Your 2018 Summer Horoscope Is Here

Brace yourselves for the summer of 2018, stargazers. There is plenty of heavenly action in our futures.
For one thing, we’ve got two solar eclipses and one lunar, which will mold you into a better version of yourself if you let them. Next, the second Mercury retrograde of the year will last from July 25 to August 18. Luckily, there couldn’t be a better time to slow down and enjoy the summertime heat. Want to avoid making mistakes during Mercury in Retrograde? Check over and read through everything important (contracts, emails, those gossipy texts) at least twice — doing so will save your sanity and you’ll feel way more secure. Even once we’re free of Mercury retrograde, it won’t exactly be smooth sailing. If you’re looking for the perfect day to make any big decisions, wait for Mercury to move into Virgo from September 6 to 21. This precise sign’s influence will ensure that your thoughts flow with clarity.

Mercury isn’t the only planet going retrograde this summer. Mars will be retrograde from June 26 to August 27, which means that this summer may be full of hot and heavy (but short-lived) flings. Keep an eye out if you’re interested in something a little more serious. Meanwhile, coupled folks will be well-served to remember these dates: June 21, August 7, and September 8. Mars and Venus will be dancing together all summer long, setting the scene for a great night out.

March 21 to April 19

Have you been itching to get away this week? Hold that thought, dear Ram. While your travel planet, Jupiter, is in retrograde, it’s best to be vigilant about every detail so that you can avoid travel woes like missed flights or lost luggage. Listen to your keen sense of intuition to prevent needless stress.

Pay attention to family during the first solar eclipse on July 13. Your family will love you unconditionally no matter what, but you still need to be gentle with them during this sensitive time. While Mars, the planet of action and decision, is retrograde, be sure to triple-check every impulse you feel and choice you make. Take time to ask yourself if hasty purchases and sudden career moves made during this time will be sustainable. You’ll thank us later.

April 20 to May 20

Are you testing out a new look, Taurus? Working with your image is a great way to keep things light this summer. And levity will be at a premium for you, Bull, as lunar eclipse on July 27 is likely to rock your world. Keep an eye on the things that stabilize you: your work, family, and well-being.

Never fear, Venus will cheer you up on August 7 when it posts up in Libra until September 9. The planet of love (and your ruling planet, to boot) will help you live your best life by urging you to pursue a greater sense of health and happiness. You’ll be shining from the inside out in no time.

May 21 to June 20

Ain’t life a peach, Gemini? While the eclipses of July and August will be unusual for everyone, there’s no need for you to stress out. By August, you may notice a shift in your relationships with family members close in age to you. Prepare for check-ins with your siblings and cousins.

Your task during this period is to accept that everyone changes and that we’re not the same people we were yesterday. This September, from the 6th to the 21st, communication planet Mercury will be transiting Virgo, helping aid a peaceful time with your family.

June 21 to July 22

Spend the rest of June making it rain, Crab. Venus is in your sign until the 29th, encouraging you to pamper yourself when you feel like it. Not only will a little self-care help you feel prepared for the rest of the summer season, your friends will be happy to see that you’re looking after yourself (and not just tending to the needs of others).

All this R&R is building toward a serious wakeup call: When the solar eclipse on July 13 swings by, it will remind you to curb your spending. It’s always smart to be wary of over-indulgence. Amplify your sense of self-worth is in August by learning a new skill (it just might give you an edge at your job). You’ll be a natural soon enough.

July 23 to August 22

One of the most beautiful things about you, Leo, is that you are tenacious! That famous Leonine trait may be tested this summer, as the two upcoming solar eclipses will call on your willpower and create some much-needed change in your life. Change isn’t always fun, but you can still learn from it.

The first eclipse on the 13th of July will challenge your sense of spirituality and may even redefine how you appear to your social circle. The second eclipse on the 11th of August is in Leo, your very own sign, which will enact any changes that you should have made during the first eclipse. Get ready to let go of what isn’t serving you anymore.

August 23 to September 22

You just might come through all of this summer’s eclipses unscathed, Virgo. And if you do, it’ll be thanks to your natural tendency to organize, declutter, and toss out things that are no longer necessary. As the Marie Kondo of the Zodiac, you’re reasonably cool with eclipses and their effects.

The first eclipse will ask you to remove people from your life who you don’t need, while the second will encourage you to reevaluate vices that might be holding your back. In August, you might strike a jackpot or finally receive things you’ve long coveted, due to Venus making moves into your money house that month.

September 23 to October 22

Sweet, carefree Libra, listen up. The July 13 solar eclipse is likely to shake up your career house and you need to be ready. Changes are in motion, which may push you to decide quickly on your next move (and we know how much you dread making rushed decisions).

The second eclipse will show up in your house of creativity. You may need to explore some new options at work, possibly ones that incorporate more technology into your everyday tasks. Once you get a handle on it, you’ll be whistling your way to easy street on September 22.

October 23 to November 21

Strategic Scorpio, your hard work is (finally) paying off career-wise. Things will get hectic on the 22nd of June, so trust that you’ll be busy, but you’ll be loving it. Why? July’s solar eclipse will turn the world into your personal, professional playground, which is precisely what you need right now.

Watch out for family drama on the 27th, as water signs may feel the effects of the lunar eclipse that night especially hard. Luckily, it’s nothing you can’t handle, tough Scorpion that you are. The second solar eclipse will arrive on August 11 in Leo and is also expected to affect your career. But beware: The changes might not be as pleasant as those of the last solar eclipse.

November 22 to December 21

This summer’s eclipses will be manageable, Sag, thanks in no small part to your healthy sense of perspective. The first eclipse on July 13 travels through your eighth house of death, rebirth, and sex (and sometimes haircuts!). You may feel a little more on edge than usual, but as long as you keep it cool, you’ll be able to weather the storm.

The second eclipse on August 11 brings (sigh) taxes into the picture, so if you or your partner have any unpaid bills, it’s time to take care of them one way or another. You can let problems pile up until they’re too much to handle, or you can face them head-on, Archer.

December 22 to January 19

If your ideal career features plenty of opportunities to work from home, you’re onto something, Cap. You can achieve any goal once you’ve set your mind to it, and working from the comfort of home is only helpful for your overall success strategy. The first eclipse on July 13 will affect your love and relationship house, cleaning out anyone who does not need to be there. It’s not fun to see romantic interests leave, but keep in mind that it’s often for the best.

The second eclipse on the 27th will offer you the opportunity to sort out any financial missteps you may have taken or bad habits you may have acquired recently. During both celestial events, your goal is clear: It’s time to clean up to create the best “you” there is.

January 20 to February 18

Be careful where your money’s going at the end of June, Water Bearer. Neptune is retrograde, which is excellent for those who want to attack getting out of debt. The first solar eclipse on the 13th of July shakes things up at work and, with Pluto joining the fray as well, you could consider changing careers entirely.

You need to keep a low profile during the lunar eclipse on July 27. It will hit your sign harder than any other during this time, thanks to Uranus. Slow down and recharge. The second solar eclipse on August 11 occurs in Leo and will be focused on your romantic partnerships. Keep your mind and heart open to your partner if things get tough.

February 19 to March 20

Luckily for you, Pisces, the July 13 solar eclipse won’t be too rough. It will create minor disruptions at work while passing through your sixth house of work and health, but these issues are out of your control — try not to sweat them.

Have you gotten in touch with your spiritual side lately? The stage will be set to do so on July 27, when the lunar eclipse shakes up both your spiritual planet and house. You may see former colleagues moving on to other workplaces during the August 11 solar eclipse. On the 23rd, you’ll be inspired to work toward your own career goals and start a new path. Good luck!


Source: Refinery29