What Venus In Leo Has In Store For Your Summer Love Life

The rising temps aren’t the only reason to heat things up in your love lives, stargazers. On Thursday, June 14, Venus moved into Leo for nearly a month-long stay, setting the stage for all the flirtations and flings that your heart desires.

As you may already know, Venus rules your approach to love and dating, plus your sense of beauty. It’s what astrologers call a “personal planet,” which, along with the sun, moon, Mercury, and Mars, means that it moves relatively quickly through the signs of the Zodiac and has the potential to affect your everyday life. You can feel its influence when you get ready in the morning, while you’re shopping, and in the moment you realize that you really do have a crush.

When the planet of love’s energy is channeled through a fiery sign like Leo, you can bet you’ll feel a shift in your own romantic priorities. You may feel a little more flirtatious, playful, and even more inclined to tease your dates when Venus is moving through Leo, writes astrologer Annie Heese on her site, Cafe Astrology.

Of course, you may already feel a little more twitterpated that usual, thanks to the warm weather and possible beach getaways that come with summer months. Think of Venus in Leo as a booster shot for any preexisting spring-and-summer fever: Frisky and attention-seeking vibes will abound and inhibitions will be lowered. This planetary placement was tailor-made for this time of year.

But don’t worry about feeling left out if you aren’t currently playing the field. While Venus is camped out in the sign of the Lion, coupled folks may start to crave something grander from their relationships — say, more public displays of affection or even a little more drama in their otherwise normal interactions. Astrologer Nadia Gilchrist writes that Venus in Leo is also associated with increased pride and a heightened sense of self-worth. So, if you feel under-appreciated in your relationship, those feelings may bubble to the surface in the coming weeks as demanding Leo exerts its influence over Venus.

None of this is to say that we’re all about to become attention-hungry casanovas. That would be an oversimplified (and, in the case of some Leos, flat-out inaccurate) characterization of Leo and its effects. Rather, if you’re already somewhat daring when it comes to love and dating, that boldness may be amplified during this period. And, if you’re on the shyer side, you might not become a flirting machine, but you may get up the courage to ask out your crush.

If we learn one thing from this Venus in Leo period, it’s that we deserve to pursue our pleasure — whether you do so with the fierceness of an actual lion is up to you.


via Refinery 29