Your Tarotscope For Summer 2018 Is Here

The summer solstice is next Thursday, June 21 — aka the longest day of the year and the official start of summer 2018. Maybe you’ve had your week-long vacation planned since the dead of winter. Maybe you haven’t planned a thing, and you’re thrilled about three months of sneaking in R&R when you can. Either way, it can be comforting to know what the upcoming season has planned for you.
So, we turned to intuitive tarot reader and author Theresa Reed, who gave us a better idea of what’s in the cards for us this summer (literally). From the looks of it, we’re in for a pretty low-key summer, as long as we keep an eye on our wallets and our hearts along the way. Read on for Reed’s insights into summer ’18.

Six of Cups

This card sends a clear signal: Slow down. “Stop and smell the roses. Get outdoors,” Reed says, adding that the Six of Cups also suggests that this summer might bring a blast from the past with it. On one hand, you may have an opportunity to reconnect and reminisce with old friends. On the other, an ex may turn back up when you least expect to see them. “If they come bearing flowers and apologies, listen up,” Reed says. “This could be the chance for healing and a fresh start.”

The Fool

Rather than foolhardy behavior, this card actually suggests adventure and a carefree feeling imbued in everything for the months ahead. “Opportunities to do something totally new and exciting may come your way,” Reed explains. And, if an invitation for an impromptu getaway happens to fall into your lap, don’t think too hard — just take it. “Don’t take things too seriously now. Let your hair down, take a few risks, and let your wanderlust take the wheel,” Reed adds.

Five of Pentacles

As carefree as this summer might be, Reed says that this card is a sign that our finances may need some extra attention in the coming months. Maybe you’ll encounter an unexpectedly pricey bill or a payment won’t go through as scheduled. Whatever hiccups you have to deal with, it’s nothing that a little budgeting and deal-tracking can’t fix. Remember, summer will quickly give way to fall and winter — let your money goals for the rest of the year guide your choices now. Besides, Reed adds, “you can still have a good time without going broke in the process.”


Source: Refinery29