Your Horoscope This Week – 23-29 July

Happy Leo season, stargazers! We might not always pay attention to the sun (Leo’s ruling planet), but it’s subtly been bringing us a ton of new information about how to assess our lives. In other words, start paying attention.

Midweek, the moon will wax in Capricorn, leading up to it’s visit in Aquarius over the weekend. While in the sign of the Water Bearer, the moon will create a perfect air of reflection and forethought for all the signs. And, in case you feel like moon-gazing on Friday night, this will be the first central or complete lunar eclipse in seven years!

This Thursday, Mercury will begin its retrograde in Leo at 1:02 a.m. EST. When Leo teams up with Mercury, it inspires us to react more passionately than we usually would. For more on the effects of a fire sign retrograde, check out our guide.

March 21 to April 19

Did you make good on your promise to relax last week, Aries? More pleasant vibes will continue to flow from Sunday to Tuesday, while the moon waxes for the upcoming lunar eclipse and full moon on Friday. Did you know that the moon’s energy reflects itself in your home and family? You may sense tensions starting to rise early this week, especially in your friendship zone. If you’re attached or single, take all things in stride, as the moon can affect our emotions.

This eclipse will ask you to slow down — something that any fiery Ram would prefer not to do. Focus on your finances with the moon in Capricorn on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Is it time to ask for a raise or even apply for a better paying job? Spend some time digging deeper into your career on Wednesday or Thursday. Analyze your financial goals and act before Mercury goes retrograde on Thursday.

April 20 to May 20

Hopefully you charged your emotional batteries last week, Taurus, since you’ll need all that energy now. The lunar eclipse on Friday will shake things up in your family life (yet again). This influence will be at its strongest on Friday and Saturday, when the moon cozies up to hot-tempered Mars in Aquarius. The sun is your planet of home and family, so when it’s light is transformed by the moon (as it will be during the eclipse), it can feel confusing. Continue to lay low for a while. If you have intense dreams, shake them off. Wednesday will be a great day to spend time with loved ones before Mercury retrograde hits.

The moon will also have an impact on your career as it winds through Capricorn on Wednesday and Thursday. When the moon passes into Aquarius during the eclipse, you have a change to tap into your intuition and put some meaningful goals into place. How do you want to improve? What haven’t you tried yet? Are you where you want to be? Embrace the change and make smart moves like only a Taurus can. The retrograde will affect your financial sector, but don’t freak out. This is an opportunity for you to reassess your funds so that you can come out on top.

May 21 to June 20

Did a couple of well-placed sparks set your love life aflame last week? We’re not trying to be dramatic, but there’s a chance you’re downright twitterpated at this point. And this is only the beginning. Your love planet, Jupiter, is set to wind from your house of health and work into your house of love later on in the fall.

When you’re glowing, you’re in good hands, Gem. That positive energy attracts the right kinds of people who are here for the right reasons. Going somewhere this weekend? The upcoming lunar eclipse will have an impact on your ninth house of travel and education. It may put a kink in your travel plans, so remember to stay loose and roll with the punches — besides, if everything went according to plan, you’d be bored. Pack emergency funds in case Mercury’s retrograde messes with your Apple Pay. The lunar eclipse may also inspire you to switch up your course schedule if you’re in school. Thinking of pursuing a different degree or career path? The moon will guide you on Sunday, Friday, and Saturday when you’ve got some downtime to think.

June 21 to July 22

Hold on to your shells! This week, your ruling planet, the moon, is the star of the show, which puts you in the spotlight, too, sweet Cancer. The moon’s waxing energy in Capricorn will make you feel like you’ve got “Eye of the Tiger” playing over your every move until Friday. When your ruler sets up camp in Aquarius over the weekend, expect your eighth house of transformation to be activated. As if that wasn’t enough, the eclipse will also rouse Mars, your career planet.

If you’ve been laying the foundation for a promotion or a new project, it’ll pay off on Friday and Saturday. The right people will notice your hard work, and when it comes to soaking up that sweet spotlight, don’t be too modest about your efforts to improve. If you feel that you deserve more, prepare notes and be ready to advocate for yourself. Your personal planet of spirituality, Mercury, starts its retrograde on Thursday. As you’re thinking about what kind of a person you want to be, take a moment to consider how your beliefs shape you. Don’t know where to begin? Start small. Dedicate some of the time you’d normally spend Netflix-ing to a meditation practice.

July 23 to August 22

All eyes are on you and it’s your time to shine, Leo. As we enter your season this Sunday, you can feel your energy building. Friday’s lunar eclipse will focus on your house of love and relationships. Any issues that need correcting will be brought to light — in your romantic and professional life. Think of all this lunar energy as quality control for all of your meaningful relationships.

If you notice any cracks in these partnerships, take it upon yourself to mend them. If they’re beyond repair, consider how you can reallocate your time to spend it with the friends who truly inspire and support you. Have you seen the kind of relationship hurdles fellow Leo, Meghan Markle, is going through right now? Take a page from her book and handle these moments with the grace of a duchess (or at least a former fashion influencer). On Thursday, your money planet, Mercury, goes retrograde. Spend this week looking over your investments, savings, and spending habits to sail through the rest of summer stress-free.

August 23 to September 22

Last week you had the chance to get organized and prepare for the upcoming lunar eclipse, Virgo. Ready to see that hard work pay off? Said eclipse will arrive this Friday and affect your sixth house of health and career, so watch out for major changes in those sectors. Maybe a promotion is on its way. Perhaps you’ll finally make your move to a different company. Wherever the wind blows you, try to maintain an attitude of gratitude.

Your ruling planet, Mercury, is also the ruler of your career. Before it goes retrograde on Thursday, put together a list of your work “wins,” big and small. Doing so will give you the confidence you need during conference calls and while crafting important emails. You always choose your words wisely, Virgo, and you hate when you like you aren’t getting your message across. When someone can’t read your body language or tone, things can get twisted. Take extra care with how you communicate during this retrograde. With any luck, you’ll come out smelling like a rose.

September 23 to October 22

To put it lightly, this week will not be boring for you, Libra. Friday’s lunar eclipse will charge your house of creativity and work with the energy of your career planet, the moon. What can you do to break up your usual workday? Could you set aside some time for a meditation practice? Clearing your mind will help open it, and that’s exactly what the heavens want you to do. Your planet of spirituality, Mercury, begins its retrograde on Thursday, asking you to slow down and find your center.

Mars, your love planet, will be affected by the eclipse, too. Attached? Spend the latter half of the week resolving stale conflicts. You’re not one to let molehills become mountains. If you’re single, don’t take it personally if you get left on read. Move on to the next or check back in later. Either way, keep your cool.

October 23 to November 21

You’ve been killing it this summer, Scorpio, but all that time in the spotlight might take a toll. Consider focusing on personal wellness this week — after all, Mars, your planet of health and work, is retrograde until August 27. If you can swing it, spend your free time outdoors, eating fresh and seasonal produce, and relaxing. Think of it as an investment for when Mars goes direct, and you’re ready to blast off again.

You may find yourself focusing on your home base this week, as the lunar eclipse on Friday will zero in on your fourth house. What can you do to solidify your foundation? Do you need to chat with your landlord about general upkeep? Are there DIY projects you can tackle over the weekend? Making small changes in your space can lead to major rewards. Your planet of family and home, Uranus, is also affected by this eclipse. Check in with your family and support them as much as they support you.

November 22 to December 21

The start of Leo season could bring you a financial boost, Sag. Saturn, your financial planet, is currently retrograde. You’re probably too busy working to notice, but you could see prosperous results between Sunday and Tuesday. Are you looking at investments or thinking about scaling back? Wednesday through Saturday are good days to plan for your financial future. Keep track of your progress to keep your motivation high.

The lunar eclipse on Friday will take place in your third house of education. Stay on top of correspondence if you’re in school or far from family and use the beginning of the week to brace for miscommunications. Try printing everything off old-school to limit the technical glitches that could arise when Mercury starts its retrograde on Thursday. This is also your love and career planet, so ask yourself: Have you been a social butterfly lately, Archer? This retrograde is a great reminder to consider how much quality time you’re giving to others. You’re an even greater friend when you take time to reflect.

December 22 to January 19

This is the summer of love for you, Capricorn. Your love “planet,” the moon, will be waxing up some good vibes on Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Use these days to connect with your partner and plan a spontaneous “school night” adventure. If you’re single, feel free to strut your stuff. You’re the hardest working sign and you deserve a chance to blow off some social steam. Convince your friends to go out dancing or sing your heart out at karaoke.

The lunar eclipse on Friday may call attention to your finances, so be prepared to remove those rose-tinted glasses. Do a little prep work early in the week to make sure nothing catches you by surprise — knowledge is power. Mercury, your planet of health and work, goes retrograde on Thursday and might give you a bit of whiplash. You’re used to moving at top speed, but it’s time to take it down to an easy stroll. Once this retrograde ends, you may find a medium pace that suits you best.

January 20 to February 18

Brace yourself, Water Bearer. The lunar eclipse on Friday will take place in your sign and affect your ruling planet, Uranus. The moon being your planet of health and work only adds to the overall effect. This heady combination means you’ll feel the eclipse more intensely than any other sign in the Zodiac. You might feel nudged to reflect on your self-perception and where you want to see your career move in the future.

This lunar energy could start to build on Wednesday and Thursday, as the moon waxes in Capricorn. Lay low on Friday and Saturday to get to the heart of your thoughts. Your friends will understand if you don’t feel like going out. Take care of your body and it will take care of you, Aquarius. Spend some time on Friday or Saturday looking at your finances — where can you make money moves?

February 19 to March 20

It might feel like you’re in the eye of the storm this week, Pisces. The lunar eclipse on Friday will influence your 12th house of spirituality, hitting your imaginative sign in a particularly profound way. The moon powers your sense of infatuation and creativity, Pisces, and this lunar event may lead you to reflect on how you see your place in the world. A fun way to take advantage of this time is to start a “moon journal.” Write down what you’re thankful for, what you’d like to do in the future, and how you’re feeling. Then take note of the moon’s phase every time you write an entry.

Try downloading a stargazing app to keep track of the skies. It might help you feel more connected to the changes swirling around you. From Sunday to Thursday, the moon will wax to its fullest point — so will your romantic life. Enjoy this time and soak it all up before your love, home, and family planet, Mercury, goes retrograde. During the retrograde, assess your emotions even more thoughtfully. That journal really might come in handy.


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