What Is Your Dominant Outlook On Life According To This Special Color Quiz?

What do you assume your most dominant outlook on life is? The answer to that question may lie somewhere that is completely random and totally unexpected, like in the way that you see colors! Now as strange as that may sound, it’s true and experts are just beginning to scratch the surface on the link between how we view colors and our personalities, perspectives, and predominant outlook on life!

When you take a moment to venture a little deeper than usual into the novel topic, it soon becomes clear that all of us are connected to the world around us by colors. Those connections are both obvious and plain to see, and yet also more obscure, in ways that we never ever really stop to think about. Colors hold immense powers, in the sense that they are capable of revealing a range of different things with just a momentary glance. For example, they can have an important impact on our health and we all know what is normal and abnormal in our own cases. Other general health and wellness-related aspects include how a red face could indicate over-exertion, fever or sickness, while a blue face usually signifies choking or a lack of air, and unnaturally yellow tinged skin and eyes point to jaundice. Those are extremely narrow examples, but the point is that colors have the ability to convey information instantaneously.

Colors also play a big part in our emotions, feelings, and general outlook on life. We associate red with anger, passion, and love, while blue is linked to peace and sadness, green triggers thoughts of the environment, money, and tranquility, and the associations go on and on. Each and every shade of all the different hues in the color spectrum is caught up and interconnected with these various nuances. This makes it possible for us to learn more about ourselves via the way we view and interpret certain colors.

As confusing as that may initially sound, when it comes down to it colors are extremely indicative of personality traits and our outlook on life. This fun color test uses them to explore your mind and determine what your most dominant outlook on life is. For some it may be thoughtful, others are light-hearted or optimistic, and many others are passionate more than anything else. Try it now to see what outlook on life dominates you and who knows, maybe you’ll learn something new about yourself in the process. Have fun, and enjoy!