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Your horoscope for one of this year’s most intense full moons  – The Snow Moon In Virgo


On February 19, the Virgo full moon—also a potent supermoon illuminates the opposite zone of your chart. La luna in your busy, task-driven sixth house could inspire an epic clean up that would clutter-shame Marie Kondo herself. This health-conscious full moon can jump-start your spring-training plans by helping you cut back on refined flours and sugars or begin adding regular cardio into your routine. Just pace yourself because diving into anything too extreme, especially during Pisces season, is a setup for failure. Look at where you could make small improvements each day, even if this full moon sparks the urge to blast ahead at warp speed.


When the Virgo full moon—also a potent supermoon illuminates your fifth house of fame, passion and self-expression. Your talents could be recognized, or you may have a creative breakthrough that draws attention. If Valentine’s Day failed to deliver the Hallmark-worthy feels you hoped for, this is your do-over date. With the full moon beaming into this romantic sector of your chart, you’ll be feeling extra spicy.

Strong emotions could surge up under this dramatic full moon, though, so careful that you don’t bulldoze anyone with demands or diva antics. Is baby-making on your 2019 wish list? The fifth house rules fertility, so Cupid could deliver an extra bundle with his arrows this year.


The Virgo full moon—also a potent supermoon—illuminates your fourth house of home and family. Whether it’s by blood or bond, those supportive and unconditionally loving folks deserve your undivided attention. This once-a-year full moon reminds you to touch down at base camp and nurture your connections. Women, mothers and other female relatives are governed by the fourth house, and one of these relationships could be in the spotlight today or over the next two weeks. If there’s been tension, clear the air, but be sure to set ground rules where everyone listens respectfully and gets an equal chance to talk.

Looking for a new address or a fresh decor scheme? The full moon could play real estate agent (or interior designer), helping you create the home of your Pinterest-worthy dreams. If winter blahs have been getting you down, warm up with good company. Host a potluck full moon party and movie night and bring some post-Valentine’s Day cheer into Chateau Gemini.


Virgo full moon—also a potent supermoon—illuminates your third house of communication. Is there a conversation you’ve been putting off or an answer you’ve been awaiting? Keep your devices charged because news could speed your way. Got a project idea brewing or a message to spread? With la luna lighting up your local-events zone, don’t overlook your neighbourhood as a resource. A kindred spirit in your community could turn out to be an amazing partner. Who knows what could happen when you team up? Start with a small trial project to test your synergy and see where it takes you.


A bold money moment arrives on February 19, when the Virgo full moon—also a potent supermoon—illuminates your second house of work and finances. If you’re considering an offer, getting ready for a job change or pondering a new project, the full moon emboldens you to make a decision. Under these confident moonbeams, you’re poised to advocate for yourself. Be prepared with facts and figures, then make your big ask!


A full moon in your sign, Virgo, lands on February 19, asking you to go deeply within yourself, and truly feel your feelings. There’s that rule, put your oxygen mask on first before helping others, and this full moon definitely references this situation. Breathe! Sink deeply into your body, honour the feelings that come up for you, and get clear on your needs. A big emotional release is taking place. Balance in your relationships is key. Let go of anyone who can’t accept that you need to be there for you. Luckily, during this full moon, Mercury meets Neptune and connects with Saturn, which means there will be an empathetic vibe and a grounding energy in the atmosphere.


Speaking of closure, is there something you’ve held onto past its prime? Let it go instead of hanging on for dear life. On February 19, when the Virgo full moon—also a potent supermoon—activates your twelfth house of healing and release. La luna could bring a huge intuitive download, or a nudge to get a spiritual practice going. Meditation, prayer, crystals…whatever speaks to you, open up to those divine downloads. Your inner guidance system wants your attention. Tune in and see where it leads you. The unknown might seem scary, Libra, but what good is staying in your confining and painful “familiar zone”? Veer off the predictable path. The universe could offer a more inspiring option or two!


More belated V-Day vibes head your way on February 18 as the Sun starts a month long visit to your fifth house of love and creativity. Your winter shut-in days are over, Scorpio—it’s time to get out and have some fun! The perfect opportunity arrives on February 19, when the Virgo full supermoon beams in your teamwork zone. Gather with your favorite group or say yes to a promising collaboration. Your social media game is strong under these moonbeams, so use your platform to crowdsource or spread the word.


But kick off the shearling slippers on February 19, when the year’s only Virgo new moon—a potent supermoon—beams into your tenth house of career and success. Plot your power moves accordingly. You could be offered a leadership role or recognized for your hard work of the past six months. Bring on the accolades and raise your asking price if you’ve paid your dues. If you’re not ready for a pay or status bump, what will it take to get there? Carve out time to recalibrate your goals and make sure your everyday actions are getting you closer to that brass ring. Sagittarians have an appetite for more-more-more, but the Virgo full moon reminds you to narrow your focus to what you REALLY want next.


And hey, aren’t you due for some vacation time? The February 19 full supermoon in Virgo sparks up your ninth house of travel, inspiring you to hit “book now” on a bucket list trip. The ninth house also rules entrepreneurship and learning. If you’re thinking of starting a business (or have a budding venture underway), take an important action today. A class or workshop could deepen your knowledge, giving you more confident about putting yourself out there. Have you been procrastinating on an important conversation? The full moon in your outspoken ninth house could get the #RealTalk flowing. Be kind and respectful, but don’t hold back the truth. There, don’t you feel better with that off your chest?


On February 19, the Virgo full supermoon beams into your eighth house of sex, shared finances and merging. A sizzling soulmate attraction might consummate, and longtime couples might make things permanent (or, in some cases, part ways). A joint venture could become official, and you might close an important deal related to real estate or other investments. This spotlight on your long-term finances also gives an unflinching look at where you need to better manage your money.

Strong, unprocessed feelings can surge up at this full moon, especially ones you’ve been trying to hide. Floodgates: down! From jealousy to resentment to questions about trust, the intrigue ratchets up. In the light of this moon, you might issue a heartfelt confession only to feel excruciatingly exposed right after (a “vulnerability hangover,” as Brene Brown calls it). Anger might boil up from feeling so raw, so catch yourself before you’re tempted to lash out.

Aquarius is the sign of emotional detachment, and while you’ve got plenty of feelings, you don’t enjoy having them on public display. This full moon could upend your sense of control and composure. Try to embrace it instead of getting embarrassed. Your humanity is not only attractive; it’s the only way that other people can truly connect with you. Being perfect is overrated!


On February 19, the Virgo full moon—also a potent supermoon—illuminates the opposite point of your chart. With la luna igniting your seventh house of relationships, you could make a prosperous partnership official. A post-Valentine’s engagement could be on the radar for some Fish, or a budding connection might advance to the contract phase.

In other cases, you might call off a commitment that’s no longer yielding returns. Before you tender your resignation or cut someone off, see if you can’t talk things through. With analytical Virgo (the zodiac’s fix-it sign) at the helm, you might be able to repair a rift or come to a new agreement that works better for both of you. You never know unless you try.