Your Face Can Reveal What Part of Your Body is Sick, & What to Do About It

Nobody welcomes acne with a smile. No matter how confident a person we are, acne can make us all a little insecure. Some acne is so serious that no matter how many expensive face washes and creams you use, they just don’t seem to leave your face. However absurd it may sound, some acne issues are actually related to deep-rooted issues and they act as an indication for you to treat the issue before it’s too late.

If you see breakouts happening constantly in a particular part of your face, it can have a particular internal issue related to it. The first step to cure this is face mapping. According to the concept of face mapping, different flare-ups of acne in certain locations all have various causes.

According to a Chinese scholar and co-founder of the skincare line Baszicare, Chapman Lee, face mapping is the ability to see the reflection of the body’s organs on each part of the face by observing the face’s complexion — such as lustre, dullness, and colour [and breakouts].

The concept of face mapping has evolved over time. However, the core idea yet remains to be – where you’re breaking out is a reflection of what’s going on in your body. Face mapping is the simplest and quickest way of detecting the cause of acne and other issues leading to it in its premature stages. To start off with, let us discuss how your lifestyle and diet can influence acne based on its location.

Acne on t-zone: If you’re experiencing breakouts around the forehead area that typically means you’re stressed out in some way. If pimples are popping up between your eyebrows or nose area, that’s sometimes associated with an imbalance in the kidney, stomach

Acne on cheeks: Acne on your cheeks is connected to an imbalance of your liver and lungs.

Acne on jaw, neckline, or chin: These occur due to an imbalance in the large intestine or colon. They can also typically be related to the spleen, digestive system, or kidneys.

Now that we know the reasons why we get acne in particular places, it’s time we locate the organs and find out ways to avoid reasons that cause acne.

The Area Between Your Eyebrows – Liver: This happens when you stress your liver too much. So go light on your smoking and drinking habits. Doctors also suggest involving exercise in your daily life. Also, make sure you get enough sleep and focus on the quality of sleep.

Forehead – Bladder & Small Intestine: The reason is stress. Leave your workload in the office. And cut down on fatty food. No more scrolling through Instagram on your phone right before closing your eyes. Instead, try listening to some soothing music or reading a book to help lull you to sleep. And increase intake of fibre in your diet.

Eyebrows and Eye Area – Kidneys: This is caused due to dehydration and malnutrition. Avoid consumption of alcohol and smoking. Increase your water intake. Caffeine can also lead to increase in this acne.

Cheeks – Lungs & Liver: Your lungs are liver is weak. Once again, cut back on those after-work happy hours and guilty pleasure cigs. Instead, spend your time in the gym. Also, say bye to spicy food.

Upper Part of Your Cheeks – Lungs: There isn’t a lot that you can do to prevent acne at this spot because it happens due to pollution. Take cautions. Wash your face regularly and try to cover it when out in the dust.

Nose – Heart: Acne on the nose is an indication of heart issues. Reduce the intake of salt as your blood pressure levels are likely to be improper.

Mouth & Chin – Stomach: This area is related to stomach. Cut down on junk food and replace it with vegetables and fruits (missing mom already?).

Jaw and Neck – Hormones: Acne here happens due to hormonal issues. Either concern a gynaecologist if it is severe or starts eating healthy.