Your Weekend Horoscope: 17-19 August

Your Weekend Horoscope tells you how cosmic energy will impact your weekend plans. Don’t start your weekend without reading your horoscope!


Don’t be shy about expressing your affection. According to your weekend horoscope, you’re likely to receive a positive response when you open up about how you feel. Your ability to keep the message playful and light ensures that the recipient won’t feel burdened by your feelings. Not everything needs to be spelled out. If you’re on the same emotional wavelength, you can get your point across without making a big fuss. You’ll have love and support coming from a variety of sources if you’re open to receiving it.


Work and family may be combined in a couple of interesting ways. A family member’s advice may help you with a work-related matter. Also, you and your family members may brainstorm a home decoration project. In both scenarios, there’s an ease in communicating and working together that helps things go smoothly. You’ll also be in a good place with your significant other and your friends. Mutual understanding, compassion, and generosity help you connect in a deeper way. If only it were always this easy to get along!


Ready to get your flirt on, Gemini? Your pick-up lines are sure to be pretty entertaining because they’re witty and delightful. Your sense of humor and affectionate vibe can be a real turn-on. This is a great time to make a move on someone you’ve been crushing on. If you’re already coupled, you and your mate can have a fun time if you plan an interesting date.


According to your weekend horoscope, it’s a great time to time shop for home decor and furnishings because you’ll be super savvy when it comes to negotiating the right price. You’ve done your homework and your haggling game is strong. When you’re done nesting, you might be ready to head off on an adventure with your love interest or you might make it a fun family outing with the kids. A day trip to an interesting destination or spending time in nature could be a great way to bond.


When you talk, people listen. They’ll be hanging on your every word when you tell them how much you care, so don’t be shy about expressing your affection and appreciation. Your openness may prompt someone special to respond in kind, so don’t be surprised if a message of love lights up your phone or lands in your inbox. Also, you never know when someone may be in need of encouragement. Your kindness can make a huge difference. It’s a great weekend for a special family gathering because almost everyone seems to be committed to getting along.


You may have greater chances of success with a financial deal if you keep your plotting and planning behind closed doors. Not everyone needs to know what you’re up to and you don’t need your head turned around by other people’s opinions. You know what you’re doing and you’ll make your best moves on your own. In other news, a long talk with your significant other or an important business contact could open to the door to greater mutual understanding so be open about your true feelings. It’s the kind of convo that’s a win-win!


You’re a legendary charmer, but this weekend your magnetism is off the charts. It’s mostly due to your ability to talk to people in a way that makes them feel as though you’re genuinely interested in who they are and that you want to hear their story. Your sincerity, warmth, and friendly vibe will not only endear you to friends but could also attract new acquaintances into your social circle. Group outings and collaborations of all sorts will be enjoyable. You’re pretty fortunate these days, so you may be inspired to pay it forward by volunteering or contributing to charity.


You’re known for being secretive. According to your weekend horoscope, you could change your image by talking openly about something you would normally keep to yourself. You can be transparent without giving away any super, special Scorpio secrets. Your disclosure may help to build trust in an important relationship. These days, you have a desire to give more of yourself to others and to establish mutual understanding, so this could be the perfect way to make yourself more approachable. On a personal note, a creative project could also be a great channel for self-expression.


A lovely chat may be in store with a friend who’s on your spiritual wavelength. It will be reassuring to connect with someone who understands you and can identify with your beliefs. It’s also a great time to get involved with a group that shares your interests, spiritual or otherwise. It’s certainly a great way to bring like-minded people into your life. At the same time, you could also feel a connection with people who come from a different country, culture or background because you’re great at finding common ground.


If you need to talk publicly about a sensitive subject, you’ll handle it with finesse. In fact, you’ll put on such a smooth performance that it will put your listeners completely at ease. Maybe it’s your innate maturity that helps you be the adult in the room. You’ll win more than a few people over and you may even make a couple of new friends. Your understanding and compassion will lend themselves well to working with others and to interacting with groups. Someone may pull you aside for private guidance too.


Don’t know how to open up communication with your significant other? Try talking about new experiences you’d like to have, places you’d like to travel to or things you’d like to learn. Every talk doesn’t have to be about your feelings for each other or where your relationship is headed. In fact, you’re likely to talk more openly when you discuss your hopes and dreams. Once the open dialogue is established, it will be easier to discuss the dynamics of how you relate. In other news, a dream opportunity that puts your principles into practice could be on the horizon.


A trip to an interesting destination or a weekend workshop could help unlock your inner talents. Sometimes you just need inspiration or an external prompt to be reminded of who you are and the unique abilities you have to offer to the world. Look to a friend or coworker who believes in you for feedback and support. Often, your true gifts are more obvious to others than they are to yourself. What you learn may provide you with new possibilities for your future.