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Your Horoscope This Week 2-7 April 2018

New month, new week, same old Mercury retrograde. We’ll remain in this backspin’s shadow for this entire week — until the 15th, actually — and we’d be lying if we said it’s all sunshine and roses that lie ahead.

But, for every demand that’s made of us there’s an opportunity to grow stronger (or, at the very least, more creative at finding the loophole). This week calls on all of us to meet challenges head on, but in our own unique way. A rough-and-tumble Aries wouldn’t attack a problem the same way an even-keeled Libra would, right?

Joining the Mercurial choir this week are Mars and Saturn. The former is decisive, the latter is cautious — don’t be surprised if you feel like you’re being pulled in opposite directions. Again, there’s a way through this period if you’re willing to learn, adapt, and rise above the chaos.
Read on to discover what lies ahead (and how to tackle it with aplomb).

March 21 to April 19

Remember back in the day when you’d play games like Super Mario Brothers and speed through a bunch of easy levels by the seat of your pants only to get your ass handed to you by the first boss at the end of the level? That’s kinda what this week may feel like, Aries. Where your normal impulsiveness, quick thinking, and love for action may have served you in the past, you’re up against a seasoned mega-boss now (maybe they’re a professor, employer, or well-structured organized entity). Unfortunately, fast-jamming at your controller isn’t going to get you very far. Take the initial setback (or beating, if we’re being honest) as a lesson. Regroup, strategize, and then get beat again and again until you understand all the ins and outs of the mega-boss. This is a lesson in endurance, creative thinking, and thoughtful planning. Sometimes a hard “no” and a firm push back is what’s needed to make you hungry for a fight, but fight smart as opposed to aggressively.

Mercury retrograde is asking you to reassess your innate abilities, while Mars and Saturn team up to give you a workout. No mouthing off to the mega-boss! Save the hot words for when you go home to lick your wounds and try a few practice runs. This is your Rocky montage moment. This is the training that all those movies shouldn’t speed through, because it tricks Rams like you into believing that you can bust through anything after a five minute sequence of pep talks and jumping rope. If you suffer through the training, there may be a shiny gold belt or some sort of prize that reinforces your sense of self-worth waiting at the end. Go the distance, Aries!

April 20 to May 20

It feels good when your outward expression matches up with your inner world and beliefs, right Taurus? But lately you may have been feeling like that’s not always the case — and it can be a bit unsettling. Mars and Saturn in your house of higher learning and philosophy have you wondering how to act on what your beliefs are and what to take seriously. Check in with what resonates and what doesn’t, especially this week when these two planets will be fussing with Mercury, who’s been retrograde, reviewing your dreams and what usually goes unnoticed. Meditate on the difference between traditional world views and privately held beliefs. Where is the disconnect? This churning and questioning can be the birth of a new mindset for you.

Consider this a renovation of sorts. Occasionally, our beliefs go unchecked until we’re confronted by how much they don’t line up any more. You’re already getting the sense that you and your life are changing in big ways but you don’t know how just yet. Here’s a tip: Venus, your ruling planet, will be talking to Mars and Saturn to get more insight on what’s of value to you and how you want to represent yourself. Let her lead after asking yourself the tough questions.

May 21 to June 20

Connect with your passions this week, Gemini. Let go of the idea that you’re not a deep thinker with big goals. Your playfulness and sense of humor can sometimes be deceiving and it keeps your friends from asking many questions. Saturn and Mars in your house of intimacy and secrets are kicking up dust about what you’re secretly intense about. Go deeper into yourself and see how you they relate to and conflict with your aspirations.

The sun and Mercury retrograde is shining a big, bright spotlight on your hopes, wishes and friendships, pointing out where there may be a disconnect. Perhaps there’s a bit too much rushing into random associations because they look like fun and not enough thought into what you’re looking to build for the future. Think “legacy,” Gemini. What do you want to leave behind when all is said and done? Venus will be helping you out behind the scenes when she chats it up with Mars and Saturn by highlighting what you passionately dream of. Keep a dream journal next to your bed and pay attention to the “random” insights that plop into your head. The universe is trying to tell you something — listen closely.

June 21 to July 22

Demands, demands, so many demands! Cancer, its enough to drive you crazy. If it’s not Mercury retrograde helping you catch up on all your career and work related issues, its Mars and Saturn in your house of relationships demanding more time and energy from you. Try not to panic. It’s just the way things are at the moment. Practice boundaries and pare down the demands where you can. If you find that your partners and boos are being extra crabby and demanding of you, try to put yourself in their shoes. You feel overwhelmed, tired, and angry. They feel overwhelmed, tired, and angry. No one is getting what they want. What a mess. If you find that you can’t strike a compromise and find a solution that works best for you, invite in a friendly mediator to help smooth the ruffled feathers.

Remember that our partners are our mirror, they reflect ourselves back to us and what we’re unwilling to own. Own your authority and own your anger. Don’t give it away to others to hold this week, as they will push it right back onto you. If anything, the solution is to be a team in accomplishing both of your goals. Don’t turn your allies into enemies. Fight for the same goal and watch the frustration evaporate.

July 23 to August 22

You pride yourself on being in control of your life, Leo, even if you’re really not. It all boils down to confidence and being able to walk your talk. Unfortunately, this week, there’s some friction happening between said talk and walk. Mercury is up in your house of philosophies and world views, giving all your beliefs a once over. Just pay attention to what’s on your mind and where you find your attention drifting off to. Perhaps you’re reminiscing about wise words once said to you by mentors and professors or even sage advice you’ve learned while traveling the world. You don’t have to make any changes just yet — just watch how these previously held beliefs are conflicting with how you live you life in the day-to-day.

Mars and Saturn is forcing you to look at how you normally behave, how seriously do you take your routines, and how inspired you are to endure certain tasks or activities. While you’re figuring this all out, try not to get into any ideological or philosophical debates at the day job. Coworkers and the people you come across as you go about your day might not be able to hear or understand what you have to say just yet. In the meantime, mind yourself, play nice, and agree to disagree. Venus is giving you an extra dose of charm and grace, so use it to your advantage when discussing touchy topics.

August 23 to September 22

Playtime is important Virgo but, as the workhorse of the Zodiac, sometimes that message goes right over your head. Much of your Saturn in Capricorn lessons have been revolving around how there’s a duty to play — play and creativity serves a purpose. This week, with Mars joining Saturn in your house of creativity and pleasure, you’re feeling fired up to own your talents and acknowledge that they deserve as much time and energy as any other part of your life.

So, if your jam band, watercolors, or even your after-school sports seem more demanding this week, it’s because they are. Show up for them like you do for work or school. These planets are having a pretty intense conversation with Mercury retrograde about how play facilitates healing — not just for you, but for others as well. Your key to life has always been serving, so think about how your activities can also bring joy and peace to others. By the end of the week, you may ping to share what you’ve been doing on a broader scale. You never know, you may have to teach the rest of us how to be a master of healing fun.

September 23 to October 22

You might be playing a game of “remember me?” this week, Libra, with old flames and old enemies coming out of the woodwork to say “hello” as Mercury continues to spin retrograde in your house of partnership. Don’t be alarmed if there are some heated conversations about respect of boundaries, especially if you’re trying to build some seriously concrete ones. The truth is, you’re looking forward to some heart-to-heart conversations about what’s cool and what isn’t cool in your one-on-one partnerships. Mars and Saturn are doing some digging about in your house of home, but they’re also looking under the covers for those deep-seated patterns that you rather not dig out. These are usually the patterns that our families give to us when we’re kids, like how to behave and how to be close to other people. You may find that some of those old modes of acting don’t really add up when relating to others, so here’s your opportunity to change them.

Think of disagreements and fights as creative efforts to get different parts of your heart to cooperate. In the long run it’ll be totally worth it, especially if it means having more fulfilling and balanced relationships that leave you feeling respected and nourished. If you still need a little more time to dig deep, go on solo adventures or sign up for some therapeutic activities that connect you back to yourself. I hear pottery is nice.

October 23 to November 21

With Jupiter retrograde in your house of self, all the bravado and extra confidence that he gave you has waned considerably, Scorpio. That’s cool, you’re still pretty dope. Understand that this is a lesson in confidence. Mars and Saturn in your house of communications has been tightening up around your thoughts around whether you speak with authority and power. This week, you might dissolve into petty squabbles with siblings, close friends, and colleagues, either because you’re unsure of what you want to say, nervous that you won’t be heard, or just trying to sound like you know what you’re talking about. Take a breath.

You’re mind is attempting to process a lot of information with Mercury in your house of daily routines. It’s the bills, the appointments, and making sure that everything is happening on time. It’s the delays and the frustrations on top of everything else. Realize that you don’t have to have it all under control. In fact, the end of the week would be an excellent time to have Venus bring in some assistance from people you don’t mind working one-on-one with. Practice some patience and realize that everything won’t be perfect. You’ll probably be misunderstood, but pausing to take a moment between thoughts will help you significantly.

November 22 to December 21

Hey Archer, you get a bad rap (sometimes deservedly) for being too much of a dreamer. The practicalities of life just don’t always appeal to you. You don’t like thinking that life is hard, especially when you see so much opportunity for good in the world. That idealism has gotten you through many a rainy day and that’s fine, but, ultimately, water is wet and rocks are hard. Saturn and Mars hanging out in your house of money and self-worth are pushing you to be more down to earth about the bare necessities, while also urging you to prove that, with focus and effort, you can have the life you dream of.

Mercury retrograde in your house of pleasure and creativity may be begging you to go out and play — and that’s where the conflict hides. Get these two parts of your life to work together. Find ways to make your pleasures work for you. With Venus in grounded, pleasure-oriented Taurus in your house of daily routines, she’ll be lending you a hand to find the joy of tending to your work. It’s fun to watch things grow if you stick around long enough to see it happen. In the wise words of another idealistic Fire sign, Tim Gunn: “Make it work!”

December 22 to January 19

This week is a real test of your boss levels, Cap. Mars and Saturn in your house of self has you walking around like you’re untouchable — and, technically, you are. Anything you put your mind to this week you can achieve, which is pretty awesome.

However, there ares always other parts of your life that need balancing, and this week you’re learning about the limits of power and force. Check in with how you’ve been coming across to others. What kind of boss are you presenting as? Power is a tricky thing, isn’t it? It’s a fine balance between running the ship like a fair captain or a maniacal mastermind. Euron Greyjoy comes to mind: well-dressed, presents fairly well, but the dude cuts out people’s tongues to keep his secrets! And the way he treats his family — don’t get me started. But that’s what’s going on for you this week, Seagoat. You’re learning to balance your needs, your ambitions, and your authority with matters centered around home, family and deeper psychological roots. Your power stems from the people and things that created you.

Mercury retrograde is downstairs in your basement, looking through the old baggage to see what can be straightened out and organized. You might not be feeling that right now. Just do the work, even if it shows up as bickering and battles with loved ones. This gets you clearer on what kind of force of nature you want to be. And, if it warrants a visit to the therapist, do that, too. When all is said and done, Venus in your house of pleasure will reward you for doing the heavy lifting by pushing you to go out and have a good time.

January 20 to February 18

You have full permission to be a bit more of a space cadet this week, Aquarius. That’s right, tune all the way out so that you can tune back in. With Mercury going retrograde in your house of communications and travel, you may enjoy being being a little quieter and just pressing the mute button on your life. Don’t be surprised if old school acquaintances start to show up, as Mercury loves to bring in long, lost friends. Remember you’re under no obligation to say more than you want to.

The real work is happening behind the scenes for you. Your intuitive antenna is being fine-tuned by Saturn and Mars. Work with them like a mad scientist, observing what they can pick up from outer space. In turn, see what your intuition and extraordinary senses can pick up on while you’re quiet. If you need help getting grounded and silent, let Venus in your house of home support you. Take joy in kicking up your feet and doing simple pleasures that make you feel at peace and in your body. That way, your mind is calm enough to explore the unseen realms completely unbothered.

February 19 to March 20

This week is a practice in saying, “No, I don’t want to,” and “Yes, I need that to happen,” especially to your friends. People typically value you for being so easygoing and allowing them to project onto you whatever they want to see. Normally, you’re somewhat fine with this dynamic, but it’s time to get into the habit of speaking up for your boundaries. Mercury retrograde in your house of self-worth is getting up into a kerfuffle with Mars and Saturn, who are behaving like power players in your house of friendship and wishes. Unless your interactions with others are lining your pockets with extra cash or pumping up your self esteem, anything that doesn’t feel like something you want to do, say “nah.”

Mercury is reviewing your values in relation to others, so pay attention to what he has to say about what works and what doesn’t. There’s no promise that the words will come out nicely, but by the end of the week Venus in your house of communications will pick just the right words to say that everyone can hear without getting too upset.

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