Your Sunday Horoscope – 3 June 2018

The Moon in Aquarius meets with Mars at 6:22 AM, boosting the energy this morning. The Moon connects with chatty Mercury at 3:06 PM, so expect a talkative, social mood. The Moon connects with the Sun on At 9:23 PM, creating an easygoing, confident energy.

All Times EST.


The Moon is in fellow air sign Aquarius today, Gemini, encouraging you to try something new! Plenty of opportunities for adventure and travel arrive. The Moon connects with your ruling planet Mercury this afternoon, creating a talkative mood.


The mood is intense today, Cancer; however, the vibe is such that you will able to work through complicated issues and emotions. The Moon is in inventive Aquarius, after all! Issues concerning intimacy come to the fore.


The Moon is in Aquarius today, Leo, lighting up the relationship sector of your chart! It’s a fantastic day to socialize, but also to connect intellectually with your partners. The Moon connects with your planet, the Sun, this evening, creating a confident energy.


The Moon in Aquarius encourages you to get reorganized today, Virgo! Aquarius is an inventive sign, and this afternoon when the Moon in Aquarius connects harmoniously with your ruling planet Mercury, plenty of problem-solving, especially concerning your work, will be done.


Plenty of fun and adventure arrives today! The Moon is in fellow air sign Aquarius, Libra, bringing blessings to the romance and creativity sector of your chart—it’s a fantastic time to connect with a crush.


The Moon is in air sign Aquarius today, lighting up the home and family sector of your chart, encouraging you to spruce up your home, connect with loved ones, or even cast a spell for protection or privacy.


You’re in a chatty, busy, and social mood today, Sagittarius, due to the Moon in Aquarius. It’s a fantastic day to connect with your partners, or think through some issues in your relationships—people are eager to get along.


Money is on your mind today, Capricorn, thanks to the Moon in air sign Aquarius. It’s a fantastic day to do some planning, especially concerning your career. The energy is productive!


The Moon is in your sign today, Aquarius! Nurture yourself: Cook the most unusual recipe you can find, get some fresh air, attend a lecture by a speaker you find exciting. The mood is easygoing, creative, and flirtatious, too!


Being one of the most psychic signs of the zodiac isn’t easy, Pisces. Sometimes you need to take some time alone to recharge—today is that day. But that’s not a bad or lonely thing at all, in fact, if you make time for solitude, meditation, or rest, you’ll soon feel energized to get back out there!


You’re in a social mood today, Aries! The Moon in Aquarius lights up the friendship sector of your chart, and you’re eager to connect with people and maybe even join a group or association that shares your passion.


Today, the Moon in Aquarius illuminates the sector of your chart that rules career and popularity—making it a great day to do some networking and work out issues concerning cash or your sense of self-worth.

by Annabel Gat

Source: Broadly.vice