Your May Full Flower Moon Mantra According To Your Zodiac Sign

May offers some delicious energy that is going to help us feel more excited and optimistic, especially when it comes to love, romance, and creative projects.

The Sagittarius Full Moon on the 29th is a beautiful Full Moon that is really going to help us to open our hearts big and wide.

This Full Moon is also wonderful for attracting new loving energy into your life, or for releasing blocks that are holding you back from experiencing true love.

Overall, May is a busy month with lots of new energy to explore and enjoy. The first half of the month really offers some wonderful energy that will comes as a relief after the up and down energy of April.


“The time has come for my magnetism to be expressed in the world. I take responsibility for my reputation while also knowing that I am more than the opinions of others. I attract those that resonate with who I’m becoming and repel those that are not in alignment with my higher destiny. I welcome breakthroughs that lead to my liberation from suppression. I surrender to the transformation of my life purpose and my personal growth. My achievements speak for themselves.”

Taurus “Exotic horizons and intriguing ideas call to me. The time is ripe to leave behind the comfortable and stable for the inspiring and enticing. Growth is available when I dissolve the internal boundaries which frustrate and limit me. A crisis of faith opens the door to a new vision of possibilities and a strength of character I never knew was possible. I am committed to the expression of truth.”


“Not every problem has a logical solution. There are times when my sharp mind must give way to emotional depth. My curiosity leads me down pathways in the subconscious where angels fear to tread: that which obsesses my thoughts is calling for my attention. I allow my fears of abandonment, betrayal, shame and survival to arise in order to be transformed and released. When I am bold in my emotional honesty, joy will once again return to my life.”


“Emotional conflicts and power struggles illuminate my compulsive co-dependency. The power I project onto others is what I’ve denied within myself. I move beyond my insecurity when I accept that noone can control or manipulate me without my consent. In relationships, coldness must give way to care and cooperation. Where have I abandoned my heart out of a fear to love and be loved? It’s time to enter into right relationship with myself and those I care for. I open my heart to love.”


“I am divinely inspired to create my best work and find joy in my daily life. My focus aligns my creative vision, fantasies and ambitions so that I boldly create that which comes from the heart. I am mindful of excessive narcissism which can invite moral corruption, criticism and persecution. I alone create my destiny and define my life’s purpose through meaningful work. Synchronicities abound and as I follow the divine guidance my path unfolds under Grace and in a perfect way.”


“I humbly accept that I am worthy and special. The necessary death of ego ushers in a transformation that connects me to the divine forces of the universe. The repression of my sexual needs inhibits my life force. I no longer yield my specialness to the judgement of others. My spiritual regeneration will be channeled through love, creativity, joy and a return to my heart’s innocence.”


“My inner child needs and deserves love. Memories from childhood are powerful now and illuminate the nurturing I may not have received early in life. This is a crisis of self love and deep emotional nourishment that calls for abandoning the niceness that masks the wounds of insecurity. I alone am responsible for being the mother and father to my neglected inner child. This is the deepest level of love I can give myself and once I find my emotional stability, I can rise to who I am meant to be in the world. I am loved, I am cared for, I am safe.”


“When my fears of abandonment and betrayal are aroused, my Scorpio stinger is unleashed to which there is no antidote for its venom. At times when my matrix for understanding the world is shattered, I turn to the divine for answers. Sometimes the most powerful method of regaining control is through surrender to the larger forces guiding the Universe and merging its power with mine. Spirit speaks to me through the divination of astrology, tarot, runes and magic and I listen carefully for its wisdom. Through this alchemy my internal authority becomes crystallized.”


“I am learning how to take care of necessary business. I will never lose my sense of adventure, my optimism for the future and my hope that truth and justice will prevail. I don’t need someone to rescue me, I myself have what it takes to rise to the occasion and manifest my greatest desires. I take responsibility for my survival and my finances. My charisma can draw powerful allies to assist me. I only have to believe in my own magic.”


“By honoring my emotions, I take full responsibility of my personal power. Projecting my shadow onto others only highlights what I need to understand about myself at a more profound level. Only I can define who I am and who I’m becoming. As my internal authority crystallizes, I must guard against righteousness as I take a stand for what I believe in. I refuse to scapegoat or be scapegoated and by doing so, my dignity and strength rest with me.”


“In surrender lies my greatest liberation. Following the signs of synchronicity lead me to truths about the divine forces at work in my life. My dreams bring forth the buried treasure from deep within my soul. I distill this timeless wisdom into meaningful work. I’m not meant to save the world but my contributions matter. As I take right action I can create change that helps heal the wounds of humanity.”


“My intuition is at an all time high and my dreams are vivid and guiding. My creative vision is where my brilliance lies. Feeling into the needs of the collective can bring some of my most transformative breakthroughs. Others may see me as a revolutionary, a dissenter or iconoclast, but I will stay true to my compassionate heart that contains an overwhelming love for humanity.”