You Can Now Cuddle A Cow For A Mere $300

For years now, researchers have been able to prove that animals can be incredibly therapeutic for humans. Nowadays, it’s not uncommon to see someone with an emotional support animal of some sort. So that’s why it comes as no surprise that a farm in upstate New York is offering a $300 “cow cuddling” experience— which is exactly what it sounds like.

Mountain Horse Farm is the wellness center and farm where you can come spend the day with horses and cows in an incredibly relaxing environment. For just $300 you and a partner can spend 90 minutes cozying up to a cow.

According to Metro US, cows have a therapeutic effect on stressed out humans, and are a great way to relieve anxiety. During the experience, people have the chance to play and pet with the cows as you would at any petting zoo or farm.

“Spending time with them in this way can comfort you when you are sad or go through grief, just by sharing their space and feeling their soft skin. It can give you clues about your own body language which will give answers to questions you may have about why people respond to you in certain ways,” reads the website.

The site explains that horses and cows are incredibly intuitive and can sense when something is wrong. They are also great at setting an example at just how good for the soul it is to not hold on to grudges and live a life in peace.

“Horses & cows naturally prefer a state of calm and if they get upset, they try to go back to this state of calmness as soon as possible. They don’t hold on to grudges or things that happened in the past. They literally shake or run it off and then go back to quietly grazing or spending time together. Just by watching this unfold, we can learn,” continues the site.

Cows can also have a physically calming effect on humans because of their body temperature and heart right. Both are higher, meaning it can be a relaxing sensation when our bodies are up against theirs.

“You may want to pet them, spend time, share space, brush them, touch their skin, play with them, move together, go through an obstacle course or simply watch them. They may nuzzle your hair, lick your hand, nicker at you, just hang out with you or initiate play,” says the site.

The entire purpose of the activity is to practice mindfulness and spend quality time with a partner or a group of people. The farm allows you to share this experience with up to four people.

“A special note on couples or other groups: spending quality time together, without distractions, having fun, doing something new and unique may help strengthening your bond,” says the site.

No phones are allowed on the premises as they disturb the experience, which is meant to be free of distractions. This is a time for you to collect your thoughts and let all your worries go.

Cows aren’t the only animals helping humans relax. Goat yoga is another popular wellness trend that involves essentially what the name implies. You do yoga— while goats jump all over you.

Yoga in itself has many benefits for the body and mind, and adding a goat only enhances this experience. According to, doing yoga with a goat will lift your spirit, lessen any feelings of sadness or grief, and enhance communication.

Like with cows, goats can detect stress and are intuitive to your emotions. Animals in general are great to have around whenever you are in distress.

“The truth is, animals that love to interact with people, like goats, can actually provide us with many health benefits. Research into animal therapy suggests that animals can help humans increase their longevity and can even reduce symptoms of conditions that are brought on by stress,” reads the site.

So whether it’s a cow, a goat, or your pet dog, it’s safe to say just being around an animal is a great way to relieve stress. And if you don’t have a furry friend nearby, watching cute animal YouTube videos will get the job done just as well.

Source: Rebel Circus