Your April 2018 Horoscope Is Here

Want to know what’s in store for your star sign this month?

Aries – April horoscope

Something gained, and something lost as well this month. Your relationships have been going from strength to strength recently and you feel loved, needed and valued (cue: Aries purring and cavorting on furniture). Yet, something may be lost, too. It may come as a shock, and you’ll feel the pain, BUT there is just so much love and support for you that you’ll come through, strong as ever. Trust in those you love.

Taurus – April horoscope

All work and no play make Taurus a dull girl. You’ve been overwhelmed with burdens and baggage recently, trying to do it all. It puts you off kilter, and makes you more emotional (not in a good way, in a kind of ‘dressing gown and chocolate’ way…).
The answer is simple: less is more. Consciously audit your commitments and delay, ditch or delegate anything which is non-essential.

Gemini – April horoscope

An investment in the future begins this month; something you enter into enthusiastically and wholeheartedly. Not everyone shares in the joys of spring that you’ve turned up, however. Eyebrows may be raised at your involvement, and lips curled. So what? Ignore them all. You’ll come through and get what you came for. Show ’em.

Cancer – April horoscope

The Love God is strolling into town, and you’re firmly in his sights! Cancerians are never happier than when enjoying the first flushes of romance, so April looks peachy. Get out and about and socialise; somewhere amidst one of these jaunts lurks a character who will sweep you off your feet and, together, you’ll share a private, cosy kingdom. Fill your calendar with fun and games, and let the adventures begin!

Leo – April horoscope

New month, new game, Leo. An opportunity to break a long-held and self-sabotaging bad habit presents itself, and you need to be ready to grab it with both hands. Seriously, this is a chance to rewrite your future, a story without this repeat negative pattern or self belief. Finally free! You CAN reboot, you CAN move on without this troublesome trait dogging your progress. So DO.

Virgo – April horoscope

Why are you so undecided about this opportunity? Honestly, it’s going to be great and turn out for the absolute best, so why do you still agonize over your commitment to it? Join in, sign up, get involved. Others want to benefit from your enviable skills and, together, you’ll all get further faster. Happiness lies in a joint effort, so jump in both feet!

Libra – April horoscope

A sacrifice needs to be made in order to maintain the relationships which matter most to you. Life gets busy, things take over, it’s easy to lose sight of the wood for the never ending, goddamn trees! Get your chainsaw out, Libra, and cut away some dead wood. It may involve actually leaving something / someone / some place, but that’s OK too. We need to keep pruning, in order for our tree of life to grow healthy new buds.

Scorpio – April horoscope

Are you playing the field in some way, Scorpio? Surely not!

Well, maybe so. You’re nobody’s fool and, if they’re going to play it that way, then so can you. Hedging your bets might not be the worst thing to do, but it can’t go on forever or you’ll end up with nothing. You must come down on one side of the fence or the other this month. Examine your feelings: which piece of grass looks greener and happier? Go park your wagon there.

Sagittarius – April horoscope

Many significant life changes begin with us eventually getting sick and tired of our own BS, and you have finally reached that point. It has to stop, and so it will. Drawing a line under this draining chapter of your life will feel great and you’ll quickly get swept up (that infamous Sagittarian spirit is never down for long…) into something else exciting, fresh and adventurous. Now, that’s more like it.

Capricorn – April horoscope

You’re not scared of competition or rivalry – in fact, it secretly enlivens you because you always back yourself. Yet, on this one, you feel a bit wary, a bit doubtful and unsure. Is this really worth the fight?

In short, YES. So, grit your teeth and make a commitment to push for what’s right. It’s going to be worth the effort, not just for you but for those around you, too.

Aquarius – April horoscope

A recent development which you thought was going well, nosedives. Yikes! And you discover things weren’t as you thought they were (uh oh), and it’s all a bit shit. That’s the worst of it.

Still OK? Of course you are, Aquarius, you’re the cleverest, most rational and courageous one among us. Knowing the truth is better than stumbling on with lies or bad vibes. You’ll bounce back better, and on firmer, truer footing by the end of the month.

Pisces – April horoscope

You feel ‘tested’ this month, and under pressure. Now that kind of stuff can get to you, Pisces, because you take things to heart. But none of this is as bad as it looks, nor is it going to last very long. So, take a deep breath and hop, skip and jump over this glitch. It’s smooth sailing and happy days on the other side.


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