Your Extensive & In Depth Weekly Horoscope For 28 May – 3 June 2018

This Tuesday, May 29 marks the year’s only full moon in Sagittarius, the zodiac’s most intrepid voyager. Surf the travel blogs and commune with your inner nomad. If you could go anywhere on the planet, where would you drop your next pin? Would you backpack through the Patagonian glaciers and lagoons? Dance to the beat of djembe drums in Ghana? Festival-hop through the good old USA? Wherever your internal compass points you, start researching in earnest. You might turn up enough compelling evidence to hit “book now” on Expedia before the week is through. And while there’s nothing quite so expansive or eye-opening as a sojourn beyond state or national borders, this might not be an immediate option. Besides, wherever you go, there you are—even if you DO discover new aspects of your personality when they are mirrored by the influence of diverse cultures. Find a way to journey this week. You could travel in the figurative sense by joining a mind-blowing book club, signing up for an online workshop (with an overseas teacher, even!) or meditating with a shamanic track playing in the background. This full moon also blesses teachers and entrepreneurs. Time to launch that workshop or beta-test your latest product! You may get those genius ideas to market sooner than you think.

On Wednesday, voluble Mercury throws a homecoming rager as he zooms into Gemini until June 12. Talk about a double shot of articulation! Wordplay could be foreplay during this two-week cycle. Intellectual repartee and clever banter will be the ultimate glue for kindred spirits. There’s no time like the present to get going on that memoir, launch a podcast or step up to the open mic and slay! Keep your radar up for a soul twin. Dynamic duos FTW!

As the week winds down, love planet Venus in Cancer sashays into the starring role, making two proactive interplanetary connections (120-degree trines) on Friday and Saturday. First up is a tantalizing tango with Jupiter in Scorpio that could turn brewing chemistry into an exothermic explosion of lust and intimacy. If your “private dancer” is someone you’ve shared a bed with for years, lean in to Jupiter’s wanderlust and switch up the scenery. A night at an Airbnb or staycation at a local boutique hotel can set the stage for spicy pillow talk and postgame planning for your long-range future. While you might not be able to take every one of these ideas to the bank, it will be fun to fantasize about what your relationship COULD possibly be. Single peeps will feel more like romantic risk takers with Friday’s Venus-Jupiter trine. Cross-cultural connections will be blessed by the red-spotted planet. Break from type and you could be oh-so-pleasantly surprised!
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Then, on Saturday, Venus will nuzzle with dreamy Neptune in Pisces—the second “water trine” of the week. Fantasies could become reality…only to shape-shift back into fantasies again. But this is one of those weekends when embracing the moment can bring a memorable one-off that is SO worth it—even if it IS just a temporary thing. Under this soothsaying starmap, seek out the intersection of spirituality and decadence. Maybe you’ll bliss out on raw chocolate at a heart-opening cacao ceremony as you elevate to the frequency of love. Or how about a vibrational sound healing or yoga meditation with gongs? If you don’t live in an area that offers such things, create a loving gathering of your own. Invite friends over for a poetry party where you each read a favorite ode or meet up to make vision boards and share a potluck meal. Of course, there’s no need to skip a festive Saturday night! Venus IS the soiree queen and Neptune the lord of the dance. Slip on those ballet flats and paint the town holographic crimson.


On Tuesday, May 29 the year’s only full moon in Sagittarius flips a switch in your ninth house of travel, adventure and education. It’s a great big world out there, so widen your viewfinder—as well as your beliefs about what’s actually doable. The lunar light will brighten this arena of life for the next six months, but if you’re jonesing to get away or do something mildly thrilling, why wait? Reach out to friends, business associates and even online pals to see who might want to travel with you—or host you! Talk to your squad about a trip, perhaps a retreat at which you can get certified as a fitness instructor. Or just google places or activities you think you might like, such as hiking, cycling or surf trips. If funds are tight, research ways you can volunteer your time in exchange for room and board. Some Rams will be happiest renting a cabin in the mountains all by yourself to finish (or start) your memoir or another literary project. Since the ninth house rules publishing, this might wind up being more than just a “vanity project.” Time on your own could also spark an entrepreneurial notion, another ninth-house pursuit. This is the honesty center of your chart, so if you’ve been afraid to express your opinions—or to confess your feelings for someone—this lunation could open the blocked verbal floodgates. Just be careful that you don’t get carried away with the spontaneous Sagittarius energy and injure someone with your truth hammer.

On Wednesday, gregarious Mercury jams into Gemini, electrifying your third house of socializing and local action until June 12. You might become way more knowledgeable about your own ‘hood as you get to know the business owners and regular patrons. Who knows? You might not need to be Ubering or mass-transiting all over town when the hottest stuff is happening in your own backyard. And if you’re single, Cupid’s arrows might land a stone’s throw from your bedroom!

Friday’s sweet sync-up of amorous Venus in your domestic quarters and amplifying Jupiter in your erotic eighth house can rustle up some outsized feelings of attraction, intimacy—and red-blooded lust. Cancel non-obligatory plans and dive into your couple bubble. Single? Suit up and do some laps in the digital dating pool. This is also a great night for family time, whether with your “up” or “down” line. When’s the last time you had dinner with your parents? If you live nearby, that could make you happier and more nostalgic than you’ve been in ages.
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The feels just keep on coming! On Saturday, sensitive Venus gets a loving embrace from compassionate Neptune, who’s parked in your subterranean twelfth house. This could blow your heart chakra wide open, inspiring you to open YOURSELF up to someone’s romantic overtures. This dynamic duet can spark some deeply creative output, so give yourself time and space to write, sketch, take photos or improv a dance number that has YouTube potential. But don’t focus on the “production” values. Just tap the rich reservoir of your own infinitely innovative soul.


Privacy, please! The year’s only full moon in Sagittarius illuminates your sultry, seductive eighth house—possibly with scented tea candles and pink salt lamps! Under this erotic lunar light, you won’t be in the mood for anything casual—though you wouldn’t say no to a little adventurousness! The influence of this full moon can last six months, and during that time, you might feel like it’s got to be all or nothing. If you’re involved with a commitment-phobe—whether for business or romance—you might issue an ultimatum. When it comes to affaires du coeur, strive to balance lust with trust. Even if something starts off “just physical,” your passionate, sensual soul won’t be able to NOT get emotionally involved. If you’ve been growing closer to someone, this full moon could nudge you toward permabonding.
After a dizzying three weeks of hosting quicksilver Mercury in your sign, you may be relieved when the messenger planet spins into Gemini and your second house of money and security on Wednesday (until June 12). Hopefully you captured a few of last month’s glimmering brainstorms: Now you can put them to the “acid test” to see which, if any, are worth developing. Of course, you don’t need any prompting to proceed nice and slowly—that is, at normal Taurus speed. But if you keep at it and apply steady pressure, your efforts could hit pay dirt.

You might stumble on the perfect partner for one of those projects on Friday, during the harmonious hookup of diplomatic Venus in your communication corner and expansive Jupiter in your zone of dynamic duos. Your powers of persuasion will be in fine form, AND you can express yourself eloquently and honestly. On top of that, you’ll be willing to consider a range of feedback—i.e., not just positive. People might be pleasantly surprised at how open-minded—and non-defensive—you are, which speaks to your genuine confidence. That alone could sway some folks to jump on-board with your idea. Single? An intriguing prospect might cross your path, giving off strong “potential love connection” vibes. Don’t push back just because this person holds different opinions: A lively debate keeps things from ever getting boring, provided you both act with respect. Attached? Under this flowing cosmic energy, you’ll feel empowered to express something you’ve been holding in, and bae will be surprisingly receptive.

You may not even come in for a landing this Saturday, preferring to keep that hummingbird energy going! And who could blame you? Amiable Venus in your social sector teams up with dreamy Neptune in your collaborative eleventh house. More will be merrier and mightier, especially if you have a world-bettering idea you need to put a little more muscle behind. It doesn’t have to be heavy, though. Gather your squad for a “working brunch” in which you invite people to share THEIR thoughts about how to best get this idea up and running.


Love rules on Tuesday, May 29 when the full moon—in your opposite sign of Sagittarius—powers up your relationship house. Effective immediately, the spotlight beams onto your other half or, if you’re single, provides a high-powered searchlight to find your missing puzzle piece. This could reveal a potential business partner or creative collaborator, but if you’re holding out for a soulmate, intensify your efforts. This lunar lift is in effect for the next six months, upping your romantic manifesting mojo. Been doing a slow (and possibly hard-to-interpret) dance with someone for the past six months? That could suddenly gel into something you CAN get a read on. If the ball’s in your court, Gemini, shoot or pass: It’s not fair to keep this dangling in midair. A work-related joint venture could put both of your names on the map over the next few weeks. With stakes this high, it’s worth asking the toughest questions: Are you on the same page about your long-term goals? Do your personal values align? If you’re not happy with the answers, initiate an open and candid discussion about the points where you fear inequality—remembering that there will always be differences of style and opinion.

On Wednesday, get ready for your annual mental power surge! Your ruler, analytical and articulate Mercury, buzzes into your sign and first house of identity until June 12. Over the next two weeks, you’ll be in rare form, cranking out brilliant, creative work in record time. Your thinking will be clear and innovative, but don’t slow down to explain things to people who will never be able to grasp them. Step into your power and position yourself as a leader in your field. If you need to get more training or experience, immerse yourself and come out the other end an influencer.

You might get a wild hare to refeather your nest on Friday, when beautifying Venus in your zone of money and possessions meets up with “go for it!” Jupiter in your sixth house of minutiae and hard work. Downshift from manic Gemini speed and give this project the time and attention to the details it requires. Think understated, streamlined aesthetics. A good place to start is clearing out clutter and keeping only the things that create a sense of peace and spaciousness. Small, perfect touches—like a flowering plant or piece of art—can turn your workspace into a mini haven. And since Venus IS the love planet, this is a great opportunity to revamp your romantic life in any way you deem necessary. If you’re in a relationship that’s been going nowhere, screw up the courage to broach the subject and let them know what you want and need. Solid couples will enjoy making preliminary plans for an eco-chic getaway or a long-awaited big-ticket purchase.

On Saturday, you might be inspired to find a new income source to fund these big plans. A supportive trine between luxurious Venus and inventive Neptune could unearth something you never dreamt of before. This merger could also help you weave more of your passion into your professional life—and make a profit!


If the wellness wagon keeps passing you by, you can hop on-board this Tuesday, May 29 as the full moon in sporty Sagittarius illuminates your sixth house of health, fitness and daily routines. If it’s been a while since you broke a sweat or made a habit of eating fresh produce, this once-a-year lunar lift can fill your motivation tanks. Taking care of yourself isn’t just a nice idea. It’s important to stay healthy and limber—and to keep your stress levels in a manageable range. The two weeks following a full moon are peak manifestation time, so give priority to working out on a regular basis and preparing healthy meals for yourself. (Pro tip: Double the dinner recipes so you’ll have a premade lunch ready for you the next day. And on the weekend, prepare enough to last several days.) If you have been taking care of numero uno, your body might be ready for a gentle detox, in which you cut out—or cut way back on—dairy, meat, alcohol and sugar. Healthy digestion is key to keeping your immune system humming!

Shift out of hyper-analytical mode on Wednesday and ease into a more creative, intuitive approach to problem-solving—and to everything! This is your annual respite from heavy mental lifting, when brainy Mercury embarks on its annual trek through your imaginative twelfth house (until June 12). True, you might accomplish a little less in the “real” world, but define “real”! The same way a farmer has to let his fields rest in between harvests to replenish the nutrients in the soil, your own mind needs the occasional breather. If there’s any forgiveness or personal healing work to do, dive in with a compassionate professional.

If you’ve been waiting for a romantic reboot—or just a romantic anything—you only have to hold out until Friday. That could be one of the luckiest and sexiest days of your year, thanks to a sweet sync-up of amorous Venus in your sign and effusive Jupiter in your flirty fifth house. This realm also rules playfulness and (smart) risks. To find true love—or even throbbing lust—you might have to step outside your comfort zone. You could meet someone from a different background and feel an instant click. Happily hooked up? This is a beautiful time to express your deepest feelings and let those heartfelt emotions come gushing out—perhaps with a thoughtful gift or an act of devotion? Since Jupiter rules truth-telling, you’ve got cosmic support to bare your soul and talk about the things you’d like to create in your shared future. Pro tip: Approach this conversation as a request rather than a criticism or ultimatum, which will only put bae on the defensive.

Saturday’s stars offer more encouragement to take a leap of faith, whether with a stranger or your partner. Charming Venus is getting a supportive beam from dreamy Neptune in your idealistic ninth house, which could blur some of your etched-in-stone boundaries. A weekend expedition to an unfamiliar destination could infuse relationships with fresh blood. Even if you can’t get away, checking out new venues and hanging with different people can keep you inspired all weekend—and longer!


Shine your love light like a beacon on Tuesday, May 29 when the year’s only full moon in Sagittarius flips the power switch in your fifth house of ardent passion, creativity and fame. Single Lions could fall head over paws for a person who stumbles into your sight lines—and thanks to this spontaneous lunar lift, totally unexpectedly. Are you in a hard-to-define relationship? These lunar high beams could illuminate aspects of the connection AND yourself that give you the insight and confidence to initiate the shift you desire. But don’t expect other people to get things into motion. This empowering lunation puts YOU in the driver’s seat. Couples experiencing a romantic renaissance should focus on the sweet little gestures that keep the wheels of commitment greased. Under this fertile full moon, talks could turn to babymaking. Not ready for that? How about a creative brainchild that you can pour your passion into? With your “celebrity” corner lit up, your talents may garner the kind of recognition they deserve. You’ve earned your bragging rights, so go ahead and promote your offerings.

On Wednesday, clever Mercury zips into Gemini and your eleventh house of group activity and all kinds of collaboration. There’s plenty of kudos to go around, so take ownership of your accomplishments—just don’t dominate the spotlight! You might actually have more fun working side by side with an innovative person or team during this two-week cycle that encourages camaraderie. But in your forward-thinking mindset, don’t forget your tried-and-true tribe. Organize some squad hangs between now and June 12, from rooftop dining to exploring new hiking trails.

Friday’s stars turn your attention inward, as sensitive Venus teams up with magnifier Jupiter in your most compassionate houses, hitting you with a rogue wave of emotion and sentimentality. It won’t take much to uncork the waterworks: a sweet or sad story, a random memory of an ex or old beloved pet… Who knows? This mushy mashup may inspire you to drop the mask and share an intimacy. This could be good for you—AND surprisingly cathartic to someone who’s struggling with a similar issue. With Jupiter churning things up in the zone that rules women, you could tap into a wellspring of support from a new group of soulful sisters.

The feels just keep on coming into the weekend! On Saturday, amorous Venus connects with compassionate Neptune in your eighth house of intense emotions. This isn’t just “vibing” people, Leo: You could shift into full-on empath mode, where you actually feel what others are experiencing. Note that this can be a “blessing” or a “curse,” depending on who the other person is and how well you can shield your field. If it’s a lover (or love interest), then open up the channel and let love rule! But with non-romantic partners, you may have to erect some healthy boundaries. You’ll be a sensitivity sponge, which needy people have a sixth sense for and can suck you dry. Set time limits for convos that you know are going to be totally one-sided, and then clear the space afterward by burning sage and sitting with a black crystal, like tourmaline, onyx or obsidian.


If your home isn’t as sweet as you’d like it to be, you can kick off some domicile-improving initiatives this week. Tuesday, May 29 brings the year’s only full moon in Sagittarius and your fourth house of family and foundations. Domestic matters will be front and center over the coming two weeks—possibly the next several months, as these moonbeams’ influence can last half a year. Party invites and industry events may take a back seat to intimate dinners with bae or BFFs, or even to a steady diet of Netflix and chilling. Under this lunar glow, women will become more prominent—and important—in your daily life, so give the chicas priority seating. If you’ve been mulling a move or shift in your roommate situation, la luna will illuminate your various options, including things you may not have even considered. If you’re finally ready to knock down some walls or redo the kitchen, be sure to get multiple bids before signing any contracts—and when you do, have a lawyer review all the paperwork. Whatever changes you do or don’t make, honor your soul’s craving for a home-based sanctuary.

Get a good night’s sleep on Tuesday, because starting this Wednesday, your career will heat up to the boiling point! Your cosmic custodian, quicksilver Mercury, bolts into Gemini and your professional tenth house, turning up the gas on your ambitions. Between now and June 12, you’ll be on fire, and you don’t want to squander a ounce of this high-octane fuel. (You might finally get on-board with the whole bulletproof coffee and maca smoothie thing.) People will be paying attention to what you do, and while no one ever has to tell a Virgo to work hard, it’s worth a note to always be dressed to impress. You could get pulled into a high-powered meeting or invited last-minute to a business lunch. Because momentum will continue to build, take good care of your body and mind so you can keep up this hectic-yet-exhilarating pace!

Power to the people! All your various friendships and business alliances take on enhanced significance Friday, when an empowering alignment of gregarious Venus and jovial Jupiter lights up your social sectors. You might amaze yourself at how connected to and appreciative of your BFFs you feel. In honor of that, why not organize an impromptu tribal gathering at either Chez Virgo or a favorite local hangout? If one friend in particular has gone out of their way for you, send a personal note expressing your gratitude and asking if there’s any way you might lend support. Look for ways to play an influential role with people you care about, perhaps by making a key introduction. With amorous Venus stationed in your friendship zone, don’t be surprised if the line between like and lust stars to blur. Don’t dismiss seductive vibes you feel coming from someone you never thought of “that way.” This could be a match made in heaven!

Saturday’s idealistic mashup of Venus and compassionate Neptune in your partnership realm could soften your inner critic. Anyone can spot people’s “flaws,” but it takes a wise soul to see their brilliant potential. Just don’t lose your secret weapon: discernment. There is a bottom line to what is and isn’t acceptable—at work and especially in interpersonal connections.


Stay open to possibilities—especially the ones that come from out of the blue! On Tuesday, May 29 the year’s only full moon in Sagittarius electrifies your third house of communication and social interaction, especially on the local scene. You could meet a kindred spirit in the most unlikely of places, like the florist’s or while waiting for a bus. These moonbeams are powerful for creative collaborations—and just expanding your friend circle—so there’s no reason to keep your guard up. An acquaintance who’s been hovering near the periphery might move closer. One conversation over coffee or drinks could reveal BFF potential. Your loquacious sign is seldom at a loss for words, and in the two weeks following this full moon, you’ll have a finely honed message that you’re eager to put out to a larger audience. One suggestion: Stay aware of the difference between “monologue” and “dialogue.” Yes, you’ve got something important to tout, but people like a chance to give feedback and share THEIR ideas. Listen as much as you speak, and you’ll develop an enthusiastic fanbase!

Ready to flap those wings, Libra? Or maybe your preferred mode of transport will be an Airbus. On Wednesday, peripatetic Mercury rolls into Gemini and your ninth house of travel and adventures until June 12. This could happen on a literal, global level (hello, Helsinki or the High Sierras!) or, if you can’t get away this month, more of a metaphoric one with a schedule packed with multicultural outings. Pro tip: Leave plenty of white space in your calendar to accommodate unexpected invites. A long-distance relationship could perk up, but before you dismiss it out of hand, consider the benefits (your freedom; absence making the heart grow fonder) as well as the challenges. For couples, taking a baecation can deepen your connection—and set the stage for someone popping a big question, if you’re close to that!

Be sure the decision makers know how to find you on Friday! A rare and auspicious connection between the luckiest planets in the zodiac, Venus and Jupiter, lights up your work and money houses. A huge opportunity could fall into your lap—and defy common “knowledge” that you shouldn’t mix business and pleasure. If you’ve been trying to hatch a revolutionary idea for an entrepreneurial venture, reach out to your best prospect for a collaborator and discuss it over lattes (or martinis). Just make sure you protect your intellectual property with a nondisclosure agreement. And should sparks fly with this person, protect yourself on THAT level, too. You can’t afford to have emotional awkwardness disrupt a potentially incredible deal. Attached? Talks could turn to pooling your resources, perhaps launching a business together or creating a special savings account for a dream vacay later in the year.

Here’s an important PSA for hyperactive Libras: Slow down occasionally and let your body recharge. You may THINK you can run efficiently on fumes, but eventually that’s going to catch up with you. If Venus is veering you toward workaholic territory, Saturday’s alignment with soothing Neptune in your healing house may pull the emergency brake. You don’t have to derail your own bullet train—just make sure you’re fueling up with fresh produce and lean protein, while taking regular movement breaks.


Bring on the money moves! The Sagittarius full moon powers up your second house of work and moola on Tuesday, May 29. If spring’s been off to a slow start professionally speaking, things could change quickly and dramatically once this lunar lift kicks in. Of course, with the moon in an excitable fire sign, its message is one of action. You can’t expect great things to land in your lap if you’re not making a concerted effort to put yourself out there. Get dressed up and go charm potential clients, partners or decision makers. Revise your resume and profiles to reflect 2018 you, complete with recent accomplishments (think big numbers!), and get it into circulation. This full moon can also help you get a better handle on your personal finances. There’s no point pulling down a better-paying gig if you burn it as fast as you earn it. You need a grown-up budget and savings plan if you’re going to reach your goals. Need an assist? Ask your friends to recommend financial advisers they like. Even if you don’t have much extra to play with, the pros can actually help you come up with a plan to find and create your nest egg.

Wednesday’s stars turn your head in a whole other direction as flirtatious Mercury dips into its home sign of Gemini, electrifying your seductive eighth house. You won’t be able to keep quiet about an attraction. If you’ve been coy until now, you’ll be eager to share with friends and especially with that person! But remember: A little mystique goes a long way toward building desire. Work your Scorpio magic but don’t underestimate how irresistible your charms can be. Make sure this is what you want, too—once they decide to go all in, it might not be so easy to disconnect. Mercury will linger here until June 12, so save your strongest manifesting mojo for someone with “keeper” potential.

On Friday, worldly and expansive Jupiter syncs up with Venus, in a flowing trine (120-degree angle.) For couples, this could mean taking your union to the next level of commitment or smoothing out a rough patch. Go out for a romance-rebooting date, or plan an idyllic getaway a deux to really rekindle the spark. Single? Remind yourself that you don’t have to “be” or “become” anything to find lasting love. And spin a wider web! Near the weekend you might discover a soulmate who lives long-distance, perhaps a traveler who’s just visiting your neck of the woods.

You might have actual stars in your eyes on Saturday, when dream-weaver Neptune in your maison d’amour winks at Venus in your adventurous ninth house. A very intriguing prospect could walk right into your sight line, captivating you first with their aura and then with a sexy, hard-to-place accent. But keep your wits. There’s a lot to learn about this person before you start coming up with baby names. Attached Scorpios might want to cancel plans with casual friends and devote the day—and the night—to each other.


Happy cosmic New Year! Tuesday, May 29 marks the annual full moon in Sagittarius, which lands with a fanfare in your first house of identity and invites you to take your rightful place on the main stage. If you’ve been hiding your light under a barrel, it’s time to let it shine like the beacon it is! If you’ve been holed up in your private cave, you may not realize that the world is waiting with bated breath to hear your message and see your offerings. Not sure what that might be? Think about the projects you’ve been working on since the new moon in Sagittarius last December 18. You may feel this fierce need for liberty most strongly for the two weeks following this full moon. But don’t worry that you’ll lose your mojo after that! La luna’s full effect can take up to six months to unfold, and even after the applause initially dies down, you could get called back for an encore performance later in the year.

You may want to bring someone onstage with you on Wednesday, as tag-teaming Mercury drops into the sign of the Twins and your partnership zone until June 12. Whether this is a love interest, your rock-steady bae or a potential business or creative collaborator, you’ll be happy to share the limelight for the next few weeks. While you may have to compromise on a few points and relinquish a little control, you stand to have more fun and romance—or at least lighten your workload. Cupid could easily make you his bulls-eye, and with cerebral Mercury stirring things up, do a little “pre-thinking” about what you want—and do NOT want—to bring into your life.

Authenticity is the word of the day on Friday, when you’ll appreciate the messy beauty of being human—and maybe being in love. You don’t usually buy into the fairy tale, Archer, and good thing! The end of the week finds amorous Venus canoodling with your ruler, open-minded Jupiter, in your most reflective houses. The urge to “perfect” situations or people (yourself included) will weaken in the face of deep and honest dialogue. And with vixen Venus in your seductive eighth house, this kind of soul-baring will be a powerful aphrodisiac. But do a bit of “set decoration” to enhance the mood. Fill the room with scented candles, maybe strategically scatter a few rose petals (marking the trail to your bedroom?). Before you dive into a heavy subject, get into a relaxed and receptive headspace, perhaps by treating yourself to a hot-stone massage or long tub soak beforehand.

The weekend opens with a soulful sync-up of romantic Venus and whimsical Neptune in your most chill outposts. Don’t be too ambitious with your social plans: You’ll be happiest with your favorite plus-one strolling through the park, the farmer’s market, or perhaps you’ll stumble on a street fair. It doesn’t matter what you get up to; as long as you feel relaxed and you both relish comfortable silence, you can’t go wrong!


Tuesday, May 29 marks the year’s only full moon in Sagittarius, which sounds lively and stimulating—except that it falls in your twelfth house of healing, surrender and release. Before you can truly feel free, you need to let something go and move on. No point wasting any more psychic energy trying to control a situation that’s out of your hands. If you’re truly ready to walk away from a person, behavior or memory that’s thwarting your forward progress, these empowering moonbeams can help you rip off the Band-Aid. This won’t be the easiest thing you’ve ever undertaken, but your determined sign has the tenacity to face your challenges with strength and maturity. (Even when you’re sobbing like a baby inside.) Once you make this move, you may feel immediate relief at the lightness and clarity you feel. If you’re not QUITE ready, set a deadline, tap a couple friends to hold you accountable, then do your inner work. A mentor or healer could come to your aid now, so accept their help and follow their advice! Stay focused on how good you’ll feel when you’re on the other side of this, and till then, double down on your rest, hydration and self-care.

A wave of can-do energy may rush in on Wednesday, when vibrant Mercury lands in its natural sign of Gemini and powers up your sixth house of health and fitness until June 12. Even you won’t be buying your excuses for the next few weeks! Once you see through it and really “get” how slacking is hurting only you, you might organically step up your efforts. If the gym isn’t your jam, don’t force yourself to go. Lace up your trainers and take a brisk walk or jog in the park—or hop on a bike and take a circuitous tour of town. Can you join a pool or beach club? “Real life” exercise suits your pragmatic sign. And don’t forget to load up on healthy, low-on-the-food-chain foods!

Friday could be one of the luckiest days of the year for you, Capricorn—in your professional AND personal life. Amorous Venus forms a harmonious angle with growth agent Jupiter in your sectors of friendship and committed relationship. You’ll feel drawn to all kinds of people, and the desire to get to know a few better might be irresistible. Go ahead, Goat: Let ’em know how you really feel. Single? The line of demarcation between pal and paramour may be somewhat bendy now, and who are you to judge? If you can keep an open mind about folks you never thought about “that way,” you (both) could be in for a pleasant surprise. Couples should focus on the friendship part of their union, and take the pressure off by going out and just having fun together! On the platonic level, follow bold Jupiter’s lead and reach out to someone about teaming up on a project. This could lead to a brilliant collaboration!

Saturday’s stars can dial up a power-couple scenario, as sensual Venus in your dynamic-duos realm teams up with fantasy agent Neptune. Step out on the town projecting the quiet authority you feel. Unattached? Turn on the charm: You could meet someone who’s a suitable match, which is saying a lot. This magical connection may strike from out of the blue, but under Neptune’s spell, you might feel like you’ve known each other forever.


On Tuesday, May 29 give a shout-out to your squad and everyone who’s lent their support over the past half-year. That day, 2018’s only Sagittarius full moon lights up your eleventh house of teamwork and technology. As a “born to collaborate” Aquarius, you’ve always valued the help and cooperation of friends, colleagues and even those random people you collect as you go through your normal day. But this once-a-year, high-beam salute in your eleventh house is the perfect occasion to celebrate the folks you treasure the most. If there’s someone in particular who’s really gone the extra kilometer, do something special, like sending flowers or treating them to lunch. Sure, it’s keeping the wheels of friendship greased, but more importantly, it’s a feel-good gesture that you’ll both appreciate. On the flip side, if a certain group is starting to feel a little claustrophobic, it may be time to loosen your connections or not be such a regular. Your curious and eclectic sign thrives on novelty, and there are always dozens of people, groups and situations that you’re dying to spend more time with. This lunar lift is also auspicious for online ventures, so over the coming weeks, put the finishing touches on that mega digital project you’ve been percolating all spring!

Hello, Glamazon! After a few weeks of living in loungewear as Mercury in your home zone dialed up the domesticity, you’re ready to celebrate the messenger planet’s arrival in your flirty and creative firth house! Get ready for a romance reboot between now and June 12. No more obsessively vacuuming carpets—more like cat-walking on red ones during this high-flying Mercury cycle! You’ll turn heads and will make powerful first impressions. If you’re single, set the bar high, and do NOT compromise your values. You’ve got to “obey” the Law of Attraction for it to work! Looking for sartorial inspiration? Shop your own closet or organize a clothing swap with stylish friends. This might be the time to do THAT new thing with your hair!

The workweek closes on a high note for you, professionally speaking. Before you embark on a playful weekend, nail down the last bits of a big assignment and return all those unanswered emails and calls. A mashup of jubilant Jupiter in your career corner and veracious Venus in your health and service zone will support all your efforts, whether that’s cold-calling a CEO or booking some self-care appointments. If you’re the boss, organize a goodwill- and team-building activity, like taking everyone out for lunch or karaoke happy hour. And since Venus IS the planet of love, someone among those ranks might be sending you a hard-to-misinterpret signal that they’re interested. Blending work and play can get tricky, so make sure you know company policy—and gauge your OWN interest level before you cross any line.

Make a little time over the weekend to focus on your finances: not just sorting bills and expenses but doing some creative visualization around prosperity. While there’s a direct connection between how much you work (and how well you’re compensated) and your bank statement, there’s also your underlying belief system. Saturday’s magnetic alliance between lucky Venus and karmic Neptune in your financial zones could help you flip your script. Try making some symbolic energy changes, like decluttering your work areas to help open up that flow.


Rejoice! This Tuesday, May 29 marks the year’s only full moon in Sagittarius, which opens up the floodgates in your professional tenth house, ushering in a tsunami of success. And you thought no one noticed all your hard work of the past six months?! Not only will it finally be acknowledged, but a decision maker might personally reach out to you to discuss what you’d like to work on next. This would NOT be a moment for false modesty. There is a way to take ownership of your talent and ambition and articulate what you would love to get involved in. If your efforts and achievements aren’t being recognized, you might have to do something very un-Piscean: Start a buzz yourself. Under these glowing moonbeams, a little self-promotion is actually encouraged. Should you find yourself struggling to do this, reframe it as an act of service, focusing on how your talents can help others. If even THAT seems to elude you, hire or barter with a professional friend who will do it for you via social media and word of mouth—the best way to take your message viral. When you connect with the right people, which you WILL sometime in the next six months (the influence cycle of this full moon), you could be invited into some elite circles or asked to teach or give a presentation on your area of expertise.

Wednesday’s stars turn your attention back to home base, raising the question, “Does Chez Pisces feel like a sanctuary, or more like a squatter’s haven?” Be realistic in terms of budget, energy and skills, and assess what’s required to turn it into a peaceful oasis that inspires instead of unnerves you. With strategic Mercury settling into Gemini and your domestic quarters until June 12, you may come up with creative hacks to upgrade and beautify. Spend a little time on the shelter blogs and Pinterest, and let the fun begin!

Feeling frisky? You might be in such a spontaneous mood that you decide to throw caution to the wind on Friday and follow your muse instead of the professional pack. This rare and empowering mashup of fun-loving Venus and adventurous Jupiter takes the pins out of your boundary points. Suddenly wild ideas don’t seem so far-fetched, and taking an extra-long lunch hour sounds like the best idea you’ve had all week. If you catch a case of wanderlust on your rounds, let ideas for your next epic (or mini) getaway start simmering on a mental back burner. A very out-of-the-blue attraction might also bubble up, so if an intriguing stranger is clearly giving you “the look,” wink back! Attached? Spice things up at base camp with a little variety (the allspice of life), either by going out to a totally new venue or finding a sweetly rustic Airbnb for a night of honeymoon-like romancing!

Saturday is a great morning to wake up in a different place or just with your beloved by your side and not much else on the agenda. Ardent Venus is making eyes at your co-ruler, dreamy Neptune, inviting you to let yourself be vulnerable and even a little idealistic. Reality is overrated—at least for the next 24 hours! Read each other poetry in bed, experiment with a little role-playing, share a fantasy you’ve been keeping secret. You can come back down to terra firma next week, but for now, relish rolling in the deep!



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