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Why You Should Be Keeping Tabs On The Moon Right Now

This week might be short, stargazers, but it’s hardly boring. The moon was thoughtful enough to wait until our holiday weekend ended to start stirring the pot, which it inarguably did starting at 10:20 a.m. EDT this past Tuesday, when it reached fullness in Sagittarius, the fiery sign of the adventurous Archer. But that’s not where the lunar activity ended.

In the span of four days, the moon will have been full, then void of course (moving between Zodiac signs) for a particularly long period, and then subjected to the stern gaze of Capricorn, all while entering its waning phases (in which its illuminated area decreases). Even if you haven’t been keeping track of all of these tiny changes (or if you aren’t familiar with some of them), you’ve probably felt their effects.

Every day since Tuesday has had a feeling all its own, thanks in no small part to what the moon’s been up to. Ahead, we break down its activity day-by-day, starting with the full moon on Tuesday, and take a closer look at how you might have felt because of it.


Think all the way back to two days ago, when the moon was full, in Sagittarius, and its energy was abundant. This was an excellent lunar phase for getting your summertime ducks in a row, so to speak: While speaking with Refinery29, Gardnerian priestess and author Thorn Mooney suggested spending this full moon with your planner, mapping out your plans for the upcoming summer months. In short, the moon got our workweek off to an inspiring start — who doesn’t spend their Tuesdays wistfully thinking of vacations to come anyway?


In the wake of its full phase, the moon started to wane. Spiritually speaking, the waning moon is associated with letting go, preparation, and overall sacrifice. But that’s not the only sort of lunar influence you dealt with yesterday. The moon was also void of course, or moving between Zodiac signs, as of 2:26 a.m. EDT Wednesday. Of course, voids of course happen every few days, but they can nevertheless have a subtle effect on how you feel as you go about your day. You might have been a little forgetful, scatterbrained, or socially withdrawn yesterday — nothing so drastic as to throw off your plans, but enough to make you wonder if something was up.


If you’re still feeling a little foggy today, that could be because the moon didn’t officially end its void of course until this morning, at 5:26 a.m. EDT. This will probably be the least eventful day of the week, so take advantage of this relative quiet to get into the mindset of the waning moon. You have until June 13, the next new moon, to figure out what parts of your life could do with a little downsizing. And, now that the moon’s void of course is over, it’s officially in Capricorn, a sign that’s plenty familiar with the idea of sacrifice.


This is your one full day that the waning moon is in Capricorn, so make it count. As astrologer Amy Tripp tweeted, the moon will channel Cap’s serious, hardworking energy and urge us to, essentially, get shit done during this period. In a sense, this a pleasant bookend to Tuesday’s full moon. On Tuesday, the Sagittarian full moon inspired you to look ahead and plan for future fun. This Friday, the moon in tough guy Capricorn will remind you it’s time to put your head down and do the work that needs to be done in order to make room for all that fun you had on your mind a mere three days ago.


Source: Refinery29