What You See First in This Image Identifies Your Hidden Inner-Self

Given that humans can only see a small percentage of all light, we actually see a tiny percentage of all that is present in the world. However, although there is more life than the eye can see, what you spot firs is the most important. Specifically, there are tools like ink-blot paintings which tell a lot about one`s history and characteristics.  Take a look at the image below to find out more about your hidden inner-self with the help of the thing that catches your attention first.


The tree, that makes up the core of the image, is something that most people will be drawn to. If you spot the tree right away, it means that you are looking for sensical meaning of life.  Your approach is pretty much logical, meaning that you follow the head, not the heart. While this can be beneficial when it comes to decision-making and career, it does seal you off emotionally.  It also limits your goals and expectations in life, as you strive for achievable things, not for things that you genuinely wish for.  You rarely take risks in life, which is yet another factor that holds you back.


If this is the first thing that caught your attention, the chances are you are having self-esteem issues. You are too hard on yourself, especially when you fail in something.

You need to take time for yourself, as difficult as it might seem.  You try to keep yourself as engaged and busy as possible; always staying open to learning and progressing. You need to understand that there are always countless  correct and incorrect—or positive and negative—solutions to problems and tasks in life.


This means that you might be a wild child who lives by way of instinct and impulse. While this can be fun, it can also lead to sadness and pain in those you interact with. You tend to neglect other people`s advice, without realizing that all advice is useful. You rarely have any problems being unique, but if you notice that things are not going well, you should consider taking a more traditional approach. Moderation is always the key!


The fish is somewhat hidden, which perfectly explains your hidden personality. However, this doesn’t mean that you are not living life to the fullest.

Your life is filled with love of nature and life, but as hard as you try to feel the same about people, things often get complicated.

Connect with a loving partner, a family member, or a friend in order to learn more about you who truly are.