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Your ‘Heaven on Earth’ Place Based on Your Zodiac Sign

A ‘Heaven on Earth’ place is somewhere you’d always want to be. It’s a place where you can fulfill all your dreams and fantasies, where you can grow as a person, develop yourself to the fullest, where you can find safety and pleasure, and, most importantly, it’s a place you can call home. Sometimes it takes people a lifetime to find their Heaven on Earth, but once they’re there, they know it’s where they belong.

We know there can’t be a single perfect place for everyone, but for most zodiac signs you can just tell where they would enjoy spending their entire lives without ever wanting to leave. We’ve chosen a city for each astrological sign that might be their own Heaven on Earth and where they could spend their time feeling like home.


Aries is one of the most energetic signs in the zodiac. They don’t know when to stop and they are constantly looking for new and better things to do. Taking a break comes last – if they set their mind on something, they don’t stop until they reach the top. Aries needs to be somewhere where there will always be someone worthy to compete against. Having said that, the best place for an Aries to be in is New York, where the action never stops.


Taurus is an Earth sign, meaning that the most important thing in their life is stability and security. Taureans aren’t big fans of surprises because they like to be ready for all kinds of situations. However, they don’t run from a challenge and can be quite ambitious when trying to get something they truly want. Miami could offer them a surrounding that’s stimulating enough and it can be a nice place for them to settle down and plant their roots in.


The thing Gemini desire the most is to be able to talk to people during the entire day without anyone ever getting sick of them. They want an active life filled with business meetings, catching up with friends, learning about topics they find interesting and, basically, just trying out as many new things as possible. Amsterdam might be a great place for Gemini to constantly keep busy and where they will always find hidden areas that are waiting to be explored.


In order to be truly happy, a Cancer needs to live near water where they can go to the beach in the middle of the night during one of their moody periods and just enjoy the silence in the moonlight. Family is also very important for this Water sign, so having a big cozy home is a huge priority here. Cancers are very sensitive to change, so they will need something that’s relatively stable, but also stimulating enough to keep them busy. Sydney might be the perfect city that will match all their different moods.


Leo’s ideal place to live in is definitely a loud and expensive city where the fun never stops. They need to shine, they need to be seen, and they need bigger, better, brighter! Leo isn’t a sign that is known for being humble, meaning that everyone will know when this Lion is entering a room. Leos need a place where they will be challenged and then succeed just to brag about it afterward. Dubai might be where this Fire sign will find all the excitement needed in the course of one day.


Smart, punctual, and responsible, Virgo’s biggest desire is a place where they can live up to their potential and where all their hard work will be appreciated. Virgos like to know that what they do actually makes a difference even though they don’t really get too emotional about it if it doesn’t. We consider Berlin as their ‘Heaven on Earth’ place because it’s quite neat, well-structured, and with plenty of opportunities for the career-oriented Virgo.


Libras are incredibly balanced people. They usually don’t take sides and they are aware that everything has its own positives and negatives. Staying away from conflict is what a Libra does best along with taking things really slow before making a final decision on something important. Libras also really love being around people and socializing comes naturally to them, so they might just adore Los Angeles where they can find a little bit of everything.


Scorpio is the most powerful and influential sign in the entire zodiac. They can be mysterious, intense, and hard to deal with, but also incredibly loyal and quite energetic when they’re in a good mood. This Water sign needs a dynamic environment, someplace where changes are accepted quickly and where there’s plenty of space for unpredictable last-minute activities to be planned. Tokyo is where a Scorpio belongs – the dimmed lights, the nightlife, and the mysterious vibes are perfect for this Water sign.


There is no sign that enjoys traveling more than a Sagittarius. They have trouble sitting still; movement is what keeps them feeling alive and fulfilled. It’s hard to pick a ‘Heaven on Earth’ place for a Sagittarius because, to them, the entire journey is like Heaven. Still, there is no doubt that they will pick a city where there is plenty to see and plenty to do starting from extreme sports all the way to cooking classes and Japanese lessons. San Francisco will be here to meet all their daily needs.


Capricorns are career junkies who want all their work to be appreciated, credited, and known. Capricorn’s ideal city is someplace where their ambition and workaholic behavior won’t be frowned upon but applauded and approved. This Earth sign is quite reserved and cold, surviving by not expressing feelings or emotions, but they can be very interesting and innovative when they’re up for it. Capricorn’s ideal city to live in is definitely the cloudy, cold London where they will be accepted with arms wide open.


Aquarians have always been a bit different than the other signs. They do whatever they feel like doing at the moment – which is usually the weirdest thing they can find nearby – and they don’t really care if you approve of it or not. As long as they’re satisfied, your opinion doesn’t matter. Other than that, Aquarians are huge on charity work, so they might be most satisfied in the Texan city of Austin, where they can present themselves as the voice of change and help out those in need.


Pisces is considered the most romantic sign of the zodiac, but also the biggest idealist and the most delusional. They enjoy art and creative expression more than anything else because that way they can escape the cruel reality of things surrounding them. The mystical Pisces will need a home where they can lose themselves in beautiful scenery whenever they’re facing difficult times, so the best place for them would be the beautiful Paris with its never-ending charm.

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