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Your August Monthly Horoscope Is Here

After the intensity that July brought, August offers a much needed reprieve thanks to the planets that will be dancing through fun-loving Leo and grounded Virgo.

With multiple planets in Leo, which includes communicative Mercury entering Leo on the 11th, we’re called to have fun, get creative, and fall in love with anything or anyone that gets our hearts beating. Plus, Jupiter (the planet of abundance and good fortune) will be moving forward again in happy-go-lucky Sagittarius on the 11th as well, which will increase the good vibes.

On the 15th, the Full Moon in Aquarius comes along to help us with breaking free of soul sucking work, projects, and schedules while pushing us to shake up our routines, pay more attention to our well-being, and to seek out ways we can be of help to others and improve the world around us.

By mid-month, multiple planets shift into Virgo, which includes go-getter Mars, charming Venus, communicative Mercury, and of course the confident Sun. Virgo season officially kicks off on August 23. With all of these planets in Virgo, the focus shifts from party time to busy time as we work towards healing, self-improvement, efficiency, and taking care of more practical matters. With the New Moon in Virgo on the 30th, the cosmos gifts us with some extra help to start the second half of 2019 off right.

Happy Birthday, Virgo!

Romance blooms this month as does your social life, making it the perfect time get out and play. Your creative energy is on fire too, so go with it. You could receive accolades for your talents. Meanwhile, it could be time to let go of a lopsided friendship. Too, self-discipline and a healthy routine will get you far.

Home and family are on your mind now, which could have you spending more time with family; moving, renovating, or redecorating; or working from home. Career-wise, you could hit a huge milestone or decide to exit your job in favor of something you’re really passionate about. Romance is sweet. Make time for play.

You’re quite the social butterfly this month, which should boost your spirits, as meeting new people and trying new things gets your motor going. Your ideas are also on fire too, making the first half of the month perfect for getting those ideas out and in front of the right folks. Later in the month, it’s time to get grounded and nourished.

Money and finances are a big deal for you this month as you’re pushed to better manage yours and seek out new job opportunities. There’s a good chance your bank account will increase and you can finally pay off a large bill. Though believe in your worth, as the genius you’re bringing to the table now is worth its weight in gold.

You’ve got a lot of cosmic power behind you this month that can help you to make some of your biggest dreams come true. Now’s the time for taking a few risks and going after your heart’s desire as you just might get it, love included. Financially, things are looking up too. A new opportunity could be offered. Believe in you.

It’s all about you this month, Virgo, and if things have felt like an uphill battle until now — all that is about to change. Consider this a moment of rebirth. Of course, this is also the perfect time to update your style, beauty, or fitness regimen to compliment the new you. Just don’t spend too much time worrying about the past. Onward.

Your popularity gets a big boost this month, which could lead to several professional opportunities or the chance to connect with some seriously influential people. In terms of love, you could make a romance official or decide to break one off. Too, you could be recognized for your creative talents. Take time to rest.

Your career is on fire this month which could lead to some big wins and achievements. With the reputation and resume you’re building, don’t be surprised if the big wigs in your field are falling over themselves to work with you. Your hustle will be rewarded, so shoot for the stars. The buzz you’ll generate will be priceless.

After swimming in the emotional depths, you’re craving some fun and adventure, and that’s just what you’ll get this month. Whether you’re traveling, pursuing a passion, or seeking out new experiences; it’s time to get back out into the world and living life to the fullest. In terms of your career, get ready to level up.

Your magnetism is off the charts this month which could pave the way for a deep and fulfilling intimate relationship. Though when it comes to love, you may need to face some deep-seated fears, which includes acknowledging your worthiness. Too, take time out for some fun and adventure. Your mind and soul need to be fed.

Partnerships and collaborations are where you’ll find most of your success this month, and that goes for romantic ones as well as professional. Though make sure that those you join forces with have what it takes to match your own unique qualities. Financially, it’s time to get your books in order. Money can improve.

Your health and well-being are at the top of the list as you’re pushed to take better care of your mind, soul, and body. You can expect much of your schedule to be packed this month, but you’re reminded to be intentional about what you take on so you don’t take on too much. A biz partnership could bring you a big reward.

Source: BUSTLE