Your May 2018 Tarot Horoscope Is Here

Want to know what’s in store for your star sign this month? It’s all in the cards…

Aries – May horoscope

(Eight of Wands, Eight of Cups, Ten of Wands)

You’ve been so busy, taking on a million and one new projects and responsibilities, it’s actually got a little bit tense, and you can feel your limits fraying. So this month, it’s time to lighten the load. Whatever you can ditch, delegate or delay – do so. It’s not laziness or shirking your duties, it’s simply helping you be able to give 100% to your priorities and stuff that you alone are best placed to do. Others need to pull their weight. Do this now before you lose your head and rage-quit things in a massive Aries huff!

Taurus – May horoscope

(The Lovers, Page of Cups, The Magician)

A surge of passion, inspiration and creativity hits you this May, propelling you forwards in an unexpected way. Perhaps it’s a holiday you spontaneously book, perhaps a move you weren’t planning for right now, perhaps an amazing idea which hits you full-on and you cannot ignore. This new ‘thing’ will feel fun, inspiring and, importantly, it will be of your own making. A personal adventure which starts right here, right now.

Gemini – May horoscope

(Seven of Wands, Six of Wands, Ten of Coins)

A little spat with someone in competition with you kicks off this month. Don’t lose your head, Gemini, because you do tend to (overly?) enjoy spatting, and I can share that (*SPOILER*) you’ve SO got this, and the rewards will be significant. So, spare a thought for the loser already. Don’t overdo it because they’ll be eating humble pie soon, and you can play the ‘bigger person’ (YASS) by being magnanimous.

Cancer – May horoscope

(Page of Cups, Ten of Coins, Eight of Cups)

It kind of looks like you’re ready to make a change in your love life. Cancerians need stability and security (NEVER LEAVE ME), but also are fun and imaginative creatures who desire good times and inspiring company. You recognise that you need both ends of the spectrum and maybe that you’re missing out on one right now. This month, you plan to make some changes to settle the balance and get what you need most. Your ‘amores’ better be raising their game.

Leo – May horoscope

(The Fool, Seven of Wands, Eight of Swords)

You’re ready for a fresh start, so why is life not playing ball? You feel thwarted, blocked and messed with by the Universe and you’re getting MAD AS HELL. Now, stop and chill. Things feel difficult and stagnant because there’s a major barrier you’ve yet to dismantle. And (kinda good news) it’s more about your own mindset and attitude than anything that anyone else is inflicting on you. Identify a self belief or behaviour which doesn’t serve you any longer. Clarify it and consciously resist it. There, better? Yes.

Virgo – May horoscope

(Eight of Coins, Seven of Coins, Page of Swords)

A little bit of education is no bad thing, and would really help you get further faster right now. Take a pause and think about the skills or capabilities you lack / desire / need to improve, and take steps this month to make that happen. A Future You will high five you for this move, I promise. Don’t hesitate, act quickly, pounce when you spot something relevant and just DO IT. Back to the books…

Libra – May horoscope

(Five of Wands, Eight of Coins, Knight of Swords)

You weigh and measure everything in life not just once, but twice, if not even thrice! And you trust your own counsel above all else, because you know how long you’ve deliberated over your point of view. This month, Libra, you need to take someone else’s perspective on board (SHOCKER). It’ll come from a negative place, maybe via some unwelcome agg, and maybe it will seem like utter nincompoopery, but absorbing this insight will do you the power of good and set you on a new path. Get ready to be surprised.

Scorpio – May horoscope

(Three of Cups, The Fool, Knight of Swords)

Love is in the air… oh yes! You’re going to be an absolute MELT this May, Scorpio. A new person will zing into your life with a bang and you’ll make an immediate connection. This liaison has got the makings of a major love affair, something which affects all areas of your life and renews your appreciation for the world and its pleasures! Expect raised eyebrows and even furrowed brows all around, but ignore them. They don’t understand. This. Is. It.

Sagittarius – May horoscope

(King of Coins, Two of Swords, Queen of Swords)

You’re being pulled in two different directions this month. It may be over a key decision you’ve long avoided making, it may be between two people, who are at odds with each other, and are each seeking your approval or backing. Both ‘options’ have merit. The trick here is to look at ALL the information to hand, and then dig for some more. Examine all the facets of this choice, even the ugly bits. In fact, ESPECIALLY the ugly bits. Once you’ve done that, make a choice and stick to it. You won’t be wrong.

Capricorn – May horoscope

(Four of Wands, Three of Swords, Ace of Swords)

A personal success, and aura of satisfaction, has sparked the jealousy of another. To Capricorn, that’s actually the greatest compliment (!), but be careful of those who might be coming for you. They must be all kinds of stupid, because you’re never one to lose face or anything else for that matter. This whole episode will simply reveal the true nature of a character that you should weed out of your happy goaty garden.

Aquarius – May horoscope

(The Tower, The Hermit, Four of Swords)

May will start with a Big Bang! Something impactful and powerful will sweep through your world, causing some hurly burly and leaving a bit of debris to be cleared. You’re not one for ‘surprises’, and will retreat to consider what’s happened and the implications of it. That’s exactly the right thing to do: a ‘time out’ from the usual routine to examine your position, rebuild what has been wobbled, and then come out with a game plan, ready to forge ahead. This is ALL for the best, trust me.

Pisces – May horoscope

(The Devil, Knight of Coins, Three of Coins)

Power to you, Pisces, this month for making a sensible and solid investment in your future which reflects a growing self confidence about what you deserve. You can hang back from ‘getting yours’, but there’s a new self belief and desire in town this spring. You’re ready to step up and be counted, ready to make some moves to make your life better. This isn’t about anyone else; it’s about what’s best for YOU alone.p;

Source: Cosmopolitan UK