Your Friday Horoscope – 1 June 2018

Communication planet Mercury connects with Mars at 10:13 AM, creating a proactive and chatty energy. Venus connects with Jupiter at 10:28 AM, encouraging us to be kind and generous—and to have a good time (perhaps too good a time; it will be easy to over indulge!). The Moon in Capricorn also connects with lucky Jupiter at 12:41 PM. The Moon opposes Venus at 12:58 PM, finding us craving affection, and creativity flows as the Moon mingles with Neptune at 2:30 PM. Tonight, the Moon meets Pluto at 11:37 PM, stirring up very complicated and intense emotions.

All Times EST.


Your planetary ruler Mercury connects with action planet Mars this morning, creating an energetic vibe (especially around travel), and bringing exciting news your way. It’s also a fantastic day to attract abundance!


The Moon is in Capricorn, illuminating the relationship sector of your chart, Cancer. It’s a fantastic day to connect with people, especially creative collaborators or love interests. Call your crush!


The Moon might be in stoic Capricorn, but the vibe is busy and playful today, as exciting connections are made in your social life and with partners you want to connect with. Harmonious energy flows around your emotions!


Your ruling planet Mercury connects with action planet Mars this morning, Virgo. A very productive and confident energy around your work arrives today—and good vibes are flowing around relationships and communication, too!


Your planetary ruler Venus connects with Jupiter today, Libra. It’s a fantastic day to have fun; however, you’re also eager to work hard and to show off your talents today. Some fantastic rewards may come your way!


A Scorpio is never afraid to talk about deep, intense topics—and that’s precisely what will happen (with ease and confidence!) today when Mercury and Mars mingle. Venus and Jupiter also connect, creating an uplifting energy.


The Moon in Capricorn lights up the financial sector of your chart today, encouraging you to reflect on your budget. Your planetary ruler Jupiter meets with Venus, making this a wonderful day to tap into your intuition and make deep, intimate connections.


The Moon is in your sign today, Capricorn, so make time to nurture yourself! The energy is very chill yet productive: Mercury and Mars connect, finding you engaging in exciting conversations. Venus and Jupiter also mingle, creating a fantastic energy for socializing and connecting with others.


The Moon in Capricorn asks you to slow down today, Aquarius! There is an easy and proactive yet gentle mood in the air. It’s a fantastic time to connect with a crush or share ideas about a creative project you’re working on.


Sweet, sexy Venus connects with your planetary ruler Jupiter this morning, creating a generous and optimistic energy. Deep conversations take place and profound ideas and stories are shared. Romance is in the air.


Chatty Mercury connects with your planetary ruler Mars this morning, creating an exciting and social energy for you to enjoy. Plus, Venus and Jupiter connect, creating warm, fuzzy feelings and helping you process some emotionally tough stuff.


Your planetary ruler Venus makes a lovely connection with generous Jupiter this morning, creating a beautiful energy! It’s a fantastic time to link with friends, lovers… anyone, really!

by Annabel Gat

Source: broadly.vice