What Is Your Biggest Fear? This Ink Blot Test Could Reveal Yours

Ink blot tests are actually a psychological test which is also known as The Rorschach Test, named by a psychiatrist.

Such tests are carried out to evaluate the personality of people by their choice and selections. In this specific one, different type of ink blots or ambiguous patterns are shown to the subject and then he or she is asked to select one image which fulfills the given description for him/her.

The results are then interpreted in accordance with psychological measures.

The affiliations made by such pictures provide a direct pathway to your way of thinking, your social interactions and even an insight on the basis you prefer to make friends.

This method has also been seconded by Sigmund Freud, an Austrian neurologist and the discoverer of Psychoanalysis process.


In psychology, projective tests – like the ink-blot – have been used for decades to assess a person’s deepest, darkest fears and thoughts. Find out what yours is!

The test will take you a minute or two but will help reveal lifelong secrets hidden in your mind.