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You Can Now Get Tattoo Sleeves For Your Cat

If you’ve ever looked at your cat and thought, ‘Yeah, she’s cute – but I just wish she looked a little more badass,’ then one woman has the answers to all your prayers.

Airie McCready runs Etsy shop SimplySphynx, where you can get some tattoo sleeves, amongst other things, for your pet.

Now, before you panic, of course these are not actual tattoos – the sleeve is part of a little top that you can pop on your cat, which makes your feline friend look as though they’re heavily tatted-up. What a time to be alive, eh?

The Tattcat tops are available in a number of designs and styles; most importantly they’re bloody adorable.

The tops are priced from £16.18 – a small cost to pay for having the most nails-looking cat around.

Designer Airie told Metro: “The idea came to me when a friend showed me a silly fake tattoo sleeve and teased me how I did not have to get ink, I could have gotten one of these (I have a lot of tattoos).

“I grabbed it from him and thought, ‘If only I knew how to sew…'”

But Airie knows a good idea when she sees one, so she taught herself how to sew – no mean feat when dealing with the sheer fabric used to make the Tattcat tops.

She also sells a bunch of other items for cats, including slings that you can carry your fur baby around in. I mean, assuming your fur baby is chilled – I personally think my cat would murder me if I tried to put her in one.

All the items are created using feline-friendly material and ink, so all you need to worry about is choosing a design.

Now, if bonding with your cat is what you’re after – and you’ve finally given up on any shred of your self respect – someone has gone ahead and designed a brush that you hold in your mouth which allows you to ‘lick’ your cat.

The LICKI Brush started life on a Kickstarter, quickly smashing its target, and is now available on Amazon.

According to PDX Pet Design, which created the brush: “LICKI is a soft silicone brush you can hold in your mouth to lick your cat – like a mama cat grooms her kittens. LICKI is designed to feel pleasurable to your cat’s sensitive skin and offers a unique bonding opportunity for human and cat.”

If you’re keen, you get one here. Enjoy.

Source: LadBible