What Is Your Soul Animal? – According To Your Celtic Birth Date

Since childhood, we have been taught that all of God’s creations are the same and no being is superior over the other. This knowledge was the basis of our love and affectionate feelings towards animals. Some people have very strong affectionate feelings and they end up keeping animals as pets. Now, not all types of animals can be domesticated. However, it is often seen that there are some people who relate to wild animals as well. This may be due to some strong connection that their soul has with that particular animal. The same can be traced down to their celtic animal zodiac sign.

The celtic zodiac sign is one which is based on the date of your birth, and this can be associated with a particular animal. This in turn tells a lot about a person’s traits and his or her nature. Read on to find out yours.

• December 24 – January 20

As per the celtic zodiac sign, people born during this time of the year have a stag or a deer as their soul animal. A stag celtic animal has high dreams and aspirations. That is why, this type of people often end up becoming leaders in their respective fields. Like a stag, they are very focused on their ambition and have a very patient and persistent outlook towards life. These types of beings are very regal in nature and they have immense pride in themselves. They know that they are the best and they leave no stone unturned to prove it to you. Just like the stag, they are very persistent and they carry on till they have achieved all that they have intended to.

• January 21 – February 17

The celtic animal here is the cat. The people born under the cat sign are quick-witted and they have a very sharp mind. It is these types of people that make up the intellectual section of the society. Those have very good reasoning skills. Thus, they make up a good detective because of their excellent intuitive abilities. Thus, if you know someone around who has a cat celtic sign and you try to hide something from them, chances are that you will end up being caught.

• February 18 – March 17

For people born in these days, the animal sign is the adder snake. These types of people tend to be calm and composed and are collected in their thoughts. They have an inquisitive nature and they have a natural knack to explore things. They end up asking the maximum number of questions to people around them in their quest to expand the horizons of their knowledge.

• March 18 – April 14

The celtic animal here is the fox. Such people are intelligent, full of vigor and pretty much unpredictable. It is their untamable nature that prompts them to seek adventure anywhere and everywhere where they can see. Individuals born during this period are also cunning, just like their celtic animal and they will not hesitate to retort to negative means (including those of causing harm to others), in order to get their work done.

• April 15 – May 12

For people born in the aforementioned period, the celtic animal is the bull. Just like the physical appearance of their celtic animal, people born in this period are strong yet lovable and they are absolutely certain about what they do. These types of people are not just highly dependable on the emotional front, but they are also equally certain of their motives in life.

• May 13 – June 9

Here the celtic animal is the seahorse. The people here are exotic beings who are beautiful not just in mind but also in body. They are flexible in their personal as well as their professional front, which makes them very resourceful in nature. It is this type of people who make very good lawyers or financial advisors.

• June 10 – July 7

For people born in the above-mentioned dates, the celtic animal is the wren. They are delicate and fragile at the emotional part and end up being very caring and good-natured individuals. Generally, this type of people are responsible for everything that is sunny, fresh and sweet and the one that goes on in the lives of the other people around them.

• July 8 – August 4

The celtic animal here is the horse. The horse is something that is beautiful and, at the same time, it is strong. That is why, people born under this period are expansive, competitive and well mannered at the same time. It is their exuberant nature that makes them achievers in life.

• August 5 – September 1

The animal here is the fish. These types of people are ready to dive to any depth in order to realize their potential. They have a very good intuition and they are usually able to tell apart right from wrong. They are visionaries at the professional front, but other than that they have a dreamy perspective of life.

• September 2 – September 29

The celtic animal here is the swan. The people under this sign are graceful and have a good physical appearance. They are eloquent speakers and are good at convincing people to do what they want. They are also more spiritual in nature and tend to have a firm understanding of religion and religious concepts.

• September 30 – October 27

The celtic animal here is the butterfly. People born in this period are in constant contact with all their loved ones. This type of people love to dream and usually their dreams of personal growth are taken into consideration by them for the best interests of people around them.

• October 28 – November 24

For people born under the aforementioned dates, the celtic animal is the wolf. These types of people thrive on challenges and are strong-willed individuals. They are usually the smartest of the lot and tend to lead others by example.

• November 25 – December 23

The celtic animal here is the falcon hawk. The people here are extremely focused and if they have their eye on something, they will ensure that they get the same. On the other hand, if they are not interested in a task or project, it is very difficult to get them to work. They are the sort to be constantly on the lookout for knowledge and, in the process, they are happy to share their own knowledge with the others.

by Shatavisha Chakravorty

Source: Boldsky