What To Expect For The Week Ahead: Your Horoscope For 27 August – 2 September

Next stop: The Motivation Station! This Monday, August 27, the fire returns to our bellies—and perhaps a little further south—as make-it-happen Mars pivots out of retrograde. Take a deep, relaxing breath. And maybe a few tantric ones, too. The lusty planet of action has been driving in reverse since June 26—first backing up through idealistic, team-spirited Aquarius and then retreating into ambitious Capricorn on August 12. For most people, this has NOT made for a serene summer. When the warrior planet is retrograde—which happens for approximately ten weeks every other year—it can churn up some pretty intense feelings, ranging from irrational anger to sleep-disrupting anxiety. And yet, it can be hard to pinpoint the source of all that agitation. It certainly didn’t help that Mars’ moonwalk coincided with eclipse season AND a Mercury retrograde in 2018. If your nerves are a little frayed, your social relationships somewhat strained, your plans for world domination stalled, know that you are not alone.
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The good news? Starting this Monday, the tide will turn in a positive direction. Until September 10, Mars will be powering forward through structured, success-oriented Capricorn, helping us get all our ambitious missions back on track. Mars is said to be “exalted” in Capricorn, its most powerful position in the zodiac. No more stalling; it’s time to get $#!% done! While this two-week Mars sprint may be brief, it’s a bonus blessing for 2018. The red planet already visited the Sea Goat’s sanctum once this year—from March 17 until May 16—which means projects and plans that were initiated in that window will get a gale-force second wind!

A word of advice: Don’t get SO caught up in “doing, doing, doing” that you fail to clean up any messes that were created during Mars’ backspin. Call a team (or family) meeting to clear the air and realign around shared goals. Pro tip: Bring a talking stick and set some ground rules, like, no cross-conversations, and only the person with the stick is allowed to speak. Even in direct motion, excitable and aggressive Mars can churn up rash behavior and conflict. If you were particularly harsh with anyone, you may need to go on an apology tour, sitting down for one-on-ones and taking responsibility for losing your cool. If your summer love forecast was “light drizzles,” get ready. The next two weeks could bring an erotic downpour!

Embrace the power of partnership this weekend—thanks to Sunday’s quarter moon in Gemini; grabbing a second pair of hands, eyes and ears can make everything easier and a lot more entertaining. No need to commit to any long-term alliances. Just dabble in being a dynamic duo for a day or two. If certain relationships have grown heavy or rife with obligation, lighten up the mood. Set off on a road trip for the long weekend, or even a one-day field trip or play date. These balancing moonbeams can help restore social equilibrium, especially if you’re busy doing repair work post Mars retrograde. Articulating feelings and coming up with clever compromises—that’s Gemini’s wheelhouse. The key? Making sure that everyone feels heard and respected, even if you don’t necessarily agree about everything.


Saddle up your racehorse, Aries, and prepare to charge ahead! The brass ring is within reach once again, as your galactic guardian, go-getter Mars, makes a U-turn in your career corner on Monday, August 27, ending a stifling retrograde that began on June 26. It could take a few days for your motivation to get back up to speed. But once it kicks in, kinetic energy will carry you the distance. With the red planet surging forward through Capricorn until September 10, you’ve got two good weeks to get back up to “crushing it” speed. But first you need to get clear about what, exactly, you want to slay. Are you happy in your job? Is there a position in your company that you’ve been eyeballing? Or, if you’re your own boss, how do you want to grow your business (or maybe shift it altogether)? If you compromised your standards during Mars retrograde—by letting others dump their work on you or suffering with a high-maintenance (but low-paying) client—you need to inform them that things are changing. Mars will restore your backbone and give you the courage to ask for a raise—or ditch a gig that’s dragging you down.

One word of warning: Aggro Mars can come on too strong, and people could walk away from the negotiating table. Your competitive spirit is in full bloom, and you’ll happily jump into the ring to slug your way to the top. There’s nothing wrong with a fair fight, but remember: It’s also a GAME. The tenth house rules all things masculine, so your relationships with men could become both fulfilling and feisty all at once. You might lock horns with certain fellas—especially ones who think they have authority over you. And if they actually DO? Well, hold your fire, and deal with this diplomatically or through the appropriate channels.

And by the way, Aries, “crushing it” doesn’t mean, “doing it all by my damn self.” On Sunday, the quarter moon in cooperative Gemini could temporarily halt your one-sheep show and remind you that you’ll get farther, faster with a partner-in-crime by your side. This may be the weekend where a kindred spirit who you’ve known on a casual level could become a bona fide project partner—or a legit friend. Elsewhere, you may realize that a certain two-person effort is losing steam. Since this is an even-keeled quarter moon, you don’t have to ghost. But sit down for an honest talk and make sure that your goals and objectives are still in alignment. If not, at least you can part (even if temporarily) with love and support instead of animosity.


No more hitting the snooze button, Taurus. On Monday, August 27, motivator Mars rouses from an eight-week nap and powers forward through Capricorn and your ninth house of travel and adventure. You’ll be playing Marco Polo in real time, as the red planet reclaims the helm and steers you toward exciting new terrain between now and September 10. Pull out your wheelie suitcase, and maybe even your passport. You’ve got distant vistas on your brain, and the cosmic red dynamo will act like a gale-force tailwind, propelling you on a fantastic voyage. Of course, not everyone can jet off on a moment’s notice. You can have great adventures closer to home base: from hometown fall festivals, to hiking adventures in your own state to yoga retreats within driving distance. You can also expand your worldly knowledge—and social network—by enrolling in a fall semester class or self-development workshop.

No matter where you’re dropping pins, multicultural mingling could cause sparks to fly. Make a point of getting to know people from different backgrounds who live nearby or are just passing through. This could lead to a friendship or possibly more. But be sensitive. With brash Mars in the picture, trying to break the ice with sarcasm that doesn’t translate may have the opposite of your intended effect. Even with your own circle, be careful when you wield your truth hammer. While you’d rather keep it real than hold in your honest feelings, there’s no excuse for pounding people with a tactless rant. Stand up for your beliefs and values, but respect other people’s opinions.

As you roll into the weekend, money management may be on your mind. And thanks to Sunday’s quarter moon in Gemini and your fiscally savvy second house, you’ll get the nudge you need to either loosen up that sash belt and enjoy the good things in life…or give it a cinch so you can refill the coffers after all those summer splurges. Either way, moderation is key. If you need to go on a short-term austerity plan, make sure you’re still treating yourself within budget. This might be the time to hit up friends with insider jobs for the comp tickets or that employee discount they keep offering to share with you. Or, finance creatively: Would your gym or yoga studio let you trade some desk hours for your monthly membership? Could you barter one of your superpowers for a haircut or graphic design services? For Tauruses who have been diligently saving, this is your cue to treat yourself to something a little more luxurious than practical. You work hard for your money, and enjoying it responsibly will keep you motivated to hustle on!


Exhale, Gemini. This Monday, August 27, combative Mars finally resumes forward motion in Capricorn and your eighth house (aka “the cosmic chamber of secrets”) after being retrograde since June 26. Maybe you’ve been holding your cards closer to your chest than you like to, sitting on intel and feeling reluctant to trust people. Or maybe you flipped to the opposite extreme, and are suffering from a “too much, too soon” intimacy hangover. But now you can breathe a sigh of relief and be confident that the people who’ve stuck around are loyal members of Team Twin. If you’re still building the entourage or looking to expand it, you’ll easily find appropriate players and confidantes—especially while Mars powers forward through Capricorn until September 10. Your psychologically savvy sign is a quick study, so ask people direct questions. Their answers—and particularly their actions—will reveal their character. For the next two weeks, you’ll still need to keep your guard up for smooth talkers and tea spillers who pour the B.S. out of both sides of their mouths. Distill their words down to their essence, and the truth (or lies) will be self-evident. Hold yourself to the highest standard of integrity and don’t agree to do anything your heart isn’t into.

That rule goes double for relationships, as Mars is the planet of desire, and he’s parked in the most intimate and seductive part of your chart. Between now and September 10, your days, and especially your nights, may be filled with passion and permabonding opportunities. But unless you’re only playing around, don’t waste time trying to turn a fling into a full-timer. Attached? The red planet makes you eager to deepen your union and take your next step…which might even be to the altar. One tiny word of caution: Don’t let impatient Mars rush you. If the idea of making THAT permanent of a commitment gives you anxiety, trust your inner rhythm and move at the pace that works for you, societal “norms” be damned.

If you’ve been struggling to balance independence with “interdependence” help arrives Sunday in the form of a quarter moon in Gemini. As la luna shines her harmonizing beams into your self-authorized first house, you might realize that clinging to certain connections could be distracting you from your own goals. Since this is a levelheaded quarter moon, you don’t have to do anything extreme like breaking off a friendship or romantic relationship. But you probably need to adopt an “absence makes the heart grow fonder” policy, even setting aside a couple of blocks in your calendar for “me, myself and I.” If you’re not beholden to anyone this weekend, treat Sunday like a one-day, one-person retreat. Even if you can only carve out a couple hours to read inspiring literature or work on your art, it will be a shot in the arm that can catapult you into a rewarding fall.


Sometimes, Cancer, the line between love and “hate” is so thin that you accidentally cross it without realizing it! Ever since passionate Mars turned retrograde on June 26 and backpedaled from Aquarius to Capricorn on August 12—aka your relationship houses—you may have been playing the “love them/love them not” game. Your S.O., your creative partner, a potential business associate: wonderful people, yes, but also capable of working your nerves like few others can. If you gave yourself vertigo riding that emotional rollercoaster, here’s some news that’s sure to put a smile on your face. This Monday, August 27, the red planet officially makes a U-turn and zips full steam ahead in Capricorn until September 10. Your sensitive sign hates drama, and while the past eight weeks have brought their share of that, hopefully you’ve also learned a few important lessons. Starting this Monday, it gets easier to set healthy boundaries, stand up for yourself and walk away if a relationship is dragging you down. With Mars powering forward, people (including you) will be more open to compromise. Let us not forget that this IS lusty Mars in your partnership zone, so the determining factor may not be talk. If your mojo downshifted into slow-mo and you want to get back up to cruising speed (obviously), make thrice-weekly workouts and eight hours of sleep non-negotiable habits. Trade the boring cotton unmentionables for some appropriately sexy lingerie. Whether single or spoken for, you’ll be very much in demand!

Partnerships of all manner will get a high-octane boost from the red planet’s pivot. If you have designs on being half of a profitable dynamic duo this fall, start working on those pitch decks and drafting all documents and contracts. That way, you’ll be ready to get talks underway when people are back to their desks after Labor Day. If an existing collaboration hit a lull this summer—but there is still fuel left in the tank—Mars’ about-face will turn the key in that ignition. Set up a time, ideally before September 10, where you can sit down to make sure your objectives still align; and if they do, to map out your goals for the rest of 2018!

This weekend, invite a little “woo” into your world. The quarter moon in Gemini shines its balancing beams into your esoteric twelfth house reminding you that there is more to life than what meets the eye. As a Cancer, you are often driven by gut feelings, intuition, and even the occasional tsunami of feels. But in a world that puts a higher premium on rational thought than emotional intelligence, you might make the mistake of dismissing these very real cues and clues. Switch it up! This weekend, let your heart have an equal say in all matters—and make this a practice, not just a one-day thing. While feelings are not the same as facts, they are a valuable compass, and can at least alert you to the need to do further investigation before making an important decision. Working with a spiritual guide, therapist, shaman or holistic healer can also be great support for making sense of all that swirl. And thanks to this lunation beaming into this sacrosanct sector of your chart, you can distill which dreams are worth pursuing over the coming few months and which might be worth putting on hold for a minute.


Kick off the flip-flops and lace up your cross-trainers. On Monday, August 27, motivational Mars blows the whistle on an eight-week retrograde in your wellness zone and resumes forward motion. Time to cue up the fitspo, Leo, and maybe select a few workout apps for those days when you just can’t make it to the gym. As the red planet blazes ahead in Capricorn until September 10, you’ll be eager to return your energy levels to normal, and the best way to do that is by moving your body. As one of the most social signs of the zodiac (and the one whose attention is the most easily distracted by other, shinier things), enlist a friend or workout buddy to keep you on track. Talk about your goals and come up with a game plan for the rest of the summer. Maybe turn each other on to your favorite movement: Orangetheory, Flywheel, rock climbing? And mix it up: Switch a few beginner Hatha sessions with power Vinyasa—or kickboxing or spin. Plan activity dates with your sweetie or friends instead of lounging on the couch or bellying up to the bar. But don’t stop with exercise. Your body is craving clean fuel. Become a regular at the farmers market. Ask your kitchen-wizard friends for their top three go-to fall recipes (or favorite recipe apps) and create your rotation.

Since the sixth house also rules your daily work and Mars gets bored quickly, find ways to make your 9-5 more stimulating. Ask for some special assignments—or propose one yourself. Just don’t bite off more than you can chew (a Mars pitfall…and, yes, a Leo one, too). Over the coming two weeks, pick a goal that is manageable and make it your mission to achieve it masterfully. That might require you to pick up a few new skills along the way, so lean in to the humility of the sixth house and ditch the perfectionism. Growth can be messy at first, but that’s part of the deal. As the saying goes, “Before enlightenment, chop wood and carry water. After enlightenment, chop wood and carry water.”

Certain #SquadGoals will come up for review this weekend, thanks to Sunday’s quarter moon in Gemini and your collaborative eleventh house. While you may be gung-ho about achieving this mission together, are other people dragging their half-moon pedicured feet? And in turn, Leo, are YOU picking up the slack for them? Not cool. But before you start flinging accusations, look at how you may have played into this dynamic by letting people’s mediocrity slide as you quietly “just handled it.” Perhaps you need to dive in to next Monday with a team huddle to discuss the distribution of duties and make sure everyone is pulling their weight. Of course, if you’ve been the weak link in the chain, give yourself a choice. Either recommit to your crew and make things right, or admit to everyone, in the most loving way possible, that it’s time for you to move on.


Rise and shine, Virgo! Monday could be downright festive for you, as lusty Mars rouses from an eight-week retrograde. Your personal life may have been in flux since June 26, which is when the passionate planet turned retrograde. But this Monday, August 27, the celestial firecracker resumes forward motion, turning all heads in YOUR direction. True, your eternal flame can never be extinguished, but during this slowdown it may have dimmed a little, especially since August 12 when Mars scooted back into Capricorn and your fifth house of glamour, fame and romance. In some ways, this was a blessing in disguise. You probably needed a little respite from the limelight (and all the accompanying #CelebrityLife dramas). Plus it was a chance to turn your attention inward and do some romantic recon work.

But now, with the red planet motoring forward in Capricorn until September 10, you’re ready to crawl out of your protective shell and reclaim your crown and scepter. Consider these two key questions: What do you want to be known for, and what do you want your love life to look like? Mars’ momentum will fast-track fame-boosting ideas and relationships for the next six weeks. If you need to do some self-development work to get where you want to be, call in the pros: a coach, stylist, mentor and co-conspirators. Unattached Virgos should update your dating app profiles, ask friends to fix you up and plant yourself among eligible options, even if that means checking out new scenes. Attached? Don’t just autopilot it to your side of the couch for another Netflix night. Make reservations at a white-tablecloth restaurant or splurge on a room in a boutique Airbnb for a weekend getaway. Since the fifth house also rules fame, a leadership position may drop into your lap. Or, with a little savvy social posting, the media could come a-knocking!

While you’ll no doubt be out celebrating Virgo Season (in full denial of the dwindling beach days of 2018), your mind might keep journeying to your career goals on Sunday. But you won’t mind! With the quarter moon in Gemini shining its balancing beams into your ambitious tenth house, close friends can help you creatively jam about what’s next for your life. The hard part for you, Virgo, may be choosing WHICH of your 1,001 interests to give the most energy to when you get back to the grind next week. As one of the four mutable signs, you can fall into the trap of being a jack of all trades. But what if, by the end of 2018, you could really master ONE? There isn’t one right path, Virgo, and if you throw your heart and soul into something that you love doing, you literally cannot go wrong. And by the way, is it time to raise your rates? Check the going fees and salaries for your professional peers to make sure you’re pricing yourself competitively—and making enough to keep your people fed and happy!


Want to be happier at home? Starting this Monday, that’s a goal worth pursuing in earnest as go-getter Mars flips out of an eight-week retrograde that began on June 26. Since then, your attempts to “put yourself out there” may have been met with less than the usual amount of fanfare, and, on a few frustrating days, mixed reviews. And since Mars slipped back from Aquarius into Capricorn on August 12, family drama and domestic discord might have disrupted your ability to relax under your own roof. Now for the good news! This Monday, August 27, Mars gets back on track, powering forward through Capricorn until September 10. Wake up and recharge with some morning yoga, but forget about laying in savasana all day. With your fourth house revved up, friends and family will demand face time. When you’re “on,” you’re a ball of fire, but you’re still only one Libra. With so many people to catch up with, why not host a weeknight happy hour? Getting the crew together for a laid-back hang will refill your tanks in every way.

If you’ve been quibbling (or out-and-out battling) with a cranky or difficult relative, roomie or landlord, Mars will strengthen your backbone. Stand up for yourself and set limits with this pushy person. On the other hand, if you’ve been contemplating a move—across town or across the country—the red planet’s renewed drive and determination can hasten your departure. Happily nested? Give at least one corner of your space a Pinterest-worthy makeover. (Haven’t you always kind of wanted to post a #Shelfie?) Since the fourth house governs all things feminine, this cycle could bring some energizing ladies into your orbit. They’ll be a great source of support for you; some Libras might even join—or start—a women’s group.

This weekend, a change of scenery can also refresh your feed and bring emotional equanimity, as long as you don’t make the plan overly complex. Sunday’s quarter moon in Gemini will activate your wanderlust and make you long for unfamiliar vistas. Don’t stress yourself out trying to get last-minute hotel reservations on one of the busiest vacation weekends of the year—or even strain a friendship by crashing on the couch of your friend’s studio (that she just moved into with her new-ish bae). Plan a day trip and pack a change of clothes just in case something miraculously opens up. You don’t have to force it, Libra, and you may find that, after a long afternoon of exploring, you’re so full and happy that all you want is to drift into sweet slumber in your own bed.


Say it loud and say it proud, Scorpio. This Monday, August 27, powerhouse Mars resumes forward motion after a retrograde that began on June 26. Family and household drama may have punctuated the past eight weeks—and even your attempts at diplomatic dialogue may have left people feeling like you were yanking their chains. (So not your intention…but good luck telling THEM that…) When Mars backed up from Aquarius into Capricorn and your third house of communication on August 12, it may have felt like a double-whammy with Mercury retrograde. Raise your hand if you feel like going on a silent meditation just to get your head clear after all that?! But really, Scorpio, there’s no need for the gag order. As the red planet blasts full steam ahead through Capricorn and your expressive third house until September 10, your messages won’t be at such a high risk of being lost in translation. No more nodding your head in agreement in meetings. As this week progresses, you’ll have a thing or two to say (or tweet) about pretty much everything. As your innate curiosity inches back up to peak levels, reclaim your spot as your squad’s entertainment director and guide everyone toward a fun-filled lineup of local activities. Make it your mission to sample new venues instead of drifting to your familiar haunts. The beauty of this buzzy Mars cycle is that it lets you experiment without locking yourself into any membership packages.

This is also an enriching time for Scorpio writers, performers, teachers and any kind of public speakers. You’ll have an easier-than-ever time getting your message out to the world—or finally getting that novel or screenplay down on paper. But even in direct motion, Mars in the third house can be a provocateur. Think about what you say before you blurt or type it, even with your closest of friends. You might think they appreciate your candor, but privately they could be harboring resentment. Use your Spidey senses to vibe this out and approach them gently, inviting them to share their feelings with you. This could lead to an improved relationship in the long run.

But while you’re busy putting yourself out there, you may realize there’s still some secret turf that you, as a Scorpio, need to keep sacred. With Sunday’s quarter moon landing in your private eighth house, go through files and figure out what should be kept behind a password-protected wall—or maybe taken down from social media altogether. If you’ve been TOO mysterious, however, this lunar lift could nudge you to share a little more about yourself. (How about posting a photo where you’re actually looking at the camera, say, instead of turning your head so far to the side that it’s barely your profile anymore?) These transformational moonbeams will bring a surge of momentum to tackle a messy area of your life. Don’t bite off more than you can chew. You don’t have to give every room of your house an extreme makeover, but purging a few closets and junk drawers can have a lightening effect on your psyche. Resolve to NOT refill the blank spaces with new clutter—uh, stuff—that you really don’t need. Minimalism can be good for your mind and soul!


Been spinning your wheels, Sagittarius? That’s no way for an intrepid Archer to roll through life! Blame it on retrograde Mars, which has been on an extended moonwalk since June 26. If you’ve been “sticking it out” with a job or a relationship that doesn’t float your boat, you need to pull up the anchor and cruise into a new harbor! Lucky for you, this Monday, August 27, the red planet wakes up from his eight-week retrograde and delivers a tsunami of drive, motivation and mojo to your career and personal life. Over the coming two weeks you’ll feel a whole new wave of excitement about your career path again as Mars powers up Capricorn and your house of prosperity. If you’re happy at your current gig, you might want to talk to upper management or your clients about taking on some new challenges (and appropriate compensation). But if, in your heart of hearts, you know it’s time to move on, bold Mars will give you the confidence and courage to start a serious search. The second house rules practical life matters, so begin by updating your resume and LinkedIn, researching “best practices” for creating a personal website, and power-networking like only a gregarious Sagittarius can.

There might be moments of frustration along the way but think of them as growing pains. The second house is associated with the throat, so speak up at work, and don’t shy away from delivering the occasional pep talk. (Singing is great therapy, too, whether in the shower or the karaoke bar.) Align your outer world with your inner desires and you’ll be a money magnet. Mars as a ship captain can be rash and impulsive, so be budget savvy to ensure you don’t burn it as fast as you earn it. Of course, with careful planning, you can still make a wonderful “investment purchase:” the perfect fall bag or a lightweight (and more portable) laptop. If it’s practical AND brings you joy on a daily basis, consider it a quality-of-life splurge.

If important relationships have fallen out of balance, spend the weekend restoring harmony and equilibrium. You’ll have tons of cosmic support from Sunday’s quarter moon in Gemini, which will shine its balancing beams into your house of committed partnerships. Out of “nowhere,” you may become aware of just how much weight you’ve been pulling in a not-so-dynamic duo…and things are anything but 50/50. Could it be that your generosity is bordering on overfunctioning? If you’ve been watching a once-equal partner get lazier while you keep breaking a sweat, it’s time to make a shift. The hardest part about such realizations is the fact that it takes two to tango. While the benefits of picking up the slack aren’t glaringly obvious, the payoff of this arrangement is that you get to have all the control. After all, it was Sagittarius Frank Sinatra who sang the Archer anthem, I Did It My Way. This weekend, you may have to give up some of the power to regain the sense of true partnership. It’s a small price to pay for the magic of co-creating. In other instances, you may realize that you’ve taken someone’s subtle (but unwavering) support for granted. Don’t wait another minute before righting that wrong. Make amends with both words and actions. Come through with a favor, treat for an apology lunch, and let this kind soul know how much you j’adore them and appreciate everything they’ve done for you.


Come out of hiding, Capricorn! Starting this Monday, August 27, your voice goes from a whisper to a scream as gutsy Mars wakes up from an eight-week backspin (retrograde)—one that has been whipping through Capricorn since August 12. The celestial sleeping pill will begin wearing off, and soon, you’ll be back to full strength—and possibly stronger than ever after this deep, power nap. The red planet already charged through your sign from March 17 to May 16, 2018—a time where you may have felt all fired up and ready to take on the world. But just when you thought it was all systems go, the June 26 backspin may have stalled projects and plans, frustrating the hell out of you. Hopefully, though, you used this time to strengthen your fiscal foundations and tie up some loose ends.

Now, Mars is calling you back to action. And with the galactic go-getter charging forward through your sign, you have until September 10 to maximize this burst of momentum. After that, you won’t host the fiery planet again for nearly two years, so don’t apologize if you’re more self-focused for a couple of weeks. To make the most of this power surge, prioritize your passions. You could make major strides on a mission you began between mid-March and mid-May, though you might have to become your own taskmaster. As a routine-driven earth sign, you can be a little resistant to change, especially if the process feels overwhelming. But with Mars in your corner, you could shock yourself by finally moving out of your too-small apartment, getting an agent or rep for your work, or pursuing a long-standing crush instead of pining from a “safe” distance. Carpe diem!

Of course, Mars Schmars…it’s so NOT your style to rush into anything without a plan, even with all the red planet’s rocket fuel filling your tanks. We’re not suggesting you leap without looking, Capricorn; but we’re also not saying you should remain at a standstill. On Sunday, you’ll get a cosmic assist with all the structure you so love and need, thanks to the quarter moon landing in Gemini and your systematic sixth house. While Mars is shouting, “Goaaaaaaaaal!” this levelheaded lunation can help you figure out how to get from Point A to Z…or at least C or D for starters…without sending yourself to the poorhouse. Sit down with pen and paper (or spreadsheet program) and spec it out. While your ultimate wish may still be in the distance, what milestones could you hit along the way? Map as if you were working your way back from the finish line to your current state of development. Then, do some projections: What people power, resources and finances would be needed to pull off the first couple steps of the plan? Once you have real numbers in front of you, you’ll be amazed by how doable getting started will feel. After that, no excuses, Capricorn. Before your head hits the pillow on Sunday night, do something proactive, like sending out an inquiry or sliding into you-know-who’s DMs to get this party started.


Been playing the same mental MP3s for longer than you care to admit, Aquarius? On Monday, August 27, you’ll be ready to break out of that audio loop—and release the resentment, anger or grudge you’ve been carting around like a cross-body bag. Unstoppable Mars snaps out of an eight-week retrograde that started in your sign on June 26 and scooted back into Capricorn on August 12. On Monday, the red planet blasts full speed ahead in Capricorn and your twelfth house of healing and completions until September 10. You may need to forgive—or forget—but you need to mean it. Continuing to hang on to negative emotions only drags YOU down, Aquarius, not the other party. If you can truly move past this, you’ll feel lighter, freer and more optimistic about what’s on the other side.

This is also a stellar time to clear out the clutter and excess from your life, literally and metaphorically. Opening up your physical space will support the deeper emotional work you’re doing. If certain once-cherished mementos have passed their sentimental expiration date, haul them off to your favorite charity-supporting thrift shop. Or sell them on eBay to fund an October yoga retreat you’ve been dreaming about attending. Heads up: Mars can make one a bit rash, so before you give away your grandmother’s Waterford crystal vase or lug a valuable Midcentury piece to the curb, create a “maybe” pile and sleep on your decision. Or ask a knowledgeable friend to inspect your wares. Do the same with your friend list. Has a constant critic become the loudest voice in your social circle? They may be “only trying to help,” yet the relentless questioning is giving you a bad case of self-doubt. Fortunately, Mars’ about-face can help you establish boundaries. You don’t have to formally unfriend anyone; just create some breathing room. But before you cut out someone you still care about, confront them about their undermining ways. They might not even realize they’ve been doing it.

Romantic recalibration is on deck for the weekend, thanks to the balancing effect of Sunday’s quarter moon in Gemini and your fifth house of amour. Need to bring back those loving feelings? Do something proactive to evoke the spirit of Eros—for yourself, first and foremost! Maybe that means going dancing with the girls or taking a cardio class that always makes you feel like a sexy siren in your own skin. Or maybe you need to cut loose and let your hair down with friends, laughing until your stomach hurts and those petty day-to-day grievances disappear. If you and the object of your affections haven’t had enough quality time, don’t waste the precious moments that you DO have together complaining about it. Instead, make your weekend “we time” as playful and exciting as possible. Sharing new adventures has been proven to help couples bond—and if it comes with an exhilarating adrenaline rush, all the better. Since this quarter moon also signals some incoming fame, be ready to greet the proverbial paparazzi. Give the Aquarius brand a refresh. Post new profile pics, shop for an outfit to wear to a big event or meeting—and, if you don’t have anything to dress up for on the calendar, enroll in a workshop or mixer in the name of expanding your reach!


Fasten the velvet ropes. That open-door policy didn’t work out the way you’d hoped, which has made you more careful about who you admit into Team Pisces. That elite circle has probably grown even more exclusive over the past few years—and there’s nothing wrong with that. With ambitious Mars on an extended tour through Aquarius and Capricorn and your houses of boundaries and teams in 2018, you’re finally acknowledging that you rise and fall according to the company you keep. But have you become a tad too insular? Mars has been cruising in reverse since June 26, perhaps making you less inclined to reach out to ANYONE. You know you’re not a recluse, but lately people have begun to wonder. Luckily, this Monday, August 27, Mars corrects its course and blasts full speed ahead until September 10. Wriggle out of your cocoon and get ready to flap your social butterfly wings once again. Have a look around: Perhaps there are some worthy candidates to draw into your inner circle?

On the flip side, if one of your peeps has been misbehaving or abusing your trust, don’t be afraid to call them on the carpet. You’re not responsible for others people’s actions, but it is your job to hold them accountable. A word of warning: Warrior Mars can make you come off more intensely than you might intend. A great way to work off steam is to get physical! Hit that cardio class or try kickboxing, or just go for a hot and sweaty run. You’re going to be mighty busy for the next couple weeks, as everyone wants a piece of your time. Planning endless one-on-ones will exhaust you, so make sure your friends understand: It’s group hangs or nada.

Sunday’s quarter moon in Gemini can help you differentiate facts from feelings. If you’ve been a little sensitive about the way someone’s been treating you, don’t second guess yourself—but don’t swing to the opposite extreme and ghost. Even the best friendships and relationship require periodic recalibrations. Without uttering the dreaded, “We need to talk,” invite this person to grab tea and catch up. After warming things up with a little small talk, you can address your feelings. Try asking questions and speaking in “I language” rather than the accusatory “you.” For example, “How are you doing? I’ve been wondering if you’re feeling stressed or overworked since it’s been hard to get a hold of you lately. Or, is there something I did?” In other words, Pisces, extend the benefit of the doubt and open the floor for an honest dialogue. These measured moonbeams could also prompt a little home decor update. Maybe it’s time to turn that spare room into your art studio or into a meditation cave. Pick one “dead zone” that isn’t being utilized and turn it into something dreamy AND functional!


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