Your Horoscope For September Is Here

September looks to be one of the most productive yet absolutely confusing months of the year! We begin Virgo season feeling utterly flawless, but a series of oppositions between Neptune and a slew of planets in Virgo leave us lost in a hazy fog. The full moon in Pisces brings big emotions to the surface, and this year’s third and final clash between Jupiter and Neptune brings disappointment. Don’t worry, though: Things will balance out in Libra season, and we get a fresh start with the Libra new moon at the end of the month. Read your horoscope to see what’s in store for you:


You could have an emotional catharsis this month as you’re called to let go of the spiritual gunk that you’ve accumulated. One way to do this is by recognizing you need help and getting the care you need. Leaning on others makes you strong. Partnership brings love and opportunity.


You’re called to be the change that you want to see this month when it comes to your community. On the same token, you’re encouraged to release friendships and associations that have become taxing. Now’s the time to focus on your health and wellness. Adopt better habits.


You could reach a career milestone this month that puts you on top or decide to exit where you currently are in favor for something you’re more passionate about. Overall, you’re encouraged to follow your heart now and that goes for love and romance too. Make joy a priority.


It’s possible that you could see your name in print this month or have soul-enriching experience (possibly though travel) that changes your worldview. Meanwhile, it’s time to focus on your emotional nourishment and your definition of home. If looking to move, it can happen.


If an intimate connection has been weighing you down, it’s time to admit it and work on letting go. At the same time, your social calendar will be buzzing this month, so you’ll barely have time to obsess over what you can’t control. Conversations and new connections bring opportunity.


It could be make it or break it time for a significant relationship. Though as you come to your decision remember that it’s not your job to fix anyone and that anyone on Team Virgo should be able to meet you where you are. Financially, you’re looking good. Know your value.


It’s your birthday season and you’re the cosmic darling of the moment. As you start to feel your power and allure rise, seek out ways to better pamper, nurture, and honor yourself. As such, it may be time to let go of a work situation that’s become unhealthy. Your well-being is priority.


You could bring a creative project to life that lands you in the spotlight or decide to take a romantic relationship to the next level (or not). Though overall, you may have a sudden realization about the ways you need to stop playing yourself small. Time to go within and heal.


A home or family related situation could come up this month and remind you that you can’t always fly solo. You need the power of your community now if you want to get ahead. Friendships and connections can be forged and called upon now to help you accomplish your dreams.


You could have a moment of clarity this month that helps you to see something in a new light. Perhaps this means seeing options where you thought you had none or receiving a big dose of hope. Either way, it’s time to release fear and doubt. Professionally, things are about to take off.


A financial matter may come to a head this month, but it could show you the ways you’ve been selling yourself short and settling for less than what you’re due. Meanwhile, it’s time for you to seek out the places, things, and people that inspire you. Start asking for more.


This month could bring you a personal breakthrough of sorts, specifically where you may be holding yourself back through unhealthy or imbalanced connections with others. Consider this your call to ramp up your self-care and self-worth. Also, your finances can improve.