Your Saturday Horoscope – 26 May 2018


March 21- April 19

Having healthy self-esteem is a real gift, as is the ability to defend your boundaries. It’s wonderful that you love yourself. But remember, other people love themselves too, and have their own boundaries to guard. It’s all too easy today to behave in sneaky, deceptive ways — you’re just defending your turf, right? But as much as you may not want to accept or admit this, your idea of what you deserve is likely to differ from others’. Don’t let your passionate nature drive you to do something you’ll regret later.


April 20-May 20

This day will be marked by mood swings galore as unexpected passions course through your veins, begging for release. How to deal with the strange and interesting opportunities that are sure to come your way? First off, consider your options carefully. Next, be kind to anyone who doesn’t make the cut. It’s not their fault if they weren’t born with the fortitude and strength of character that you were. Plus, being good to people during this strange energy will help everyone stay even-keeled, which is a blessing on a day like this.


May 21-June 21

For you, being thoughtless is easier than being vengeful. It’s not your style to plan a counterattack on someone you feel has wronged you. Good thing, because today, you’re likely to feel wronged. Life just seems off-centre. Ah, well. You could plead ignorance or stick your head in the sand — or the clouds — and have a good time. Better yet, try forgiveness. Elevate your own soul by letting someone off the hook. You’ll set a good example for others.


June 22-July 22

Competition is your middle name, and you’re very much in the spirit of things. Your focus is sharp and your needs and intentions are taking centre stage. Remember the rituals and ceremonies, though. Be sure to observe the official rules and regulations instead of just steamrolling over other people to have your way. Yes, you’re experiencing some intense desires. They’re incredibly compelling and insistent. But this should be fun for everybody, and it’s within your power to make sure that it stays that way.


July 23-August 22

Tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. If they laugh, so be it. That might hurt your pride a little bit, but telling lies won’t improve anything. Neither will going out of your way to prove your point. The more compulsive you are about expressing your point, the less sympathy you’ll get. People are funny that way, always doubting the one who protests too loudly. Luckily, it’s not too late to try something else. You can dig yourself out of this self-fulfilling hole today, so grab a shovel and get started.


August 23-September 22

Prove once and for all that you’re the real deal. Honesty and groundedness are always healthy, especially when everyone in the room is ready to handle the truth. Now it’s time for your practical mind and strong will to kick it up a notch. Let that honesty and grounding start making you rich, too. By calling it as you see it today, you’ll attract clients, investors, fans, lovers or whatever equals your idea of personal wealth. See what comes from keeping it real? More people should do this.


September 23-October 22

Don’t be dismayed that justice happens slowly. It just takes time for truths and mysteries to reveal themselves. Whatever seems off centre in your work or in a relationship may be undergoing a growth spurt. If you think it’s something more serious than that, why not spend today setting things right again? You can get a lot done if you goals are balance and completion. Don’t depend on other people to remember all the details for you. This should be self motivated work.


October 23 – November 22

Let it all hang out today. Hey, why not? Everyone seems to love your gutsy approach, even if it makes some of them blush or squirm. Yes, liberation feels like a fine thing as your pigeons fly the coop and your horses run free. Just be sure to use your head when all these instincts kick in. Mysterious undercurrents are raging beneath your compulsive behaviour. Those unseen vibrations already mean more than you think. Be ready to get tough with yourself as soon as you feel that you’re crossing the line.


November 23-December 20

It takes an act of will for you to stop exaggerating, doesn’t it? It’s not that you aren’t honest. it’s that you love to entertain other people! Today, keeping everyone laughing and tuned in seems especially important, because everyone seems strangely out of sorts. Still, tell the story truthfully. Things are confusing enough right now without embellishments and half-truths. You can feel free to enlarge your thrilling story later, but today, stick to the truth. It’ll help you get through to people more effectively.


December 21-January 19

They’re scratching their heads, and you’re just yawning. They still don’t get it, and you’re so on top of it. Their paradox is your cakewalk. Today will find you calm and assured when all is chaos. You have a plan, a system and a way out. If you caused the trouble, you can admit it now. Everyone else will be so eager for you to bail them out that it could be a while before they get mad and come after you. But you’ll be long gone by then, you little mischief-maker, you.


January 20-February 18

That royal, entitled attitude has its moments of glory, to say nothing of the perfect photo ops, but it’s not the real you. You’re not too haughty to be above a good argument. You’ll take off those gloves and sling mud and gossip with the rest of them. Face it. You’ll be a puppet to your moods today, and it may not be easy to bask in the golden light of the sunny side. Why not be honest about your own strengths and weaknesses? It’ll be much more interesting.


February 19-March 20

Plenty of times you’re lost in your own imagination, but today was made for tuning in to the world around you. Open your eyes and your heart, and cultivate a healthy desire and curiosity to know the universe better. You can also explore your own place in this beautiful, blessed world. You can go as deep or as far afield as you want. Don’t worry — you’ll never drift too far from your magnetic centre. That part of you is just too powerful to be diminished.