Your 11-13 May Weekend Astrology Forecast

Your weekend horoscope is here. Discover what the stars hold in store…


Your daring knows no bounds, Aries! True to form, you’ll say exactly what you want to say and do what you want to do, no matter the consequences. Your rebel status is sure to raise a few eyebrows, especially with your boss, a parent or another heavyweight in your world. Is there a method to your madness? Or is this just a temper tantrum? Hopefully, you’re working to gain some advantage that involves money, status or professional credibility.


Keep a dream journal on your nightstand because you’ll want to jot down all the crazy insights that come to you while you’re sleeping. According to your weekend horoscope, your psyche is working overtime to bring your attention to an important personal matter. You could get a little angry when you realize that your mindset has been undermining your interests. However, becoming aware of how your thoughts impact your reality is the first step toward applying your mental power in a more constructive way.


An interaction with a friend could be unpredictable, so don’t be surprised if things don’t go according to plan. It’s bound to get heated, especially if someone has crazy expectations or you get into a squabble over who pays for what. With so much drama playing out in your social life, you may prefer to spend time on your own. A little rest and relaxation will be just the thing to refresh you. Book a bodywork session, take a yoga class or connect with a meditation group. You’ll be equally recharged by spending a quiet evening with your date or mate.


Who knew you were such an innovator? The secret will be out of the bag this weekend when you demonstrate that you’re thinking ahead of the curve. Someone important may be impressed by your artful thinking while someone close to you could perceive it as a threat. You can’t expect everyone to applaud your genius, especially if it takes the spotlight off them. Don’t waste time on haters, Cancers. Zone in on a powerful person who wants to support you. The question is whether he or she wants to connect for business or pleasure.


The call to adventure will be hard to resist. However, you should double-check your itinerary before you jet off on a journey, even it’s to a local destination. All sorts of minor mishaps could threaten to ruin your fun. You can always reschedule, Libra. Almost any other time would be better to venture beyond your bubble and explore new environs. Even though it’s the weekend, you could make major progress with an important work assignment and you could gain the recognition you deserve.


Be careful not to take any risks with other people’s money. You should also be careful not to make any quick decisions when it comes to loans, credit or debts. According to your weekend horoscope, a reckless move could spell disaster. The good news is that you’re a lot more resourceful than you realize. It’s simply a matter of redirecting your focus toward an alternative plan.  Getting creative about money or financing could give you greater control over the long run, so think outside the box.


Don’t say it unless you mean it, especially when talking to your significant other, roommates or family members. Your words (or someone else’s) could set a change in motion that creates an upset in your world. At the same time, a shake-up may be what’s required to get you out of a rut. However, there are less contentious ways to make a change in your personal life (especially your home). It’s simply a matter of committing to a thorough overhaul and investing the time to make it happen.


Your insight into a work assignment or a situation playing out on the job could be spot on, although your means of pointing it out to others could leave something to be desired. People won’t be inclined to recognize your brilliance if you express yourself in a brash way, so dial down the attitude and take a different approach. This could be your chance to transform your relationships and create the support system you need to thrive. You won’t lose out by making it a win-win for everyone involved.


According to your weekend horoscope, you’re game to take a chance with love or money. Saying something unexpected is a bit risky, although the element of surprise could work in your favor. Alternately, you could pay a price for being upfront about your intentions.  A change in your employment situation could set the stage for long-term prosperity providing you’re patient enough to put in the work and allow the benefits to accrue over time. Sometimes it’s worthwhile to sacrifice short-term pleasures in order to secure your future.


A change has been brewing on the home and family front for some time. Your words (or someone else’s) could catapult matters toward that inevitable end. This is probably a really exciting development that gets you out of a rut, although the process could be sudden and a little unsettling. Romance, creativity, and other fun and games will take your mind off domestic disruption. It will feel good to put your worries aside and enjoy doing what you love with the people you like hanging out with.


There are so many exciting people to talk to and cool places to go that you’ll want to pack as much activity into your weekend as possible. What you’re doing and seeing and hearing can be pretty inspiring, but also frustrating because there are certain plans you can’t move forward with as quickly as you’d like. Patience, Aquarius. Use this time to dig deeper into your wellspring of ingenuity. There are a few brilliant ideas that you’ve yet to tap into. Jot them all down. This could be the beginning of an exciting new chapter in your story.


A financial matter is moving pretty quickly, so you need to be prepared. The situation might be a bit risky, so you’ll need all the help you can get. According to your weekend horoscope, a tête-à-tête with a formidable friend could also be pretty helpful. You become the company you keep, so why not surround yourself with strong and capable people? These positive connections help you tap into your own inner strength and resourcefulness.