Your Love Horoscope Has Arrived & It’s a Fiery Weekend For Sure


Aries, as the planets align, expect to undergo disorder and irritability before they settles into the right position. This negative feeling stems from uncertainty and impatience but things will eventually fall into place. You will realize that the answer lies within you. Listen to your heart and you will know how to communicate with love and affection with your partner. Positive change will start with you, Aries.

Single Aries, you will prefer to stay indoors for most of the weekend as you reassess your short-term and long-term goals. Look closely and you will know the adjustments you need to take to get there faster. The planetary alignment in your charts indicates strong self-belief which will greatly help when people pressure you in the area of romance. This weekend you will show that you know what’s best for you, Aries.


Taurus, there is a mix of positive and negative vibes this weekend. The planetary alignment in your charts calls for self-awareness. You need to be able to catch yourself as there is a hint of subtle competition between these two energies. Make sure to have great teamwork with your love and you will get through any challenge that might come your way. Be mindful of how you spend your time and the people you surround yourself with, Taurus.

Single Taurus, include some social events when you make your plans for the weekend. There will be lots of opportunities to mingle with fun loving people, and you will instantly feel at home in their company. The planetary alignment in your charts indicates high possibilities in the area of love. Strong attractions can happen instantly which can blossom into something more serious. When the heart makes its move, go for it, Taurus.


Gemini, your vulnerability will be strongly apparent as the movement of planets affects the way you deal with your emotions. Set realistic expectations to prevent extreme reactions to certain events. Your partner will just reciprocate your actions, which means the outcome of this weekend rests on you. Out of town travel can help you gain inner peace and calm vibes. Keep communication lines open, Gemini.

Single Gemini, don’t easily give up when things turn out differently than what you had hoped for. Love is in the air, and it will come when you least expected it. If you are on the dating scene, a series of events will make you doubt if this is the right person for you. As the planets align this weekend, you will discover that love goes beyond physical attraction. Be patient and focus on being the right partner in your future relationship, Gemini.


Cancer, this weekend will bring in a lot of surprises in the area of love and romance. The energy surrounding you will be full of passion and this will improve the way you deal with your partner. This makes it a perfect time to do a DIY project together. Make sure to unplug from social media and be fully present. If you are open to possibilities, you will discover new things as indicated by the planetary alignment in your charts, Cancer.

Single Cancer, things are looking great in the area of love as indicated by the planetary alignment in your charts. The energy coming in this weekend will lead you to be more active in social media and this will trigger your curiosity. Sparks can fly in an online romance, but make sure to take things slowly. When it comes to online dating, you want to balance fantasy and reality, and still be able to establish trust, Cancer.


Leo, your busy schedule might have affected the amount of time spent with your partner. This weekend, you will be able to find the balance between work and your personal life. The planetary alignment in your charts indicates travel to be a good consideration to make up for your partner. The change in environment will give you inner peace. Relax and unwind and be fully present with your love. Give what your partner truly deserves, Leo.

Single Leo, the energy coming in will bring fun and adventure this weekend. You will feel the urge to go out with your friends and let loose. Do something crazy and let go of the tiredness and stress from work. Love is a possibility based on the planetary alignment in your charts. Someone in your circle will give extra attention to you and this will trigger your curiosity. Casual flirtation is likely to happen, so just go with the flow and enjoy the weekend, Leo.


Virgo, positive change is indicated by the planetary alignment in your charts. If your relationship has been experiencing some ups and downs, a shift in energy will happen this weekend and you will receive harmony. Take note of the lessons learned from this period and use them to make your bond stronger. Celebrate even the small milestones to keep the passion alive. Many wonderful will happen if you spend the weekend indoors, Virgo.

Single Virgo, spend some quiet time alone for self-reflection. The planetary alignment in your charts suggests that you need to be able to identify the kind of relationship you want to have in the future. If you are on the dating scene, things will be slowly developing in the right direction. Trust the process and enjoy the journey. Soon, you will see that everything is falling into place. Meanwhile, do something creative as you stay indoors, Virgo.


Libra, be careful not to spread yourself too thinly as suggested by the planetary alignment in your charts. If your workload has become too overwhelming, you might push yourself to the point of exhaustion, and this will reflect in the dynamics of your relationship this weekend. Take things one step at a time and be able to identify your priorities first. You will be happy to have more for time with your partner after taking out unnecessary tasks in your schedule, Libra.

Single Libra, enjoy all the opportunities that will come your way this weekend. Love will come at the right time as indicated by the planetary alignment in your charts. Meanwhile, use the positive energy coming in to socialize and meet like-minded individuals. Don’t let peer pressure force you to make sudden decisions. Things will happen when your heart is ready. Make sure you set aside some time to reconnect with family members, Libra.


Scorpio, strive for balance between work and personal life as suggested by the planetary alignment in your charts. If your relationship is a priority, find ways to ensure that time with your partner won’t be compromised. Prepare your heart as a big decision needs to be made that will significantly impact your relationship. Take into consideration what your partner has to say and keep communication lines open. The future looks very promising, Scorpio.

Single Scorpio, the weekend will be more memorable if you unplug from social media and focus on real face-to-face conversations. As your social life heats up, you will meet like-minded individuals. Pay attention to those sending subtle signs. Trust your intuition and focus on getting to know them better. Let your heart do the talking and you will be able to identify who has genuine concern for you. Love is just around the corner, Scorpio.


Sagittarius, positive change is a strong indication as the planets align this weekend. This is something you rightfully deserve so don’t let the fear of the unknown hold you back. Instead, keep an eye on the prize and welcome the energy coming in. Involve your partner and make sure to work as a team. You will create a wonderful masterpiece that will give you utmost fulfillment in your relationship. This weekend, your dreams will come true, Sagittarius.

Single Sagittarius, the fate of this weekend will depend on your decision making process. Things can either turn positive or negative based on how you manage your emotions. As the planets move and align, focus on your goals to keep you reminded of how things should play out and you will know what actions to take. Someone you’ve been crushing on will take notice of you. This could be the start of a new chapter, Sagittarius.


Capricorn, if you are going through a tough time in your relationship, you can turn this into a positive experience. As the planets align this weekend, tensions can arise in order to put you and your partner in a better place. Be grateful for circumstances that strengthen your bond. You will want to reassess your goals and implement some changes in your daily actions. The door is open for new beginnings and wonderful moments together, Capricorn.

Single Capricorn, the weekend will start off with a massive ball of energy surrounding you. Use this energy to gain confidence in all your endeavors. Your cheerful personality will be infectious and people around you will be inspired to have a positive outlook in life. If a friend approaches you for advice, express your intent to help and support. You will be instrumental in unloading a huge amount of stress in their life, Capricorn.


Aquarius, if you feel that you are going through a rock bottom phase, the planetary alignment in your charts indicates that this is only temporary. There is a lesson to be learned to help you grow and mature in your relationship. Once you identify this, a shift in energy will happen and you will feel positive and hopeful again. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. Open your eyes, dig deeper in your heart and let love lead the way, Aquarius.

Single Aquarius, the energy this weekend will pull you to stay indoors and reassess what you want in life. Amidst the busyness, take some time to look within and find out what’s holding you back from unleashing your true potential. The planetary alignment in your charts indicates the need to have a bigger vision for your future. You need to be inspired to seek the best of what life has to offer, including the possibilities in the love, Aquarius.


Pisces, there might be some ups and downs in your relationship as you feel less in control when emotions run high. Always consider the impact this will have on your partner before you take any action. The planetary alignment in your charts indicates self-reflection to be a strong focus this weekend as you process what’s happening deep inside. Start with the way you let your thoughts affect your feelings, Pisces.

Single Pisces, you will find yourself looking forward to meeting new people as you go to social events this weekend. The planetary alignment in your charts indicates self-confidence to be a highlight as you overcome your fears and doubts. Love is happening soon and the energy flowing in is preparing you for its arrival. Embrace your weaknesses and know how to be in a position of strength. Everything will turnout great in the end, Pisces.

Source: Life Reader