Your Eyes Are The Windows To Your Soul: The True Meaning Of Each Color

One of the first things you notice about someone is their eyes and when many of us make direct eye contact with another person we get an instant vibe or feel as to what they may be like. That’s part of why it has often been said “the eyes are the windows to the soul,” in that they subtly reveal all sorts of information about a person. Think about it, when you look into someone else’s eyes you can pick up on if they are happy or mad, sad or indifferent, or whatever other emotion they may be feeling at the moment.

Simply put, our eyes are expressive and capable of conveying unspoken messages, unless you happen to have dead eyes! Even when we try to hide certain things, our eyes often end up betraying us. Take for example when a person is fake smiling and pretending to be happy. You can tell they are not being sincere because a true smile shows through the eyes, which is why people sometimes say ‘smile with your eyes.’

The color of our eyes can also reveal what our personalities are like on a deeper level. Over the years many specific traits and characteristics have become linked to each eye color and this further allows us to get a read on people. While no two people’s eyes are made up of the same exact pigmentation, which is what gives them their distinct coloring, the human eye only comes in several distinct colors. Those eye color categories include the following; brown, hazel, blue, green, silver or gray, amber, and black.

Brown eyes are by far the most common throughout the world, with most estimates claiming that over 55% of the planet’s population have them. Some people’s eyes are so dark brown that they may appear black, which is where black colored eyes come from. Blue eyes are the second most dominant eye color, with some 8% of all people having them. Blue happens to be the most popular contact lens color as well so it’s also the most desired. Slightly trailing blue are hazel colored eyes, 5-8% of the world’s population sport the greenish-yellow tinted hue. Green eyes are even less common, only 2% of people have them, and the rarest colors of all are amber and gray colored eyes.

All of that is very interesting to know but what’s even more intriguing is what your eye color can reveal about who you are. To find out the meaning behind your eye color simply click on the image below that matches your own and read what it reveals about your personality. Have fun with this and see if you agree with what it says, enjoy!