Your Horoscope For The November Full Moon Weekend Has Arrived

Your horoscopes are meant to be read as inspiration. If you know both your rising sign and sun sign, please read both horoscopes. They both contain important information. You’ll know which resonates more for you from week to week. Take what works for you, leave the rest.

November 22nd

Sun enters Sagittarius

Get ready for a Sagittarius season like no other. With Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius, back in its home sign, we are granted some much needed celestial assistance. This is no magic wand – no astrology is – but when our efforts are met with even a little opportunity, it can re-ignite our faith in life. Jupiter is the great ‘Yes!’ of the cosmos. It receives, accepts, and meets us with a positive affirmation of our potential. Jupiter wants everyone to grow. It knows that keeping good things to oneself only limits our ability to experience the best of life. Generosity breeds more of the same and this Sagittarius season is here to help us remember the power of giving what we’ve got.

With November’s full moon in Gemini, the mutable air sign known for its ability to inspire endless conversations, we’ll not suffer from a lack of things to discuss.

Situated across from the sun, Mercury and Jupiter in Sagittarius, this full moon is able to get a good look at Jupiter’s newly minted Sagittarius style. Receiving both the abundance and magnifying powers of Jupiter, this full moon feels big. Bountiful. Celebratory. Take note of the growth that you have undergone, the healing that you have made happen, and the power you are granted access to when you make an effort to care about the success of those around you.

Ruled by Mercury, who is currently retrograde, and sitting across from Jupiter and squaring Mars, this full moon also magnifies any communication issues we might stumble across. Take note of who you find yourself conversing with and what it helps to clarify for you. In whatever ways you can, try to be generous with your respect for yourself and others when having more challenging talks.

For those in the US, this full moon falls on the holiday weekend whose origins are as deceitful as they are devastating. How we choose to spend time with the people we love and are related to through blood or emotional bonds can make all the difference. For those in our circles and at our tables that have privilege to spare but little consciousness about it, offering roads into conversations that can expand understanding and willingness to make a difference can catalyze important change. Family members (ourselves included) that hold institutional power are made all the more wealthy when giving away what we’ve unfairly received becomes a priority.

The family drama and holiday blues that might also surround these times are poked at, prodded, and made more obvious with the help of the full moon. These times are opportunities to hold the more challenging aspects of our past and present with greater consciousness and, hopefully, some healing.

No historic injustice, inequity, or injury can be cured in an evening, weekend or even lifetime. But to leave our wounds in conditions where they will fester only makes the process more painful. When we all do what we can within the framework we’ve been given, and with the capacities we have in the moment, we are granted an understanding of what is possible.

November 24th

Neptune stations direct at 13° Pisces

Any planet or point we might have in our chart around 13° of Pisces will be impacted most by Neptune’s station direct. Mystical, sometimes maddening, and always weird, Neptune transits never move along a straight line. Diversions can create the most magical gateways or the most frustrating detours. Either way, we are benefited most when we allow ourselves to just “go with it”. Neptune reminds us that we have little power over how life shows up, but all the power in how we show up for it. Use this day to practice riding the waves of your days and seeing what happens when you allow your intuition to guide you.

November 25th

Sun conjuncts Jupiter at 3° Sagittarius

Today’s astrology will likely be felt as one of the most positive transits of the year. As Jupiter enters the heart of the sun, the magnanimity of both these celestial bodies is amplified. The gift of Jupiter is the gift of getting excited for others people’s success. It is the gift of inclusion. The gift of prosperity that only generosity can create.

We are not wealthy because of what we have. We are made wealthy by what we give.

There are special properties available to us the day a planet makes its exact conjunction with the sun. Infused with the solar light, power, and strength of the sun, this combination wants to help us out by granting us confidence in the area of our chart that contains Sagittarius. Your horoscope speaks to this transit and some of the ways in which you might use it. For all of us, this is a day to give, shed light, and share ours with as much joy as joy can muster.

November 26th

Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius squares Mars in Pisces, both at 6°

On the heels of yesterdays’ bounty and abundance comes today’s tension and possible strife. Mercury retrograde in Sagittarius is unable to keep things straight and Mars is only too happy to be punishing about any misunderstandings. The more generous we can be with our patience, the better we can get to the actual truth. Otherwise, today might feel like we are trying to run through quicksand. We might need to wait for the ground to dry out before we can get anywhere, which is what tomorrow’s astrology promises to do.

November 27th

Mercury Retrograde makes its inferior conjunction to the sun in Sagittarius at 5°, then conjuncts Jupiter at 4° in Sagittarius

With Mercury making a conjunction with both the sun and then Jupiter, we are privy to important messages, insights, and communications. Mercury is still retrograde, making communications not necessarily difficult, but certainly different. Planets that are retrograde do their jobs differently. Kind of like listening to a record backwards to receive a secret message, it’s worth our effort to listen to what might be hiding in plane sight. Today’s astrology brings with it the blessings of being proven right. What we’ve always known deep down inside gets validated so that we can have more confidence in bringing it forth.

Bottom line is, believe in yourself.

Mars in Pisces sextiles Saturn in Capricorn, both at 7°

Another helpful aspect that today brings is Mars and Saturn in a sweet and supportive sextile. On the same team, these badasses bring us an incredible determination to use in pursuit of whatever needs a little extra effort from us.

November 30th

Venus in Libra opposes Uranus in Aries, both at 29°

Venus and Uranus have been at it since September. Opposing one another mostly from Scorpio and Taurus, Venus and Uranus have both retrograded back into Aries and Libra to continue the duel. With Venus back in her home sign, relationship dynamics get a chance to surface in more straightforward ways. Minor disturbances become more major under these circumstances and we get to make the changes necessary for ours, and our partnerships’ liberation.

December 1st

Mercury Retrograde re-enters Scorpio

Between today and tomorrow, Mercury and then Venus return to Scorpio, signs they were both just previously in thanks to Mercury’s current retrograde and Venus’s previous one. Something here is still under review, making intense investigations into the lessons we’ve recently come to learn about ourselves important. You might get an important message about an edit or revision to a creative project or relationship dynamic.

December 2nd

Venus enters Scorpio

Back in Scorpio, where she originally stationed retrograde in October, Venus once again goes goth. Into the deep, Venus brings us in touch with our more intense feelings and relationship dynamics. Still in review of the last retrograde road she traveled, Venus is in her post-shadow period until December 18th.

Sun in Sagittarius squares Mars in Pisces, both at 10°

The astrology of today and December 5th puts the sun in a precarious position. Arguments, difficulties, and duels feel inescapable. Whatever challenges we face might tempt us towards hostility. Remind yourself that your temper might be understandable, but burning yourself out with unbridled anger isn’t going to help you any.

December 5th

Sun in Sagittarius squares Neptune in Pisces, both at 13°

Today’s astrology might leaves us feeling a little washed out. A square from Neptune to the sun does nothing for clarity or confidence, but it can spur on our creativity and compassion. Details get glazed over so be cautious about your own capacities. Taking a nap works wonders if it’s an available option.

Horoscopes for Aries & Aries Rising

November’s full moon highlights the quality of your connections. All of the notes, comments, and quips from loved ones feel especially potent at the moment. The people that you are in constant, but not necessarily lengthy, contact with come through with the most important messages of the month. Take note of the themes that fill you inbox.

Make time for the siblings, friends, and allies that are willing to work through difficulties with you. Who in your life models integrity in conflict? What are you learning about staying clear, focused, and true to yourself no matter the mayhem you find yourself in? Whether it be in family or friend gatherings during the full moon, or later in the month, take note of the folks in your life that come to your aid in the most gracious and generous of ways.

We never stop learning how to have honest conversations. Hopefully it gets easier, but the challenge is an important one no matter our level of expertise. The more dignity you can grant yourself and everyone else in your exchanges, the more you’ll connect to the power you do have in any given moment.

Wanting to be right is human, but wanting to understand something new about ourselves through our interactions is a divine gift. The more open you are to learning about your prejudices, hang-ups, and how you shut down when things hit close to home is a far greater accomplishment than proving a point. The more we understand how we work, the less likely we are to let anyone or anything confuse, manipulate, or distort what it is we are trying to get across.

Horoscopes for Taurus & Taurus Rising

November’s full moon highlights your relationship with your talents and potential earnings. Whatever professional or financial plan you have been developing over the past 6 months is revealing its ability and strength. What are you being rewarded, paid or praised for that has the potential to support you in some fairly substantial way? Is it something you want to keep doing, or are you realizing it’s something that you have gotten all you can from? Passionately pursue more if the former, and confidently move on if the latter. It behooves you to believe in the abundance available to you right now.

Whomever you are joining forces with, collaborating with, and conspiring with will be revealing their potential over the next couple of weeks. Make it a priority to give the best of what you have to those that make an effort with you. Holding back will only keep you in the same place. This is the time to impress others with the skills you have been developing and most want to work with. Let others know the kind of talent that you possess if it has yet to be professionally or publicly expressed. Any project that is being done for the first time needs to be held with a willingness and an abundantly optimistic refusal of defeat. As long as you are rolling with others that can get that deep, you’re on the path of potent mutual growth.

Horoscopes for Gemini & Gemini Rising

The light of November’s full moon in Gemini flatters you. Celebrating your recent victories, the full moon offers you a moment of self-reflection, validation, and magnification. Whatever you have accomplished and whatever you are in need of will be amplified. Don’t let the information arise in vain. Whatever is made obvious by this full moon wants you to take it seriously.

The last half of November and beginning of December encourages you to extend yourself to others in as generous a way as possible. As you do, you’ll most likely notice a flood of opportunities returning the favor. The more you cultivate a discerning faith in the goodness of those around you, the more you’ll be able to find the partnerships best suited for your growth.

Who in your life teaches you how to say yes to your well-being and, by extension, your joy? Who teaches you to push past your self-imposed limitations to see what else is possible? Who reminds you that self-acceptance matched with accountability is key to success? Right now one of the most powerful things for you to do is put yourself in spaces where you are with others that challenge you to expand your awareness, deepen your commitment to your development, and find all possible ways to celebrate the love in your life.

Horoscopes for Cancer & Cancer Rising

October’s full moon reminds you of the importance of down time. Staring at the ceiling is a lost art. Zero screen time for a day is a rarity and a gift to our entire being. Get offline around the full moon and fill yourself up with whatever is restorative for your psyche. Just below the surface of busy lies a bevy of inspiration.

Let your life breathe freely for a moment.

In order to cash in on the considerable professional opportunities that are coming your way, it’s important to stay focused on your intention for all you do. Right now it is easy for you to feel overwhelmed. If simply being busy isn’t the end game for you, work on recognizing and serving what is satisfying and soulful. When your creative potential serves your life purpose, your work takes flight in ways that defy logic. The more you relax into this realization, the more directly you’ll be guided to the projects that are perfect containers for your talents.

From the end of November through the beginning of December, your professional pursuits need your thorough attention and as much of your patience as is possible. Both of which are pretty hard to come by if you are running on empty. Fill up your reserves for the benefit of your entire being. It’s one thing to wish for an opportunity; it’s another thing altogether to rise the the occasion of fulfilling it. Rest when you can in anticipation of all you’ll have the chance to do.

Horoscopes for Leo & Leo Rising

November’s full moon proves just how effective it is to nurture your networks. This is the perfect time to reflect on the community partnerships you have been building over the course of the past 6 months. Good luck comes to those that stay in connection with and in conversation with their dreams. Whatever you are committed to building with the benefit of others in mind has a tremendous power and a long-lasting purpose.

Keep curious about how you can fulfill more than just your own agenda. Creativity loves generosity. Abundance is a polyamorous love muffin. The more flirtatious you are with bounteousness, the more inspiration and energy you’ll receive. It’s a positive feedback loop like no other.

This year, more than most, reminds you that what delights you is a non-negotiable in regards to your overall success. The more you source it from your current surroundings, they more you are reminded that pleasure is only found in the appreciation of the moment and those you share it with. The friends you choose to spend your precious time with have the power to fill in all kinds of gaps that your family of origin may have left. Gather with those that know how to appreciate your efforts and reciprocate with their own.

Horoscopes for Virgo & Virgo Rising

November’s full moon pulls focus on the accomplishments in your career. What have you recently felt like you’ve been able to conquer, triumph over, or accomplish professionally? Take any positive affirmations about your efforts at work to heart. Right now what shows up in your public life is more than likely connected to the healing that is going on in your inner world. Notice any perspective change you are experiencing about old wounds that comment on your abilities, talents, or value add. With this full moon, you get the incredibly valuable experience of witnessing your current reality as separate from your earlier years, but in relationship to how much you’ve been able to heal. The quality of this moment comes via your ability to make peace with your past.

As the full moon fades, you become more aware of the importance of this inner work that you are doing. Come a year from now you will have had multiple opportunities to release yourself from any expectation of being able to save, change, or rescue anyone you are close with. With Jupiter moving through your 4th house you are visited by a deep faith in your own healing process. With that comes a deeper faith in everyone else’s. As you are released from feeling responsible for other people’s happiness, you are able to grant yourself the gift of your own happiness, which has the power to heal the wounds of multiple generations.

Horoscopes for Libra & Libra Rising

There’s nothing worse than believing we are trapped, doomed, or destined to live a life of little enjoyment. Right now you are well situated to receive copious amount of messages to the contrary.

Stay tuned.

It’s easy to let the cacophony of life drown out our intuitive wisdom, but keeping connected to it is a super power like no other you can access. Your ability to perceive the right direction to take is on overdrive over the course of the next year. The more effort you put towards validating the information that your intuition brings you, the stronger the messages will appear.

November’s full moon makes this message crystal clear.

The light of this particular lunation helps you to see all the small and seemingly insignificant actions you took to accomplish your current reality. Take them in. So much of our life purpose is present in the little interactions of our lives. The full moon acts like a signal boost, helping you see the value of your struggle and the wisdom of your journey thus far, even if it has felt nonsensical.

As the last days of November roll out, you get to clear up a relationship issue that has, until now, refused to rest. What you need and what partners, either romantic or professional, need might be entirely different at the moment. When we are confronted by the truth about the difference, imbalance, or challenge with another, liberation usually lies on the other end of the difficulty. The truth that gets sets free for you come the end of November opens up a whole new understanding of what is possible for you in relationship. Keep choosing to outgrow the relationship dynamics that keep you playing smaller roles than you’re destined for.

Horoscopes for Scorpio & Scorpio Rising

November’s full moon highlights the collaborations in your life that are working in your favor. You are currently undergoing a year-long exploration of how to work with your resources for maximum good. The right relationships will only emphasize the impact of what you have to give, and only a significant imprint piques your interest right now.

Notice the strides you’ve recently made to eliminate feeling like you are functioning from any kind of personal deficit. The ripple effect of this kind of internal work helps you to spread your wings with a relaxed ease. The current astrology exaggerates your ability to utilize your resources with confidence and clarity, something that draws new opportunities to you instantaneously.

When we are able to focus on the value of our talents we are better able to offer them to all that might need them. Understanding the quality, and complexity of the gifts we have been given to carry in this life is humbling. Any hubris associated with our talents isn’t appreciation of them at all and, in fact, it impedes our best use of them. We aren’t our gifts; we are only the vessels for them. The more we value what the gods have granted us, the more we want to give it away in a generous, and generative celebration of having been the recipient of it at all.

Horoscopes for Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising

November’s full moon emphasizes your blossoming. Made more abundant with the right partnerships, the efforts you have put into the world have been, and will continue to be, received with great graciousness over the next year. The more your relationships are built on mutual effort and respect, the more you’ll be able to offer the world. The more spaciousness the framework of your partnerships, the more flows through them. In general you aren’t the kind to be cooped up, but for the next 12 months anyone in your way is bound to feel the full force of your wild-horse rebellion. Refuse to hide, shrink, or deny your needs at the moment. The more you roam, the more you’ll understand just how to potentiate your projects through the right connections.

Perhaps few can keep up with you, but those that do will be as generous as you with their time, effort, and sincerity. Make magnanimity a key component of any coupling you consider. Too many are unconscious of the ways in which they might take from you without reciprocating. You don’t need to feed anymore adults that refuse to do so for themselves. Search for those that want to find all avenues possible for collective growth, giving, and abundance without being drained in the process.

Horoscopes for Capricorn & Capricorn Rising

November’s full moon brings you important messages about your work projects. Whatever began as a seed idea about 6 months ago is now gaining some important traction and possible attention. The efforts that you have been making have added up to this current result. No matter how small the movement, remind yourself how many moons it can take to get a project complete. Don’t forsake the soul of a project just because it’s not on the same schedule as your ego needs it to be. In the coming years, you’ll be rewarded repeatedly for the work that you are currently doing behind the scenes. There is nothing more important for you to honor than your current pace with professional projects. Consistent effort trumps immediate gratification.

Trusting your process is priceless. Spending time investigating, researching, and doing deep dives into the subjects that most intrigue you is one of the best investments that you can make right now. Cultivating a sincere relationship with your muses is a must. Inspiration isn’t reliable resource, but when it comes we want to make the most of it. The more you attune yourself to the downloads you receive, no matter how subtle, the more your work life will benefit.

Horoscopes for Aquarius & Aquarius Rising

November’s full moon reminds you how potent your intentions are. The projects you have been pouring your energy into over the past 6 months are now revealing their abundant good fortune. Notice which of your talents are ready and willing to support you. Notice which of your dreams are coming into being. Notice who in your community helps your creative desires thrive. The friends that have always been in your corner are now able to extend their help to you. The more work you did on yourself during the down times now reveals how valuable it has been.

If somewhere along the way you picked up the notion that success means being lonely at the top, flip that outdated concept. Figure out how to bring your friends up with you. Find every way possible to change the concept of what it means to make it from “on your own” to “all of us or none”. The more room we make for each other, the more possibilities open up for all of us. The more we extend an offer to those in our community that haven’t had it, the more creative energy enters the rooms we are in. There is nothing more stifling than only one story being told. Repeatedly. We need a symphony of experiences to witness in order to marvel at the diversity, breadth and depth of our collective human experience.

Horoscopes for Pisces & Pisces Rising

November’s full moon finds you at home. Feeling the impact of your familial connections, the full moon makes clear the powerful medicine that is making time for those that love you.

Whether you spend time with family you are related to or not, the week of the full moon helps you understand the results of the healing that you have done. Your past is just that. The more current you can keep yourself, the more you’ll be able to find your power and use it. The work that you’ve done to heal the hurts of your childhood become all the more obvious as the moon swells and then simmers.

Whatever efforts you’ve made towards creating a home and foundation for yourself over the past 6 months is revealed, but so too are the feelings you have about your current location. Whether it’s overwhelming or settling, let yourself consciously connect to what’s occurring under the surface.

Any good times at home that you experience over the last part of November can be used as fuel for your growth in the world. Have folks over that inspire you and want to conspire with you. Those that encourage your ability to dream and envision success for yourself need to be invited in, not only to your space, but also into your consciousness. How might you inhabit the same kind of confidence, leadership skills, and faith of those that you look to for inspiration?

Source: Chani Nicholas