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What It Means When The New Moon Is In Your Sign

Next Tuesday, May 15, the skies will go dark with the arrival of the new moon, the lunar phase in which the moon loses all illumination and seemingly disappears in the night sky. As the moon turns away from us, we’re encouraged to turn inward and reflect on our lives, goals, and relationships. Looked at one way, the new moon is all about you — so when it occurs in your sign, is that a cause for celebration?

The answer, as answers tend to be in the realm of astrology, is complicated. On one hand, yes, the new moon is an opportunity to slow down and get in touch with yourself — and who couldn’t use a little more me-time? On the other hand, new moons can be challenging and require us to face (then, ultimately, accept) difficult truths about ourselves.

So, even if your sign is the happy host of this quiet, pensive lunar phase, you could still be up against some major personal work. Such is the nature of the new moon, regardless of the sign it’s in: Its influence may seem simple and subtle on the surface, but it’s actually affecting great change in the currents below.

Read on to learn how each sign affects the new moon’s pensive energy, and to find out when new moon will arrive in your sign next (dates are in EST, according to NASA and astrologer Annie Heese’s ephemerides).

Next new moon: April 5, 2019

Look forward to focusing on you and how you present yourself to the world. As the first sign in the Zodiac, Aries makes a point of nailing your first impressions and clarifying your “personal brand,” so you’ll be well-served to spend this new moon reflecting on the mark you leave on others.

Watch out for thinking that bigger is always better. Aries is a bold sign that rewards outgoing, ambitious thinking — but that shouldn’t translate to sucking all the oxygen out of every room you enter. As you examine your outward-facing self, consider the possibility that you could do well to give others the spotlight from time to time.

Next new moon: May 15, 2018

Look forward to checking in with your finances (at the very least, looking up your credit score). The sign of the Bull is associated with material goods — it’s happy when we can determine the worth of our belongings and, in turn, make sure those items are in good condition and well-protected.

Watch out for losing sight of the invaluable things in your life. As important as it is to get your material ducks in a row during this new moon, Taurus would also like you to spend some time in the great outdoors, so that you might assess your role in nature. Are you an avid park visitor or a sworn indoor person? How do you interact with the natural world on a regular basis?

Next new moon: June 13, 2018

Look forward to flexing your mental muscles. For all the noise about Geminis being the chatterboxes of the Zodiac, they’re also great and profound thinkers. And, given the quieter nature of the new moon, that’s the side of this sign that will be more noticeable. This is a great time to pick up that book you abandoned or to go down a Wikipedia rabbit hole or three — anything that gets your wheels turning and your imagination buzzing is ideal.

Watch out for snap decisions. Gemini energy, left uncurbed, can easily whip even the steadiest among us into a frenzy. If you get too far into your own head, you’re at the risk of setting lofty goals, muddling your values, or making decisions for the sake of instant gratification.

Next new moon: July 12, 2018

Look forward to a good, long cry. We know, Cancers are more than their feelings, but with the moon as their ruler, this highly personal phase is well-positioned to stir everyone’s emotions. You may find your thoughts turning toward the women in your life or the people who share your home (in a literal or figurative sense) — follow that current and take the time to show those souls some gratitude.

Watch out for wallowing. Listening to your feelings can be highly productive, but letting them get the better of you (especially for the entire evening) won’t do you any good. Avoid going through an entire box of tissues by journaling your heartfelt reflections or channeling your feelings into a to-do list of gestures: write your mom a letter just because, check in with your coworker who had a hard week — activities like these will turn your feelings into actions.

Next new moon: August 11, 2018

Look forward to getting real with yourself. Whatever thoughts or desires you’ve been trying to keep buried, a Leonine new moon is sure to dig them up and throw a spotlight on them for good measure. This sign is known for its honesty. During this lunar phase, that need for truth-telling will come from you, to you.

Watch out for adopting someone else’s perspective. Leo is one of the most confident signs in the Zodiac — their self-worth is their number-one priority, but that kind of pride can be difficult for members of other signs to express. The challenge will be to sit with yourself and see who you really are through your own eyes, free from third party opinions. Your cheer squad will still be there when the moon starts to wax again. Until then, try to harness some of that confidence for yourself.

Next new moon: September 9, 2018

Look forward to putting things in order. Virgo is the sign of list-making and squelching annoying little problems where they lay. Here’s your chance to enumerate all the nagging tasks that you’d like to see done by the next new moon. Given the new moon’s attachment to thoughts (rather than actions), procrastinators can breathe a sigh of relief: All that’s expected of you right now is getting your plans together. The execution comes later.

Watch out for magnifying minor issues. Virgo has a tendency to overthink, and during a Virgo new moon we’re all at risk of leaning a little too much into that influence. Take time to breathe while crafting your to-to lists. Doing so will help you maintain a healthy sense of perspective on what really needs your attention (and what can sit on the back burner).

Next new moon: October 8, 2018

Look forward to Like Aries, Libra is preoccupied with first impressions, but where Aries’ goal is to impress, Libra’s is to charm. The new moon will ask you how can move more gracefully through life, in your actions and conversations alike. This romantic air sign has a thing for poetry, so if you feel blocked in your communications or relationships, maybe read a sonnet or two.

Watch out for losing sight of why your first impressions are important in the first place. It’s very Libran to think that pleasing others is the same as pleasing yourself, but it doesn’t have to work in that order. You’re working on your outward presentation in the hopes that you’ll get to know yourself a little better along the way. Keep that in mind as you practice your flirting.

Next new moon: November 7, 2018

Look forward to confronting your fears. Whether you share them with a loved one or simply write them down to read aloud to yourself, Scorpio wants you to put your greatest worries and concerns out in the open. You might be reluctant to put your fears into words, but they might not seem all that scary once you do so. No new moon will ask you to conquer your deepest phobias, but this one will be the nudge you need to put them in perspective.

Watch out for going too deep. Scorpio placements urge us to explore the unknown and, in the case of the new moon, our subconscious, which can lead us down some dark paths indeed. That’s why having a friend (or at least a pen and paper) will keep you from getting so absorbed in your thoughts that you lose sight of the light that’s also in your life.

Next new moon: December 7, 2018

Look forward to indulging your inner scholar. With wise Jupiter as its ruler, Sagittarius loves pursuing new areas of study and adopting different ways of thinking. And, lucky for the new moon, these activities are perfectly fit for a quiet night in.

Watch out for starting things you can’t finish. As much fun as basket weaving may seem for a night, think twice before ordering a year’s worth of supplies — especially if you discover a new hobby or passion on whim. Sags can struggle with commitment, so just be careful where you throw your efforts during this new moon.

Next new moon: January 5, 2019

Look forward to setting a course for success. Capricorn is all about long-term gains and five-year plans (if not 10- or 20-year plans), especially when it comes to your career. Use that momentum to polish up your résumé, research salaries, and practice your interview questions. If you capitalize on this new moon’s energy, you just might discover a whole set of skills you’ve left untapped.

Watch out for overlooking anyone you want along for your ride to the top. As a notoriously ambitious sign, Capricorn can put monetary and professional success before personal milestones. It’s never wrong to set lofty work goals, but maybe add “adopt a dog” or “find own place” to your list, too.

Next new moon: February 4, 2019

Look forward to starting a (mini) revolution. Aquarius is the humanitarian of the Zodiac — and when it’s hosting the reflective new moon, it can inspire even the least idealistic people to take up a standard of activism. You may end up spending the night reading up on a cause you’re passionate about or finding the best ways to support your local community.

Watch out for reality. As attached as you may get to your newfound crusade for justice, keep in mind that you’ll eventually have to return to your everyday life. This is not to say you should abandon your passions when the moon begins to wax, but consider how you might present your ideas for radical, positive change to the group.

Next new moon: March 9, 2019

Look forward to feeding your creativity. An imaginative sign like Pisces wants everyone to tap into their natural wells of imagination during the new moon. Whether that looks like writing, painting, cooking, or even dreaming is up to you. Just make sure you document your work of art for inspiration later.

Watch out for channeling your creative powers into solving other people’s problems. It’s not uncommon for some to realize their deeply set personal woes during the new moon — and the Piscean energy in the air may lead you to believe it’s your job to alleviate those concerns. But, as we said before, this lunar phase is still, for the most part, about you. Unless it’s an emergency, give the Dear Abby routine a raincheck for next week.


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