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Woman Takes Anti-Selfies Stance By ‘collapsing’ At Famous Landmarks And They’re Strangely Hilarious

You go to a famous landmark, you take a selfie in front of it and upload it to Instagram. Soon, your mom and everyone else starts complimenting your looks and the world wonder in the background becomes just that. A background.

But artist Stephanie Leigh Rose has found a way to document her travels while keeping it all about the wonderful sight she’s visiting.

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1 Stefdies In Corsica Fountain / La Course

2 Stefdies At Brunate Lighthouse

3 Stefdies At Myrtos Beach

4 Stefdies Near The Golden Gate Bridge

5 Stefdies At Notre Dame

6 Stefdies In Monopoli

7 Stefdies With Brexit

8 Stefdies At Kötlujökull Glacier

9 Stefdies With Friends At Her Art Exhibit

10 Stefdies At The San Diego Zoo Petting Park

11 Stefides At La Tour Eiffel

12 Stefdies In Cueva Grande

13 Stefdies Wishing You A Merry Christmas!

14 Stefdies At Tuileries Garden

15 Stefdies In Borough Market

16 Stefdies On Amalfi Beach

17 Stefdies In The South Platte River Trail

18 Stefdies On The Side Of The Road

19 Stefdies On The Clown’s Turf In Rome

20 Stefdies Under The Big Cat In Arles

21 Stefdies On Cliffs In Sardinia

22 Stefdies After Paragliding

23 Stefdies While Pushing Her Friend In A Wheelchair

24 Stefdies At Dum Dums Donutterie.

25 Stefdies At Seven Sisters

26 Stefdies In Front Of Cinderella

27 Stefdies In Orlando, Florida

28 Stefdies At/During The Paris Marathon

29 Stefdies In Lille

30 Stefdies With Popeye And Poses

Source: ArtFido