – Libra

Libra, shower your relationship with tender loving care this weekend. If work commitments need to be tended to, make sure they don’t take the entire time. Set the right expectations so your partner won’t feel left behind. Keep communication lines open as the planets move through your charts. Avoid any misunderstandings by keeping your partner in the loop. There is a deep discussion that needs to happen over the weekend, Libra.

Single Libra, the energy flowing in will act as a magnet. If you are in search for romance, you may attract a potential love interest this weekend. As the planets move through your charts, sparks will fly and this will be the start of a new chapter in your life. Make plans to reconnect with your friends. This will put you in the right place to meet that someone special. Be prepared to make an important decision before the weekend is over, Libra.

Weekend Love Horoscope – Scorpio

Scorpio, a conflict within your inner circle may erupt again over the weekend. The planetary alignment in your charts reminds you to remain objective to avoid getting dragged into the issue. Be ready to provide support when needed. Make special plans with your partner to add some fun in your otherwise emotionally heavy weekend. Laugh your heart out and release the stress you are feeling at the moment, Scorpio.

Single Scorpio, inner struggles will manifest this weekend. Don’t let this consume you, a shift in energy will take place as the planets move through your charts. Have the courage to take control of your life and you will easily triumph over any feelings of insecurity. Meditation and other forms of relaxation can feed your soul with positivity. You will get back the harmony and balance this weekend, Scorpio.

Weekend Love Horoscope – Sagittarius

Sagittarius, the weekend will center on searching for what will make you truly happy. As the planets move through your charts, focus energy on your passion and do things that make you a better version of yourself. Communication will play a key role as you express what you believe will be for the benefit of your relationship. Your partner will appreciate that you are being vocal. This is better than a guessing game, Sagittarius.

Single Sagittarius, don’t hesitate to indulge once in a while. Reward yourself for the hard work you’ve put in. This will motivate you to do better in the coming days. Romance is looking up according to the planetary alignment in your charts. You will have the courage to approach someone you’ve been admiring from afar. Romance will blossom but the first step will be up to you. This is going to be an exciting journey for you to take, Sagittarius.

Weekend Love Horoscope – Capricorn

Capricorn, healing from previous conflict will be beneficial for you this weekend. As the planets move through your charts, you will feel empowered to communicate your feelings and fix your mind on resolutions. Unless you let go and move on, the hurtful memories will continue to haunt you. You will show your vulnerability to your partner. There maybe a level of discomfort, just acknowledge your weaknesses and trust your partner, Capricorn.

Single Capricorn, you will finally find closure from a hurtful past. The planetary alignment in your charts indicates new beginnings as the highlight this weekend. You can flip the page and start a new chapter after learning the lessons from your previous relationship. Create space in your heart big enough to welcome the possibilities of falling in love again. This time, value your beliefs and don’t hold back in achieving your goals, Capricorn.

Weekend Love Horoscope – Aquarius

Aquarius, an insensitive comment from someone will affect you. Don’t let the carelessness of others determine how your life will play out. For all you know, they don’t have your best interests in mind. As the planets move through your charts, you will recognize who to spend your time with and energy on. Choose the positive people who can add value to your life. Your partner will be very willing to support you on this, Aquarius.

Single Aquarius, meet new people this weekend and you will be delighted to find many things in common with them. The energy flowing in will give you the confidence to approach someone you’ve been admiring from afar. The planetary alignment in your charts suggests taking on the risk. When you have a once in a blue moon chance, you will be bold enough not to miss the opportunity, Aquarius.

Weekend Love Horoscope – Pisces

Pisces, your high energy levels will encourage you to try new things. There is nowhere to go but up. You will discover ways to improve yourself and your partner will be proud of this. The planetary alignment in your charts will send in positive vibes to keep you motivated. Have fun this weekend and go for an adventure with your love. Continue to look for ways to add spontaneity in your relationship. There is no time to waste, Pisces.

Single Pisces, start off the weekend with self-reflection. If you are going back and forth wondering why it’s difficult for you to find love, you need to know what your fears are. Or they will hold you back from the happiness you deserve. As the planets move through your charts, the events unfolding this weekend will give you clues. Make sure to take a calculated risk about something very dear to you. If you get a chance to talk to your crush – go for it, Pisces.

Source: Life Reader